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Fanart for Anime Campaign!

Charles is probably my favorite character, but there’s not enough fanart of her! So I made some.

First time in years trying to digitally edit a hand drawing, and doing it by mouse was death. Maybe when I get more comfortable with digital stuff I’ll remake this (because it’s very rough right now).

“number 5” wasn’t just a silly old nickname.

It was the name Coran used for his favourite nephew, just to annoy him, because while he was the youngest of five, he was way too small by Altean standards, much to the poor boy’s chagrin.

So, whenever he saw Pidge fumble around and moan about her shortness, he’d remember the nephew he loved so much and missed. And when she’d turn around and flash that cheeky grin? It made him smile. She made him smile.

Maybe this was him, who knows?

Number Five wasn’t just any silly old nickname.

Poor young trolls; how horryfing! I agree, Toby. It’s devastating. Precious lil baby ARRRGH and other kidnapped trolls like him, separated from their families, used against their will, irreversibly harmed forever!

Oh my word, that is equally horrifying! Why, it’s just as traumatic as what happened to ARRRGH, perhaps even more so. Poor changelings, kidnapped and separated from their families, used against their will, irreversibly-

*looks into the camera like I’m in The Office*

I wOULDN’T PUT THAT KINDA NAMES BEYOND ALFONS LMAO… but yes basically the longer the better, and the more poetic or dramatic the lovelier.

I’m really tempted to name his daughter Viola Hitomi Annabell Amanda Poppy-Cherise Silverback, and that’s already pretty tame on his standards…. the poor whoever who ends up starting a family with him lmao…

I honestly hate how much I am fascinated by Shades x Mariah. It’s the trashiest of all my trash ships, and I am upset at myself. It’s the absolute worst thing ever

But all I can think about is Shades being a 16 year old kid, entranced by Cornell’s older cousin Mariah, thinking she’s beautiful, struck because she smiled at him that one time two weeks ago, slightly jealous because he could never be good enough for a woman like that; she is educated, well-spoken, graceful– she had standards, and a poor kid with less than a piece of gum to his name could never cut it, even without the age difference.

And when he meets her again all those years later, his schoolboy crush returns, but as something… strange. Now he sees her– and he sees the darkness in her – and he feeds off it. They feed off each other. And they will do so, until one or both of them self-destruct. 

Sigh. I’ll show myself out. 


Qatar has come under intense criticism in the lead-up to the 2022 World Cup, amid reports that new stadiums and luxury hotels are being constructed under labor conditions that amount to modern-day slavery. Nepalese workers, who comprise about 20 percent of Qatar’s migrant labor force, were dying at a rate of one every two days as of late last year, according to The Guardian, often due to extreme heat and poor safety standards. The country’s kafala labor system also ties migrant workers to their employers, who can confiscate passports and withhold pay as they see fit. Last week, The Guardian reported that many Nepalese workers were denied leave to attend funerals held after a massive earthquake struck their home country last month.
Society Could Collapse In A Decade, Predicts Math Historian
Professor Peter Turchin says Donald Trump’s presidential election win confirms that “negative trends seem to be accelerating.”

The key to society’s armageddon will be “elite overproduction” in which the number of rich grow larger while the majority of society grapples with a stagnant standard of living and poor fiscal health, he believes. The upper echelons, too, will be ripped apart by bitter competition with a population of capable but angry “elite-wannabes” who will be shut out of power. That fissure will undermine the spirit of co-operation and cause society to fragment further, Turchin says.