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james and lily’s wedding

There was his father waving up at him, beaming, the untidy black hair Harry had inherited standing up in all directions. There was his mother, alight with happiness, arm in arm with his dad.

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get to know our members: sam’s favourite relationships [1/5]

↳ james potter & lily evans, harry potter series.

he stopped on a picture of his parents’ wedding day. there was his father waving up at him, beaming, the untidy black hair harry had inherited standing up in all directions. there was his mother, alight with happiness, arm in arm with his dad.

1D Hiatus: Day 447

* A video of Louis defending himself and Eleanor from paparazzi and stalkers at LAX last night is released

* The Sun’s EXCLUSIVE articles about Louis being arrested after the incident at the airport are published, not describing what actually happened at all

* Steve Aoki stands up for Louis via Twitter

* #WeSupportLouis and #WeStandByLouis trend on Twitter

* Harry meets a fan in London

* You can now vote Niall, the boys and Louis and Steve for ‘Best Male Artist’, ‘Best Group’ and ‘Best Collaboration’ at Radio Disney Music Awards

* Nicki Minaj quotes two of Liam’s tweets

* Niall attends the Haye vs. Bellew fight at the O2 in London

* Niall posts two videos on Snapchat, three videos and two pictures on his Instagram account and story

It’s Mar 4th, 2017.

Paranormal Activity

Summary: Tony wants to watch Paranormal Activity. What could possibly go wrong?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language

A/N: My wifi is still wacky, plus my daughter is sick today, so I’ve mostly just been taking care of her.

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When Steve brought Bucky to the tower for the first time since the events of the Sokovia Accords, everything was a little awkward for a while. Everyone on Team Iron Man was a little on edge around him, after all, it was kinda his fault everything fell apart. Not intentionally of course, no one ASKS to be used as an assassin for some crazy world domination group. He was unfortunate enough to be that person, however. I am new around here, Tony heard about me after he found Peter and since he was down several members of the avengers, he hunted me down. I agreed, and slowly but surely, the original members of the Avengers have made their way back home. With a few handshakes, pats on the back and some apologies, everything seems to be going smooth. When Bucky shows up, everyone tenses up. It’s like they tread softly around him, afraid he’ll revert back into the winter soldier, I assume. I don’t want to be that way though, so I’ve done my damndest to NOT be that person.


It’s early morning, around 5AM. I’m never up this early, but for some reason, sleep just didn’t come to me easy last night, so I figured might as well get up. Padding into the kitchen, I see Cap, Birdman, and…Bucky…I don’t have a nickname for him yet. He can’t be Tinman, no because that’s Tony! They’re all in their running attire. Steve in that grey under armor shirt, and running shorts. Sam in a black long sleeve shirt and shorts. Bucky..he’s in a black tank top, showcasing his arm. I’m sure he only does that in the early morning, when no one else is around, along with black sweats.

Me? I’m in my night shirt that goes to my knees, and some shorts. I haven’t even brushed my hair yet. Sam starts laughing, like hands on his knees because he can’t support himself standing anymore.

“Oh man, (Y/N)! You look like hell!” I glare at him, flipping him the bird, no pun intended.

“Fuck off, Wilson.” Steve chokes on his water, then wipes his chin.

“Language, (L/N).” I glare at Steve now.

“Fuck off, Rogers.” Bucky chuckles, I don’t know if it’s from my attitude, or Steve’s reaction.

“What? Not gonna tell Barnes to fuck off too?” Sam pokes my side, like he’s trying to get a rise outta me.

“No, why would I? He hasn’t said anything to piss me off yet.” Sam rolls his eyes.

“How? His entire presence pisses me off.” He side smirks at Barnes. He’s just playing, kinda, but it’ll get to Bucky either way.

“Fuck off, Wilson.” Bucky has quite the mouth on him too. I could get used to hi dirty talking ways. I turn on my heel to look at Steve. He’s leaning against the counter with his head in his hands.

“What? Not gonna tell Barnes to watch his language too?” He looks up at me out of the corner of his eye, then shakes his head. Bucky comes to stand next to me, I can feel the cold from his metal arm radiating off of him.

“No, he know’s I’d kick his ass if he tried.” I laugh, the first laugh of the day, and it didn’t even sound forced.

“Whatever, jerk. Are you guys coming or not? I’ve ran by myself in the morning, I can do it again” Steve is out the door with Sam, leaving Buck behind. Bucky turns to look at me before going out the door.

“You gonna be joining us, doll?” He speaks to me while walking backwards. Is it bad I find myself wishing he’d run into something?

“Are you kidding? There’s no way, I’m still in my pajamas.” He chuckles, walking out the door. That was my first actual conversation with the ex Winter Soldier.


Ever since then I think Bucky came to the conclusion that I’m not afraid of him, and kinda follows me around like a puppy, but I’m not complaining.

It’s movie night at the Tower, we hold these every week or so, depending on missions. I usually wear my pajamas these gatherings, so I’m trying to decide if I should go long sleeves or short.

“Hey Buck, should I go short sleeve or long sleeve?” I peak my head out of my bathroom, trying to get his attention. He’s sprawled out across my bed, reading some book or something.

He sits up, running his metal hand through his hair. God this man is beautiful. I can’t help but want him so much, in every way possible.

“I don’t care doll, it’s not like we’re going anywhere, just be comfortable.” I nod, putting on my long sleeved, open back grey pajama set with black shorts, and throwing my hair into a high ponytail. When I leave the bathroom, Buck is standing by the door.

“Ready, doll?” I smile, running up to him.

“Yup! Hey, you wouldn’t happen to know what movie is playing do you?”

“Yeah, Paranormal Activity.” I freeze. Oh no. I hate paranormal movies.

He raises his eyebrow, turning around to look at me, still frozen in place.

“Why? What’s wrong with it?” I sigh.

“I don’t know, I hate movies about ghosts…I hate them.” He chuckles.

“A couple weeks ago we watched Friday the 13th and you had no problems there.” He walks up to stand next to me, wrapping his metal arm around my waist, pulling me towards the theatre room.

“I know, I have no problem watching movies where there’s a physical threat, I don’t however like watching movies where you can’t see your attacker, you can’t defend yourself against it, there’s no way to protect yourself against a demon. I hate movies like that…” He chuckles, his arm still around my waist.

“Don’t worry doll, I’ll keep you safe.” I roll my eyes, thinking about saying something snarky, but I really do want him to stay by my side. What? Everyone has an irrational fear, this one just happens to be mind, don’t make fun of me!

Halfway through the movie, and I’m already a terrified mess. Knees up to my chest in the chair, face buried in the pillow perched on my knees. Bucky seems to be more interested in me, having a panic attack, than the movie.

“You alright, doll?” I jump, accidently kicking Nat’s chair, in front of me. She turns around, rubbing the back of her head.

“Didn’t realize (Y/N) was such a scaredy cat.” The blush that heats up my face, must have been a sight, so I kick the back of her seat again.

“Fuck off, Romanoff.” She laughs and rolls her eyes.

“Bucky! Tell her to fuck off in Russian for me!” He looks towards Nat, smirking,

“Отъебись.” I laugh, sticking my tongue out at her. She rolls her eyes, turning her attention back to the movie. For the next 30 minutes or so, I have the pillow up and over my eyes, peeking every once in awhile.

At the end of the movie, when the main character runs towards the camera with demon teeth happens, I shout and practically jump into Bucky’s arms. He laughs, putting his arms around me. Everyone laughs, seems I’m the only one here that doesn’t like paranormal movies.

“So, I vote to watch more ghost movies in the future.” Tony stands up, smirking in my direction.

“Shut up, Tony. I don’t think so.” He laughs, grabbing his phone and leaving the theatre room. Bucky stands up, taking me with him in his arms.

“Don’t worry doll, I’ll protect you from the demons.” I roll my eyes as he carries me to my room.


Sitting on my bed, I find myself looking around every corner. It’s 2:30 in the morning and I have all my lights on. Even the slightest sound freaks me out. Deciding I don’t want to be alone I text the only person I know for sure will be awake at this time.

“Buck? Are you awake?” He responds almost immediately.

“Yeah doll. Can’t sleep? Dreams of demons getting to you?” I roll my eyes in annoyance.

“Отъебись, Barnes. I went all the way to google translate to figure out how to say that.”

I can almost hear the laugh I know erupted from his throat.

“Mmm, alright ya got me. What can I do for you, doll?”

“I don’t want to be alone….can you come up to my room? And please don’t try to scare me…I don’t think my heart could take it.” It takes him a few minutes to respond, maybe getting dressed.

“On my way, doll.” Bucky is only down the hall, so it shouldn’t take him a couple seconds to get here. I stand up when I hear the door open, running out to greet him. When I see him, he’s in sweats and a black long sleeve shirt. He smiles at me, he looks just as tired as I’m sure I do.

“Why weren’t you asleep, Bucky?” He chuckles, coming up to me, putting his flesh arm around my waist.

“I knew you’d probably text me…I wanted to be awake when you did.” My face heats up.

“Y-You were waiting for me?” He smiles, his bloodshot eyes are soft, and gentle.

“ that weird?” I smile, running to him and jumping into his arms, pressing my lips to his. Wrapping my arms around his neck, and he puts his hands on my waist as he kisses me back, running his fingers along my waist. When I pull away, his eyes are blown wide, and he licks his lips.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time…” I find myself admitting to him.

“I-I’m glad you did. But, I’m so tired..” I guide him to my bed, helping him under the covers.

“As long as we can cuddle..” He chuckles, resting his head on my breast, before sleep takes him. I too follow soon, all fear of nightmares plaguing me, gone.

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Show Me

Summary: {Pairing- Nat x Reader} You’re training with Natasha when things get heated.

Warnings: lesbian sex, orgasm denial

A/N: I can’t believe it took me so long to write something gay. But, this is my first attempt at writing a fem x fem fic with Nat. I hope it turned out to your liking!

“Throw a punch.” Natasha barked orders at you as you fought with Clint. “Dodge!”

“Fuck!” Your back slammed against the ground as Clint kneed you. “Nice one, Oliver Queen.”

“That makes you a crazy, one-eyed Australian who’s love interest I killed and made-out with.” Clint smirked as he helped you up. “Although, at least if you were Slade you’d have some fighting abilities.”

“Funny.” You chuckled and accepted the water bottle Nat had passed to you. “Thanks.”

“You’re dismissed, Barton.” Clint nodded as Nat turned to you. “(Y/N)’s been slacking on her training and she needs to be punished.”

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There was his father waving up at him, beaming, the untidy black hair Harry had inherited standing up in all directions. There was his mother, alight with happiness, arm in arm with his Dad.

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54,88 with Jimin

54 “They’re not your kids, back the f*ck off”, 88 “STOP INTERRUPTING ME!”

All you and Jimin wanted to do was spend a nice day with your twins at the playground. There had been scandals around for a few days, about kidnappers lingering around the playgrounds. But you two were careful. You always had been. Each of you trained your eyes on your kids, never taking your eyes off of them for too long. Your two girls had a great time, eventually playing with the other kids on the playground, playing tag, hide and seek, and currently the girls were making flowercrowns for each other.

Jimin felt uneasy though. He had noticed the car on the other road standing there for quite some time now. The driver didn’t get out yet and it’s been at least thirty to fourty minutes. Maybe the driver just fell asleep? Who knew. Maybe he’d be better to just watch his girls again. So he did, but he caught your worried glance as he caught you watching him.

“You noticed the car too?” You nodded as an answer. “Maybe we should go home soon. I’d hate to leave now, since they’re having so much fun right now but..this is freaking me out a little.” And Jimin agreed. As you both turned to look back at your twins, they were just standing up, looking into the direction of the car, where a man just crossed the road towards the playground. Jimin immediately went alert at that, jumping to his feet and having you clutch onto his hand as you stood up as well.

As the man inched closer towards your girls, Jimin let go of your hand to go stand behind them, placing his hands on each of their shoulders. The man seemed to be taken aback by that, and especially by Jimins sarcastic smile. “Can we help you,sir?”

“Ah, no,” answered the man “I just wanted to ask the two little ones if they would like some chocolate.” The girls, of course looked up at their dad with big eyes, chocolate? Yes please. But Jimin shook his head. “I’m afraid no-”

“But sir, it’s just chocolate. Nothing more,a simple chocolate bar.”
“Listen, I said no-”

At those words, the girls flinched, looking behind them to rush towards your open arms as ypu let Jimin handle the man.

“These are not your kids, so could you kindly back the fuck off?”

“I sure hope for you the kids didn’t hear you curse.”
“They didn’t”


“Yes sweetie?”

“What does ‘fuck’ mean?”

“…Ask your father, sweetie.”

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Against the World

So it’s late and I randomly had this idea. Just a short, smutty, angsty, post colonization story. Not betaed! 

As his lips pass fleetingly over her lower stomach she just stared at the brown canvas of the tent that is now their home.
She tried to count the days since the end of the world but when they hit 280 she didn’t care anymore. Outside the tent the sounds of the camp getting ready for the day got louder by the minute. She knew that they would need to get up and be ready in an hour but Mulder’s tongue was doing amazing things against her clit and she couldn’t find the strength to care.
Scully glanced down to see the top of his head between her legs. His hair was messy and standing up in all different directions and it made her smile. The few strands of grey had become a normal sight but still one that made her feel strange to see on Mulder. The stubble of his unshaven face scratched her thigh as his tongue swirled around the bundle of nerves that he was focused on.

She let out a small gasp and her fingers dig into his hair. It’s only a few seconds after Mulder begins to move his fingers inside her, that Scully comes hard. Her legs clamped down around his head and her whole body shook with pleasure.
For that moment the world wasn’t dying and it was just she and Mulder, like always. But, as it is with these things, she comes down from the high and back to reality.
A reality that is filled with dirt, death, and fear.
The only way they have survived is with moments like these where they can forget that they don’t know the fate of their son, or their friends, or of her family. When they are alone it can feel like old times when it was just the two of them against the world. They can pretend that they don’t have any more worries than getting the X files audited. But it never lasts forever.
Mulder moves over her kissing her body on his way, moving faster than he’d like but knowing they are running short on time.

When his face appears above her Scully feels a lump form in her throat and she runs her fingers over the lines of his face. He pushes into her and her eyes close on reflex. Scully’s hands run from his face and down his neck where she then runs her fingers through his familiar light chest hair.
She remembered how exciting it was when they first started having sex. Getting to know Mulder’s body after staring at it for years had been a thrill. Now it was just as wonderful in such a different way. Now she knew every inch of him well and it was like coming home.
The strong planes of his back, the swell of strength in his biceps, the tight muscles of his ass, and the silky texture of his hair were like a songs that she’d memorized long ago but still got lost in every time they played.
Even the sounds of their coupling were a familiar comfort to her. Mulder’s huffing breath, laced with occasional curses and moans, and the soft smacking of their bodies combined in a way that could take Scully back fifteen years ago to when things were simpler.
She wondered for a moment that maybe if she opened and closed her eyes she’s be seeing a young Fox Mulder over her with less lines on his face and no grey hair to mark the painful years that have flown by. Maybe she’d be young again too and they would finish and get ready to go to the Hoover building, unaware of what a mess things would become.

Scully could tell that she wasn’t going to come again but wanted to enjoy the pleasant feeling of him moving inside her for a little longer.
She didn’t say anything until she could tell that he was holding back.

“Come for me Mulder.” She said to him softly and he did.
He collapsed on her gently and held her close. Neither of them wanted to move again.
The day ahead of them would just be more moving. They would have to pack up the tent and all of their belongings and join the group of near strangers to move on to wherever they were going next.
So they took a little more time to just hold each other and live in their own little space for a minute longer. It had always been the two of them against the world. Some things never change.

Hush (Part Two)

Barba x Reader
Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six - Part Seven

You sit up on the bed abruptly, startled by the loud vibration coming from the wall behind you. You rub your eyes trying to get used to the noise combined with the sunlight slipping through the curtains.

The vibrations were so fierce that it made your watch move across the bedside table. When the drilling stopped, you hoped that meant that they were finally done. The clamorous sounds were replaced by the harmonious chirping of robins on the other side of the window.

A sound you very much preferred.

You pull the soft sheets to cover your body, suddenly mindful of the quaint chilly air. You slowly slide back down on the bed, eager to rid your thoughts of the interruptions to your sleep.

The moment your head touched the pillow, however, the drilling noise had returned, seemingly louder than before. You lifted the blanket so that it covered your head, and groaned in irritation.

“They’ve been at it for two days.”

You lowered the blanket just enough to peek at the person next to you. Rafael’s eyelids remained closed, making you wonder how long he had actually been awake. He craned his neck slightly, and interlaced his fingers before placing them on his abdomen. You smiled at the small shimmy movement he made to try and make himself more comfortable.

Clearly you weren’t the only one in denial about not being able to sleep a bit longer. Not that it surprised you. You were almost sure even Rafael could not remember the last time he actually slept in.

Rest would be good for him, you thought, as you took mental note of the dark circles under his eyes and his hollow cheeks. You survey the stubble that decorated his jaw, a pleasant combination of dark and gray hairs that grazed your skin when you kept your bodies wrapped against one another.

You move closer to him to place a chaste kiss on his bare shoulder. A part of you still questioned this reality; lying here by his side, waking up to the sounds of construction work together. You wondered if you were being too bold, and if you were jinxing it if you admitted that this was beginning to feel like a perfect morning?

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You Are A Jerk (John Laurens x Reader)

Words: Dunno (Typed on Tablet) 

Warnings: None 

AU: Modern 

A/N: Since I’m just winging it atm (I feel incomplete without a series to do) I’ll post a couple of times a week for now. Any suggestions for fics are greatly appreciated! 

 John Laurens sat there, his hands trembling. You walked over to him, and touched his shoulder. His eyes brightened up for a second, but after realizing you weren’t her, the happiness faded away. Your chest tightened. You scooted next to him, resting your head on his shoulder. He sighed, placing his head on top of yours. His hairs tickled your forehead, but you ignored the feeling. 

“Am I a bad person?” he whispered, and you saw him holding back tears. You touched his cheek, shaking your head. 

“You’re an amazing person. Don’t question yourself about something that she did.” You wanted to say more, but you felt like you should let him vent instead. He already knew that you hated her, saying it while he’s upset would just make it worse for him. And you didn’t want to do that. 

“I must have done something wrong… I must have been a jerk-” You moved your head away, and positioned his head to face you. He was looking down, but you tilted his chin up, his bloodshot eyes staring into yours. 

“You are enough. YOU, are enough. If she valued you the way I do, she would have not put herself in a position to lose you. I… I can’t imagine being away from you, hurting you like this. I’m sorry to say this, but if she cared for you, she would have hated to see your heart breaking. Because right now, I feel my heart crying because of your anguish.” You placed your hands on the side of his face, desperately trying to wipe away his sorrow. He closed his eyes, sighing.

“I can’t breathe without her. It’s been months, Y/N. I can’t think without her. I can't…” You shook my head. 

“You can. Push through this John, heels pointed forward.” He whimpered, and you pulled him into your arms. “Tell me what to do, Johnny, please. I can’t bear to see you like this. I would do anything to see that grin on your face. I love your smile.” he chuckled. It was empty of emotion, but still, you made him laugh. 

It’s a start.

“Y/N, just… stay here with me. I’ll get over it. Just don’t leave me alone.” You nodded. And you two stayed like that. For seconds, minutes, hours. You weren’t really counting. 

John’s breath evened out, and you glanced down at his face. The immense crying might have made him exhausted. You ran your hands through his hair slowly, trying not to wake him up. You quietly slid away from him, but he placed his hand on your arm, grabbing it. You smiled at him, then laid back, his head resting on your stomach. Since he was rather warm, you didn’t need a blanket.

You closed your eyes, and slowly feel into unconsciousness. 

You yawned, lazily opening your eyes. You noticed you were in John’s bed, and jumped up quickly, hitting the body next to you. The man leaned up quickly, looking around. His hair was standing up in every direction, and his tired eyes looked at me in panic. Once he realized you were okay, he smiled, laying back. You stared at him.

“Are you alright?” You asked, and he laughed. 

“I’m fine, besides you waking me up. Jeez, Y/N, I thought you were dying.” he groaned, rolling over onto his stomach. You frowned. 

“You’re a jerk.” His laughing went away slowly, and his eyes bore holes into yours. 

“Maybe that’s why…” Tears formed in his eyes, and you panicked, throwing your arms around him. You whispered sorry and other apologizes countless times. You felt a rumble in his chest, and you peeked up at him. 

He had a huge grin on his face, stretching from freckled cheek to cheek. You hit him lightly on the arm, and climbed out of bed. Both of you went into the bathroom to take care of your hygiene. Once John came out of his shower, he jumped right back on to the bed. 

“Why am I in here, anyway?” You rolled off the mattress, and fluffed his hair. It was wild, strands sticking out of his ponytail.

“I carried you up here, and I kinda fell asleep right next to you. I’m sorry,” You waved him off, and he smiled, “By the way, I almost broke my back walking up those steps. You’ve gained a few pounds, huh?” You threw the pillow at him, and he tackled you onto his bed. 

 You were both laughing and giggling, making various insults towards one another. Your eyes met John’s, and his laughs faded away. His gaze kept on flicking towards your lips, and yours did as well. You looked at his eyes, and they seemed to widen with actualization. He leaned forward, slowly closing the distance between you two. Before he could make your lips touch, you rolled away, faking a laugh. 

“You almost suffocated me. Ate too many cheeseburgers?” You tried to ignore what just happened, but your heart beat was ringing in your ears. John stared at you, curiosity in his eyes. You knew he wanted to bring up what was just about to happen, but you couldn’t. 

You wouldn’t. 

You grabbed your purse off the side table, and cleared your throat. He stood up, and began to walk towards you. You reached over and gave him a quick hug, your bodies barely touching. You threw on your sweater that you always leave at his apartment and waved at him. 

 "See you later?“ his lips were pursed, and you knew he wanted to say something. You quickly turned to leave, but his deep rumbling voice interrupted your mad dash to the exit. 

"She broke up with me because she thought I was in love with you.” You stopped moving, your hands shaking. You didn’t know how to react, but you did not allow yourself to turn around and face him. It was too overwhelming.  

“She said that I was with you too much, and that the way I look at you made her think that I was cheating on her.” He explained, his footsteps coming closer. 

“That’s ridiculous. You would never do something like that, especially with me. Of course you don’t think that way…” You whispered, the pounding getting louder and louder. You clenched your fists. Shut up, stupid heart. 

You knew you loved John Laurens, immensely more than just a best friend. You were attracted to him, but he never saw you that way, never thought about you besides being his pal. It was impossible, and you accepted that a long time ago. You settled with just being his best friend. But the way he looked at you this morning, the love for him came pouring out, sneaking out of your little hiding place. You even knew the exact amount of freckles that covered his face. 

You felt his hands touch both sides of your waist lightly, and you shivered. 

“I didn’t know how to react. I mean, my girlfriend wanted me to pick between you and her. Of course, without hesitation, I chose you.” His breath tickled the small hairs on your neck. You moved forward, the wall being in your way. John placed his hands on either side of you against the wall, forcing you to stay where you were. The heat radiated off of him, and you knew it was time for you to turn around and face him. Still, you were going to be stubborn. 

“I…I don’t know what to say.” You mumbled. He moved closer, his body pressing against the back side of you. You closed your eyes, wishing that you could change the subject. “I need to get home, my car is going to miss me.” You turned around, and John was staring down at you, an unknown look in his eyes. You blushed at the intense stare, not seeing that look on his face before.

“I didn’t realize it before, but I like you, Y/N. No, that not the right word. I… I think I’m in love with you.” Your chest was tightening into a ball. 

“No, I am in love with you. I’ve probably been this whole time, not even realizing it,” he stared at you, then looked to the side, “I want to know-” The emotions you’ve hidden for so long came tumbling out. 

“I loved you for years John. I’ve settled with just being your friend, because I still wanted to be next to you, even if you didn’t see me the same way.“ He touched your cheek, and you blushed. He was red as well, his eyes shimmering. You finally recognized what the emotion was. 


"Can I kiss you now?” He asked softly, his lips getting close to yours. It was so intimidating, so unusual for a man to ask you that. He wasn’t like any other guy that just went for it. You smiled and nodded, to shy to say yes. He leaned forward, pressing his lips against yours.