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As Nancy And Beth, Megan Mullally And Stephanie Hunt Are Musical Misfits
The actors playfully cover everybody from George Jones to Gucci Mane on their new album. "We call it punk show-biz," Mullally explains.

Megan Mullally and Stephanie Hunt have been actors for years. Mullally is best known for playing the tipsy socialite Karen Walker in the sitcom Will & Grace, while Hunt has been in Friday Night Lights, Californication and other shows. Together, they’ve formed a musical duo called Nancy and Beth — and their style is hard to pin down.

That’s as close as you can get to characterizing the genre of Mullally and Hunt’s eclectic self-titled album, Nancy And Beth, on which they cover everything from jazz standards to George Jones to Gucci Mane’s “I Don’t Love Her.”

“To have two women performing it — it takes on this whole other timbre,” Mullally explains.

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Happy Valentine’s Day, ye unattached masses! Here’s a cover!

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below is a brief preview of the genres and lyrical content of four of the five new tracks on jonghyun’s upcoming compilation album, the collection [story op. 2]. the fifth track, which is not mentioned, is the title track: “lonely” which features snsd’s taeyeon. the description of this track (which was revealed two days ago) can be found here. also not included are descriptions of the songs on the album that were previously released to the public.

눈싸움 (blinking game): standard jazz. lovers locked in a gaze, trying to confirm each other’s love. the title for this song is the same in both english and korean.

놓아줘 (let me out): pb r&b. gradually heightening emotions leave a strong impression. the korean title of the song is “let me go”.

벽난로 (fireplace): neo soul. pain from a break-up expressed through a dark / aggressive sound. the title for this song is the same in both english and korean.

바퀴 (where are you): no genre or song details but it’s confirmed that this is the song he sang on sketchbook back in 2015 (infamously known as the cockroach song). according to the translator: “바퀴” on it’s own means “wheel”, but “바퀴벌레” means “cockroach” and it’s often used in korea as a kind of derogatory term for annoying couples. (source: sullaem)

10 Gift Ideas for the Broke Person

Gift season approaches, and I’ve been struggling on how best to spend what little money I have on all the people in my life who I want to give holiday presents to. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem… so I thought I’d share some ideas.

1. Mix CDs - make your friends/family a mix CD with handmade cover artwork. If you can’t afford a stack of CDs, make a virtual CD and share the mp3s with them over Dropbox.

2. Homemade Cookies - Spending $7 on baking ingredients allows you to make a large batch of simple cookies. Divide them and use as gifts for multiple people. Throw on a handmade card and WHAM you got yourself a spiffy gift.

3. Cooking supplies - I’m not talking top of the line Kitchen Aid shit. Go to your local dollar store and buy things like wooden spoons, platters, funny mugs for under $5. Everyone needs at least some cooking supplies!

4. Cacti - Don’t go to a nursery, go to a grocery or department store with a plant section. Cacti are some of the cheapest and easiest to maintain plants, they only really need to be watered once or twice a week. And they look awesome. If the person you had in mind likes to cook, you might want to consider buying them some sort of herb like rosemary or thyme.

5. Bulk food - This might not work for everybody, but I’m sure your broke roommate wouldn’t object to a bulk package of ramen or mac and cheese. They sell 12 packs of ramen at my local dollar store for $1 each. ONE DOLLAR FOR TWELVE MEALS.

6. Unused Books - I’m betting that there’s a book in your apartment/dorm room that’s in perfect condition, but for whatever reason that you will never use again. Wrap it in some gift wrap and scrape off the price tag.

7. Spa Day - For those of you in relationships (or who feel safe touching your close friends/family in that way) make mock “spa coupons”. Offer services such as manicures/pedicures, hair stylings, massages, etc.

8. Use your talents - Are you an artist or musician of any sort? Make a piece of artwork or write a song. Buy a large piece of poster paper at Home Depot for $5 and make a funny collage full of inside jokes that only your friends will understand. Are you a knitter? Make mittens for people.

9. Weird clothing - Go to your local Salvation Army or Goodwill and spend a couple hours combing the shelves for weird items. Funny t-shirts, strange hats, etc. Don’t go to department stores looking for clothing, it’ll be too expensive.

10. “Fancy” Meal - Spend $20 and invite several friends/family members over for a fancy dinner. You don’t need to be a chef or to spend lots of money to make something “fancy”, just make the atmosphere “fancy”. Make pasta with some sort of red sauce and possibly meat. Insist that everyone dresses up, light candles, play jazz standards, take pictures- make a real night of it. 

ALSO! If you can’t afford gift wrap use newspaper. 

twilightjoltik-toumei  asked:


Who is more affectionate?
Moon definitely. Although Lillie is more reserved, she will almost always have her hand intertwined with Moon’s.

Who angers the easiest?
Moon is the one who will yell at every homophobe who dares comment on her relationship, at times even throwing punches. Lillie has a more tranquil fury, it is quite frankly terrifying, a glare from her could bring a man to his knees, begging for mercy. But in the rare occasion she actually loses her cool, you know that you have messed up badly. Almost no one has seen her like this.

Who is the one too drunk to drive home?
Both of them are under the drinking age in canon, but for the sake of this, I’ll make it when they are adults. In that case it would probably be Moon, it isn’t often because she can hold her alcohol well, but there are definitely exceptions. On the other hand Lillie rarely drinks.

Who’s the the one bandaging the other after a fight?
Lillie, definitely. She has to deal with it surprisingly often, seeing as Moon has a temper, and absolutely no tolerance for street harassment.

Who is the one to pull the other to try new things? Like the weird restaurant down the street or skydiving.
Moon, much to Lillie’s dismay.

Who is the driving/riding shotgun?
Lillie, because let’s just say that if they ever need a getaway driver, Moon is the girl for the job.

Who has the weirder taste in music?
Lillie’s music varies from classical, to jazz and standards, to showtunes, and even the Beatles. On the other hand Moon listens to mostly hard rock.

Who tears up during movies?
Moon. Lillie doesn’t show her emotions readily.


Thelonious Monk Trio - You Are Too Beautiful (The Unique Thelonious Monk, 1956)

Personnel: Thelonious Monk (piano), Oscar Pettiford (bass), Art Blakey (drums)

turtlepated  asked:

Am I the only one who finds it a little peculiar that the fandom largely seems to associate Mycroft with the sweet-tooth while Sherlock was the one who agreed to go to Rosie's christening and become her godfather because John promised him cake...

No, you’re not the only one I’m afraid that feels that Mycroft is unfairly saddled with the ‘sweet tooth fiend’ moniker when any fan would be hard pressed to find an instance where Mycroft is seen indulging in sweets as opposed to Sherlock who can be seen eating plenty of unhealthy snacks either with or without John’s presence.

Now if we were to go by Tumblr’s logic Sherlock by virtue would be an ‘oppressor’ for having the 'thin privilege’ to eat unhealthily and get little to no flack for it whereas Mycroft would be the poor, poor victim of society standards and all that jazz.

Thankfully, yours truly and many others in the Sherlock fandom are smart enough not to believe in that nonsense realizing that Sherlock eats what he wants as opposed to Mycroft is because:

1. Sherlock moves around (leg work) more than his older brother who is more often than not trapped in an office or meetings until god knows when doing things to keep the country running.

2. Sherlock is younger than Mycroft (yes, age can be a big factor even if it is a 7 years difference based on genetics.)

3. Sherlock has a higher metabolism than his older brother.

4. Mycroft is a tad shorter than Sherlock which also means that he has a smaller calorie allowance than his baby brother.

5. All bodies operate differently and require different maintenance regiments in order to keep to a healthy BMI.

As much as Mycroft would love to eat the same things as Sherlock he knows that unless he wants to suffer the consequences of gluttony he has to maintain a healthy diet in order to counter act his mostly sedimentary lifestyle until he can retire and get fit as fuck on some beach near Monte Carlo.

The Holmes boys are pretty healthy smoking habit now withstanding.
Love Song At Lunchtime

John Coltrane ~ My Favorite Things

Day 16, One of your favorite classical songs.

Since my knowledge of classical music is shite, I will submit this jazz standard. To all my Tumblr fam and followers past and present, and those who’ve invited me to play along on their blogs@@prettylilredhead@patrock72 @lily-and-t @hot-wife-atl @curiouswinekitten2 @colettebleau @luvtoplaydirty @justagirl504 @xjustxjanex and to all I’ve run out of time to thank but who will be edited in later- you are truly my favorite things


Guitar solo on Stella By Starlight

Stella By Starlight is probably one of the more complicated jazz standards. At the same time it is a very beautiful melody and the harmony is, even if a bit complicated, also very rich!

If you want to check out my analysis of the song you can do so here:

Hope you like it!

Crazy He Calls Me
Billie Holiday with Gordon Jenkins and his Orchestra
Crazy He Calls Me

Song: Crazy He Calls Me / You’re My Thrill

Artist: Billie Holiday with Gordon Jenkins and his Orchestra

Record Label: Decca Records 24796

Recorded: October 19, 1949

Location: Galaxy News Radio

Here’s a nice jazz standard from good ol’ GRN or as Three Dog announces, “It’s Billie Holiday with…”Crazy He Calls Me”.

Earlier this week was Billie Holiday’s 100th birthday.

Whether she sang from BioShock’s Rapture Radio, LA Noire’s KTI Radio, or Fallout 3′s GRN, her voice is always timeless.

Listen to the flip side “You’re My Thrill” here.


Hey, guys! Back with another jazz standard, which felt just cozy enough for the season, though when isn’t jazz appropriate?

Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!


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