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What if....

What if Marianne was just as horrible at gardening like she is with making boutineers… To fairy standards at least.

Say all fairy children grow up with what flowers to use for this subject or that subject, what plants to avoid and to never ever grow because of their (hideousness) or because they’re ‘poisonous’…

What if Marianne was only good at growing 'weeds’ or 'poisonous’ plants that are popular and common in the dark forest because of their healing ability or good for cooking… And I mean she’s got a green thumb for the dark plants and they thrive under her touch much like flowers and seedlings do under Dawns…

What if the Dark Forest have an annual harvest and planting for these specific things and Bog or Griselda asks for Marianne’s help but she’s embarrassed about her inability to grow plants (thinking of the plants in the light fields) till Dawn let’s it slip to Bog or Griselda and they show her what plants they value…

Just a what if…

@suzie-guru, @magically-strange what do you guys think?

Venus in Aquarius

Unique, Rebellious, Friendly

When Venus enters the free spirited Aquarius, the person is blessed with a friendly and open minded nature. These individuals love to go out and make the world a better place, they are humanitarians after all. However, they posses a sense of quiet confidence. They’re chill and detached.

Even though Venus in Aquarians are emotionally detached, this doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t care. They do have emotions, they just rather not show them. When it comes to relationships and friendships, they never really become too attached to the person. They want someone who can stimulate their mind. They love to explore and share new ideas.

Women with Venus in Aquarius are never afraid to try out different styles that may seem strange or different to others. Venus in Aquarius’ are always the ones to rebel from society’s standards. They have strange interests and they love new music and art. They really are fun, vibrant and extraordinary individuals.

Venus in Aquarians are generally friendly people, but since they are so emotionally distant getting on their bad side is never a good idea. They can become icy cold. To others, they may come off as weird, but there’s a fine line between madness and genius.

you can use my rib cage as a pillow

Mormor fluff, 782 words

It’s only exhaustion that makes him rest. That’s what Sebastian knows. It is only that moment when there is a subtle shift in his posture, from perfect to slightly less than. So very slightly.

Nothing slack in how he holds himself, nothing bent or broken. Just a lowering of tense shoulders, the way he rolls his neck slowly, drawing out the letting go of whatever worries he’s holding in his jaw. Weights and worlds all bound up in bone.

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For the WiP ask: "strange." Thank you :D

“Oh, John!” she exclaimed, giving him a warm smile. “I didn’t know you were right there. Come round for a visit, have you?” Her eyes glanced down at the journal and back up to his face. “Is it a case?”

He started to shake his head, reconsidered, gave a half-nod before finally shrugging. “I’m not sure. Maybe.” He hesitated before saying: “Something to do with Molly Hooper’s disappearance.”

Mrs. Hudson gave him an odd look. “That’s…well, a bit strange, actually.”

“What?” John asked, feeling a sort of tension rising in his stomach at her words. As if they portended something momentous. “Please, Mrs. Hudson, tell me,” he urged when she fell silent.

She nodded, more as if coming to a decision of sorts than responding to his request, then stepped back inside and ushered him in with her. “There’s something I want to show you,” she said, turning and heading for her flat as John shut the door behind them.

From this ask meme.

4 Times that Otabek Remembers That He’s Taller Than Yuri

4. On the bike

Otabek has a small heart attack when Yuri demands to be taught how to drive his bike. Not because it’s dangerous, of course; he’s entirely sure that Yuri can handle himself on a motorcycle. In fact, that’s kind of the issue. Yuri is a terrifyingly aggressive driver, so Otabek is more worried about the safety of the rest of the world than Yuri’s.

Of course, he still agrees because if he doesn’t, Yuri will probably try on his own or go to driving school. He can be pretty persistent when he wants to be. The excitement in Yuri’s eyes when he gets on the bike is infectious though, and Otabek can’t really make himself feel all that irritated about this whole thing. It’s pretty cute (not that he’d ever even dream of saying so out loud) to see Yuri excited about something new, since so much of their lives are routine.

There’s something a little off-putting about seeing Yuri’s hands on Otabek’s handlebars, something that bugs him a little on an instinctual, undeniable that’s my spot level that’s easy enough to push aside until he sits down behind Yuri and puts his arms around his waist.

Yuri is eighteen now, and he’s grown a bit taller in the last few years, but he’s still somewhat small for his age. He makes up for it with personality, so people tend to not notice as much as they used to. It’s something that Otabek has always been peripherally aware of, but now, with Yuri literally pressed up against him, it’s suddenly more obvious than it’s ever been: He’s smaller than me.

He doesn’t have time to really dwell on it though, because Yuri is revving the engine and taking off down the street and “No Yura, burning rubber on a motorcycle is a bad idea please don’t kill my bike.”

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‘Fencing Man’ Kookmin fic - Prologue

OK UM SO…. I tried writing my kookmin Fencing Man fic (based off this fanart I made)… calling this a prologue because nothing really happens AND IT TOOK SO LONG TO WRITE EVEN THO IT’S NOT MUCH!? sob this is like my first time writing a fic in maybe…. 10 years? More than that, probably. So, I apologize for how bad it issss xD I’ll be casually working on it, and hopefully editing along the way.


Jungkook pursed his lips, in an attempt to hide a growing smile as he watched Jimin bouncing in his seat on the couch. Jungkook’s heart had been so thoroughly melted at the sight, one would think Jungkook was the cause behind it. But none of Jimin’s attention was directed towards the youngest at all, but rather on the figure on the TV in front of them.

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Hello, Readers!

I am going to be exhibiting at the Rose City Comic Con tabling with Periscope Studio (booth 1217/1223.) I hope you will come by to say hello and talk about sequential storytelling, illustration and cartooning with me.

Those unable to attend can still obtain prints, chapbooks and more via my etsy emporium! 

I hope to see you there!


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Would you kindly stab and skewer the 4th wall please, Mona?

“4th wall…?” Morgana asked curiously before turning his gaze approximately 90 degrees to the left, noticing a bizarre wall he had never seen before.

It stood a few feet tall with a standard almost window-like frame; strange wiring across it.

“Is this, the 4th wall…?”

Morgana quivered, seeing it brought upon a strange amount of thoughts and feelings he couldn’t fully understand. In his shock and terror Morgana scurried across the floor while yelping madly.

The 4th wall remains.

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I'd love to see your list of candidates.... and your book recommendations to read about them? please

I’ve not made my master list public. The closest you can get is the Master List of Historical Women in Combat, which is a big chunk of my list.

Book recommendations:

  • Princesses Behaving Badly is basically RP without the illustrations. It’s great. I stopped reading it after the first entry because it’s so tonally similar that I didn’t want it to influence my work, but it’s cool. Covers a lot of the same people I do.
  • Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales is kind of the gold standard for lesser-known (and strange) fairy tales.
  • Fearless Girls, Wise Women, & Beloved SIsters by Kathleen Ragan is also a great resource for worldwide folk tales.
  • The Chronology of Women’s History is dense and encyclopedic, but I consider it a goddamn miracle that it even exists. I went so far as to track down the author on LinkedIn and thank her for making it.
  • Warrior Women by Antonia Fraser - she has a definite slant on things, but it’s well-researched and has a splendidly dry sense of humor. Covers a lot of the people I have and will cover.
  • Heroic With Grace, edited by Chieko Irie Mulhern is a book I’ve mentioned before. It’s a series of fun and informative articles about specific Japanese women throughout history. It’s like skipping through time and it debunks a lot of Japanese propaganda in readable academic fashion. 
  • Marco Polo’s journals are surprisingly fun to read. Been meaning to read some of Ibn Battuta’s stuff when I get a chance, too. 

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i have extremely low standards and thought life is strange was good regardless if the humor was awful and you can kiss my ass

i think i know why you thought life is strange was good

story of a monstrous serpent

theres one story in the book “Unexplained!” by Jerome Clark, that i literally cannot find anywhere on the internet. but it’s a really bizarre bit of folklore that i thought people might enjoy

(retyped text below image for accessibility)

“The story that follows exists only as an anecdote told to folklorists decades ago, but was told as a true story, and it is by any standard as strange as any tale ever related about a fabulous beast. Even harder to believe than many of the accounts related in these pages, it is reported here not because it is convincingly documented - it isn’t - but because of it’s eerie, even mindboggling, character.

It allegedly occurred sometime in the late 19th century in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, at a country schoolhouse. The new school had been built near the crossroads in Jenner township to replace an older, more remote one far from any road. William Johnson, then sixteen, and other students and parents often attended nighttime functions in the building. These functions, however, were anything but routine because to enter the door one had to step over the long, scaly body of… something.

That something had the body of an immense snake, though neither its head or tail was ever visible. It was assumed these were under the schoolhouse. Its body was a foot in diameter, and it had sharp scales on which it was unwise to step. Anyone who did so was instantly hurled to the ground.

The snake appeared only at the time of the month when there was no moon in the sky. Not everyone could see it, according to Johnson, but even those who didn’t would be thrown if they stepped on it unknowingly.

The original owner of the lans became so frightened that he sold the property and left. The man who purchased it raised a large family there, apparently having made his peace with the monster. Sometimes other men, often under the influence of alcohol, would attack it with sharp stakes and other weapons, to no avail. When Johnson moved away at age thirty, the snake was still making appearances

Johnson’s testimony has led Fortean writer Michael Winkle to wonder what such a creature - assuming for one giddy moment the truth of this literally monstrous yarn - could be. "A multi-dimensional reptile perhaps?” he speculates. “Such a creature might project part of its body into our universe while other parts - its head and tail, say - would remain in higher spacial dimension”“


She knew it wasn’t a good idea. It was probably the worst idea, considering that she was sitting within the very building her father’s palace was contained in, but nevertheless, Haru had decided to play around with the mysterious app that had popped up on her phone. The rest of her team had suddenly attained access to it with the awakening of their personas, such as she had, and with it they could move between their world and the cognitive world.

And this utterly fascinated the girl.

But as she walked through the halls of her home and birthright, a funny little button appeared on the MetaNav. It was a deep blue, a far cry from the standard reds associated with the strange program. A careful press was in order here. It was absolutely vital to her that she ascertain the meaning of this strange button. The second skin met glass, she felt that familiar feeling, a slight nausea washing over her as she was transported to the world of her father’s mind. Though, perhaps not? The scenery hardly changed. A slight hue shift perhaps, but nothing huge. And she was in her thief attire, so certainly she must be in the Metaverse. So what could be different about this location?

Then it caught her eye.

A set of doors, seemingly that of an elevator, where there should be an empty wall. Curious, she pressed the call button and awaited the arrival of the lift.