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Why would you include Nicki's brother in that post?! He has nothing to do with her success, and it's insulting that you would introduce her as the brother of a rapist.

Because I know the family and the little girl he raped and the fact that she’s still standing by her brother when there’s beyond a reasonable doubt that he did it has me sick to my stomach. 

That’s how I know and will forever acknowledge her, problem?

2 a.m.

“Cassian? What in the world, it’s two in the morning.”

Nesta pulled open her front door to find her once best friend slash ex slash person who confused her beyond reason standing on her front porch. His eyes were red and his hair was sticking up every which way. But there he was, on her porch. Holding a child in his arms. A little boy who looked exactly like him.

He sighed. The boy, who couldn’t have been older than three, clung to him. He looked half asleep and terrified of wherever he was. Cassian winced as Nesta glared at the man who had taken her heart and torn it apart inside her chest. She wasn’t sure how it was still beating.

“I know we haven’t really talked in the last three years. But I um,” he looked into those gray blue eyes that seemed to be made of steel, her jaw set tight, and he felt it. How much he missed her. How she was the only one he wanted to ask for help, “I had nowhere else to go.”

Nesta bit the inside of her lip and then looked at the boy in his arms, “who’s this?”

Cassian smiled then, lifting the tired child closer to the girl who still meant the world to him, “this is Ash, my son. His mother decided she likes freedom more than him and well. She left him with me.”

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kat how did you loose 60 lbs. ive been trying to lose weight but struggling

i have a very strict diet and i exercise a lot. i drink tons of water. i take a probiotic every morning. i eat six meals a day. i’m gluten-free, i try not to eat anything frozen except for vegetables and things made of vegetables. (and bread, because gluten-free bread has to be frozen.) i eat six-eight times a day, and i allow myself one cheat meal a week. i box three or four times a week, and i try to walk at least four miles a day. oh! and i cut out alcohol except for special occasions. 

the most important thing, i think, is to have a good support system. i go to boxing class with friends. i bring my lunch to work with a friend. i tried to lose weight a few years ago, and my friends said they were supportive but then they’d not be. they’d only want to hang out in bars or unhealthy restaurants. so finding people who support and respect your choices is really important.

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I have a fic request! I noticed after Ending B 9S gets really protective of 2B and tries to stand in front of her a few times during the assault mission. When you go in his room during the credits, he talks in a gentle voice, while showering 2B with power up items, money, and tells her to be careful. So, I have this headcanon that they had sex after Ending B and that's why he was acting like that toward her. Would you be willing to write another lewd fanfic of these two again? Thank you!


(Once again, I’m doing the dirty and this time I’m like, fuck it, I’m sin mother and this ship is mine to steer. No real attention was put on the “how” in this one, however. Androids have genitals now; deal with it.)

-Tumblr formatting legend: * = italics -

Her gloved fingers brushed along the side of his face, judging the reality of his existence by this simple set of light movements of leather against artificial skin. Her knuckles curled as they ran over his cheek, a finger tracing his chin and, after a moment of slight hesitation, following the shape of his lips. His shaking breath parted the plump skin, his cheeks lightly dusted with blush pink.

She realized that this moment was something he didn’t expect and wasn’t something she had planned. It was born of a spontaneous desire to assure that it really was him and not another formatted version she needed to learn to love again.

“2…B?” He finally ventured when her fingers finally came to rest against the shell of his neck. She looked down but only saw the blackness of his visor, not the deep, dark blue eyes his model type was equipped with. His voice caught, embarrassed.

“Yes?” She prodded. 9S adverted his gaze even though he couldn’t see her eyes behind her visor. She raised an eyebrow, inviting him to voice his thoughts.

“…I…um,” he took her hand in his own. He gripped her smaller, delicate yet deadly fist in his own as if debating allowing her to fight this internal war with him.

N-not now.*

“Thanks.” He gave her a soft smile, a smile she could could see past with no assistance.

She wasn’t going to push him, not now anyways. This wasn’t the time, time that was running short. At any moment, Command would give an order that would possibly divide them and she would never get this opportunity again.

So she ignored it and gently separated their hands, moving hers to press against his chest before leaning forward and bringing their lips together. The cool and firm skin yielded against hers, warm breath mixing as they each tested the boundaries of what they could do behind the closed door of the room the Resistance had given them. She felt the steady hum of his systems underneath her palms, growing in confidence with each beat before tugging that the buttons of his coat. 9S froze and swallowed, unsure of how he should react or use his hands as they rested uselessly at his sides.

He didn’t have to wait for long before his chest was exposed to her hands, which tugged urgently at his skintight undershirt. Her tongue pushed against his lips, looking for any sign of entry into his mouth as one hand slid up his back and entwined itself in his hair, nails pressing on his scalp.

She felt her pulse rate spike as they gave into the simpleminded desire coursing through their systems, blood pounding in her ears. A combat model, she shouldn’t feel this nervousness. Yes, she was bold and confident but that was in a situation where breaking the other person was perfectly acceptable and the desired goal. 9S wasn’t a person she wanted to hurt, even accidentally.

Gently, she pushed against him, causing him to rest on the bed, her palms on either side of his head. Their lips had came unglued during the transit; 2B panted, a small trail of saliva of unsure origin slicking the skin as she stared down at him. His cheeks and ears had become a shade of red that could only be described as “adorable”, his mouth just as lewdly askew as hers.

She stared down at him, attempting to gage his reaction to what had transpired before. Everything about him urged her on, begging her to keep going, including the obvious stiffness in his pants that was growing harder as movement aroused them both.

Still…she reached behind his head and undid the knot of his visor, pulling the obscuring black fabric from his eyes while doing the same to herself. His eyes, despite being artificial optics with wires and no soul behind them, were the most expressive part of him. One look into them told her everything and sealed the consent she needed.

Granted, she doubted that what she saw behind the thick veil of lust and desire was that look in his eyes she knew and feared. It was that look that was always followed by a swift betrayal in the form of a sword through his chest. He knew something and he wanted to tell her, but he was still searching for the right time and that wasn’t now, thank the God she still believed had abandoned her.

His coat and undershirt were urgently pulled off to silence her own thoughts on that terrifying subject. He couldn’t speak those words if his mouth was occupied with hers, his hands flush against her backside.

She could feel her own body heat rising, the fabric of her undergarments and clothes becoming too tight and heavy for her to bear. It felt similar to a buildup of reactor heat before the inevitable self destruction, her neither regions throbbing with sweltering, wet need.

“9S.” She separated their lips to gaze into his eyes again. He took the hint surprisingly well, but she didn’t doubt the label of “high end” attached to his model type. His logic systems worked far and above hers, able to solve these kind complexities when his own sheepishness finally died. He undid the near invisible buttons right at the side of her chest, the black fabric of her shirt coming loose before falling from her shoulders and arms and onto the ground. His thumbs trailed over her bare skin, tugging at the edges of her leotard to get to more of that smooth flesh he just wanted to feel*.

He visibly twitched when he felt her palm slide along his crotch, fingers grazing his member. One dragged against the damp tip, playing with him mercilessly as he panted uselessly against her mouth. “Ah…a…2B.” She cupped her hand around his length, the leather of her glove smooth and molding to his skin.

They moved against each other, losing clothing and inhibition. Underneath all the layers was bare skin, soft, peachy and a layer of untouched sensitivity. Other loosely regulated YoRHa members spoke in not-so-hushed tones about doing this very selfsame thing all the time around the Bunker, but 9S himself had never been privy to the practice. The way 2B moved for them though, her hands firmly planted on either side of his head and hips hovering above his crotch, broadcasted experience he couldn’t match. A tiny, jealous part of him wondered who else had the undeniable honor of witnessing her lewd and bare, the part also wondering what happened to them. He hadn’t even been inside her and he knew she felt as breathtaking as she looked when her eyes were low and her cheeks red with the effort of restrained sounds.

Keeping the theme of control firmly in her hands, she lowered herself onto him, hissing as she twisted the sheet in her fingers. His systems flushed with heat, his back arching at the sudden but welcome feeling that rushed through his nervous systems.

Who could possibly give this feeling up? After a moment, her hips began to rock against his before they became full thrusts, rapid exhales leaving their mouths in synchronized shallow breaths of air. What kind of idiot would let her go?

She had done this before. With him. Of course, he doesn’t remember, but she knows where he’s weak, the spots he didn’t like to be touched and the way he moved.

He hadn’t changed. They hadn’t wiped him away…and for that, she’s glad. It’s a small consolation prize for the suffering she will soon bring down onto him, pleasure before pain.

She wondered if it was worth it.

Inside, she was capable of burning him alive, smothering him in the greatest way possible with crushing, dominating force. Her slick muscles held him firm, wet, hot and…shit, he’s burning and his blood is boiling in his veins.*

He pushed against the bed, going against her weight to sit up with her in his lap, her head on his shoulder. She followed his lead, wrapping her legs around his back, tightly holding him flush to her. Fuck, it felt too good.* Her head throbbed, processors firing in overdrive as it all began to dull into one feeling of never wanting to stop*. If she didn’t stop…if they never stopped…

“Ngh…ah…ah.” His tongue fought a losing but heated battle with hers, warm saliva trailing down her lips. 9S moaned as she curved her back to allow for deeper penetration and closer contact between them. N-no way he was going to live through this. The way she rode him so desperately, so hungry for him and…well shit she was heavier than him and she wasn’t being gentle. If he broke his new body though, it was a hell of a way to go.

*Man, 21O is gonna be pissed…“how did you break your body again?” “I got fucked by a combat android and I learned that being on the bottom is dangerous to my health yet really awesome.”*

No way in hell he was going to tell anyone about this.

“Don't…don't…” She licked her lips and gasped for words. “Stop…thinking.”

*Just do me one favor please*, she wanted to beg. *Don’t do this to me again.*

Her nails dug into his skin, trails of red left in her wake. The pain was nothing compared to the all consuming pleasure, a mere inconvenience in the face of something he needed if he was going to be strong and…was he really going to tell her? He trusted her with his life, but his own mind was in shambles with what he had learned from digging where he had no right. Was he really going to doom her to the same fate? Was that fair?

“Stop thinking,” that’s what she had demanded.

Losing himself in her, in the feelings she drew out of him, was far better than the truth.

They had been called back to the Bunker and separated by circumstance, preparing the mission that would hopefully end the war. Adam and Eve had been destroyed, leaving the machine network venerable.

This was their chance, and yet *their chance had past. She came to his room one last time, the air heavy with knowledge and tension. His skin still smelled of her, his chest marked by thin cuts. It was fresh, the feeling still raw in his mind.

What could he say…? He was pathetic when it came to her. All he could do was give her a gift and words heavy with barely repressed affection and love.

Maybe…maybe when this fight was over, they could run from YoRHa no matter the outcome. They could escape together, become rouges and relocate where Command could never find them. He could research machines and she could fish and…and…

Was it…selfish? Was this what she wanted? Did she still want war or did she want the same peace he did? Was he only doing this for himself?

He had no time to answer. The mission came first.

Her hand lingered on his shoulder, as if she wanted to say something else, do something else, but nothing came to her.

“…Be careful, 9S.”

There it was, the frigid love he so hated. He wanted more warmth, more heat, more of the genuine person she was, not the soldier façade she put up.

“You too…2B.”

He would tell her. No matter the outcome, she deserved the truth.

Ok but like what if Erika(Gardienne) just runs away one day.

Like she’s trained enough in her guard to know how to fend for herself and she just leaves one day. She’ll have to plan it all out, pretend like she’s all good and forgiving but really she’s figuring out a way to sneak out of this prison.

So she does it the same way they would, with trickery. Subtle, seeming innocent requests that actually have the guards unknowingly help her escape.(I like envisioning a scene of her guard leader finding her sneaking out and they have like a stand off, with Erika aiming her weapon and saying that they can’t stop her without killing/hurting her, and the leader will sadly and reluctantly let her go) And it doesn’t really have to be that she’s totally with Ashkore but he helps her and Erika becomes this badass lone wolf with his training.

The guard has no idea what happened to her and after awhile they have to stop looking or whatever. Weirdly though, they get these bags of a crystal or 2 on their doorstep but they have no idea who sends them. But then theyre under attack and doing pretty badly and suddenly, a cloaked figure comes in and saves the day. That person is going to sneak away, but during the struggle the cloak is pulled down and BAM its Erika because she’s not cold hearted and isn’t ENTIRELY against them and yeah she’s been finding and sending the crystals.

So they’re all like omg your alive and you saved us this is great you can come back now. But Erika’s like no, i’m helping you from the shadows not because I love you as a family but because I guess I owe you for keeping me alive instead of throwing me into the wild. But I’m not coming back. Don’t look for me anymore. Don’t look out for me. I’m gone, I’m dead, and don’t you ever forget that. And then off into the shadows she goes again.

idk I’m like half asleep and I’ve been thinking of this for awhile. This isn’t even the full idea but I don’t have this to be too long and it already is.

Blindspot was Fantastic! Evil Did I Dwell...Lewd Did I Live

Okay, you guys!!!

Let me get this out of the way:

I stand by my prediction of who dies.


Ashley Johnson gave the performance of her career, and Alex Berger immortalized her Patterson, facing Borden and standing by her ethics and principles.

“"I took an oath to my country to the bureau to uphold the law…” “you betrayed me. You destroyed me, you don’t get out of this.” #Blindspot

THATS HOW YOU WRITE A GASLIGHT STORYLINE! You do not make the villain a romantic hero after traumatizing the heroine, compromising her ethics and trust! Otherwise you’re a cliche writer, in love with the bad boy. No.


Difference between Blacklist writers and Blindspot?

The writing of female characters. They’re not victims, they’re heroes.

Liz’ character, had she killed Om Keen in Season 1, the writers wouldn’t be so far away from their original story. Samar is reduced to plot, not allowed to behave or lash out how she feels… and even female villains get to be romantic leads. Yeah no.

Patterson’s speech immortalizes her as a strong heroine forever changed by Borden. She’s no victim. She’s hardened, and that makes her a much more edgier character. She’s root-worthy because she did follow through with her oath to her country and to her career as an agent. She’s not black n white, she’s a lively shade of gray. Berger’ dialogue in this episode brought character driven story to a higher level. The Blindspot ensemble is a family, get ready for the team to expand, but become a well oiled machine.

Tasha: “we need to talk about Reed.” Again, in character, not wishy washy. Painful but goes to her boss to save her friend-because they are a “family.”

That’s the tagline that will come to fruition at end of season.

Nas: foreshadowing. That wasn’t Cade who tried to kill her so…..But Cade gave her the warning regarding Phase 2: “when it goes down, so will you.”

Nas is going down. Bank it. Still, STRONG HEROINES NOT DAMSELS IN DISTRESS.

Jane: oh my goodness. Lots of story was spilled but if you Jellers weren’t excited at Jane inside the baby’s nursery (like I said waaaaaaaaaaybback in the fall) then I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO TELL YOU.

“Will you go back and forth…?”

“We haven’t figured that out yet.”

I did! Didn’t I? Look up my posts. Allie…. where’s she moving?


Where’s Lake Aurora?


Weller/Jane/Baby…. so cuuuuuuuuuuute.

(Don’t say to me you did not love that because I don’t believe you. 😂😂😂😂)

Bad ass Jane.

“"We are not on the same side.”

Nope take that to the bank! See all those foreshadowing black and white flashbacks of mean Remi?

“This doesn’t belong to you.”

“This doesn’t belong to me.”

“I like you…a lot”

Yeah Oliver does….you guys have NO IDEA but you will.

“I came to STOP JANE DOE!”

Yes Cade… he don’t like you Jane. Well you’re kind of a mean bitchy person.

Now I asked this in the last episode so I’ll say it again


It’s not Oscar. It’s not Cade.

Jane flying through the laundry chute and then kicking Cade’s ass….

Who’s fighting…. and why is Jane having all these flashbacks all the sudden? Jane’s getting closer to the truth….

“Jane Doe has Amnesia.”

But not much longer….

That scene with the team at Weller’s Patterson confronting Reade, Tasha snooping to get the scoop on Oliver…Jane snooping to find out what are Kurt’s baby plans… Jane lovingly gazes at the crib…“


Shepherd is coming back count on it she needs Weller for her master plan.

Well we will be in a do or die situation during phase 2. It will change everything for everyone.

I love my wonder twins. Roman in his plastic bedroom I can deal… I think he needs to be kept in there like an X Men superhero. "Mr McGee don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like it if I’m angry…”

“He’s below us! It’s just Shepherd, me and you.”

Says evil Remi

“You can’t keep him locked up forever.”

Says Cade.

Are we excited?

Jane went to see Oliver and accepted his text!

“This doesn’t belong to me.”

Man Oliver all happy making out with Jane then Pow!

Kidnapped. Who on earth would do such a thing?🤔🤔🤔🤔😂

“If anything ever happened to ya I’d miss you.”

Kurt is gonna go insane.

Let me get this out of the way: DAMMIT I LIKE OLIVER

and you’ll see why next week and three episodes later. We got five weeks left people! Contact NBC and tell them how much you love the show but wish it were in a different SLOT this *is* what Blindspot creators are fighting for and to loosen WB grip on creative rights…

NBC is listening. Unfortunately it’s in competition with Blacklist so you *will* see comparisons in the writing.

The differences are how Blindspot writers stick with their arc, whereas Blacklist writers have not. I think Gero assumes they won’t again so he’s going full steam ahead with his pairing, a humongous plot twist, a shocking death… and an amazing terrorist attack.

Get ready.

So watch, call and let’s hope for the best because this is a great show. Just don’t jiggle the single cam so much…

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please. i fucking hate untalented ficth harmony and that ugly ass bitch. i L O V E your blog and your drawings dont ruin it😩😩😩

I.. but are you seriously calling this girl untalented? With the way she sings?? Honestly most boy bands are pretty overrated compared to the vocal capacities and performance that girl bands put out there. Do you have a good enough reason to hate on her? (I doubt it because we don’t know her)

I’m just confused at people who hate other people with no reason or go around blogs spreading hate about them. I actually think Lauren is a very good role model, and if you really can’t stand her maybe blacklist ‘Lauren’.

My blog won’t be ruined by posting things about Lauren, 5h or LM. It’s my blog and I choose what to put on it.

Please reread your message and tell me this is not a rude thing to send me.. because to me it is.


Scassira woke in her bed… their bed. The cool air caressing her skin along her face as she brought her hand up to rub at her brow, the sun filtering in through the window and bathing her in a mocking warmth. A groan escaped her, the sound rough and lingering in the morning air. With the holy light that had been thrust into her last night finally out of her system, she moved to roll to El’s side of the bed, her fingers gripping into the furs while she buried her face into his pillow as if attempting to draw some type of solace from a scent that was depleting slowly.

Danirel must have carried her home—the last thing she had remembered was seeing Ibrand standing over her and ready to assist her up, then the explosion. Her body thrusting forward into a prone position while her ears rang wickedly as if her mind were going to detonate into chaos.

And oh gods, did it. The moment she was knocked out, the nightmares started, her corruption taking hold fully while forcing the intruding Light from her veins. She burned from the inside out, an inferno of disarrayed memories flooding her. She remembered them vividly, but she was only gifted with fragments.

A young girl of perhaps five summers, with skin as pale as the brightest moon and hair as dark as a raven’s plumes. Her eyes were like gems of pure chocolate. But the woman who was smiling at her, plucking a flower from a field of golden flora and holding it before the child’s face, she was something to behold. The most beautiful of creatures It would be clear where the young child got her unique beauty from… her mother.

As quickly as it came, it vanished. As if the disjointed memory never existed. It was nightmarish, a teasing glimpse of a crack in a mind blanketed by the void that consumed her soul, made her into who she was. She felt the pull of her corruption, tearing her from that single foretaste into her life, a life she had before she had become the weapon she was now. The puppet of some mysterious being.

Perhaps this was a teasing flicker of her mind finally becoming her own. Perhaps… some day she would know where she came from.

@harboson-c @danirel-thorson

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"so she manipulated everyone and everything into settling the way they did in 686 for the sole purpose of protecting her child. She has a messy one-night stand with Ichigo after her pregnancy is confirmed" WOAH! did you just confirm hoehime hoeness ? lol, I thought your crew "lorved" orihoe? WTF? Now she's a manipulative hoe? Yo, I've been saying that for 15 god damn years lol, and I was a bitch ass bitch who hated hoehime for Luving ichiLoser? Now y'all are preaching to same gospel? NICE!

sweetie pie do you understand the concept of ‘things i want to see explored in fics that may not necessarily be canon compliant’ and/or morally grey faves and/or ‘the canon railroaded itself so hard that all previous interpretations of it has to be thrown out the window’ 

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So the Asian tour has finally started, 🎉 & a week and a half before the Manila PH 727 concert! 🇵🇭 I'm roughly around 6 months new here in the fandom, so if anyone here's going to be in the VIP 1 area come and say Hi 👋 I'll be there there with my best friend. 🙃 Also got an M&G, and my braincells cannot fathom that I am finally meeting 5H 🎈srsly, Lauren is going to be the death of me. 🙈🙊I cannot be mesmerized, and freeze in front of her, chill should be my middle name on that day. 😅😂

so like how would you keep a straight face standing next to her and knowing what her booty looks like? 😂

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Thanks for the ask!! I took out the season/movie one bc it doesn’t apply to NNT.

Also these are turning into like…full out character analyses. Might take me a day or so to get through them all!

  • Why I like them
    • Diane is so strong, and she can easily stand on her own! She’s still “girly” and everything too, but shows that she can still kick your ass if you mess with her. She cares a lot about everyone and everything, and always tries to understand the other side of the argument. She’s kind and believes that everyone can be good, and her optimism is…goals.
  • Why I don’t
    • I don’t really have much to say for this part. I get why she’s so infatuated with Meliodas, because she remembers him as the first non-giant that was nice to her and treated her like a normal person, but I wish that infatuation never happened, I guess? Not really a character problem though.
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie)
    • It’s a tie between everything in the first fight festival and the 3rd Seisen no Shirushi episode. I loved how after she got small, she still went to the festival and kicked everyone’s ass, then got tall and proceeded to kick the holy knights’ asses as well. Effortlessly.
    • I loved how Diane worked with the construction crew to help rebuild the city, and she felt so guilty about having been the one to partially wreck it! But in this episode we saw that the citizens absolutely don’t blame her for it, in fact, they wanted to apologize for treating her like a criminal. It was a fantastic scene and I’m so glad it happened. Additionally, in that episode we saw her totally wreck another one of the new generation knights while small, and, of course, all the adorable Kiane moments.
  • Favorite line
    • “I also…lost the precious memories I’d had with King…though I don’t know why. I can’t forgive myself for having done that. But I got them back! And I’m sure it was because they were engraved deep inside my heart! Nobody can erase the feelings that mean the most to you!
  • Favorite outfit
    • This one (the pink dress with the white puffs):
  • OTP
    • Diane x King (Kiane)
  • Brotp
    • Diane and Elizabeth
  • Head Canon
    • I haven’t really thought of any headcanons for Diane, oddly? I guess that I kind of think she doesn’t blame Gowther for taking her memories. Obviously she wants them back, but once she realizes the reason he did it, I think that maybe she’ll try to help him in his quest for a heart. She’s such a forgiving person, I can’t imagine she’d hold a grudge.
  • Unpopular opinion
    • I don’t think I have one!
  • A wish
    • I want her to get her memories back!! I also hope that after the test is over, King and Diane kind of go rogue and try to understand Gloxinia and Dolor’s motives for wanting to train them. And I do want this training to happen!!
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen
    • Diane like…going dark or holding some kind of grudge that makes her vengeful. I can’t imagine that ever happening, and I really hope it doesn’t, since she’s so naturally optimistic.
  • 5 words to best describe them
    • Strong
    • Energetic
    • Passionate
    • Sympathetic
    • Volatile
  • My nickname for them
    • I…don’t actually have a nickname for Diane. Her name’s so short, I don’t think I’ve ever thought of one.

Send me a character!

Sybil was sitting under a tree within the small courtyard a small journal open on her lap. A quill sat between her fingers as she scribbled away writing words that described her latest of visions. She sat silently as the other students and staff buzzed around her. Something, or someone caught her attention raising her eyes up to see someone standing to her left. “You’re standing in the light.” She murmured as she brushed her brown hair behind her ear. “Makes seeing things difficult.”

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Catching Erazeran by surprise was very rare. And some instances - he would go along with it. In this case specifically, he was intruding upon one of the safehouses where Thanatos used to oversee. As to what he was doing there, that was strictly his business, and no one elses. 

Perched upon his back, Owl seemed to be bored with their new mission - gnawing casually on the length of Erazeran’s ear to dismiss his impatience. But they were not the only ones present. 

The crack of a whip registers with a loud snap - causing Owl to bite down in surprise as Erazeran’s gaze sought out the source. Not bothered by the pain in his ear, he draws a dagger and nears where Olwyne was standing. Her expression was defiant, and beneath her arm was a collection of parchment. 

“Who are you?!” She demanded, eyes narrowing at Erazeran as Owl growled lightly and peered at the woman. 

“Owl no like you. You make loud sounds! Owl will shut you up!” The smaller rogue began to shift and Erazeran did nothing to impede the other. His arms casually folded over his front.

“It doesn’t really matter who I am,” he answers lightly. Moving to place a hand on Owl’s shoulder, he offers a smile. “Owl, why don’t you go about finding a way to make this place light up? You know… fire?” 

Owl’s eyes widen with renewed enthusiasm. He was conflicted at first - wanting to paint Olwyne with her crimson ink, but then screeched and bounded away. 


Erazeran’s attention returned to Olwyne as she clutched her whip tighter. She wanted to say something but she didn’t have the words to offer a rebuttal. Instead she deliberated on leaving the place or staying put. Not necessarily intimidated of course. Which was a problem for Erazeran as he took steps towards her. 

“I don’t know what brought you here, Miss Moonshadow. But your child isn’t here, nor is the father who is going to make a bastard out of your offspring. So let me tell you something. If you end up killing Thanatos again, after he’s miraculously come back to life. Your world will come to an end. The Commander will still hold dear to your friendship, but even she might become a victim in that scenario. And once you lose everyone, who will you turn to but yourself? Will that be enough? If you think it won’t be… Be sure to visit me. I could employ someone like you.”

Erazeran offered a smile as Olwyne paled. This wasn’t the first time she met someone sinister and obscure. But just as she considered a retort, he was gone within a wisp of shadow.

Originally posted by towerofglass

The fire that Owl had been starting erupted from the other end of the room. The laughter that would have been certain to follow, ended up being swallowed by the brilliant flames and the crackle of growing embers. Instead of seeing the erratic smaller rogue and his maniac-tendencies, she would see him as Caillen. 

Turning his focus on to Olwyne, there was nothing but murderous intention and hatred. 

Already sensing the danger within the building, she chose not to stick around as Caillen watched her flee. He probably would have enjoyed the chase, had it not been for Erazeran’s intervention. 

Soon there would be nothing left of the safehouse, and Olwyne found herself catching her breath. In the distance - she could only see the billowing cloud of smoke and luminescence of fiery orange below. The parchment she held was clutched firmer - and the questions continued without stop.

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