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Step Brother~Ashton Irwin


The boy with the curly hair slammed me up against the window of the room in the club that my dad owned. I wasn’t suppose to be here, I was only 17, but I got in anyway.

“Fuck! Please! I need you so badly.” I moaned at him as he quickly unbuttoned his pants. His monster dick sprung to life as my eyes widen at his size. “Holy shit.” I moaned at the sight of it. 

“Don’t worry. Are you a virgin?” 


“Good, you’ll be fine.” He slid on a condom before quickly entering me and it hurt. He lied to me. He pressed me against the window, holding me up, while my finger’s dug into his chest. “You’re like not stretching around me.” 

“I am stretched, you’re just huge.” I breathed out. I wasn’t sure how this was pleasurable for either of us. 

“I’m gonna cum.” He moaned as he continued to hump me. I was out of breath and my boobs were bouncing around. “Fuck! fuck fuck fuck.” Left his mouth as he came into the condom. He caught his breath, lowering me to the floor where I laid down on the couch. “You didn’t cum.” He said and I looked over at him. 

“It’s okay.” I smile at him taking a sip of the drink that I left on the table. 

“No, let me finish you.” I slowly nodded watching as he came over and laid between my legs, his finger’s circling around my clit before he slowly inserted a finger into me and his tongue massaged my clit. I raised my hips to meet his mouth and he held my down with his arm that I dug my nails into. 

“Fuck! Holy shit!” I had been eaten out before but not like this. Usually guys had no idea what the hell they were doing, but this, this was amazing. I could feel my body shaking as I tried to control myself. I began crying it felt so good. It happened a lot, I couldn’t control myself.”Shit,Ashton please!” I moaned out. 

“Are you going to cum?” He questioned and I couldn’t even talk I just had to nod my head. I exploded onto his tongue, he licked me a few more times before he sat up, wiping his mouth and taking a swig from the drink I drank from before. 

“Holy shit.” I said sitting up and sliding my jeans up my legs while he did the same. 

“Can I have your number?” He questioned. I wasn’t expecting him to ask for it.He handed me his phone so I could put my number into it. “Kennedy, that’s cute.” 

“Thanks.” I smiled at him. “Anyway, I should get going. My dad will kill me if I don’t make it home before 2.” I said looking down at my phone. The clock read ten past one. 

“Okay, thank you, by the way.” He smiled at me as we headed down the stairs. 

“No problem. Text me later?” 

“Of course.” He smiled, kissing my cheek before I disappeared out the front door and down the street where my friend was picking me up. I got into her car as we sped off down the street. 

“Jesus.” She mumbled looking at me. I looked back at her confused. 


“You literally smell like sex.” I rolled my eyes. 

“That’s because I had sex.” She looked over at me. “His name is Ashton. He has dirty blonde curly hair and he has hazel eyes. He’s like six feet tall.” I said. As a person who is only 5′4″, he towered over me and made me look like I was ten. 

“Damn.” She said and I nodded. 

“He was huge. My vagina hurts.” I said trying to find a different spot to sit that didn’t hurt. “Do I really smell that bad? Should I shower tonight or tomorrow?” I questioned her. 

“Is your dad going to be home tomorrow?” 

“I don’t know.” 

“No, just shower tomorrow, he’ll suspect something. But make sure you pee.” She said. 

“I know, I know.” I mumbled. She dropped me off about thirty minutes later, I hugged her before getting out of the car and running up to the front door. I typed in the code before pushing the door open. I was greeted by the chef. 

“Miss Kennedy, would you like me to make you any food?” 

“How about, a grilled cheese?” I asked. 

“Of course.” I smiled. 

“Thank you. I’m gonna go change and then I’ll be back down.” 

“Of course. There’s no rush.” He smiled at me. I hurried up to my room, throwing on a new pair of panties since I slipped mine into the pocket of Ashton’s jeans. I then threw on one of my dads shirts before heading down the stairs and into the kitchen. I went to the fridge to grab a drink before I sat on the counter watching John make my grilled cheese. “How was your night?” 

“Really good, thanks for asking. Why are you still up?” I questioned. 

“Your father wanted me to make sure you got in safe and if you weren’t home by two I was to get him and we would call the cops.” I laughed a little. 

“How many times have I been late before?” I questioned. 

“Not many.” We sat and talked for a while after that. At least I knew that John cared about my well being. 


I was sitting in the living room watching t.v when the front door opened and my dad called me. 

“What?” I called back. 

“Come here!” He shouted. I sighed before standing up. It was hot for L.A. I felt like my skin was going to fall off. I loved it here, so I wasn’t going to complain. 

“This is Ann-Marie, her and her three kids are going to move in with us, and me and Ann are going to get married.” I looked at him a little shocked. 

“What?” I questioned. “You never said anything about having a girlfriend.” I said looking at him. My dad has had girlfriends in the past, usually ones that were using him for his money. But Ann already seemed different than those other girls that he brought home. 

“I know. I was keeping her secret from you.” My mom had died in child birth with my younger brother, my brother didn’t survive either. I was about four when that happened so I don’t really remember my mom but I think he was trying to protect me from being upset. 

“Is it because of mom?” He slowly nodded. “You know that I just want you to be happy.” 

“I know. And I want what’s best for you and I know that I leave you alone all the time but I love you and now you’ll have three siblings.” He smiled and I laughed a little. 

“What are their names and how old are they?” I questioned. 

“Ashton is 21, Lauren is 15, and Harry is 12.” 

“Oh good, there’s another girl.” We were all pretty close in age, I’m sure there would be something that we could all do together that we would all love. 

“Yes, there is, they’re all outside right now.” She called for them and the three of them entered the house. I began to panic when I saw Ashton walked through the front door. His eyes landed on me and they widened before he smiled shaking my hand. 

“Nice to meet you.” I said it back before hugging Lauren and fist bumping Harry. Our parents went outside to, what I assume was to, get their belongings and bring them into the house. 

“Can we look around?” Lauren asked. 

“Of course! Yeah!” I said as I watched as she pushed Harry out of the way and she ran up the stairs. “What the hell are you doing here?!” I shoved Ashton a little. 

“I’m moving in. With your dad and my mom.” I ran my hand through my hair. 

“You’re going to be my step brother?” He nodded. “I had sex with my step brother.” 

“Good sex too.” 

Airport - Luke Hemmings

You meet Luke in the airport and talk with him

Requested: Yes

Triggers: None

You sighed and shoved your iPod into your jacket pocket. Your flight had been delayed and your iPod had just died, which wouldn’t be a problem if your charger wasn’t buried at the bottom of your suitcase. You shrugged off your backpack and unzipped it, after coming up with a grand total of fifty cents, you sat down and sighed – you didn’t even have enough for a coffee! This trip had turned into a disaster and it hadn’t even started yet. You sat on the ground with your back against the wall and pulled your knees up to your chest and rested your head on them, how much longer do I have to wait? You thought.

A few minutes later, someone sat down next to you. “Do you want something to drink?” You heard a boy say. You looked to your left, “sorry?” you asked. The boy grinned at you, there was something about his quiffed hair and lip ring that you found incredibly cute, “I’ve got two coffees, and you look like you could use one.” You made a face, “ouch…” you muttered. The boy stopped grinning, “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean-” you cut him off mid-sentence; “I’m kidding. I’d love one, thank you.” He handed you a coffee, “my names Luke,” he said. “(Y/N),” you replied. You took the coffee and thanked him. “So, do you just buy two coffees all the time?” You asked, taking a sip of the drink. Luke smirked, “sometimes… but today they messed up my order and they were really busy so I didn’t have the heart to tell them.”

“Oh my god,” you laughed, rolling your eyes. “Where are you going, anyway?” Luke asked. “L.A,” you replied, “but my flight got delayed…” you paused to check the time, “around three hours ago I think…” Luke sighed, “three and a half hours, actually,” you glanced at him. “I’m going to L.A too,” he clarified, “and I honestly think I should have booked an earlier flight.” You nodded and sipped your coffee again. Your stomach growled so you put your cup on the ground and pulled your bag onto your lap, “are you hungry?” You asked Luke, pulling out a muffin and a packet of chips. You pulled the muffin in half and handed one half to him before he replied. “Thanks… though you don’t have to share your food with me, you know.” You nodded, “I know Luke, but you didn’t have to give me one of your coffees.”

Luke shrugged and took a bite of his half of the muffin. You took a bite of your half and forced yourself to swallow it, “it’s dry,” you complained. Luke nudged you, “it’s not that bad, and at least it’s edible.” You agreed with him, the muffin could be a lot worse. There was an announcement over the intercom; your flight was going to start boarding now. You dug your ticket, passport and boarding pass out of your bag, “well Luke, looks like it’s time to go to L.A,” you said, standing up. “Wait,” Luke said, “can I get your number? I really enjoyed hanging out with you.” You agreed and he passed you his phone and you quickly added your number to his contacts. “Just, like, call me… okay?” You said and the two of you walked towards the gate.

You threw out the coffee and partially eaten muffin along the way and passed through the gate to board the plane. You walked to the plane with Luke, “I hate flying,” you muttered, staring at the plane. Luke squeezed your arm, “nothing bad will happen, I swear,” he said as the two of you boarded the plane.

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