stand out

Typewriter Series #382 by Aishwarya Nair

*edit: it should read left to ignore in the sinkbut it’s a part of the typewriter series which means it cannot be edited. hope you dig anyway.*


Just wheelchair fashion things!
•longer dresses,skirts, and shorts are your besties because they won’t hike up on you and look like they magically turned into underwear
•everyone immediately stares at your legs and feet (like they’re somehow going to figure out why you’re in a chair lol) so I find why not wear cute shoes or knee high socks, give them something cute to look at
•backpacks are your best friend! Purses can sit in your lap of you really want but for me personally (on TPN) I have to carry a backpack. Choose a backpack that can fit in between the wheels without hitting anything
•long loose blouses are a YASSS! Tops are going to look a bit different because you’re sitting so I find loose t shirts and blouses amazing
*Things to avoid*
•super short skirts and shorts are your enemies they want to expose you to the world because they’re little shits
•don’t pick floor length gowns or they will drag on the ground and you will destroy them without a care in the world while you roll over haters!
•if you’re going to wear heels (which you totally should I mean you don’t have to walk in them do why not own them) make sure you have something supporting your legs behind it and keep the heel behind the footrest if it’s too hard to balance
•super big bangles and bracelets or big rings are going to get in your way and complicate things
*be careful with really long sleeves you might mess them up while pushing your handrims (holes are totally in right?)
OWN IT! Don’t let your wheelchair stop you from wearing whatever you want and being super fashionable! I will wear a dress one day and be a magical girl the next and a chair is not going to stop that!
My new chair coming in is going to be hot pink
Don’t be afraid to stand out just because you can’t stand up!