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Florida woman not allowed to claim “Stand Your Ground” against abusive husband is freed

  • Marissa Alexander, the Jacksonville, Florida, woman jailed in 2012 over a warning shot she fired to defend herself from an attack by her abusive husband, was freed from house arrest Friday.
  • According to the anti-violence initiative Survived and Punished, Alexander has completed two years of court-ordered home confinement, after she served nearly three years in state prison on weapons and assault charges. 
  • In 2014, following an appeal of her conviction in a jury trial, Alexander accepted a plea deal to avoid a potential 60 years behind bars. Read more.
Stand Your Ground Spell

A spell to stand your ground when others are trying to put you down or walk all over you.

You Will Need:

  • Agate, Amethyst, Bloodstone, and/or Sunstone
  • Bay Leaves
  • Green or Black Tea (2-4 bags)
  • Carnation Petals (you can substitute rose petals if needed)
  • Carnation or Cypress Incense
  • Red Candles
  • Warm Water
  • Foot Tub or Large Plastic container


  1. Fill your tub with warm water and place it near somewhere comfortable to sit like a couch or chair.
  2. Around this area set up your candles and incense and light it.
  3. Around your tub place your crystals
  4. In your tub add the tea of your choice, carnation petals and bay leaves
  5. Sit down and place your feet into the tub. 
  6. Think about your desire to stand your ground, like a plant rooted in the ground. How you will not let others step on you or walk all over you. Focus on why you need to stand your ground and feel the warmth of the water warm your feet, move up your legs and soon through your whole body.
  7. Take deep breaths and let this warmth strengthen your body. Keep this up until you feel ready. 
  8. Take your feet out of the tub and dab the dry. Dispose of tub water down a drain though make sure you take out the tea, leaves and petals out first. Dispose of those as you see proper.

Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.

Ephesians 6:13

After Thought

God will empower you to stand your ground as evil increases. Stubbornness is a virtue when confronting wickedness.~ Pastor Bob Barnett

What an absolutely fantastic documentary - I won’t spoil the outcome here (even though most already know because it was a big case), but check it out!

The Stand your Ground Law is predominately implemented to protect whites that feel threatened by African American males purely because they’re African American males. A drunk man fires 10 shots into a car of unarmed teenagers for playing their music too loud, killing one, before fleeing the scene and having a few more drinks and ordering a pizza. Never once did he call 911 or mention to his fiancé he felt threatened. Only in Florida could a defence lawyer argue that this is justified due to this specific law. The Stand Your Ground Law perpetuates racial bias and really needs reformed.

If I’ve learned anything in my lifetime of hurting and healing, breaking and rebuilding, being destroyed and salvaging all that’s left to piece some semblance of yourself back into being, it’s this: don’t run from it.
It hurts, it hurts like hell come home to live in your bones.
But don’t you run from it. You gain nothing and you only exhaust yourself, burying the pain only gives it more chance to grow roots, gives it a chance to smother you.
Don’t run from it. Look it in the eye, learn it’s name and shape and smell and taste, learn how it was made, and then knowing… unmake.
There’s no poetry in ragged sobs that steal your breath, no romance in the graveyard of your illnesses, no beauty in your suffering.
But there is still poetry on your lips, romance in your body, and you are beauty made manifest.
Don’t run from it.
It hurts. Hurting isn’t evil, it isn’t the end of the world, it just hurts.
But you survived the hurting, the breaking. You’ll survive the healing, the rebuilding.
You might always hurt. I know I always will. But pain is just part of life.
Stand your ground, this is yours to fight for. So don’t you run from it. You’re made of the stuff of legends, Stardust and Earth, heaven and hell. You stand and you fight.
That’s what I’ve learned. Because it’ll catch up to you, and it’ll be hungry and you’ll be tired and it will have sharp teeth and you will have a soft throat.
But if you don’t run, if you face it, if you do the hard work, you may be haunted and hurting but you’ll really be alive.
And that’s so much more than just struggling to survive.
—  ~ a.e.j.a.

Man who shot George Zimmerman in “self defense” found guilty, will serve at least 20 years

A man who fired a single bullet at George Zimmerman’s pickup truck has been found guilty by a Florida court of attempted second-degree murder and will face a minimum of 20 years. The two had a long-standing feud, and the shooter, Matthew Apperson, tried to plead self-defense, saying that Zimmerman flashed his gun before firing. Zimmerman and Apperson’s feud was related to the Black Lives Matter movement.