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Mbti Types as The Great Gatsby Quotes

ISFJ: “I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.”

ESTJ: “But I can still read the gray names, and they will give you a better impression than my generalities of those who accepted Gatsby’s hospitality and paid him the subtle tribute of knowing nothing about him.”

ISFP: “The exhilarating ripple of her voice was a wild tonic in the rain.”

ENFJ: “There must have been moments even that afternoon when Daisy tumbled short of his dreams- not through her own fault, but because of the colossal vitality of his illusion.” 

INTP: “I tried to go then, but they wouldn’t hear of it; perhaps my presence made them feel more satisfactorily alone.”

INFP: “No amount of fire or freshness can change what a man will store up in his ghostly heart.”

ENTP: “’You see, I think everything’s terrible anyhow,’ she went on in a convincing way. ‘Everybody thinks so- the most advanced people. And I know. I’ve been everywhere and seen everything and done everything.’” 

ESFP: ”It was one of those rare smiles with a quality of eternal reassurance in it, that you may come across four or five times in life. It faced- or seemed to face- the whole external world for an instant, and then concentrated on you with an irresistible prejudice in your favor.”

ESFJ: “The bottle of whiskey- a second one- was now in constant demand by all present, excepting Catherine, who ‘felt just as good on nothing at all.’”

ENTJ: “The mouth was wide open and ripped at the corners, as though she had choked a little in giving up the tremendous vitality she had stored for so long.”

INTJ: ”Though I was curious to see her, I had no desire to meet her- but I did. I went up to New York.”

ISTJ: “he saw himself standing alone on the last barrier of civilization.”

ISTP: “’I am careful.’ 

‘No you’re not.’

‘Well, other people are.’”

ENFP: “Daisy began to sing with the music in a husky, rhythmic whisper, bringing out a meaning in each word that it had never had before and would never have again.”

ESTP: “They were at least agonizingly aware of the easy money in the vicinity and convinced it was theirs for a few words in the right key.” 

INFJ: “and for a second I thought I loved her. But I am slow-thinking and full of interior rules that act as breaks on my desires,”


This new video of Jon Stewart recounting an epic Twitter war with Donald Trump is the number one trending video on YouTube right now

Dang, this story is really good. (Yes, it goes on.) Stewart told his tale at a Stand Up For Heroes benefit in New York on Tuesday night. And, you lucky thing, you can see the full video here.

Gifs: Jacob Cahan


Chapter Six

When Felicity’s parents announce that they’re hiring someone to be her personal bodyguard, what she hears is that she’s going to be stuck with a 24/7 babysitter… something she is so not on board with.

When Oliver takes up the offer to work for the Smoak family he thinks it’s just another job, but he has no idea what he’s about to get himself into.

Protecting the “tech empire heiress” is the easy part, matters of the heart are where things get a bit more complicated.

A big thanks to Sara @gothsmoak who created the stunning cover art for this story and Aubrey @aubvi my awesome beta :)

Rating: T  This Chapter’s Word Count: 4750

Hey guys! Wow this week went really fast for me, it feels like I was just posting the last chapter, so hopefully it went by quickly for you too :) Thank you so much for all of your encouraging words on the last chapter, reading your comments makes my day. In this chapter we have a character interaction that I think you guys have been looking forward to, so enjoy!

“What’s the countdown at now for days until the move?” Shado asked while he stretched to finish out his workout.

He rolled his neck, “Nine.”

“You excited? Nervous?”

His mind unwittingly flashed to the dream he had woken from that morning, but he shoved those images away again. They could easily be explained away by the Chinese takeout he had found in the back of the fridge and probably shouldn’t have eaten before going to bed.

“A little bit of both I think,” he replied, standing up from the floor. “I’ve never been to New York City before, so I’m excited for that, but it’s also a whole new routine and territory to get used to. Keeping her safe in a city that’s almost ten times bigger than Starling… and then when she starts school and we’re traveling back and forth all the time…”

He could feel his muscles that he had just relaxed starting to tense up again just thinking about all the potential dangers that could pop up in two cities he wasn’t familiar with.

Shado placed a hand on his shoulder reassuringly, “It will be fine Oliver.”

“Yeah,” he consented. “Thank you.” He grabbed his water bottle and his discarded sweatshirt, “Well, I should get going. I’m having Thea over for breakfast this morning. I took the day off so that we can spend some time together before the move.”


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Cliffs Edge ch9

thanks to @luckiedee​, I finally did the thing.


Prior to their departure from the hotel, Kent’s first act of business is to Google something on his phone. He won’t let Alexei see what it is.

“Fuck yes!” Kent exclaims. When he looks up from the screen, he’s grinning. “Okay, we’ve got some hours to kill. Will you be warm enough walking around outside in just a shirt and jacket? Even at night? It gets cold up here.”

Alexei looks down at himself. “I’m Russian.”

“Yeah, and I play ice hockey and grew up in New York, and I can’t fucking stand the cold. That’s why I’ve got three layers on and I’m grabbing a jacket before we go.” Kent gets up from his chair. “So?”

Alexei gets up, too. “I’m okay. It’s warm jacket. Where we go at night?”

“That’s for me to know and you to find out.” Kent goes to his closet to fish out the aforementioned jacket, which he ties around his waist like it’s 1995. Alexei would chirp him but it’s too fucking cute.

Kent heads for the door but Alexei hangs back, looking around the room. It was mildly messy when they came in but now it’s kind of disastrous, with the beds further rumpled from people sitting on their edges and all the available trashcans filled up with leavings. The delivery bags have been rolled up and stuffed inside each other, along with the discarded pie and quiche tins.

“Housekeeping will get it,” Kent says.

Alexei still cringes at the mess, but he goes with Kent, who checks for his keycard before closing the door behind them.

Outside the hotel, all is quiet. Alexei doesn’t see anyone with cameras hanging out in wait.

“Probably stalking the Falconers,” Kent says, and hails a taxi.

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Oversized Hockey Shirt

Pairing: Y/N/Bestfriend!Roommate!Hockey!Luke

Rating: All

Request: No

Words: 3.000+

Summary: Luke is a sucker for hockey and maybe his best friend and dorm roommate Y/N

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Aries- Her fiery hair falls in loose curls like a waterfall her back, with a crooked smile plastered on her face. Her skin is like amor made of steel and a heart made of gold. Not one ounce of fear runs through her veins, instead it is replaced with courage and integrity.

Taurus- She is the classic beauty with soft curves and sleepy doe eyes. She is a red rose in a garden full of weeds. Her voice is sweet like the song bird you hear at sunrise. She is full of love and kindness, but possess a earth shaking strength that is tucked away at the bottom of her soul.

Gemini- You could hear that beautiful chime of laughter miles away. She has freckles dusted across her face like the stars in the night sky, you could create constellations across her cheeks. Even though with a dragging weight on her shoulders, she still manages to show the world that bright smile she was gifted with.

Cancer- She is made from the ocean and lightning storms. Wide eyed and curious about the world, and sweet as honey and milk. She has a warm comforting embrace, with a soft melodic heart beat. She will plant a gentle kiss on your lips when you are upset, and whisper poetic nothing’s to you until you fall into a slumber.

Leo- Her hair is a mane made of gold, and her skin glows like a sunset. Her heart is radiant as the the sun and it shines through her and projects her love to world. She is an alpha, a lioness, a leader, a warrior. She may appear soft like a daydream, but she has a never ending inferno bursting inside her.

Virgo- She is the girl that you see curled up in a blanket by the fire reading a novel. She is the girl that you see writing poetry is cursive under a blossom tree at the park. Her eyes batter softly and gracefully with a small smirk to go with it. Her mouth speaks with intelligence as if it were a work of art.

Libra- She is created like a work of art. Her hair is smooth like oil paint on canvas. Her eyes are eyes are like lovely lilac watercolor. Her mouth speaks of beautiful poetry and is chiseled out perfectly like a marble sculpture. The laugh that escapes her lips is more beautiful than any music on earth. She is beauty, she is grace, she is love.

Scorpio- Look at her eyes, there is something special about them. They look alluring like the Milky Way Galaxy. They define her. It is like looking into a magical crystal ball, and seeing your future. They define her because they are the entry way to her soul. You could see her unexplainable captivating mind through those stardust eyes.

Sagittarius-What an adventurer you are, love. Nothing in this world could stop or tame you. Your courage makes you stand up tall like a Himalya mountains. Your full of life like New York City, aestheticly beautiful as Hong Kong, and unique like Portland Oregon. You are the fire that lights the candle, and the strength that changes the world. Never stop advenuring and living life with curiosty, love.

Capricorn- She is a woman full of quiet courage and determination. Her heart lies heavy inside as the weight of saturn tries to knock her down. Her earthy green eyes glows with strength and courage as she refuses to crawl away like a coward. She is the tallest tree you find in the forest, She is the independent Lone Wolf in the wilderness, she is the cigarette that never burns out.

Aquarius- She is one of a kind, a rare gem found in hidden caves. She is a mystery waiting to be solved by the right person. Her mystery is unique and special and should be cherished. She is a diamond with a hint of violet in it, she is a lavender that looks royal blue, she lion with stripes. Her back is painted with works of art, and a face with jewels.

Pisces- You are a beautiful like silver koi fish swimming gracefully in the water. You are a mermaid with golden scales and sapphire colored eyes. Don’t let the cruel world get to your head. Don’t let the darkness of the world seep into your heart and poison the light inside of it. How graceful and gentle you are, you shine brighter than any jewel in the ground, or any star in the sky.

—  Women of the Zodiac
When you can’t be tough (Part 1)

Alright, so I should probably have gone to bed a long time ago. Instead, I wrote you this fic that was supposed to be a one-shot but turned out to be longer than that. There will be a part 2, hopefully tomorrow. God, I’m tired… anyway, enjoy!

Part 2

Pairing: Lin x Reader

Summary: As you make your way home from a party in New York in the middle of the night, you stubble upon two really scary men. It is a good thing you aren’t alone in the city!

Warnings: Sexual harassment, foul language

Word count: 2810

You were so tired, you literally felt like you, hypothetically, could lie down in that green dumpster across the street and fall asleep in five seconds. The New York night was so chilly you felt like not even pouring boiling water over yourself could help you unfreeze your stiff joints. It didn’t really help that you were wearing heels far too high to be comfortable to walk in under any circumstance either.

The night had started out great. You were going to a party with your classmates to celebrate the fact that your first semester had ended. A semester that, although it had been tough, you had been able to get through somehow.

The move to New York had been emotional, but you had still been excited to go there. It had been nice to leave your small hometown and with it, heartbreak and boring routines. Your newly achieved Bachelor’s degree had left you thirsty for more and that thirst had gotten you accepted to a Master’s program in your dream field. These past months you had pretty much been living the dream, with new great friends, and a decent apartment not too far from Manhattan.

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irisbleufic’s response to my post on the woodcut illustrations in the American first edition of Good Omens initiated some research into the illustrator, David Frampton. She helped me confirm that Frampton’s art is the first visual representation we have of Crowley and Aziraphale’s appearance.

Frampton is an American artist who has been illustrating children’s books for over thirty years, although his earliest published work I found was the album cover Stand Up (1969) by Jethro Tull. Born in Brooklyn, New York, his father was an advertising artist. He studied at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Illus: Merlin and the dragons, woodcut by David Frampton, from Of Swords and Sorcerers by Margaret Hodges and Margery Evernden, 1993

Frampton’s medium of choice is woodcut. I wonder if he appreciated the GO callout to Albrecht Dürer?

Often when I describe the process to someone and they come to realize just how involved and time consuming the process is, they inevitably ask, “Couldn’t you get the job done faster and easier with paint or crayons?” The answer is “yes,” but it’s not as much fun. I just like doing woodcuts. When you look at the finished print it has a certain look, a look that says, “This picture was done by hand.” You can see the process in the picture itself. You can see that someone took a flat piece of wood and carved a picture on it. You can see that paint was applied to that surface and then that surface was pressed against a piece of paper.

Frampton usually does prints using multiple blocks for multiple colors, but even so, his work demonstrates beautiful interplay between light and shadow. 

Illus: Giant squid and sperm whale: woodcut by David Frampton from Whaling Days by Carol Carrick, 1993

Of interest to book collectors: I discovered the 2002 Spanish trade paperback (Buenos Presagios) translation by Maria Ferrer contains the original woodcut illustrations adapted with the appropriate Spanish initials, although I was unable to verify this (ISBN  9788479048778).

Love & War

Originally posted by fantasyimagine

Requested by anonymous:

“Can you do an avengers oneshot with loki realizing that he’s fallen in love with you when the two of you are fighting the avengers and you’re wounded?”

Warnings: Violence, fluff, slight angst, kind of evil!reader but not really??

Note: How perfectly does this gif suit the imagine though!??? 

Love was a strange thing. 

It could make your heart pound out of your chest, make your stomach fill up with butterflies, make you feel like you’re on top of the world. 

Love could also be a person’s downfall, their destruction, their doom. 

Unfortunately for Lady *yn* of Asgard hers was the latter. 

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Having established herself in the world of stand-up comedy, Kristen Schaal’s career took off around 2005 when New York Magazine featured her as one of the “The Ten Funniest New Yorkers You’ve Never Heard Of". Two years later, she scored a gig that would push her further into the national spotlight on HBO’s Flight of The Conchords, played Jemaine and Bret’s persistent stalker/fan Mel.

As an actress, Schaal’s credits also include 30 Rock, Wilfred, Modern Family, The Hotwives of OrlandoGlee, Broad CityHow I Met Your Mother and a major role on the new FOX series The Last Man on Earth. She regularly appears as a commentator for The Daily Show, often presented as the "Senior Women’s Issues Correspondent".

Her distinctive tone has led to a ton of work as a voice artist, notably as the only woman in the main voice cast of Bob’s Burgers - a fact which was quite noticeable on the group’s recent live tour. She can be heard on WordGirlBoJack HorsemanGravity Falls, The Simpsons, Adventure TimeArcherAqua Teen Hunger Force and American Dad!, along with films within the Toy Story, Shrek, Despicable Me, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and The Penguins of Madagascar franchises.

As a writer, Schaal has worked on South Park and co-authored a book with her husband Rich Blomquist entitled The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex. Rumor has it that she’s also written a stellar one-woman play about the life of Emily Dickinson. It involves lots of hidden poems.

Long story short, she has a very long resume, and if this very funny lady has ever made you laugh, take a moment today to appreciate her talent and, hopefully, laugh some more.

Almost Died Last Week - Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Words: 1059
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Featuring: Clint Barton
Warnings: swearing, spying
Requested by @winteriscomingidjits via messages
Authors Note: This is a fic based off of this post! YAY! Also, you know how before the Avengers formed, Nat and Clint worked at SHIELD? Let’s pretend that’s the time setting of this fic, it’s kinda nifty. aye.


“All good, Barton, you’re sure this is the right person?” Natasha asked over the phone.

“Positive, it’s what my sources are calling the one with the information. I need you to talk to them to figure out-” Clint began to tell Natasha all the things he needed to know, and Natasha wrote them down. She nodded her head every time he gave her something, even though he couldn’t see her.

“I’ll be right on it,” She said, “I’ll call you when I get something.”

Natasha booked a hotel room near where the informant was suspected to be. She researched the places nearby looking for the person who fit the description. Asking around local bars, restaurants, and diners, she needed to find the person. People said they knew of them, they were visiting, but didn’t understand why this strange woman was suddenly asking for one of the least trouble makers in town.

Natasha walked into the coffee shop she visited every day since she had been in this city. She was not expecting that finding this person would be hard; it wasn’t a huge town! She ordered the same drink and sat down at the corner table, connecting her laptop to the free wifi. She watched the people around her as her computer loaded up, just as a worker walked up to her.

“You’re the lady looking for a very specific person, yes?” A teenager asked Natasha.

She nodded, “That’d be me.”

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