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Descriptions of the songs in #7for7 album

Title track “You Are” is a future sound song with a flavor of contemporary pop, with the hopeful meaning of wishing that your existence would lead my way, like the sky above, when I’m tired and weary.

Track 1 “Moon U”, lyrics and composed by Youngjae (Ars), with BamBam’s participation in lyric-making, with its hip-hop beat, guitar riffs, and the member’s voices all blended in, is a song that sucks you in, reminding you of the moonlight.

JB’s self-composed song “Teenager” is a track that expresses the passion and innocence that belong to teenagers only, centering around synth pad and pluck, a song with a future sound bass style.

Jinyoung’s self-composed song “Firework" is a medium-tempo song of the electronica genre, carrying the message, “if you just keep trying without end, some day, it would bloom prettily like the fireworks”.

The song that BamBam took part in lyric-making and composing, “Remember You”, an R&B song, really stands out with its lyrical piano loops and 808 bass. The song carries a lyrical atmosphere with its lyrics of longing.

Yugyeom’s self-composed song, “To Me”, is an R&B song with a latin vibe, which used the guitar, synth pad and rain sound, etc. to create a melancholic atmosphere. Its distinct feature is the sensuous sound that expresses the intimate feelings between lovers.

The song that Jackson, Mark, BamBam took part in lyric-making, “Face”, with its lyrical chord progression and guitar riffs, mixed with powerful hip-hop beats, is an alternative hip-hop track. With their own charms, they completed the song with a sorrowful and mellow sound.

translated by: GOT7jjai

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Miyano Mamoru - BREAK IT!
English & Romaji lyrics

Requested by anon. ^^ lyrics originally in English are in italics. Feel free to let me know if you see any errors. 


Leaving it up to fate is just an excuse
If you imagine it hard enough, it’ll come true

Even so, the gap between the ideal and reality
Will be clear as soon as you notice it

The choice to pull the trigger
To reach your potential, it’s on you
It’s up to you, break through your limit, and continue overcoming
Now keep your stride, don’t let your soul be stopped
Drive yourself if you’ll fight for it
What are you waiting for?

Break it!
Everything can change depending on the trump card you choose
You can carve your own destiny
Break it!
There’s a future beyond overpowering your old self
So don’t stand around, don’t lose your fire
I want to prove we can do it

Break it!
Let me testify
Break it!
Ain’t no stoppin’ us
Break it!
Gotta keep your stride
Break it!

Only that number of footprints left behind from your battle
Can let you meet with a stronger you
Stand up! Signal the beginning
It’s the deciding match, yes, eyes to eyes
No matter the damage I take, I can overcome it, if it’s with you
Now it’s my turn, until someone blinks
Our fight will determine the winner and loser
As soon as you’re ready, fight it!

Break it!
Everything can change depending on the trump card you choose
You can go forth and create your world
Break it!
Because we want to continue to write
What happens after we overcome our past and future
Don’t lose your fire, I want to prove we can do it

Break it!
Let me testify
Break it!
Ain’t no stoppin’ us
Break it!
Gotta keep your stride
Break it!

Let’s break out before tomorrow comes
At a speed that eclipses time
If you can sense that your bonds lie here
Then go forth without a doubt!
Break it!
Break it!

Break it!
Everything can change depending on the trump card you choose
You can carve your own destiny
Break it!
There’s a future beyond overpowering your old self
So don’t stand around, don’t lose your fire
I want to prove we can do it

Break it!
Let me testify
Break it!
Ain’t no stoppin’ us
Break it!
The new generation
Break it!
Let it break it down


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Watch Louis Tomlinson, Steve Aoki Discuss Partying, Swapping Careers
One Direction member Louis Tomlinson and EDM superstar Steve Aoki discuss finding common ground on their "Just Hold On" single.

Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki both took sharp left turns with their music when the pair joined forces to create the empowering hit “Just Hold On.” For Tomlinson, he shed the folkier, classic-rock-leaning sounds of his boy band One Direction, while for EDM god Aoki, the track represented a move toward the pop mainstream.

Singer makes solo debut despite losing his mother to leukemia just days earlier

“I was on holiday with my friends in Vegas, and we were meant to see Calvin Harris’ show,” Tomlinson recalled in an interview with Rolling Stone about what led to his first experience seeing Aoki live. Harris had to cancel that night, but luckily for the venue and the singer, Aoki was in town and able to fill in for him. “[My friends and I] had an incredible night. It was really, really fun. The show was amazing.”

After connecting personally, the two hopped in the studio to craft what would be Tomlinson’s first solo single following the announcement that One Direction would go on hiatus. “I didn’t want to make an EDM record with an EDM arrangement,” Aoki explained. His composition and Tomlinson’s lyrics were created from scratch, as the pair sought to launch their process with a “blank slate.”

“It was really about the lyrics, how to make the lyrics stand out musically on my part,” Aoki continues. “When we started out, it was really more of sad, slow song. We needed it more uplifting. We needed to speed it up. We needed more energy to the song.”

In the end, the pair produced an anthemic, festival- or arena-ready tune appropriate for their respective touring histories. “It’s the most human song I’ve produced,” Aoki says.

After making the television rounds, including the track’s X-Factor debut in December and a recent appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, the pair plan on hitting Ultra Music Festival, old stomping grounds for Aoki that will be a new setting for Tomlinson.

Each artist had been exposed to the other’s music before they met. Aoki remembered seeing One Direction on television and being impressed, but the song that stuck with him remains “Story of My Life,” a track he had mentioned in interviews years ago. Tomlinson had received an early remix of My Chemical Romance’s “The Black Parade” from Aoki, a track that spoke to his formative influences. “I grew up listening to that sound anyway,” he explained of his emo and pop-punk roots. “I grew up loving Green Day. That definitely resonated with me.”

As for the question of trading places, neither thinks they could do the other’s job. “I don’t have the the skills to be a DJ,” Tomlinson says. “I’ve also not got the hair.” In a boy band, Aoki would rather be the back-up dancer or hypeman instead of a singer. “Count me in for the yelling.”


G-Eazy on his song Everything Will Be OK that will be on When It’s Dark Out (x)

Harry Styles - Harry Styles - A lil review

Meet Me in the Hallway: 2, 3, 4… Love the soft, strumming guitar and Harry’s longing and haunting vocals. Just the way his voice breaks on the word “hallway”… So helpless-sounding and heartfelt. Ugh. Love that as the song nears its end, the instruments are stripped away one by one, and in the end there’s just one guitar and Harry’s voice, and then there’s just Harry’s voice holding that last note. Damn good, and a very clever choice. This song could last an hour long and I still would have to press “replay” over and over again.

Stand-out lyrics: “We don’t talk about it, it’s something we don’t do. ‘Cause once you do without it, nothing else will do.”

“Hoping you’ll come around, just let me know, I’ll be on the floor.”

Sign of the Times: Full-on-flush. I’ve talked about my love for this song many a time since it came out, so I’m moving on. (But I think it’s absolutely gorgeous and one of my faves.) 

Carolina: This song feels so old-school and cool. I was immediately struck by that thick bass throughout this song, LOVE it. Love the falsetto parts. Love the oh-yeah parts. Mayyyybe my least fave song on the album, but it’s still SOLID.

Stand-out lyric: “There’s not a drink that could sink her, how would I tell her that she’s all I think about? Well I guess she just found out”

Two Ghosts: Right away, the melody and harmonies… so lush. The acoustic guitar is so lovely, and I love the tone of the electric guitar on top - it almost sounds like it’s crying. This song gives me CNSY and Ryan Adams vibes, which I love, like it just breathes and moves in a really similar and nice way. Cool lil detail: The way he enunciates the ‘t’ in heartbeat at the end.

Stand-out lyric: “We’re just two ghosts swimming in a glass half empty. Trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat.”

Sweet Creature: A little Beatles-esque gem of a tune. This is such a soothing and flowy song, and his vocals match the tone perfectly. It’s warm-sounding and simple, and I love that he’s left a little air in this one. It feels organic and just sweeeet. And I love sweet.

Stand-out lyrics: “I always think about you and how we don’t speak enough. “
“Running through the garden, where nothing bothered us.”

Only Angel: Love the calming opening, which drags you into this really eerie and calming musical landscape. You’re ready to set up camp and hang out for a bit, and then Harry’s scream just rips you the fuck out of it. WAY to start a song, haha. Heavy guitar, the screams, the clapping, the background vocals, love it all. Such a colorful song. It’s red and blue at the same time. Tall and short at the same time. It’s pulsing, the beat is sick and his deep timbre gives me shivers..

Stand-out lyrics: “Couldn’t take you home to mother in a skirt that short, but I think that’s what I like about it.” 

“Broke a finger knocking on your bedroom door.”

“I must admit I thought about making you mine.”

Kiwi: I’m so here for these drums, and heavy guitars!! GOD. The attitude he has on this song?? It’s like he’s grabbing you by the collar, bringing you close and going “Nope, it’s just you and me”… *fans self* It’s edgy and very 70′s Brit rock, he’s belting out those notes with fierceness.
Love the “ding” after he sings “I’m gonna pay for it”, those little details are so cool and add so much to the complexity imo. And the gritty guitar solo is tasty as hell. You know when the shower is almost too hot to take? That sweet-spot, that’s what this song feels like.

Stand-out lyrics: “And now she’s all over me, it’s like I paid for it, I’m gonna pay for this.”
“I think she said ‘I’m having your baby, it’s none of your business.’”

Ever Since New York: So magical and soft. A big contrast after Kiwi, but fitting as the album cools down again. Love the drumming, there’s so much going on in this song. It’s intricate and subtle. Love that he matches his vocals to the tone and the sentiment of each track. With this song, he never tries too hard. He’s just singing like it’s the most effortless thing for him. And the stacked vocals on the chorus is a beautiful touch. Loved when he changed up the notes on this on SNL, and I wish he’d done that on the recorded version as well, but that’s a small complaint. 

Stand-out lyrics: “Choose your words, ‘cause there’s no antidote.”
“I understand I’m talking to the walls.”

Woman: Love this. His vocals are just stunning, (AGAIN) just the way he drags out the word “know” in that first line -AH! This song is so funky, so dope. It’s simple, but hella catchy. With this song, I feel like everything comes together. Like the lyrical idea feels good and goes perfectly with the sonic recording which goes great with the melody and groove. And the background vocals that start around 3:03 adds a really alluring element to the song.

Stand-out lyric: “I hope you can see the shape that I am in. While he’s touching your skin, he’s right where I should be”.

From the Dining Table: From the second you hear his lips part in this, you’re drawn in. He’s singing in a conversational way, which makes it sound really earnest and vulnerable. And that moment when the strings entered floored me the first time I heard it, it was so unexpected. A beautiful explosion of sounds. To me, this song feels like this scenario: It’s raining. You’re in bed, half asleep, there’s a candle about to smoke out, and it’s making the dozens of shadows in the room dance around..

Stand-out lyrics: “Comfortable silence is so overrated. Why won’t you ever say what you want to say.”
“Maybe one day you’ll call me and tell me that you’re sorry too,”

That last one just hit you right in the gut, because it feels so damn authentic and sincere, and that’s something that runs through the whole album imo. It feels exactly like what he should be doing. It’s so him. It never feels contrived or fake. There’s so much heart in it and you can tell that there’s a lot of hard work behind it. There’s not one stand-out weak song, I start playing the first song and I just let it run until it’s done, and that’s rare for me. So THANK YOU more than I could ever explain, Harry. I’m obsessed with this record and I needed it. ❤️ 

alright i finished my bowl of cereal, time for my thoughts on Infinite and what he is. it’s mostly Infinite’s theme song that makes me wanna yap about this. Mostly, the lyrics. 

Okay so we already had thoughts about how Infinite was Mephiles and all, right? What with the design of the eyes.

But for me I also find similarities in the color scheme, poses, the way they move, and the voice. But I can also see a relevance to Time Eater in Infinite.
Now that might be a stretch, but this isn’t what I wanted to talk about.

I wanted to talk about Infinite’s theme song. Infinite’s theme song is pointing at some things that stand out to me. I’ll put the ones that stand out to me.

‘Cause I was born in this pain
It only hurts if you let it

And after all this time, you’re back for more

So look around you and tell me what you really see
I’m never ending, that’s the difference in you and me

So these lyrics stand out to me for more reasons that Infinite can be related to Mephiles. 
'Cause I was born in this pain” Remember, Mephiles was created as a result of splitting Solaris apart in two. I don’t know about you, but being ripped in half doesn’t sound like it’d be painless. And also, to spend all that time, craving and hungering for Iblis. He’d have to push that away for his plan, “It only hurts if you let it

So look around you and tell me what you really see/I’m never ending, that’s the difference in you and me” Eggman mentioned that Solaris was never-ending when they were put back together. 

That, and we see Infinite has the ability to distort space(?), just as Solaris can. Mephiles has the ability to make portals as well. 

And after all this time, you’re back for more” This stands out to me. What could this mean? Could this mean because Sonic keeps trying to fight Infinite every time he sees him? Or could it mean something else?

Listen I know this is a stretch. Mephiles and Infinite are obviously two different things and im looking over this, but I’m pretty sure that Sonic Team knows we all love Mephiles if they did this with Sonic Runners

ifyalovelikethatbloodrunscold  asked:

What do you think are some underrated or some of your favorite lyrics from reputation?

Well, I don’t know if they are underrated, but these are some of my favorite lyrics. I got a bit carried away and went by each song, so I’m sorry for the book lol. 

RFI- “I keep him forever, …like a vendetta.” I saw a lot of negative connotation with this lyric, and to me it was pretty easy to get. When you have a grudge or a vendetta, it’s not something you let go of, it seems to last forever. So it was a good metaphor, and fits the vibe she has going on.

End Game- I really feel like Taylor’s verse doesn’t get enough talk. I don’t care for this song as much as others, but I could listen to her verse on loop. The lyric “And I can’t let you go, Your hand prints on my soul” is one of my favorite on the album. It doesn’t just say he left an impression on her, but that he’s not apart of her. 

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Dreamcatcher “Prequel” Mini Album Track Details

1. Before and After (Intro)
The prologue of Dreamcatcher’s prequel story.  It raises the curtain of the album with an atmosphere just like when you open a door only to be sucked into the past.
Composed Ollounder, LEEZ / Arranged Ollounder, LEEZ / Keyboard LEEZ / Guitar Kim Taehoon / Bass Ollounder / Drum Ollounder / Recording engineer Jung Iljin / Mixing engineer Kim Seokmin / Mastering engineer Kwon Namwoo   

2. 날아올라 (Fly High)
Dreamcatcher’s first mini album [Prequel]’s title song. After opening the door with a beautiful piano melody, out of the story of only Dreamcatcher who sing nightmares and gorgeous, powerful guitar sounds, a more dramatic song was born. Beautiful and mysterious like a rainbow, the seven colors of the seven Dreamcatcher members, like a thorny rose, a nightmare you cannot escape, a portrays an addictive deadly fantasy without stop.  A woman receiving attention with many hit songs for Apink, Girl’s Day, WSJN, etc., producer SEION participated in the lyrics, composition, and production of the song.
Lyrics SEION / Composed SEION / Arranged SEION / Keyboard SEION / Chorus Lee Siyeon, SEION / Guitar Ko Taeyoung / Bass TASCO / Recording engineer Jung Iljin / Mixing engineer Cho Junsung (assisted by Heo Eunsook) / Mastering engineer Kwon Namwoo 

3. Wake Up
A song with free, adventurous lyrics and Dreamcatcher’s unique metal rock sound. Anyone will carry thoughts of escaping their boring routine in a part of their heart. You can feel a feeling of freedom with this song’s lyrics and refreshing rock sound. Get up! Now!
Lyrics Kim Boeun / Composed Ollounder, LEEZ / Arranged Ollounder, LEEZ / Keyboard LEEZ / Chorus Lee Siyeon, LEEZ / Guitar Kim Taehoon / Bass Ollounder / Drum Ollounder / Recording engineer Jung Iljin / Mixing engineer Kim Seokmin / Mastering engineer Kwon Namwoo  

4. Sleep-walking 
The longing heart of a girl who believes in a false memory, with a tragic story that leads to sleepwalking, expresses an obsessive love with an intense sound. It includes the strange charm with Dreamcatcher’s whispers, as they are nightmares. Additionally, color of the drum and bass genre stands out.
Lyrics LEEZ, Ollounder / Composed LEEZ, Ollounder / Arranged LEEZ / Keyboard LEEZ / Chorus Lee Siyeon, Kim Yoohyeon, LEEZ / Guitar Kim Taehoon / Bass LEEZ / Drum LEEZ / Recording engineer Jung Iljin / Mixing engineer Kim Seokmin / Mastering engineer Kwon Namwoo  

5. 괜찮아! (Fine)
A song that reveals Dreamcatcher’s love towards fans. You become depressed for no reason when it’s a rainy day, daily life is busy, suddenly your self-esteem is lowered. To comfort those kinds of things, comforting Dreamcatcher’s voice, lyrics, and melody are an impressive rock ballad number.
Lyrics Ollounder / Composed Ollounder / Arranged Ollounder / Keyboard Ollounder / Chorus Lee Siyeon / Guitar Kim Taehoon / Bass Ollounder / Drum Ollounder / Recording engineer Jung Iljin / Mixing engineer Kim Seokmin / Mastering engineer Kwon Namwoo

6. 날아올라 (Fly High) [Instrumental]

I was thinking about the Can’t Fight This Feeling amv I did and like…I’d just planned to do a minute or two of the song since it’s like 4 and a half minutes long, but literally all the lyrics had matching sheith scenes so it was so easy to just…use the whole song. It was like a perfect match.

cesurordek  asked:

Thank you for all posts 🤗 I know you try to answer every question kindly. I would like to ask something. Maybe you have already answered. If I miss, I am sorry 😣What do you think about jikook's "adult ceremony" cover? That song's mean is interesting and it fit jungkook very well. Also their body languages were different while they were dancing(I cannot explain but I hope you can understand me) And we know that they can usually see each other from the mirror? Can you share your ideas to us? 🤗

Well as you may know my opinion is that the end of May 2016 is somewhat significant in the KM timeline, and that’s also when the Adult Ceremony thing happened. That’s also when JK coming of age day was (they were in Norway, see BV1).

Adult Ceremony is clearly related to JK coming of age, I feel like they chose it most likely because the song is really famous. It’s also sexy, but supposedly also somewhat amusing if performed by KM because it’s originally a girl dance. Everyone is focusing on the tension in their videos (there is a mirror yes and they are looking at each other occasionally but that’s nothing new), but I don’t think anything particularly interesting stands out from those. However.

The lyrics though;

I’m not that little girl you used to know anymore,
I’m a woman now
I’m thankful that you’ve waited for me
Now I’ll become a woman at your kiss

I’m not a little girl anymore
Don’t hesitate any longer
As much as you waited, I’ve waited for this day too
Give me twenty stems of roses so I can feel your love
As I wait for you, I close my eyes

This in addition to JMs excitement on JKs coming of age day (ready to fight in rps for the chance to kiss JK lol)…well, yeah. And then them sleeping on the sofa together that night, and JK later saying he’ll sleep with JM in the car (later to be intervened by 2seok lol), and just KM being kinda clingy during BV1 in general.

I would also like to point out that another iconic detail is from this time period. The all nighter friend. During Festa 2016 (June 2016) JK also described Jimin as his “all nighter friend” and said that “he doesn’t know what they do”. I mean, sure

@buddyhollyscurls put an open tag for people to list their top albums of 2017. idk if it was originally supposed to be only albums released in ‘17 or your favorite albums you listened to in '17, but since she went with the latter definition, so will i

1. …like clockwork▪️queens of the stone age: forever my favorite album, like clockwork is one of the very few albums i’ve ever listened to that doesn’t require at least one track skip. i love every single song on this album, and would easily call it qotsa’s best work

2. the weight of your love▪️editors: i suppose i can understand why this band isn’t quite as popular as some. their sound doesn’t particularly stand out, nor are their lyrics aren’t as poetic as others. yet there’s something about them that hits all my sweet spots for music in regards to the melodies and note progressions, and i love them. they’re a little 80s poppy, a little indie, a little rock, all depending on which track you’re listening to. music snobs won’t like them, but if you just want something pleasing to listen to, give them a try

3. the stone roses▪️the stone roses: god i love the Madchester sound. long live Madchester! i am forever grateful to mmfd for introducing me to the Roses since the US music scene never deemed it necessary. fuck you, US music scene, for keeping this mellow yet rocking, quiet yet intense sound from me

4. gunship▪️gunship: synth synth synth synth. this album has two tracks in my 'downtown, 3am’ playlist because that’s exactly the feel i get when i listen to it - this is the kind of sound i go for if i’m riding the bus alone at night, passing by shops with their neon signs flickering, their multicolored light reflecting off of the rain-soaked pavement.

also one of my favorite music videos ever is for the song fly for your life (animated, but tw for blood, guns, and violence in a war/aerial dogfight scenario)

5. euphoria morning▪️chris cornell: honestly, i will probably never forget the morning when the news of chris’ death hit the news. i was in the middle of my second transitional care unit rehab stint after all the surgeries in early '17. i had just woken up and my pca was about to bring my breakfast tray in. i was glancing at tumblr when i saw a post eulogizing him. i thought it was a bad joke at first, but a quick goigle search confirmed that yeah, one of my favorite singers of all time was dead. it must have shown on my face because my nurse asked me if something was wrong when she came in with my food. i shrugged her off, but yeah, it was difficult to concentrate on pt that day, and the few days after.

it wasn’t until november that i could bear to hear his voice again, and the album i chose to come back with was his first solo venture, and one of my favorite albums of all time. this album was all i listened to for months after hearing it the first time, and was on constant rotation for years. it had been a while since i had last heard it, and it was like coming home (as cliché as that is). rest in peace, chris. i never knew you, but i fucking miss you, man.

6. no. 4▪️stone temple pilots: weiland is another voice i miss. most people say that 2016 was when it all started going bad in regards to losing celebrities, but for me, the wave of terrible losses began in december 2015 when scott was found dead on a tour bus here in the Twin Cities.

a lot of people rank Core as the best stp album and yeah, they’re right. it’s an amazing fucking album. but No. 4 has some fantastic tracks that i feel get overlooked too often, and i’ve been listening to this album an awful lot lately

7. villains▪️queens of the stone age: ayyyy, an album that actually came out in 2017! amazing!

i’ll admit that i didn’t care much for this album at first. the new production style rubbed me the wrong way because what is this they don’t sound like qotsa wtf did they do to my fave band??? but the more i listened to it, the more i began to appreciate it. by the time the year was over, it had grown on me and i was a fan.

if you’re looking to try qotsa, this is probably the most accessible of their albums, but it’s not the best. i still dig it though, and Villains of Circumstance is, like, the most aching track i know for anyone in a ldr. my bf and i had In My Head as our song while we were long-distance, but if VoC had existed at the time…

+ honorable mention: badlands▪️halsey: this album only gets an honorable mention because i didn’t listen to it until @thatwanderingwriter convinced me to in mid-december. if i’d heard it before the last two weeks or so of the year, it probably would have taken Villains’ spot on the list. halsey’s not my typical style (which is why i hadn’t given her a shot before now), but yeah, this album is good. thanks for the rec, gope 👈😎👈

tagging: @taikawaitlti @evergrohl @takeawalkoffmyknife @punkpeqqy @montyfalsworth @spacebuck @nothinglefttowaste the fiends, and anyone else who wants to talk about their favorite music