This #gibsunday post features two Les Pauls, one of which I still own. On the left is my 2006 Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded Mahogany, a guitar that I purchased many years ago for $300 from a boy that wanted a Martin acoustic instead. (Don’t worry, I didn’t rip him off! I took another $300 off the price of the acoustic so he still got a good deal 😇) I still own that Studio, and I have it set up for use with a cello bow, which is why the pickup cover is permanently covered in white bass rosin residue. I have super-heavy strings on there, high action, and I’ve adjusted the radius of the TOM bridge to allow a bit more access to individual strings than normal. I don’t get to use that guitar very often since it’s such a specific sound, but damn, what a sound! If you need a bowed guitar in your band, just let me know! One could say I was on a Sigur Rós kick for seven or eight years there, and one would be entirely correct. Love that band. The guitar on the right is the first ‘real’ guitar I ever owned, a 1999 Gibson Les Paul Standard. God, I loved that thing. Kind of a graduation gift from my parents, we drove from PA down to Towson, MD to fetch it from a tiny shop I was never able to find again. Only paid $1450, and that guitar was the only electric I owned for a long time. It played great from the moment I first restrung it, had a huge sound, and also had an insanely dark Rosewood fretboard that most people mistook for Ebony, but it most certainly was not. I blacked out the plastic (it had creme originally) and threw on those reflector knobs, and couldn’t have been more proud of it. Unfortunately, as the years passed my back revealed its distaste for 11-pound guitars, and “Beverly” took up residence in the closet. When Mike and I started @mmguitarbar, this was one of the first guitars to go. I think she lives in Alaska now, and I really do miss her every day. Maybe now that I’m working out a lot I might be able to wear a guitar like that, but it was comforting to know she was close. Sniffles. #guitar #gibson #lespaul #lp #black #ebony #red #standard #studio #guitarsofinstagram #graduation #electric