stand up for the artist

David Bowie fandom Gothic
  • People keep telling you he has different coloured eyes. You correct them. It keeps happening again and again and again. There’s no end to this torture.
  • There’s a lightning bolt photoshopped onto a photo of him from every era. You don’t know what’s true anymore. Could the real Aladdin Sane please stand up?
  • David Bowie collaborates or was friends with an artist/musician. You are now a fan of said artist/musician. You have no choice in the matter.
  • Everyone both simultaneously loves and hates Labyrinth.
  • Some of his films are completely lost to time, has anyone actually seen B.U.S.T.E.D?
  • There’s is so many unnofficial biographies and they are all both fiction and non-fiction at the same time.
  • You copy his haircut. Your next haircut is another one of his haircuts. And the next. There’s no escape.
  • David Bowie is always simulatenously lying and telling the truth. You can never tell. Was he being serious in that one interview in 19xx?
  • You start noticing clothes that you think he’d wear, but they’re so ugly that you could never pull them off like he did
  • Every magazine is just another source of new posters.
  • David Bowie makes you question your gender identity and sexuality. These feelings didn’t exist before you found him, or did they?
  • You meet other Bowie fans. Somehow they are all the same, but different.
  • You don’t know her, but you trust Iman
  • Every now and then, you just get sad thinking about him.

why wasn’t art taught at hogwarts???? imagine how cool a magical art lesson would be. we’d finally learn how they enchant the paintings to come to life and how they move from one canvas to another. do the people come to life while they’re being painted or after it’s finished?? do you reckon they just stand there impatiently moaning at the artists to “just hURRY UP AND PAINT MY ARMS ALREADY”???? do they offer encouragement and tips like “oh hey you missed a spot on my eyebrow could you just fix that for me”??? do the paintings have to be of a certain standard to come to life or are there a bunch of magical stick figures babbling at each other incoherently somewhere out there??? can you enchant muggle paintings to come alive or do they have to be painted by witches/wizards??? i need answers ok

warning for artists!

So, there are a few lil teeny boppers who are taking temper tantrums for being called out on reposting and being highly disrespectful to artists who have politely asked for them to remove their repost. There are multiple screenshots going around twitter right now as that is where it has been taking place. They also misuse triggers, try to make light of misogyny and anxiety and also extremely ableist by using autism and r*tard as insults. They have been ganging up on artists who have tried to stand up to them and actually search up tweets because they are really sad individuals. I suggest not responding to them as I have tried that in the most calm way I could but it did not seem to get through to their heads so I suggest for artists just to straight up block them, since they think if they can see art, they are entitled to repost, so blocking them means they cannot see it then. I have receipts but as I said, it isn’t worth screenshotting stuff as there are plenty going about from other artists who have been blatantly disrespected and harassed just for wanting to be respected for the stuff they create.  

The usernames are as follows: @ geekassnerd , @ MauriTheKiller, @ kittensock_,  @ TokyoSexPolice and @ DrWednesday

There are more so please do be careful of that social circle if you are an artist! They already tried to have a go at me so I am not too bothered about posting this as if they were respectful in the first place, it wouldn’t have happened and I wouldn’t need to make a post at all. They will probably vague you in their tweets and quote and rt just to make fun of what you are saying even though you are in the right so just block them!

Please tell any of your artist friends if they draw fanart, particularly if they draw mystic messenger stuff! 

Hey Everybody

The instagram account, Hamilton_flops_/Hamilton.Flops, is being deleted.

I appreciate everyone reporting this account and standing up for their fellow artists. However I really hope none of you attacked this person or sent them hurtful messages. That’s never what I wanted out of this situation and as a person, we’re better than this.

I also ask you stop harassing this person on IG because they ARE deleting the account and made a public apology and promise not to make another account. I can’t really count on this for sure but please let the issue drop for now.

Also, this whole thing has caused me a lot, and I mean a lot of stress and anxiety so I would doubly appreciate it if people stopped sending me messages about it, screenshots of the account, and anything to do with it. If you tag me in something I won’t reblog and if you send an ask or submit something saying “Hey I think they’re deleting” I will delete your ask/submission.

Thanks to everyone who helped and supported me in this, I love y’all!

Heres to the new generation of youth.

Heres to the ferocious women with daring eyes and the men with not just strong arms but strong will and respect, empowerment and harmony with others
Heres a rant about the men and women that fight for even an equality within schools politics and everything else in the seemingly doomed world, heres to those who fight against uniform and die their hair purple, heres to the people with piercings and 20 tattoos, heres to the kids that read poetry, and the kids that stand up, decorate their walls and decorate themselves, heres to the artists, writers, makers, jewellers, creators, dreamers and dancers, innovators, protesters and prefects, heres to the kids with a desire for change and sparkles in their eyes, heres to the kids that can openly express themselves whether it be style music or general creation, heres to the youth that create inspiring videos, of travel, blogs of how to’s and aesthetically pleasing content for all of us to be motivated and moved, heres to the kids that inspire. Heres to the ouloud readers, and the silent listeners, the introverts and the extroverts. Heres to the city slickers, beach dwellers, concrete jungle dancers and outback riders, heres to the youth taking a stand, Heres to the boys dressing in pink, and the girls dressing in suits. Heres to the kind, yet harsh when needed, heres to the guys and girls that dont take no shit. Here to the messy heads, and the neat Heres to the french teens drinking wine and dancing under the tower, here to the germans, americans, Indonesians, heres to every single damn culture. Heres to the sexually open and closed. Heres to the poets, and the blondes, the brunettes and strawberry blondes, heres to the freckled and unfreckled, tan and pale, heres to the beach bums and hermits. Heres to the naked and heres to the clothed, heres to the famous and the hidden gems, heres to the revolution that will finally make a change to social “norms”.

What if Ardyn spent years perfecting whatever trade or skill he could just because he could and he had time to kill?

What if he’s a world class boxer, figure skater, cake decorator, lion tamer, brain surgeon, painter, pianist, gardener, carpenter, trapeze artist, lifeguard, stand up comedian, wine maker, dog groomer, golfer, mechanic, fencer, stunt double, wedding planner….

Oh he already is a wedding planner!! Lol

Black male rappers pretending only black men struggle isn’t just them providing their personal experience when in involves omitting black women from the same struggle. Pretending the prison industrial complex doesn’t harm black women, pretending only black men are victims of police brutality, pretending racism in general is a black man’s burden.

Black female artists constantly mention black men and stand up for them while also sharing personal experiences. I don’t understand why with men we just shrug it off as it’s a man’s thing or whatever when black male artists blatantly pretend like black women do not experience racism to the same degree as they do. As though we aren’t also targeted. 

There is a huge, huge difference between illustrating personal experience and omitting black women from black struggles.


This is my gift for Undertale Anniversary. When I played for the first time this videogame, I imagined each scene like this. I had many feelings, and I must say that thanks to this videogame I could stand up and walk again in my life as an artist. This is something that I never going to forget because it’s a game that created a huge, nice and beautiful community.

Thank you so much Toby Fox. And thanks to the fandom community for expand this beautiful piece of art

leeleechanlee  asked:

Just like to say thank you for standing up for the IchiRuki community. As an artist, you were one of the fans to get me out of this Bleach depression. While it hurts to have love and spent so much for a series that failed, it's people like you who pick me up again. Thank you. Your one of the best.

:’) wow. I am happy to have done some good! Thank you, and know that the artists like you, the lovely writers, and the other creators of amazing things have been such a great influence on me as well. ❤️