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Followed<3 and Helloo! I'd love to request headcannons for what happens when Class 1A + the teachers go to the county fair! (who wins all the carnival games, goes on the scariest rides, huge ice cream cones, who sits with who on tunnel of love and ferris wheel, who pays for kissing booth, funnel cakes, fried food!! AHH!!) I hope you have fun with this one!! You don't need to feel like you have to do everyone just whoever you want!! feel free to add kiddos from class B or Shinsou, Mei!!! <3

I hope you like them^^”

Wins all the carnival games

  • Definitely Bakugou 
  • Iida tries to but fails 
  • Todoroki is perfect in it like he is in everything else and it pisses Bakugou off 
  • I’d like to think Mei would also ace them 
  • Ultimate face-off between Kirishima and Tetsutetsu 

Who goes on the scariest rides 

  • Mina drags everyone on it 
  • Midoriya politely declines but is later convinced by Uraraka 
  • Todoroki is unfazed by it 
  • I’d personally like to imagine Bakugou standing up on a roller coaster and shouting, “Is that the best you can do?!” 
    Falling off due to speed and having Sero catch him, getting many dirty looks from the passengers 

Haunted House 

  • Monoma mocking them 
  • Bakugou going in whilst dragging him behind 
  • Exiting with a bit of shivering 
  • Tokoyami would enjoy it 

Huge Ice-cream cones 

  • One and only, Toru  

Tunnel of Love and Ferris Wheel 

  • The hopeless romantic, Midoriya would be tricked into sitting on the rides with Uraraka, who is not that dense 
  • Jirou teasing Kaminari about it 

Who pays 

  • Aizawa because All Might is busy having fun