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Approximately how long, with hyperdrive, would it take for a ship (let's say the Falcon) to get from the outer rim to Coruscant? Thank you, wise Jacen!

While travel time will vary quite a bit between ships and specific destinations, it would take approximately 48 hours for the Falcon to get from the Outer Rim to the Core Worlds (like Coruscant).

This chart (from this post) shows the base travel times between different regions of the galaxy. The post also has a map of the galaxy so you can see where the regions are, but I prefer to use this interactive map because you can click on different planets, sectors, regions, etc. and zoom in and out. It also shows hyperspace routes and the like.

To find the final travel time, you take the base time and multiply it by the hyperdrive rating of the ship (usually, you can find this on its Wookieepedia page). For example, a standard YT-1300 (hyperdrive class 2.0) would take about 96 x 2 = 192 hours to make the same journey. The Falcon has a hyperdrive rating of 0.5 due to various alterations; there are very few ships faster than this. The lower the rating, the faster the ship.

I also know of a website that shows a navicomputer and has you click on planets you want to travel between, enter the hyperdrive class and the skill of the pilot, and comes up with a travel time for you. However, the map is a bit outdated and uses a vastly different system of rating hyperdrives which I don’t know how to use. It’s here, in case you want to experiment, but I think you’ll have more luck finding the approximate time yourself.

I hope that helps!

~ Jacen