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Uh oh, I don't know how I feel about Amy visiting Host in his cabin. For some reason I feel like this is gonna take a bad turn...

“Host?” Amy knocks on the front door of the little cabin and waits. She’s only heard stories about this place, and she never in a million years would’ve dreamed that Host would want to come back after everything…

Host opens the door, clean bandages over his eyes and a smile on his face. “Amy!” He lets her hug him tightly, giving a soft kiss to the top of her head. “I’m sorry that it’s been so long.”

Amy pulls back and looks him over again. “You seem like you’re doing alright?” She didn’t mean it as a question, but she wants so desperately for him to be safe and healthy.

Host smiles and gestures for her and the others to come in. “Have a seat, have a seat,” he urges.

Amy and Mark sit down on the couch while Host takes his armchair, and Google stands to the side, looking over the books on Host’s shelf in the den. Host pulls at the buttons on the front of his coat, and Amy can’t help but notice. It’s his tell.

“Host, are sure that nothing’s wrong?” She leans forward, hands folded in her lap. Why won’t he talk to her?

His smile is genuine, bright, much brighter than she remembers, but something is still off about him. She glances over at Mark, and he can sense it to. He looks around nervously and strikes up a conversation about his next tour. He and Host chat for a while, and Amy gets up, joining Google by the bookshelf.

“Tell me he’s alright,” she mouths to the droid.

Google makes a face, and his eyes flick to the Host. “He’s been here on his own for so long,” he whispers. “One can’t help but wonder why.”

Host jumps to his feet suddenly, hands plucking at his clothes, his hair, his bandages. “Well, I really should be getting back to my project. It’s… it’s rather important.”

Mark stands up. “Host, you’re really worrying us. Why don’t you tell us what your project is first?”

The Host looks like he wants to push them all out the front door, but he holds himself back. About the time Amy clears the room to get to him, a door to the rest of the house opens, and someone steps out.

His button-up is sloppy, and his hair is tossed back out of his face. When he strides in, very confidently, he asks, “I thought you weren’t having anyone over?” before he sees who is in the room. “Oh.”

Mark and Google both gasp, and it takes Amy a moment longer because she’s never seen this figment in person before. Host turns around to face the other man, placing himself between him and Amy, but she’s already seen.


The Author grins at her and takes a mocking bow. “At your service, milady!”

hey @ goyim could y'all reblog this if you're actually willing to listen to Jewish people and protect us?

we really need allies right now, and I know seeing this on people’s blogs could be comforting to other Jewish people. But please don’t do this as performative allyship- actually try and help us irl, or at least learn about antisemitism enough to spot it and call it out.

Since september i started to go to a kayak club near the Charente ( river that go through Angoulême) . It’s really a good stress reliever and the wildlife is really nice to paddle alongside. At the beginning of summer i offered myself a stand-up-paddle to be able to paddle during the week anytime. Both of those sports really fullfill my need for nature & sports ( and vacation haha ) .

Une illustration inspirée par les dernière ballades en kayak et SUP sur la belle Charente.