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Do you ever just cry about the fact that Gabriel was the littlest archangel but he had the biggest heart out of all of them, so much so that he tried to run off and bury it under a trickster persona but it still showed through enough that Sam and Dean saw what he really was and in the end he stood up to the person he loved most only to be, from his perspective, heartlessly killed?

Because I do.

reynard-muldrak  asked:

Imagine kirk is a telepath who's been hiding behind a shield since he was 10, but on a planet he has to save Spock, so drops it for the first time.... Imagine the surprise and wonder of Spock no longer being alone. (Story idea I've had) #spirk

Spock and Jim start relaxing their shields in private and have had plenty of evenings where they don’t say a word to each other but just convey their opinion on the day’s events silently.

Sometimes they forget Bones is there until Bones starts pointedly complaining about the hairs on his neck standing up

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Happy Trans Day of Visibility, everyone! It’s Christian Lane Blanchard (the Acedawg, he/him), back again after a period of demotivation! I’m gonna be posting a bit of a “picture story” on my blog later, I suppose. Come check me out at official-acedawg ayyy

I hope everyone is safe and content today, and good luck to those who are coming out to their family and friends!! Ciao!

(Disclaimer: The vehicle was parked when I took this photo.)