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New Law Forces Closing of 4 Iowa Planned Parenthood Health Centers
More than 14,600 women will be left without the health care they depend on.

Because of a dangerous new Iowa law signed by Governor Branstad, Planned Parenthood of the Heartland will be forced to close four health centers, leaving more than 14,600 women without the health care they depend on in Quad Cities, Burlington, Keokuk and Sioux City.  

The Iowa law is similar to federal legislation that passed the House earlier this month and is now being considered by the Senate.

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Here’s some information for you guys to spread.
1) He wanted to wrestle BOYS but they Told him he HAD to wrestle girls.
2) In Texas you have to COMPETE as your BIRTH CERTIFICATE GENDER.
3) He was boo’d for winning because of this.
4) He went 56 -0
6) People want him to compete against boys since he’s a transgender boy but he’s not allowed to use the boys bathroom because he’s a transgender boy.
7) people are complaining about how all they hear now a days is things about the LGTBQIA community as if we hadn’t had to listen about heterosexuality since the dawn of time.

Catcalling- Tyler Seguin

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Ok so I had my pick of three players, but I have another Auston one tonight and Dylan would choke on his tongue first I think… so you guys get Seggy! Hope that’s ok! Enjoy!

Warning: Tyler Paul Seguin (he really is a warning), one cuss word

Anon Request: Hi can you please write an Auston Matthews, Dylan Larkin or Tyler Seguin imagine about you and he going to Subway to order some lunch and while you are waiting in line you ask him what he wants and he says that ass! Can you please make it fun and cute thank you!


              All you wanted was some freaking lunch.

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do you know how tall dutch and chuck are in canon? i cant find their actual character sheets with actual showing of on model height


Here’s what I do have: Mike is apparently like six feet tall per his character turnarounds.  Somebody caught a good screenshot that includes Chuck actually standing up straight for once, and it looks like he’s maybe two or three inches taller.  (Although also Mike has quite a bit of heel on his boots but ANYWAY).  Dutch looks to be maybe a couple more inches on top of that.  So if I was to throw out a rough estimate…..I’d put Chuck at like 6-2 or 3, and Dutch maybe 6…….4?  6-5?  @o@  HMMMMM IDK I’M BAD AT ESTIMATES.  Esp. when they keep SLOUCHING all the time.

way too tall, is the takeaway point.  lord
A Judge Has Blocked Texas From Cutting Planned Parenthood Funding
Planned Parenthood had said the move, led by Republican leaders, was politically motivated and denied women access to healthcare.
By Claudia Koerner

A federal judge ruled Tuesday that Texas can not cut Planned Parenthood out of its Medicaid program, a move the state first tried to make in 2015 in response to secretly-recorded videos that sparked Republican calls to defund the abortion provider.

Judge Sam Sparks on Tuesday ordered the state to keep Planned Parenthood clinics accessible to Texans who receive medical benefits through Medicaid. Sparks said the state had tried to cut the clinics out of the health care program without evidence of any wrongdoing. The move could have seriously hurt the 12,500 Texans on Medicaid who receive healthcare at Planned Parenthood clinics, he said. Tuesday’s order granted a preliminary injunction that will keep Planned Parenthood as a Medicaid-approved provider as the case moves through the court.

In the order, the judge said Texas’ inspector general and Health and Human Services Division had not yet shown any evidence that Planned Parenthood violated the rules of the Medicaid program.

“Terminating the [Planned Parenthood clinics] would eliminate thirty health centers across Texas from the Medicaid program,” he said. “These centers are the only family planning specialists in the state and provide a wide variety of services in a manner specifically designed to be convenient for vulnerable populations.”

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Planned Parenthood Stands Against Texas Assault on Trans Rights
Texas officials recently launched a cynical attack on both women's health care and transgender rights. These Republicans will not succeed in dividing us, writes Dawn Laguens of Planned Parenthood.

“Planned Parenthood will always oppose legislation that targets LGBTQ communities — including Texas’s proposed “bathroom bill.” Laws like these attempt to create an issue that doesn’t exist and lead only to more discrimination and harassment. The bottom line is that everyone should be able to use the public restroom that corresponds with their gender identity.” —Dawn Laguens


#STANDWITHPP design on my redbubble!!!

20% of all January purchases will go to @plannedparenthood to support the organization, especially after Texas’s decision to defund PP. At the end of the month I’ll share the amounts made and the amounts donated!

My Redbubble:
Native Americans fight Texas pipeline using 'same model as Standing Rock'
The Two Rivers camp, protesting the Trans-Pecos pipeline, is the latest sign that the Standing Rock movement is inspiring indigenous-led activism across the US
By Sam Levin

Also give it up to the Unist'ot'en Camp!


I haven’t been feeling that great lately. After sitting there crying about it, I said screw this and ended my day standing outside while the sun was setting. “Don’t you forget, every sunset will become a sunrise soon again.”  💜 Song: The Arrow-Aaron Watson


Vote for coffee!

No matter what happens in the next twenty-four hours, I’m reminding myself that we only have now. Living in the moment has always been the best way to truly stay happy. Sip your hot beverage, enjoy the view, breathe and think about the things in your life you are grateful for. This little technique always helps when I get anxious about the future.

Happy Election Day, y'all!

SB4 is a hateful, racist law. We stand with Texas immigrants . SB4 goes into effect 9/1 but your rights are threatened right now. If you think that’s the case call @aclutx (888) 507-2970
Governor Abott signed SB4 into law on Facebook Live. Texas is now a show me your papers state. Shameful day in State history. #SB4ishate
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It’s the fire in your belly, that says “We’re gonna make it”
It’s the tattered old flag, that says “Come and take it”
It’s the Lone Star shining, though the night may be black
And from where I stand, I see Texas like that