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favorite TV shows: Doctor who

>>  You don’t just give up. You don’t just let things happen. You make a stand! You say no! You have the guts to do what’s right, even when everyone else just runs away.

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I LOVE YOU for standing up for what's right. Whoever that girl is relating fat to "unheathyness is unattractive" is so dead wrong. Nobody ever says anything about underweight people, only the overweight people. SUCH a double standard. ๐Ÿ˜’

She didn’t specifically say that. She was going on about how being unhealthy is unattractive and if you’re unhealthy you need to fix it. But my point is that different people have different views on what unhealthy is. Someone could say “if you’re over 200 lbs you’re unhealthy” the next could say 300 or under 100 or whatever. The point is, no one has the right to tell me what I should be doing with my body. If I want advice on my body I’ll talk to my doctor.


So i have 50+ followers now… How about some info on myself?

My name is Elise, though I prefer Raven.

I love to draw.

I only just got into the Harry Potter fandom.

I’m a second gen. Potter fan

I am a Slytherin.

I’m hard-headed and will stand up for what I believe is right.

My name is French for “Alice”

And I adore Drarry.

there was a protest going on in downtown Minneapolis in front of a police department and some asshats burned a flag. The police didn’t/couldn’t do anything, but one female officer went and collected the remaining pieces. Tomorrow, a whole lot of us citizens, public servants, and veterans are meeting at a park to give Old Glory a proper retirement.


When you think that there is not a problem simply because it is not affecting you. 

As a human being we all have a duty to help others that suffer, even if you do not understand their suffering

This is what I think most of the current politicians on TV are forgetting. They’re far too concerned with bashing the opposition so that they can get into power instead of helping the people they are meant to represent. 

Compassion, empathy and understanding are three of the most important emotions a person can feel because they combat privilege and encourage selflessness. 

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Lily headcanons?

Just, in general? OK, then.

The girl I adore, Lily Evans:

  • Swears like a sailor.
  • Has absolutely zero reservations about dancing in public, no matter what she looks like.
  • Always carries out a dare until the very end.
  • Harbours a strong, courageous streak, which, despite all of her other wonderful characteristics, is her underlying, most potent trait, which is why she ended up in Gryffindor.
  • That bravery also involves standing up for what is right.
  • Sticks up for those she loves.
  • Even when people are beyond her help (*cough* Snape *cough*).
  • Jumps in puddles.
  • Loves - and loves to help - animals, big or small.
  • (‘Would you consider James an animal?’ ‘Shut up, Marlene.’)
  • Isn’t necessarily allergic to lilies, but tells everyone she thinks they’re clichéd.
  • Loves lilies anyway.
  • Likes plants in general, even though she has two black thumbs.
  • Never one to be intimidated by an opponent.
  • Snarky.
  • Although, she can be easily flustered (*cough* James *cough8).
  • Often talks back to her teachers, but never in a disrespectful manner.
  • The above is pretty much canon, according to Slughorn.
  • So she always uses cheek, but never in an ignorant manner.
  • Loves sweets, but nothing too sickly.
  • Adores marshmallows.
  • She loves bonfires and sparklers, so she can roast marshmallows.
  • Likes dogs, but is a cat person.
  • Can’t blow bubblegum.
  • Likes Queen.
  • Likes Quidditch, but doesn’t trust herself on a broom.
  • Doesn’t trust herself with fire, either, but still uses sparklers religiously.
  • Always takes part in Bonfire Night.
  • Collects candles.
  • Chases butterflies (with Peter).
  • Doesn’t cook an awful lot, but is very good at slow-stewing meals, such as casseroles and soups, seeing as it’s so similar to Potions.
  • Loves cupcakes.
  • And loves to decorate cupcakes, even though she makes a mess.
  • She’ll bake them with Peter (well, he does most of the baking), and she’ll help to decorate. Peter’s decorating skills usually trump her’s, though.
  • She just adores the pastel colours of the icing.
  • Sets up bird houses in her backyard.
  • Doesn’t mind one bit when visiting owls use them.
  • Probably visits the Owlery more often than she sends letters.
  • Likes stargazing.
  • Does it often, with James, even before they were dating.
  • Usually involves tears and cigarette smoke.
  • Prefers cloud-watching, though.
  • Likes astrology, sure, but doesn’t set a lot of store by it (at least, that’s what she tells people).
  • Mildly superstitious.
  • Loves to climb trees.
  • Broke her arm when she was kid, once, from falling out a tree. Healed a little too quickly (from da MAGIKS).
  • Loves making - and wearing - daisy chains.
  • Her favourite thing about Summer is the fashion.
  • She wears sundresses, sunhats, and sandals religiously.
  • But she prefers to go barefoot.
  • Loves the beach.
  • Sticks her tongue out at people.
  • Likes strawberries, and strawberry-flavoured things (especially strawberry ice cream).
  • Gets hay fever, but will put up with it in the Spring, because everything is fresh and bright and new.
  • Seems to ladder every pair of tights she owns.
  • Always manages to loose her quills.
  • Likes art, but doesn’t set much store by her talents.
  • Can cartwheel.
  • Can only do handstands underwater.
  • Used to do gymnastics as a kid, not ballet.
  • Paints her toenails pink.
  • Adores her Doc Martens.
  • Likes maxi-skirts.
  • Tried to write a journal, but couldn’t stick with it for more than a few days.
  • She’s not bad swimmer.
  • Accidentally swum to the deep end when she was young, and nearly went under before someone dragged her out.
  • Her worst fear is drowning.
  • Loves to ride her bike. Only wobbles a little bit.
  • Loves gingerbread, and whacks James over the head when he suggests that it’s because of her hair.
  • ‘Shut up, you prat.’ ‘You love it, Ginge.’
  • Likes tennis.
  • Lily in her white tennis skirt evokes a few snarky comments from James.
  • She throws her racket at him.
  • And then starts pelting tennis balls at him.
  • Lily in a visor.
  • Has a great friendship with each of the Marauders.
  • Bonds with Sirius over their family issues.
  • She worries greatly about her family, not her blood status.
  • Steals Remus’s jumpers from him.
  • Makes her own jewellery.
  • Made a friendship bracelet for each of the Marauders.
  • Peter accepts his happily.
  • Remus smiles and wears his proudly.
  • Sirius wears his with a multitude of wristbands.
  • James refuses to wear it, at first, because ‘I’m your boyfriend, Lily, not just a friend.’, so she kisses him on the cheek and tells him it can be a Boyfriend Bracelet.
  • He never takes it off, after that.
  • Squeals when Sirius gives her rides on his motorbike.
  • Doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, because she doesn’t like how it feels on her skin.
  • In fact, she used to wear more than she does now.
  • She would cover up her freckles.
  • But she stopped when James points out how much he likes her freckles.
  • However, she knows that she doesn’t need the attention of a bloke to make her feel comfortable in her own skin.
  • Her favourite colour is mint green.
  • Because they would come in her drink, she chews on mint leaves in Summer.
  • She does the same thing when she’s pregnant.
  • Buys chew toys for Sirius for his presents.
  • (Gets him the vinyl album he wanted, anyway.)
  • Calls James ‘Fork’ when she finds out why the boys call him ‘Prongs’.
  • Puts a cheeto on each finger and eats it that way. Always.
  • Plays piano.
  • (Owns Star Wars pyjamas.)
  • Grew up watching it with her family.
  • Elven-year-old Lily asks older Muggleborn Hogwarts’ students if everything in Doctor Who is real.
  • They just smile and ruffle her hair and laugh and tell her, ‘No, of course not.’
  • Loves her stuffed toys.
  • Still sleeps with one.
  • Whacks people when they tease her about it.
  • Always says that if she were to ever have a girl, she would name her Petunia.
  • Likes the rain, even though it means that she can’t go outdoors.
  • Likes tea, including herbal, and hot chocolate, too. Isn’t a huge fan of coffee.
  • Wants to travel to India, one day.
  • Will fiercely defend everyone she loves until her dying breath. Which she did.
  • <p><b>what she says:</b> I'm fine<p/><b>what she means:</b> He's a very smart Prince, he's a Prince who prepares. Knowing this time I'd run from him, he spread pitch on the stairs. And I'm caught unawares. Well it means that he cares— This is more than just malice. Better stop and take stock while you're standing here stuck on the steps of the palace. All right, what do you want?Have to make a decision. Why not stay and be caught? Should I give that a thought, what would be his response? But then what if he knew who I am when I know, that I'm not what he thinks that he wants? Or, then, what if I am, what a Prince would envision? But then how can you know who you are till you know what you want, which I don't? So then which do you pick- Where you're safe, out of sight, and yourself, but where everything's wrong? Or where everything's right, but you know that you'll never belong? And whichever you pick, do it quick, 'cause you're starting to stick to the steps of the palace. It's my first big decision, the choice isn't easy to make. To arrive at a ball is exciting and all, once you're there, though, it's scary. And it's fun to deceive when you know you can leave, but you have to be wary. There's a lot that's at stake, but I've stalled long enough, 'cause I'm still standing stuck in the stuff on these steps. Better run along home and avoid the collision. Though at home they don't care, I'll be better off there, where there's nothing to choose, so there's nothing to lose. So I'll pry up my shoes. Wait, though, thinking it through, things don't have to collide, I know what my decision is.. which is not to decide. I'll just leave him a clue, for example, a shoe. And then see what he'll do. Now it's he and not you, who'll be stuck with a shoe, in a stew, in the goo, and I've learned something, too, something I never knew, on the steps of the palace.<p/></p>
Guys. :'(

I keep scrolling through the blogs of BVB and it makes me want to cry. You guys are kinda right; The BVB Army is falling apart. Being run by mostly fangirls. We are all being thrown down by the outcasts, becoming outcasts of the outcasts. When will this stop? Please guys, try to understand what your doing here. And for those of you who want to leave, we’re only making the army weaker. If we leave, then who will be left standing? And the few left will finally succumb to pressure. We need to stay, to stand up for what’s right and for our brothers and sisters that are being relentlessly pounded by the screaming fangirls. This is not acceptable. I will not leave. I will stay until I’m the last one standing that still loves BVB in the way they were meant to be loved, not eaten up by the crazed people who call themselves the Wild Ones. This army needs it’s own rebellion. We need to once more be heard above the riot. I love each and every one of you, not for your beauty, and not for your looks, but for your love of the band that had helped so many and saved us: The Outcasts. I love you fangirls too, but you have to understand, we know you may not like Juliet, Ella, Lauren, or Sammi ( I have no idea why you’d hate them, they all are sweet and have great personalities, I think the men chose well) but does that give you any right to post it on the internet for those who care to see? We get you don’t like them, and I know the internet is for people that want to rant and such, but the army doesn’t need this. Instead of being treated like crap by others, which is still happening, we are slowly dissolving from the inside. We stand for everything society looks down on because we aren’t like them, and I’m proud of that, but if we’re to squelch the hatred of those who discard us, we must first stand united. I hope I’m being inspiring with this, and if I’m misunderstood by those of you who think I hate the army and want nothing to do with it, you are wrong. I hope to mend the cuts and tears, to stitch the wounds that damaging words have marked and scarred us so thoroughly to the point where we all look guilty. I am prepared to lead the kids who are willing to stand with me and try to reach the people who so obviously need to stop this hate. So, who’s with me? Or am I alone?

Oh god. The fake grenade part.

Okay, this is where the character, Steve Rogers, really got me. This is where he made me think “I want to be him. I want to have the same mindset. I want to have the same morals.”

I want to be the person who isn’t afraid to die as long as others will be okay. I don’t want others to ever get hurt and if that results in me getting hurt, so be it. 

I want to fight and be there for everyone. Stand for the greater good. And be an example of kindness.

I want to be a hero just like Steve Rogers.

young sirius black whom everyone thought was strange because he didn’t like talking around his family, he didn’t like arguments or confrontation so he was quite and aloof

and then came james potter

who broke him out of his shell, the first person to meet the real sirius, loud and boisterous and full of life

it was james who taught him to stand up for whats right, for those who couldn’t stand and suddenly sirius was more vocal, he spoke out against his family and anyone else for what he believed

sirius black who went from unassuming to a loud, motorbike riding, rebel all thanks to james potter

(sirius black who walked through the wrecked house to see the man he owed everything to dead on the ground, sirius black who knew he could never pay him back)

no but can you just imagine Shawn’s reaction if Maya and Lucas started dating

Like Lucas comes over to the Matthews to pick Maya up one day cause she’s literally always there lbr 

and Shawn’s there too

and Lucas walks up to him all “Hello, Sir” because he’s never actually been properly introduced to Maya’s father figure

and Shawn and Cory both immediately jolt up from their spots on the couch.  Shawn leans towards Cory, whispering even though Lucas can still hear him cause I mean he’s standing RIGHT THERE.

 "Cory.  What do I do. He just called me sir.“

Cory shrugs thoughtfully.  "I always found stealing his shoe to be a good strategy.”

Shawn thinks it over for about a second and decides it’s as good an idea as any; he nods, gesturing to Lucas’ feet.  "Give me your shoe.“

And then it’s a standoff for about ten seconds, with Lucas looking at both of them like they’re crazy (because THEY ARE) and Cory and Shawn waiting.  

And then Lucas just sighs.  "Yes, Sir.”  And he takes off his shoe (which is incidentally the same one Cory stole from him before) and hands it to Shawn in defeat.             

“This is one of those special parenting moments, isn’t it.”