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Native Americans fight Texas pipeline using 'same model as Standing Rock'
The Two Rivers camp, protesting the Trans-Pecos pipeline, is the latest sign that the Standing Rock movement is inspiring indigenous-led activism across the US
By Sam Levin

Also give it up to the Unist'ot'en Camp!


Joe Rogan on Texas! “We are gonna need those people!”


Vote for coffee!

No matter what happens in the next twenty-four hours, I’m reminding myself that we only have now. Living in the moment has always been the best way to truly stay happy. Sip your hot beverage, enjoy the view, breathe and think about the things in your life you are grateful for. This little technique always helps when I get anxious about the future.

Happy Election Day, y'all!


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20% of all January purchases will go to @plannedparenthood to support the organization, especially after Texas’s decision to defund PP. At the end of the month I’ll share the amounts made and the amounts donated!

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A Judge Has Blocked Texas From Cutting Planned Parenthood Funding
Planned Parenthood had said the move, led by Republican leaders, was politically motivated and denied women access to healthcare.
By Claudia Koerner

A federal judge ruled Tuesday that Texas can not cut Planned Parenthood out of its Medicaid program, a move the state first tried to make in 2015 in response to secretly-recorded videos that sparked Republican calls to defund the abortion provider.

Judge Sam Sparks on Tuesday ordered the state to keep Planned Parenthood clinics accessible to Texans who receive medical benefits through Medicaid. Sparks said the state had tried to cut the clinics out of the health care program without evidence of any wrongdoing. The move could have seriously hurt the 12,500 Texans on Medicaid who receive healthcare at Planned Parenthood clinics, he said. Tuesday’s order granted a preliminary injunction that will keep Planned Parenthood as a Medicaid-approved provider as the case moves through the court.

In the order, the judge said Texas’ inspector general and Health and Human Services Division had not yet shown any evidence that Planned Parenthood violated the rules of the Medicaid program.

“Terminating the [Planned Parenthood clinics] would eliminate thirty health centers across Texas from the Medicaid program,” he said. “These centers are the only family planning specialists in the state and provide a wide variety of services in a manner specifically designed to be convenient for vulnerable populations.”

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Texas Will Officially Cut Funding of Planned Parenthood in 30 Days
This is devastating.
By Brittney McNamara

“Texas has a history of preventing women from accessing abortion, so its assault on clinics that provide the legally protected service is no surprise.”

Politicians want to hurt Planned Parenthood health centers, but they’re hurting low-income people who rely on Planned Parenthood health centers for critical access to care.

Being a Young American in 2016.

Being a Young American in 2016.

This Monday we celebrated how “great” America is with the fourth of July. The next day a man named Alton Sterling was murdered in Louisiana by Police Officers after a homeless man called the police on him for not giving him money. Less than 24 hours later, a man named Philando Castile is shot and murdered by a police officer after reaching for his wallet to get out his driver’s license during a routine traffic stop. On Thursday, at a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas Texas, two snippers took to elevated positions and began killing police officers. It is now Friday morning. Where is the shooting going to be today? That’s the question I find myself waking up with in my head daily. If you are a young person in America, you’re seeing the views of those older than us dictate how we live our lives. Everything that is happening in Today’s America, is happening because young people are not making our voices heard. It’s time for us to finally start speaking up, especially after this hell of a week, for peace, love and unity. We need to love our neighbors now more than ever.

I’m a twenty one year old American living in Los Angeles California. I look at what is happening to our country and it makes me cry. I cry for Alton Sterling, I cry for Philando Castile, I cry for the officers killed in Dallas, I cry for the nearly 600 people killed by police this year, I cry for the lives lost in all the mass shootings that have happened just this year alone, I cry for all the officers killed in the line of duty and most of all, I cry for us as humans. Because this is the America and the world that we young people have been given, and that we are letting happen. We have been raised in a world where we’re taught that hate and violence is the answer instead of love, and unity. I am tired of living in a country where I see my fellow human’s being killed by humans that think they’re above one another. I am tired of living in a country where we as a country might actually elect a racist, sexiest, misogynistic pig to be the leader of the “free world.” This is not my America. This is not the America that young people deserve, this is not the type of world that we need to live in. I believe that the only answer to the hate in the world right now is to combat it with a message of love, peace and unity. Peace and love are not cliché’s left in the 60s. It is very much a mindset that we as a society need to start switching too. We need to unite against police brutality together peacefully, just like how we need to unite against racism together peacefully. We cannot keep fighting hate with hate, bullets with bullets and war with more war. We need to voice our opinions and come together to make a difference. Call your representatives telling them to take action against the unjust system of law we currently have in this country, tell them to take a stance on gun violence, because we shouldn’t be the only country in the world that has to wake up hearing about a new mass shooting. Take action, speak out, and let your voices be known. Do you really want to let people who may be dead within the next 20-40 years dictate how we live our lives!? It’s time for us young people to wake up, stand up, and stand together to end police violence, gun violence, racism, sexism, homophobia and any other hatred going on in this country, by letting the world know we won’t stand for it, and that we refuse to live in a country where the color of your skin determines whether or not you survive a traffic stop. That we refuse to live in a country where being a woman means that you don’t deserve the same pay as a man. That we refuse to live in a country where going to school and trying to learn and get you caught in the cross fire of a mass shooting. These are not new ways of thinking, it’s just called being a decent human being and caring for your fellow human. We cannot survive without each other. We will destroy ourselves if we continue down the path laid out for us, and I don’t want to see that happen. I don’t want young black kids to be raised in a country where they’re scared to go outside because cops are targeting their skin color. I don’t want members of the LGBT community to feel scared to be who they are. I don’t want women to feel like they are any less of a person than I am just because of their gender. I don’t want to hear how my friend’s family is receiving death threats because their dad is a cop. I don’t want to live in that America and I refuse to stand by and watch it happen. Please, stand with me and use our voices to do something positive with ourselves.

Before finishing this up, I just want you to think of one thing for me. Why? Why are you okay with these terrible things happen in the world? Why are you scared to voice your opinion? Why are you scared to protest in the streets? Why are you scared to tell someone no? Why are you scared to let it be known that YOU STAND WITH LOVE? Please, if you don’t take anything else away from this post, just think about those questions and think about how all those situations make you feel.

Being a young American in 2016 can be summed up in one word. Scary. We have been given a country by the older generation that is built on hate, violence, and fear. It’s time for us to let the world know that, that is not the country we are going to live in, and it is not the country that we stand for. Please join me in vocalizing the need for peace, love and unity in this country more than ever. All skin colors, all sexes, all sexualities, all walks of life, we are all humans and the only way that we are all going to survive this is if we can look past the things that don’t matter and start focusing on the good and the love inside of all of us. I believe that we can change and make this country a place for all of us to be proud of. But we all need to come together, and spread love.

Peace & Love always

It’s the fire in your belly, that says “We’re gonna make it”
It’s the tattered old flag, that says “Come and take it”
It’s the Lone Star shining, though the night may be black
And from where I stand, I see Texas like that

This might surprise you:

Because of the recent and intense attacks on women’s health care in Texas, people might assume that Texas is more extreme. But under Governor John Kasich, Ohio has signed 17 anti-women’s health bills into law. And now, he’s trying to take his bad policies nationwide with his run for president. 

Why is John Kasich not your candidate?