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Y’all realize they’re both gonna suck to a degree at first and Kairi being automatically powerful and magically good at combat from the start wouldn’t make her a rounded and developed character, right

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I got hit with the “8th Grade OTP” feels.
Shadows bewilderment is pretty much mine as well.

Netflix really wants me to watch Ozark and between the keywords “Jason Bateman” and “family unity” and “cabin” and “hiding millions of dollars of cash inside the walls” I can’t be unconvinced that it’s the Black Mirror version of Arrested Development I’m sorry

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ebayで購入し届いた古い6x9ボックスカメラの中に、未だ撮影途中のフィルムが残されたまま入ってました。あと二枚残っていたので僕は近所でそれを使って試しに撮ってみることに。撮影を終えて早速現像をしてみると中にこのカメラの元持ち主がドイツ国内で写したと思われる風景写真が二枚だけ写っていました。何年前頃のフィルムなのかは判るはずもありませんが、そのフィルムは当時東ドイツで製造されたORWO NP20で、ベルリン壁が崩壊した1989年辺りまでは製造されていたフィルム。この写真はその二枚のうちの一枚です。

Too Late?

Request: Anonymous-  can you write something about harry being in a relationship with camille while he’s in love with y/n

A/N: Not my best one, having serious writer’s block :( 

Word Count: 1.35k words

Pairing: Harry Styles X Reader


He looked at her from his spot by the fireplace at his mum’s place, the way she was laughing and talking with his mum. The way she got along so well with his other family members. She still takes his breathe away. Beside him his girlfriend, Camille, was saying something, but he couldn’t bring to himself to pay attention to her. Instead he spent whole night looking over her, but in a way that was not too suspicious.

Harry and Y/N were friends long before Harry entered the showbiz world, they’ve been best friends since they were in high school.

Y/N was there holding his hand tightly the day of his x-factor audition. Back in the days he just saw her as a friend, but with each passing years, more on his 1D tour days he realized how much he’s in love with you.

But he didn’t say anything. Reason? That cliche situation he didn’t want to ruin the friendship. He also thought she deserved someone who will always be with her, not someone who’s always touring. Not someone who’s always on the other side of the world majority of the year.

He thought he’s not good enough for her.

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Music wise if you’re trying to see the difference between a developed Cancer and a underdeveloped Cancer you can compare Kali Uchis and Melanie Martinez.

Developed(Kali Uchis)•When you listen to her songs you get an upbeat, old-school type of vibe. Her music conjures up images of roller skating rinks, drive in movies, and late night drives. She encourages you to choose someone who respects you, being alright with being alone, etc. Her music represents a developed Cancer’s need to encourage others to be positive, cheer up those around them, act as a leader, and be tough even when they have no one else around.

Undeveloped(Melanie Martinez)•While there is nothing wrong with Melanie’s music, the subject material leans more towards an undeveloped cancer’s mentality. She sings about pitying yourself, acting immature, etc. I love her music myself, but it’s not the type of subject material a developed cancer would talk about. Her music represents an undeveloped Cancer’s need to complain, whine, emotionally manipulate those around them, and act as though they need a savior to survive.