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데리러 갈게
스탠딩 에그
데리러 갈게

#nowplaying 스탠딩 에그 - 데리러 갈게

* Standing Egg - I’ll Pick You Up


Caucasians have given minorities, and those not of European descent, the term “people/person of color”. It is offensive that “Color” is the best description they could give to vast groups of people who do not come from European ancestry. There are more people who don’t have European ancestry than those that do, but we have allowed them to label us as different; a stain on what would otherwise be white. The term seems to denote a second class stature, that we have all accepted as the terminology and phrase to describe us, “color”.

Well fuck that. I come from people of CULTURE, just as many of my other brothers and sisters who are labeled “POC”. It is time we reclaim our own identities and not settle with the ones bestowed upon us by those who have ostracized minorities and anyone different from themselves. No longer will we allow our oppressors to categorize, label, and demoralize us. Who we are, where we come from, what we stand for, will be represented by us and not swept under the rug after it has been imitated. They gave us the term “people of color”, but jut like our foods we will spice it up to properly represent us.

We are PEOPLE OF CULTURE, each and every one of us. Whether from Central and South America, the South Pacific, Middle East, and the many African nations that are seen as the home of mankind. We have culture so vibrant and unique to each of us that Europeans honor us with the highest form of flattery; imitation. As much as they may imitate, we are the originators and descendants of culture, not color.

If you’re done being labeled a “person of color”, spread the word to those who will listen.

We were standing there, caught up in the moment. Too busy to appreciate this silence between us.
And oh the silence was beautiful.
Maybe it could have saved us… Only if we listened.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write

I’m still trying to process. It was such a beautiful tribute. Absolutely perfect. It’s hard now for them, and it’s hard for us to watch, but deep down, we all know that for them to continue playing their music for fans, that’s exactly what they need to cope.  It killed me to see the look in Jennifer’s eyes. The way she had to stop and close her eyes and take a deep breathe when she said that five had died. The way she looked when she bowed her head in a moment of silence. The crew and their loved ones bonding together on that stage. That look on her face when she finished her last note and almost lost it, but held it together with a look of, “there. We made it.” The fact that they made it through that song kind of proved that it’s all going to be alright. If they can perform something that emotional, pull through, and put on their brave face gives me hope. They’re going to move on, we’re going to move on, and it will never be just as it was.  But that’s what happens when you heal: you take it. You learn from it. You’re changed by it.  Sooner or later, they’ll come out stronger than ever, and so will we.  We all want nothing more than to just hug them, but for this moment in time, all they really need is our love and support.  I have nothing but respect for them, and that respect multiplied in tenfolds tonight. Thank you, Jennifer, Kristian, and the band and crew for, not only moving on yourselves, but teaching us how to do so as well, and with grace and the utmost gratitude. We love you.

Jennifer was able to tap into emotions while performing but she seemed to really struggle with any sort of eye contact or comfort while she was speaking. This just proves that music really is healing. She was honest about it being hard, that they were putting on professional faces, but you can really tell that this is the only way they’ll be able to work through the tragedy in Indianapolis. So much love for the two of them. So much respect. Each show will bring them closer to how they were before. It’ll never be the same, but they’ll get their fire back and their energy, it’ll just be different. And we’ll love them for it all while we watch the music heal them.