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Richie Tozier hasn’t spoken a word to anybody since he came to Derry in the middle of the school year. Until he talks to Eddie Kaspbrak.

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Chapter seven.

It is two days to Christmas. Richie lies and Eddie doesn’t know why. Richie disappears and Eddie doesn’t know where to—and Eddie would call but Richie’s only got Eddie’s phone number, not the other way around. It has been days without word from Richie, and all Eddie can do is hope he is okay. Passing by the big brown house is enough, Eddie supposes; when he is walking down the street he stares up toward the second story window, the one from which music erupts. And Eddie just knows. Richie plays bass from his bedroom in the big brown house. He wants to separate himself, for whatever reason, doesn’t want to talk to Eddie, or hang out.

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Whatever It Takes: Chapter 7

ACOTAR Figure Skating AU

Summary: Nesta firmly believes that if you want something, you have to work your ass off for it. And she wants a National title attached to her name. But when her coach decides that a change in discipline is what Nesta needs, she’s far from impressed. Now, instead of training as a ladies single skater, she has to switch gears and skate as a pairs skater. And her partner? Someone she can’t stand. Non other than cocky, flirtatious, former Men’s skater Cassian.
Edited by: @ilikebigbooks-and-icannotlie

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Cassian finished tying up his skates before sitting up straighter. He took a moment to close his eyes, running a hand through his dark shoulder-length hair.

He was early for practice that morning. But he couldn’t stay locked up in his apartment any longer or he would have gone insane. Ever since practice a few weeks ago, when Rhys and Feyre tried to help him and Nesta, the oldest Archeron sister had captivated his thoughts more than she normally did. And it was making him restless.

He didn’t know what had happened, what exactly had made Nesta skate off of the ice that day. Feyre wouldn’t tell him, nor would she say what was talked about in the dressing room. And if Rhys knew anything, he was keeping a tight lip. All Cassian knew was that Nesta was more quiet than usual. She was still her stubborn hotheaded self. But more.. serene almost. Quieter. More guarded and caged. She only spoke to him when she had to. And even then it was only a word or two. It was as if she didn’t want to get too close to him, which he didn’t think was possible. They were already so distant.

The new version of Nesta - it was driving him insane.

It had never happened to him before. No other girl ever made him feel that way. Whatever it was.

Damn that woman.

Standing up, Cassian took in a deep breath. As if he were trying to clear his mind, to rid himself of all thoughts of Nesta Archeron. He threw his hair back in an elastic before grabbing the water bottle off of the bench next to him and making his way to the door.

The bitter icy air slapped him in the face the moment he stepped out of the heated dressing room. The sound of the zamboni leaving the ice bounced off of the rafters, along with the voices of the single skaters as they started to leave the rink, done with practice for the day.

Cassian walked towards the ice, looking out at the fresh, smooth surface, clean and ready to be marked up once again.

He still had almost an hour until the pairs were supposed to practice, but he couldn’t resist the thought of stepping onto the new sparkling ice.

“You’re here early.”

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Is anti gonna be okay i'm worried i wasn't expecting him to say "I'll always be the glitch that slit Jacks throat" where did he go more importantly what's he thinking i don't want him to start reverting back to insanity maybe a little but not so much that he hurt the Dr. or the googles.

Wilford finds Anti hiding on the catwalks in the middle of fixing one of the lights. “You shouldn’t be up here working yet. You’re still healing, right?”

Anti glares up at him. “L̨̳e͍̪̥̻͓̻a̲̹v̡̪͔̖ͅe̺̮̦̘͉̮̪ ̻̲̯̯̜ḿ̳͈̩e ̬̹a͖̹̦̺̣l̤o̧̥n̵̩͉̰͎̲e̸͕̲͙̖̼͕͔.͚̤̙ “

Will puts up his hands. “Who spit in your pizza?” Anti doesn’t answer, but Wilford does notice the blood staining his fingers as he works. “Hey, you’re hurt!” He kneels down beside Anti, but the glitch flinches away from him. So Warfstache stays back. “Okay, okay, but will you at least stay here while I fetch the Doc?”

He doesn’t give Anti a chance to answer as he poofs away and back again in a blink with the Doctor in tow. Doc, taken completely unaware, looks around in shock before he sees Anti and the blood. “Oh, no, you glitched, didn’t you? I told you…” He doesn’t finish as Anti bares his teeth.

“G̢̦̙͇̖̤̻e̵̯͈̪͙̙ṯ̼͙̺͝ ̬̮a̹̮̠̹̖̫w͚̰̮̬̙̗͎a̜y̟̖̹̦͜,͉ ̲̼̼̫̲̫̳D̠̼̕o͚̹͉͕̖̥ͅc̵͉͕̥.̣̗̩͇́ Ḓ̨o̼̺̫̝nͅ't͎̬̖͍̖͟ ͇͍͞w̻̦͇̥̻̼͉a͏̹̳̳͙͓̝nn̞̪̱͈ͅa̺̭̪̤̼͍ͅ ̝̙ḥ̛͍̫͙̩̹ur̺̟͙t̤ ̪̳̩͔y̘͓̱̜a͓͡.̛̙ “ Anti crawls backwards, and Doc frowns.

“Anti, talk to me. What happened?” Doc kneels down in front of him, showing his hands so as not to alarm Anti.

“A̟͕̖̩̥̞s̫͈͙͡k̜̟̤͙͎ ̡͚̪̠̰̪͓̥ỵ̭͍e͍̦̭̞̱̘̝r͢ ̱̘̻̱b̰͕u̮̹̲͚͈͜ḑ̞͚͈̯̼d͢ỵ̸̻,҉̖̣̼̻̭̳̪ ̧͎̞̙͍̟̠wh͇̪̩͕͙̩͡y̬̬̲̯̙̮ ̢̥̺͔̼d͍̻̤̱͎̺ͅo͇̯n̷'͘ṱc̕h͖͔̫͚͎͙̪͢a͍̱͍̱͇̰̻?̴̜̺̰̻̥ “

Anti’s eyes turn black in anger, and Wilford leaves again to get Ollie this time. Dr. Iplier shakes his head. “Wait, what did Host do?”

Anti looks at Ollie who reaches out to him and makes a motion at his chest. Anti nods but taps his temple, and still Oliver nods back with a smile. Anti glitches inside Oliver’s core where Ollie grunts a little at Anti’s pain. “He’s upset and scared, but by what I can tell, his injuries are mild. He just needs time.”

Doc stands up and nods. “I’ll go talk to the Host about this.”

Ollie catches the Doc’s coat to stop him. “He wants me to tell you he’s sorry.”

Dr. Iplier smiles and shakes his head. “He’s got nothing to be sorry for. Take good care of him.” He pats Ollie on the shoulder and turns to Wilford. “Take me to the library. Now.”


trevor: wyla.. there’s nothing wrong with you.
wyla: you don’t even know me, trev, not really—-
trevor: you keep telling me that, wyla, but i’m starting too, okay? and i like what i know. and i know you enough to know there’s nothing wrong with you. i know you enough to know that you’re hurting, and it’s fucking shitty and i don’t want you to be unhappy. alright? i just—i can’t fucking stand it. 
wyla: trevor–
trevor: whoever the douchebag is who fucked up enough to hurt you and lose you and make you feel like there’s something wrong with you is scum, and you don’t deserve to feel this way, wyla. you don’t deserve to feel like you’re not enough because of someone who was too stupid to see what was right in front of him, alright?

I’m pissed off at neurotypical society. I want to get this off my chest and stand up for the autistic community all in one go. This rant can apply to society’s view of disability in general because disabled people who aren’t autistic will understand where I’m coming from. 

Disability carries a stigma that someone who is neurotypical and able-bodied cannot experience or understand unless they become disabled themselves. Disability itself is something society has been taught to fear and hate. 

Well, it’s time for me to throw down and speak up. This is what neurotypical society looks like to me. You are not going to like this picture. Too freaking bad! My voice matters and I’ve got something to say.

I am so tired of neurotypical society holding autistic people to standards it won’t define, won’t explain and won’t teach us about.

I am so tired of that same neurotypical society punishing autistic people for not meeting these nebulous standards like it’s our fault.

There are times when autistic people mess up, yes. Nobody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes. Mistakes are good and we should make more of them. It’s how we learn.

But at least 90% of that messing up is because neurotypical society leads us into messing up and then punishes us for it.

Autistic people are expected to reach up for goals while the neurotypicals keep lifting them up beyond reach like the tall bully kid dangling something over a shorter kid and raising it up higher every time the short kid jumps up to grab their stuff back. 

It’s very rare for neurotypicals to help us reach that thing the tall kid is dangling over our heads. No, autistic people have to do all the struggling, reaching and fighting while neurotypicals sit and watch and laugh.

Society, look at yourself and stop blaming autistic people for not meeting your impossible standards.

Society, look at yourself and stop moving the goalposts because you don’t like how autistic people approach them.

Society, look at yourself and stop punishing autistic people because we can’t inherently see the expectations you claim are so obvious– because if something was as obvious as you claim it is, we would notice! Autistic people are Fleet Admirals at Obviousness! Fleet Admiral is the highest rank you can get in the Navy, by the way, so you can’t get more obvious than that!

My point is the only obvious thing I see here is most of you neurotypicals don’t care to learn or communicate with me in my world– the autistic world– yet you expect me to learn, function, communicate with you and survive in yours. I’m always twisting myself into unnatural positions for you, yet you won’t even try to do the same for me.

Autistic people are always the ones inconveniencing themselves to please neurotypicals, but neurotypicals won’t inconvenience themselves to help autistic people.

Yes, I meant what I said. We have to please you, but you don’t want to help us.

How is that fair, society? Huh? How is that fair?

  • Pyrrha: Wow, Ren. You look like death. What happened?
  • Ren: I went black friday shopping with Nora. I wanted to make sure she didn't do anything crazy.
  • [flashback to earlier]
  • Nora: [Standing on a shopping cart, using her hammer's gun as a propellant] WHO DARES TO OPPOSE ME???? I AM THE QUEEN OF DEALS!!!! BOW BEFORE ME OR PERISH!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHHAhAHHA
  • Ren: [frantically sprinting to catch up] NOOOOOOORRRRRRRRAAAAAAA!!!!!!
  • [snaps back]
  • Jaune: So how did that go?
  • Ren: [Pointing at his black eye and a missing patch of hair] How do you think it went?

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Baker!Bucky stands in the kitchen after your birthday party just looking at the mess all the people have made. "Bucky!" You grin and throw yourself at him. "Doll I have to clean," he mutters. "But I haven't gotten my birthday sex," you pout. "Well just tell me what you really want," he chuckles. "I did, now take me to our bed," you demand and he picks you up. Your giggles fill the hallway. "Doll I have flour all over me," he chuckles. "Strip!" You demand and he laughs at your soft giggles. Cont.

“Are you sure I should be doing anything with you?” He teases. “Yes, it’s my birthday and I demand the sex,” you say and pull him close once he’s in his boxers. “The sex?” He teases. “Yes the sex,” you hiccup. “How about we cuddle and I’ll give you your birthday present in the morning?” He offers and slips into the bed beside you. “Then it’ll be late,” you mumble. “I’ll bake you those cookies you love so much too,” he whispers. “M'Kay,” you murmur and drift to sleep on his chest. End.

oh my god this is so cute!! - Gen

Spinoff Saturday™

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yo higgins, 12 perigree holiday comin up p soon, you gettin anything for ya quads or na?






Resource Management, pt21

Word Count: 3284
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“What have you discovered this week?” Stark got right to the point once we were in his car. I tried to focus on the conversation, but I’d never been in a limo before. I wanted to push all the buttons, and stand up and hang out the sunroof, and sample from every decanter. I probably shouldn’t have had the second beer. It was just enough to make it difficult for me to pay attention.

“Same-same as when we last spoke. I haven’t heard from Phil, so I don’t know what headway he’s made with the thumb drive. I handed the notebook over to Fury. Fury is convinced there is going to be an attempt on my life. At least, that’s how it felt when he decided to have a meeting with me at three in the morning,” I rambled.

“So no headway?” He asked. I shook my head.

“To be fair, Tony, I do have another full-time job. And there was a shitload of positions that were posted a few weeks ago, and they needed to be closed and filled,” I complained, “and when you couple that with training, and worrying, I just haven’t had time for sleuthing.”

“You miss him,” he observed.

“That too.”

“Well, here’s what my snooping around dug up,” he offered with a pause, “absolutely nothing.”

“So why are you here?” I asked. The limo drove past my apartment and continued down the street. Stark didn’t trust that my place wasn’t bugged.

“Absolutely nothing, Anna. Not a single thing was out of place in any of the files I nosed around in. Nothing was amiss. In an organization like SHIELD, dedicated to ensuring the safety of a planet, and every i was dotted, every t crossed. You don’t find that suspicious?” He asked. It dawned on me what he was saying.


“Not so much as a band-aid miscounted in inventory,” he nodded.

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Pennywise HC

There you are, alone and crying, your boyfriend had just left you..after all those promises of never leaving you, he just left like you were nothing to him. In a way you were, at least that’s how you feel.

He senses your pain, at first it was delicious to him but now that he sees the mental and physical state you’re in he can’t stand it, curled up on your bed..sobbing so hard no sound comes out and when there’s sound it’s like you’re choking on the words you want to say. When he came to you, you were frightened, you thought he was going to kill you. What else could he possible want ?. But no..he’s comforting you, holding you close like his favorite toy, stroking your silky smooth hair and protecting you.

He knows what it’s like to be alone, he’s felt it before, though he hasn’t felt it much..he does know how it feels and he doesn’t want to see you go through that, he can barely stand the sight of you in so much pain and misery. He stays with you, pulling your small body to him and keeping you cradled against his body, sheilding you from the world around you.

Guys Please Sign this Petition to save Net Neutrality

Seriously guys this is huge. Imagine a world where we have to pay just to go on apps and the internet; things we utilize every single day.

The corporations that want to take away net neutrality will be able to dictate what we can and can’t see! This is awful for artists who are trying to make it big! They could also feed us false information!

Not standing up us too risky! This is a serious issue that will impact all of us. Please sign the petition, it will help, even if you don’t believe it!

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will you write wedding vows for the anxious

i swear that i love you even when i hate myself
even when the world is 
louder than my own breathing
even when the sky 
forgets how to hold up
i will remember how to
hold you

and that in holding you
i will remember 
how the legs of my fears 
are how those fears
stand up
and i will stand up
every time i want to 
curl up

because love isn’t about avoiding the fear
it’s about seeing the fear and saying
what i have 
is more precious
than anything you could hold over me

I want you to want me

“Wait, no, let’s take the other corridor.”

“But that will take so much longer!”

“I don’t care. Come on!”

Draco ignored Pansy’s pouting and dragged her along. What were the teachers thinking, hanging up all these mistletoes around the castle? There were so many, it was so hard to avoid them all. Also, it was only November 17th! Couldn’t they at least have waited until December?

Cursing under his breath, Draco turned to the corridor that was still mistletoe-free. Well, at least it had been this morning.

“Oh, come on,” Draco groaned as he suddenly found himself and Pansy standing beneath a gigantic ladder. Filch was on top of it, fumbling with the fateful plant Draco had come to loathe.

Since he was a child, he had been very superstitious. Ignoring the mistletoe wouldn’t do it. It was bad luck. And Pansy knew this very well, judging from her smug expression. She had been taught the same by her parents, but, unlike Draco, she chose to try her luck. At least she usually did.

“Well, go on,” she said, grinning at him. Exhaling loudly, Draco pinched the bridge of his nose.

“This is ridiculous,” he grumbled.

“I’m waiting.” Pansy’s grin only widened when Draco huffed and blew his hair out of his face.

“Alright, alright.” He leaned over to her reluctantly, but panicked, when she suddenly closed her eyes. She couldn’t be serious! Dear Merlin! Hastily, he planted his lips on her left cheek and immediately started walking again. There! Surely that would count!

“Hey! Draco,” he heard Pansy call after him. Nope, he would keep walking! He would keep walking and avoid these bloody mistletoes this time! Getting back to the Slytherin common room couldn’t be that impossible!

“… no, I remember you specifically told me- Ouch!”

“Hey, watch where you’re going!” Rubbing his nose, Draco glowered at the person he had just collided with. The Weasel. With Granger in tow. Magnificent!

You bumped into me,” Weasley said in an accusing tone.

“Whatever, Weasel! Now get out of my-”

“Oh, mistletoe,” Granger interrupted him, pointing at the ceiling.

You’ve got to be kidding me!

Draco looked up, then back at the other two standing in front of him. Oh, damn it!

“Come on, let’s just go,” Granger said, taking Weasley’s hand.

“We can’t,” he whispered. “We have to kiss.” Granger rolled her eyes at him, but Weasley’s face turned serious. “No, we really have to kiss. It’s bad luck if we don’t.”

Huh. Weasley wasn’t as dumb as he looked after all. With an exasperated sigh, Granger pulled him down and kissed him for much longer than was necessary. When Draco cleared his throat, they finally stopped.

“What, you want one, too?” Weasley asked, arching his eyebrows.

“Well, I was standing under the damn thing, too, wasn’t I?”

Understanding hit Weasley’s face and Draco would have loved to take a step forward and slap him. His dumb face was just so infuriating. Before Draco could do anything, however, Granger shoved her boyfriend and he stumbled forward.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Weasley asked, turning his head.

“Well, obviously, you two are the ones with the superstitions. And I already kissed you, so you can go and kiss him.” The way she said it was so nonchalant, it made Draco gape at ther. Okay, so he definitely didn’t want to kiss her. But did she understand how revolting it would be to kiss the Weasel? Well, of course not. She did it willingly. On a regular basis. Yuck!

When Weasley turned back around to Draco, his face was so pale, Draco thought he might faint.

“Ugh, let’s just get this over with,” Draco murmured.

“No, please, Hermione, no, please don’t make me do this!”

“I’m not making you do anything! You were the one who said you have to kiss under the mistletoe.”

“She’s right,” Draco said through gritted teeth. He closed the gap between them and wrinkled his nose. “Just… hold still.” Draco placed both his hands on Weasley’s shoulders and tried to ignore the way his bottom lip was quivering. His lips looked very chapped.This was going to be worse than he had thought!

If he hadn’t already cheated when he had kissed Pansy on the cheek, Draco would have done the same with Weasley. But he couldn’t cheat fate twice in one day! Ugh!

Just a quick peck. Light. Very light. Lips barely touching. Yeah, that wouldn’t be so bad, right? Ugh, if only it weren’t Weasley!

“Merlin, Malfoy, just do it already,” Weasley groaned. Clicking his tongue once, Draco stood up on his toes and gave Weasley the quickest kiss in history of all kisses.

“Ugh! Now excuse me, I need to go wash my mouth,” Draco declared and started hurrying off.

“Ron. Ron? Are you okay? Are you crying? Oh, you’re gagging. Come on, stop it!” Granger’s voice slowly died down behind him as Draco ran down the stairs to the Dungeons. No, wait, he couldn’t walk down that corridor. There were at least three bunches of mistletoe down there. The one on the left had only one. That he knew of. And he’d have to walk through half the castle again. But one was still better than three. Okay then.

As he walked, Draco kept his eyes to the ceiling. He wouldn’t let himself get into another situation like that. Yuck! Weasley! Disgusting! He’d probably never forget it. November 17th, the day he had kissed Ron Weasley. Why? Why??

He wiped his lips with the back of his hand and began running when he spied the bunch of mistletoe he had been dreading. Luckily, no one else was in the corridor. Heaving a sigh of relief, Draco slowed down when he suddenly heard footsteps approaching.

“Potter!” Draco narrowed his eyes. “Wandering the corridors all alone?”

Why couldn’t it have been Potter? Why couldn’t he have bumped into him under the mistletoe? This really wasn’t fair! Draco was doing everything, but still he had the worst luck! This was just infuriating! And honestly, it was kind of Potter’s fault he’d had to endure kissing Weasley. If Potter had been with his stupid friends, it might have gone very differently.

“Why aren’t you with the rest of your little trio? Tired of being the third wheel?”

Potter blinked.

“I am, actually.”


This was no fun when Potter was being honest.

“What about you? You look a bit ill. Are you okay?”

Draco tried very hard not to think about his lips touching Weasley’s. This would probably haunt him for a very long time. Instead, he rolled his eyes.

“How sweet. Nice to know the Saviour cares.”

Potter was about to respond, when his gaze fell to the ground.

“What’s that?”

Draco followed Potter’s gaze and almost choked. Was that mistletoe? Growing, actually growing out of the cobblestone while they were standing there? But mistletoe usually grew on trees!

“You can’t be serious,” Draco muttered. This was insane. But… he was with Potter. This would be the perfect opportunity to steal a kiss without having to reveal his feelings for the stupid git. “Ugh, can this day get any worse?” Draco moaned. Yes, yes, act like this is the worst thing that could have happened right now! He watched as Potter slowly examined the plant.

“Is that…”

“Yeah,” Draco said, trying to sound as displeased as possible.


There was a brief silence, in which they both avoided the other’s eyes.

“Well, since we’re not exactly standing under it… Let’s just ignore it,” Potter babbled. Draco’s heart fell. This was his opportunity! Why was Potter being so difficult?

“We can’t just ignore it. It’s bad luck,” he mumbled. He felt so stupid. Potter was probably seeing right through him. From the corner of his eyes he saw the Gryffindor shuffling his feet, while his eyes were still glued to the ground.

“That’s just some stupid superstition, isn’t it?” Potter said with an arched brow.

“It’s not,” Draco insisted. “People… people have died after ignoring it.” It was utter bollocks. And Potter probably knew it. Draco considered just walking away. Potter was right, they weren’t standing under the mistletoe, so the rules probably didn’t apply here.

“Oh.” Potter paused while Draco suppressed the urge to kick the mistletoe.  “Well, if it’s that serious… we better not risk it.”

Draco’s head snapped up. What? Had Potter just… What?

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Dick I’ll be There for You Grayson

Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #1

As we all know, in this issue Jason sends Dick some coordinates to his location because he needs his help, and Dick shows up to see what Jason wants. That being said, what stands out to me in this scene is when Dick says, “Look, I’ve got like a hundred things I need to get back to.” Dick has hundreds of things to do because he’s always on the move and working, but despite that, he takes the time out of his ridiculously busy schedule to come find Jason and see what he needs. Jason doesn’t even mention in his initial message why he needs Dick to come, Dick just assumes it’s important and he drops whatever he’s doing to come to Jason’s aid. And this isn’t the only time that Dick stops what he’s doing in order to help his family or to support them.

Batman #34

Exhibit A: Damian is upset because of Bruce’s engagement to Selina and because Bruce went to Khadym where Talia is. But instead of making Damian stay in Gotham to stew in confusion and frustration, Dick forgoes whatever responsibilities he has and goes with Damian to Khadym to support him (and, well, probably to make sure he doesn’t maim anyone). As you can tell from the panel above, Damian seems pretty grateful for it. 

Batman Gotham Knights #1

Exhibit B: Tim calls Dick because he’s worried about how Bruce is handling a case that Bruce feels personally connected to. As you can see above, Dick is originally heading towards Bludhaven, but as soon as he becomes worried about Bruce and wants to help him, he instantly switches his course and drives to Gotham. 

Robin #156

Exhibit C: Tim has self blaming tendencies and it’s extremely prominent in this issue. He’s in a negative headspace where he’s thinking: “I blame myself” and “I finally felt like I wasn’t ruining/ending the lives of everyone I met” etc. Anyways, he comes across a guy who’s attempting to commit suicide by jumping off of a building. Tim sits down with him and basically says, “Bad things have happened to me that I struggle to deal with. I remind myself that things get better, and if I have trouble remembering that, I find someone to talk to.” In reference to finding someone to talk to, Tim also says this, which is relevant to the panel above,

“Maybe they give you advice, and that’s great… or maybe they just listen sometimes, that’s all you need.” 

Tim, who’s obviously struggling with his own mental health issues, calls Dick. And guess what? Dick stops what he’s doing and takes the time to listen to Tim. Maybe he can tell from Tim’s tone that something is off and Tim needs him. Or maybe he just decides that having a chat with Tim is more important than going to wherever he was initially headed. Either way, Dick acts as Tim’s rock in this moment, and proves to put aside his own agenda in favor of being there for his brother. 

I Gift to You

@restlessandordinary OKAY, two things. One, I had this idea in my head and it is probably WAY different than you originally planned. Sorry about that. Two, this is later than I told you I would get it out. Sorry about that. Three, if you’ve got an AO3, I would like to have it so that I can gift this to you, since it is longer than a normal drabble and can stand as a oneshot. 


               The first time it happened, Draco swore it was just a slip up. He wouldn’t do it again. Nope. Potter certainly didn’t deserve his generosity. Because that was exactly what this was. People didn’t give him enough credit when it came to being nice.

               It’s just that the sight of the eleven-year-old in glasses that weren’t fitting his face, were horribly old, fading in color and just not aesthetically pleasing, had him wanting to rectify this travesty immediately. This wasn’t because he cared or anything. Nope. This was doing everyone else a favor. Really. It benefited society by no one having to see the hideous specs.

               Draco timed it perfectly. He knew that Potter tended to spend longer eating than everyone else. Certainly, longer than Weasley. The redhead inhaled food quicker than he did air. So, when Potter was about to leave for his morning class, Draco signaled the school owl that he had trained to wait for his mark. It took weeks to train the bloody bird. The only problem was that the bird was now attached to him. Which hadn’t been previously intended. At least the owl had proper taste.

               The brown barn owl swooped down, catching the attention of a few stragglers but otherwise the notice was limited.

               Confusion was the first expression that Draco could make out. He knew that the Gryffindor probably wondered why his snowy owl hadn’t delivered the mail, but the boy was too curious to not open it. Not exactly the smartest thing to do but that was just his own suspicious nature coming forward.

               The confusion quickly bled into shock before a genuinely pleased glint appeared in the brunette’s eyes.

               Instructions had been placed in the package, because Draco knew that intelligence was the reason the reckless idiot hadn’t been placed into Ravenclaw. The glasses were charmed to stay on his face until the wearer wished them off. They would mold to the user’s needs, whether the eye sight got worse with age or not. Not to mention, the frames would change to match the user’s outfit, ensuring that they remain elegant at all times. Which was a deal breaker in his opinion.

               Draco’s resolve to allow this to be a brief moment of weakness and a onetime instance, shattered at the flush on Potter’s face and a shy grin flickered on the Gryffindor’s lips.

               Salazar, this wasn’t supposed to happen. The git wasn’t allowed to make him feel like this. Draco Lucius Malfoy doesn’t do sappy feelings.

               Angrily, Draco made his way swiftly towards the entrance, inwardly cursing Potter’s existence. It wasn’t until he almost reached the door that he heard Longbottom’s question.

               “Oh, wow. Those are pretty expensive. Who sent them to you?”

               “No idea.” Potter’s tone was a little awed. “The note just says, ‘To fix your face, finally’.”


               Draco was determined that the second time still be counted as a slip up. This wasn’t going to be a regular thing. Nope. Not at all. Because that was just silly. Draco Lucius Malfoy doesn’t do nice things for other people. Especially to Potter.

               Unfortunately, the delivery was not as well timed as last year’s gift. The other two members of the Idiotic Trio were still around.

               He watched his the school owl struggle to carry the packages and it caused a twinge of guilt inside Draco. He couldn’t trust any other owls to do the job, so the bird would have to do it alone.

               When Potter looked to the owl, it was clear that he recognized the bird. The Gryffindor reached out a hand to softly pet the owl before opening the packages with gusto.

               Draco couldn’t hear what was going on from where he sat, but he could tell that the other boy had gasped. It was the way the eyes widened, and his mouth dropped open slowly. Which was a great reaction so far. He knew that his gift would mean something. Not that he cared about that.

               The silence was killing him. He needed to know what was being said. Draco slowly made to the end of the table, pretending that he was listening to a few of his housemate’s conversations before using that as a reason to go a different route towards the exit.

               Just as he passed, he caught the beginning of Weasley’s questions.

               “What is it? Why would someone send you books full of scribbles?”

               Draco rolled his eyes and sighed heavily. Scribbles. That one actually hurt.

               “It’s not scribbles, Ron!” Granger corrected. “I think it’s in Parseltongue.”

               “It is.” Potter whispered, fingers running over the title of the first book. Behind the Wonders of Parseltongue Volume I: The History of the Snake Language and Why it’s a Blessing and Not a Curse.

               “Why do you think they sent it?” Weasley asked, eyeing the book warily.

               “To send me a message.” Answered Potter, placing the book in his lap, only to pick up the second one. Behind the Wonders ofParseltongue Volume II: The Astonishing Accomplishments that Parseltongue has Brought to the World.

               “What message? Because they think you are Slytherin’s Heir?”

               Draco wasn’t going to even bother coming up with a mental reply for that one.

               “No.” Potter shook his head. “So that I can love all parts of me. Even the ones that are perceived as evil.”

               The insight had Draco fighting off a flush. That was not his intention… not exactly. He just hated the thought of others degrading Potter’s ability just because they don’t understand it. There is nothing wrong with being a Parselmouth. It wasn’t dark, vile or even evil.

               “Does the note say who it’s from?” There was suspicion in Granger’s tone, which had Draco scoffing internally. If he had wanted to harm Potter, he would have. It’s not like the brunette even spell checks the gifts. Which was actually pretty moronic, but that was just Draco’s thought on the matter.

               “No, it just says, ‘To learn something, for once’.”


               The evidence against this being a onetime incident was becoming a reach, even in Draco’s own mind. But that was beside the point.

               So far, this would probably be his worst idea yet. This was getting rather personal… but he couldn’t allow this year to continue with the mass hysteria that everyone walked around with. Not when it was a farce to begin with.

               This time, he chose to have Russet—not that he named the infernal bird—deliver the gift during a nighttime study session the Idiotic Trio were having in the Library.

               When a light scratching drew Potter’s attention to the window next to him, Draco stepped into the shadows of an alcove.

               “Oh, it’s you.” Potter’s voice took a happy glint to it.

               Draco watched him rip of the packaging and freeze. This was a normal reaction, but he just hoped that the brunette wouldn’t become angry.

               News clippings, articles posted in obscure news outlets, court records and even statements made by the accused where staring up at Potter.

               He watched Potter’s brow furrow slightly with each passing minute until he was full blown frowning as each parchment was leafed through.

               “Hermione!” Potter whisper yelled as his voice cracked.

               “What? What is it? Oh, your anonymous friend sent you something?” Granger hadn’t looked up from her book on Medieval Flobberworms and Why They Were the Downfall of Mermish Society, as she walked down the aisle.

               “Hermione, can the Wizengamot sentence someone to Azkaban without a trial?”

               That caused Granger to peer up at him in confusion. “No, it violates several laws and is illegal.”

               Potter thrusted all of the articles harshly as Weasley came around the other side of the table and read over their shoulders.

               “Oh.” Granger whispered, blinking rapidly. “This isn’t good.”

               “Black is innocent, isn’t he?” There was a miserable confusion in Potter’s tone. But Draco couldn’t have admitted that he knew from his father that Black truly hadn’t been a Death Eater, without revealing sources.

               “Let me guess.” Weasley began sarcastically. “There’s no signature?”

               “Just a note that says, ‘To provide the proof that has always been there, idiot’.”


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  • namjoon: who are we?
  • BTS: BTS!!!!!!!
  • namjoon: and what do we want?
  • yoongi: to have lots of pretty children with hoseok
  • hoseok: to raise said children with yoongi
  • jungkook: to have more time alone with jimin to get more material for videos
  • taehyung: to be able to post that picture of my bare ass, it's aRT HYUNG!
  • seokjin: a magic mirror to tell me how pretty i am
  • jimin: to be able to fuck jungkook in peace thank you
  • namjoon:
  • BTS:
  • namjoon: you know what, i don't even care anymore
  • namjoon: *stands up* *flips everyone off* *leaves epically* *makes a whole album that gives murderous vibes*
Care For You (1)

Slight!Steve x Reader, Billy Hargrove x Reader

Summary: Every time he takes care of her, she runs away.

WARNINGS: swearing, throwing up, nightmares, underage drinking, swearing, drunkenness, that’s it i think lol

Word Count: 3.3k+


Originally posted by myvainsoul

It all started when she dozed off in her College Algebra class. She hadn’t been getting a decent night’s sleep since the fiasco with the Demodogs and Will Byers. She had gotten wrapped up in the situation since the group of tweens—and Steve—asked for her help. They trusted Steve with their lives, but they also trusted Y/n and she was perhaps more than willing to help. She loved the kids, so she dropped everything to help save their friend.

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  • ok but eddie would totally learn knitting to make richie a christmas sweater??
  • he’d be super secretive about it because he wants it to be a surprise
  • so every time richie climbs up to his window, he has to quickly throw everything under his bed/blanket/pillow/ANYTHING so that richie doesn’t see
  • “you don’t have to hide your porn from me, eds”
  • “beep fucking beep, richie”
  • richie is high key very curious about what’s going on and continues bugging eddie about it but eddie is standing his fucking ground
  • anyway so it’s their gift exchange day and eddie wraps up the present up in a super neat and beautiful box
  • it takes richie .5 seconds to tear apart the wrapping and eddie’s hard work
  • but when he opens the actual box and sees the sweater, his heart just???
  • it’s maroon with a gold R in the middle (no I didn’t use mrs. weasley’s sweater as a reference WHUT)
  • he’s super quiet, and eddie gets nervous that he doesn’t like his gift because he’s worried it looks like shit
  • “it'sokifyoudon'tlikeit. youdon'thavetowearitoranything. hereletmetakeitback”
  • “NO”
  • and then richie breaks his heart because he says “no one’s ever made me anything by hand before” so softly and he looks like he’s got tears in his eyes which makes eddie want to C R Y
  • “oh my god, dumbass. just take it off. you look ridiculous.”
  • “nuh uh eddie bear, i’m wearing this every day from now on”
  • turns out, it fits eddie perfectly so he ends up keeping it. but don’t worry, eddie makes richie a new one except this one has an E on it instead.
BTS Reaction to: You wanting to have sex while the other members are around

Author’s note: Female reader x BTS. Gifs aren’t mine. x 


Originally posted by strawberrie-kookie

Seokjin frowned at your words as he ran your hand up and down his thigh, trying to tease him. Yes he wanted you too but he wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to have sex at the dorm. Sure Taehyung wasn’t in his room but he was definitely not far. Same with the other guys. Seokjin debated whether it was a good idea or not.  

“I don’t know princess. What if they hear?” 

You licked your lips as you whispered“I guess we’ll just have to be quiet then.” 

Seokjin chuckled at your words before he leaned over to press his lips against yours. His thumb brushed over your cheek as he deepened the kiss. You moaned at the feeling of his plush lips against yours as your back hit the mattress. 

“Fine, but we really do have to be quiet.” 


Originally posted by religion-agustd

“You and I both know that you can’t stay quiet when I fuck you.” 

“Yoongi please I want you so bad.” 

He grinned as he stuck his tongue out to wet his lips. “You just want them to hear don’t you?” 

When you didn’t respond Yoongi decided to take that as a yes. The reason he didn’t want to have sex at the dorms was because he thought you’d be uncomfortable when the other members would tease you about it. Turns out that wasn’t the case. Yoongi couldn’t care less if his members heard so he’d give you what you wanted. He pushed you down onto the bed before climbing on top of you. 

“Y/N, you’re such a naughty little girl you know that?” 


Originally posted by vexedmikxyla

He’d bite his bottom lip as he felt you grinding against him while your lips were sucking on the sensitive skin of his neck. Hoseok’s hands were resting on your hips as he guided your movements. 

“Y-Y/N, fuck we can’t. The others are around and Jimin is asleep.” 

“Please Hobi, I want you and I’ll be quiet. Please?” 

Hoseok looked to his right to see his roommate sleeping peacefully. Maybe if you were really quiet he wouldn’t wake up? Besides you grinding against him felt too good to stop. He let out a deep sigh before nodding his head. 

“Fine, but we really have to be quiet baby. We can’t have Jimin waking up.”

You smirked against his neck before pulling back and pulling his shirt off. Hoseok flipped you around so you were laying underneath him and pressed his lips against yours, kissing you passionately before making his way down your body. 

“You better stay quiet baby or else I’ll stop. Understood?” 


Originally posted by btspicsdaily

As the leader of BTS Namjoon cared for his members. He cared about the youngest and didn’t want them to hear, but you were making it very difficult for him to resist. You’d been teasing him the entire day and now you were standing in his bedroom. Wearing nothing but black lace lingerie. Namjoon’s mouth watered at the sight as he moved to the edge of the bed. His hands moved to rest on your hips as he pressed kisses against your stomach and hips. 

“Daddy, please fuck me.” 

He smirked against your skin as he pulled back to look up at you. Namjoon could clearly see the desperation in your eyes and decided he should just go for it. Not caring if his members heard or not. If they did they’d get over it anyways. 

“Hmm is that what you want baby girl?” 

You nodded your head as he pulled your panties down. Namjoon grinned as his fingers teased your wet folds, making you moan. 

“Use your words baby.” 

‘Please daddy..” 


Originally posted by hosyuub

You smirked at the sight of Jimin standing under the shower. The glass wasn’t completely steamed up so you could still make out his body perfectly. He just looked so hot with water dripping down his body. You didn’t hesitate before locking the bathroom door behind you, taking off your clothes and joining him in the shower. Jimin jumped when he saw you entering the shower cabin. He let out a sigh in relief and wrapped his arms around you. 

“Sorry baby I thought you were one of the members. Did you want to join me?” 

“Yes, but not for a shower actually. I want you Jimin.” His eyes widened at your words as he nervously bit his bottom lip. Meanwhile you moved your hands over his toned chest while kissing down his neck, making it very hard for him to resist. 

“Y/N, the others-” 

“-Won’t hear if you’re quiet.” 

Jimin wanted to protest but before he could you had dropped to your knees and taken him in your mouth. Jimin threw his head back in pleasure as a loud moan escaped his lips. 


Originally posted by fangirlwhatsoever

Taehyung smirked as he saw you crawling on top of him, a smirk spread across your face as you moved to sit down on his lap. Slowly moving your hips against his. Taehyung threw his head back as your lips trailed down his neck. He knew it wasn’t such a good idea to have sex while the others were around but he couldn’t care less. He wanted you and didn’t care if anyone heard you. So he flipped you around so he was laying on top of you and started to leave wet kisses down your exposed chest. 

“Tae, mh don’t tease me please.” 

He smirked at you as he moved back completely. Resting on his elbows as his face was right in front of yours. Staring deeply into your eyes as his hot breath fanned over your lips. Taehyung knew that his intense gaze always made you weak so he smirked once he heard you whimper underneath him. 

“What’s it Y/N? Do you want something baby?” 

“Tae please fuck me. I want you so much.” 

“As you wish baby.” 


Originally posted by dream-bts

Jungkook really didn’t want to have his hyungs hear you, but you were just so irresistible. He moved his hand to your hip as his lips moved passionately against yours. You were surprised that he didn’t stop, so you did it. 

“Jungkook, a-are you sure you’re okay with this?” 

He smirked down at you as he seductively started to unbutton his blouse. Biting his bottom lip in the process. You got up to slide the piece of fabric off before pulling him in for another kiss. 

“I’m sure. Right now I don’t care if they hear. Let them.” 

You chuckled at his words as he pinned you up against the wall, grinding against you. He moved one of your legs around his waist so he’d have better access. You moaned at the friction as you tangled your hand in his hair. 

“Hm you want more baby? Tell me what you want and I’ll give it to you.”