stand by your jams


stand by your jam

Ain’t nobody business, this is our thing (jam)
Spit all in between both cheeks, now I spread ‘em
Bet the neighbors know my name when you keep sayin’ Kevin
Hands behind, I’m a stand behind you
Pullin’ on your hair, lot of ass behind you (jam)
Got me sayin’, “ooh keep goin’ with your moves”
Candles by the bed, God damn this a movie
Stuffin’ you with dick while my finger in your booty
Hit you with the Ruger, the bitch don’t (jam)

In Love With Oliver Queen

Prompt: The journey of the reader being in love with Oliver Queen.

Reader Gender: Female

Characters / Fandom: Oliver Queen / Arrow

Word Count: 3,334

Warnings: Angst & fluff

You are in love with Oliver Queen. Under normal circumstances, this shouldn’t be a problem, right?


See, while you were falling head over heels in love with the billionaire playboy, he was busy pining away over someone else.

Yup. You are in love with a man that doesn’t know you exist.

Scratch that.

He knows you exist. He sees you every day, talks to you multiple times throughout the day, even gives you his best flirty smile from time to time. He just doesn’t know you.

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Power Outage (Kyungsoo x Reader)

Bonjour, mon bichette! How are all you today? I’m literally feeling so baked right now because I’m hungover from my migraine medicine I took last night. I wrote this whilst slightly loopy, so if it’s bad we can blame the drugs on that one! Anyway, you all know how much I freaking adore Kyungsoo. I’m still going crazy for the full version of Tell Me What Is Love because its beautiful and wonderful and UGH. Anyway, this one was supposed to be fluffy and smutty, but it ended up also being slightly angsty at one point? My automatic writing style sometimes just comes out as angst for some reason or another. Well, hope you’ll enjoy this one! 

P.S. Cheers to Kyungsoo ruining all our lives!

“I love you,” Mr. Darcy quickly breathed out, his voice trembling ever the slightest.

You clutched your knees to your chest tighter, fingers digging into the soft blanket draped across your lap. You felt your shoulders quiver with excitement at his confession of love and you held your breath in anticipation.

Sir, I-”, Elizabeth started sharply-

A large clap of thunder shook the framing of the house at the exact moment the television gave a popping sound and blacked out, Elizabeth Bennett’s reply to Mr. Darcy cut off short. All the lights in the house shut off in that exact moment as well, like curtains falling on an unfinished play.

“No! What the hell?!,” you groaned, quickly standing up and approaching the black screen of the tv. You jammed your finger into the On/Off button angrily, but the blackness of the screen just continued to mock you in silence.

“Well,” a sigh came from the couch, “It was going to happen eventually.”

You turned to the boy who was lounging on the couch his hand propping his head up on the arm of the sofa. You felt like a petulant child, but it felt good to complain to Kyungsoo, he always had a solution. “I didn’t think the storm was that bad. And right in the middle of my favorite scene of the entire  movie! Now we’ll never know Elizabeth’s answer,” you moaned as you flopped down on top of Kyungsoo who gave a pained grunt.

“______,” he then raised one dark eyebrow, “You’ve seen this movie more than a dozen times, she says no and then rants at him for being a dick to her sister.”

You stuck your lip out, “I know, I just love Kira Knightly though.”

Kyungsoo chuckled, allowing the room to fall into silence. Rain was beating heavily on the roof of the house, a constant sound like the tattoo of a drum. It sounded like being rocked to sleep or…

“I’m so bored.

You picked at Kyungsoo’s shirt absentmindedly, “Isn’t there anything we can do? I might die if I don’t do something.”

“Well, try and think of something,” he reasoned. “We could play cards, draw, snack…sleep.”

You rolled your eyes, “When were you born Kyungsoo? The 1800s? You would fit right into the world of Pride and Prejudice, you know that?”

Kyungsoo looked exasperated, but as your friend he was used to this, “How about we first light some candles so there’s some light in here? My eyes are beginning to hurt from strain. After that, you can tell me what you want to do.”

It wasn’t the best, but it was something. You gathered all the candles you could find in the dark house and placed them in various parts of the living room before settling on the couch once again. Kyungsoo trailed behind you with a lighter, creating a trail of light in his wake. It mesmerized you to see how with each lighted candle, you could make out the planes of his face in greater detail. His dark eyes were illuminated by the reflection of the flames and it was hypnotic as he turned to look at you. He had always been good-looking to you, but now be looked completely unreal.

He smiled to himself at your look of awe, pleased as he placed the lighter on the coffee table. You suddenly reached up and pulled him down by his shirt so he lay against your body, pressing you firmly into the couch. His eyebrows were raised in surprise, but he wasn’t protesting your sudden strange behavior. A chill had crept into the house from the dropping temperatures outside, but Kyungsoo felt like the sun against you. Where his bare skin touched yours was like touching an open flame, you thought if it possible, you’d be singed by now.

You looked up at him coyly, suddenly a completely different personality from earlier. Kyungsoo had never seen that look in your eyes before and he shivered at it, excited about this new side of you.

You reached up and traced his plump bottom lip, your voice almost too soft to here underneath the pounding rain, “I think I know what I’d like to do now.”

He was barely breathing, “Yeah?”

You swallowed, a blush creeping up your neck, “Yeah.

Kyungsoo was suddenly too hot, you almost pushed him away. His fingers ghosted over your cheek shyly, “What would that be?”

You sucked in a gasp, realizing where this was going to go. Where you wanted this to go, it was now or never.


You pulled Kyungsoo down to your lips, your fingers like a vice on the fabric of his shirt. You thought he would have been shy at first, like you, but he had no hesitation. His hands were in your hair pulling you closer and closer to him, his teeth tugging on your bottom lip insistently, begging. You slowly allowed him entrance and he practically moaned with joy, his tongue slipping in to taste you. You mewled against his mouth when he retreated to allow you to explore him. You didn’t understand how, but Kyungsoo guided you into his mouth, your tongues sliding against each other without abandon. The sheer feeling of them touching together sent heat coursing down to your panties, which were pressed firmly against Kyungsoo’s joggers. 

That’s when you realized for the first time that Kyungsoo was half hard underneath the loose material that already left nothing to the imagination. You blushed, hoping he hadn’t caught you staring at him, but nothing slipped past him. He locked eyes with you, his gaze burning holes through your clothing that now felt too tight and itchy. 

Kyungsoo broke his eyes away, pulling your hair ever so slightly to gain access to your neck. The moment his lips met your throat you moaned, your sensitivity heightened by the fact that you were squeezing your eyes shut in ecstasy. Every time he gave an open mouthed kiss, you couldn’t predict where or when. Each time it was a delicious surprise and you couldn’t help it when your hands wandered to his dark hair. You tugged and tugged him closer, nothing feeling like it was enough.

Kyungsoo please,” you breathed, your head swimming with want and pleasure. 

You felt his smirk against your skin, driving you up the wall with frustration. He let go of your hair, allowing you to crane your neck to see what he was doing. He kneeled above you, straddling your waist and looking positively sinful with his messy hair and swollen lips. He pulled his shirt above his head slowly, allowing you to worship the planes of his torso with kisses and soft touches.

He reached down and grasped the hem of your own shirt, “Your turn now, _____.”

Your ought to have fainted right then and there to save you from blushing from the sensual timbre of his voice, but instead you helped pull you shirt over your head, bra along with it. 

Goosebumps immediately formed on your skin from the contact with cold air, your buds hardening slowly. You couldn’t help yourself when you grasped one of your mounds, a finger brushing over the other one. Kyungsoo looked about ready to rip the rest of your clothes off and have his way with you, but instead he just watched intently. You faltered in your actions slightly when you saw his hungry gaze, so he placed his hands over your own and helped you massage your breasts for you. 

Your breath was coming in short gasps now and without realizing it, you had been rubbing your thighs together to somehow create friction between your legs. One of your legs brushed Kyungsoo’s crotch, causing him to flinch and give a shaky moan, “O-oh.” It strained against his throat and was higher than his usual voice.

You whimpered, dying inside from sheer sexiness of it. You’d never heard his voice sound like that before and you wanted more. You continued rubbing your leg against his hard on, hoping to gain the same reaction as last time. You weren’t disappointed.

Kyungsoo continued to moan the same as before, his eyes shutting tightly at the feeling of your thigh brushing against his dick. You were merciless in your administrations, speeding up then slowing down, teasing him. You thought he was going to snap on you and regain control of the situation, but he seemed to like the sweet torture you were offering him. 

Kyungsoo was beginning to lose his composure completely. He was humping and grinding into your leg now,  desperate for any kind of friction you could offer him. You gasped, your pussy throbbing every time his clothed dick made contact. He whined with each thrust, whimpering your name over and over. He sounded so desperate and needy, so small and helpless, “Hng!…Ah…Ah!…” He was so close to release, but you had another idea.

You didn’t know what prompted you but you pushed him back roughly, tugging down your shorts and panties before you quickly straddled him. You frantically tugged down his pants, pulling his erect dick out. Kyungsoo tugged you forward onto his dick, your fluids already leaking down the shaft, “Ride me, _____. Fucking ride me, please.”

You gave him no warning as you slid completely down his dick, sheathing yourself on him, “Oh!”

You braced your arms on the arm of the couch, rolling your hips roughly. You could feel his dick brushing against you inside you and you cried out in pleasure. His hands were digging painfully into your hips, bury it didn’t mind at that moment because your release was approaching. Kyungsoo freed one of your hips and used his thumb to quickly stimulate your clit, causing you to throw your head back.

He murmured words of encouragement to you as each bolt of pleasure shot through you, your pace increasing and becoming choppier. He groaned hoarsely as you began to tighten around him, “Just let go _____.”

At his words you came, nodding your head frantically as your release rolled over you like waves. Kyungsoo soon followed you, pulling out as his hot seed spurted over your thighs. You shivered at the rawness of his features and the way he shuddered at his completion. 

You collapsed into his awaiting arms, enfolding yourself against him. You’d never experienced such pleasure as that before, especially with him, who’d you thought would be the last person to make you feel this way. You’d always thought Kyungsoo thought you were a burden and annoying, continuing as friends just for the sake of someone to hang out with. You had always been just a little secretly possessive of him, afraid he would leave you and find a new friend or even a girlfriend. It was selfish, but without him, you’d be so lonely. What did he even think of you now?

You opened your mouth, tears pricking at your eyes, suddenly awash with emotion. You were about to tell him you were sorry for forcing yourself on him like that. Oh, God. Did you force yourself on your friend?

He saw your expression and his dark eyes widened, “What’s the matter? Are you hurting?” He suddenly looked guilty and afraid, “…Did I hurt you?” He carefully extricated himself from your arms, making you miss his touch. He treated you as though you were made out of porcelain and you felt so pathetic at that moment. He really didn’t want you.

Kyungsoo felt a thousand miles away suddenly. You vehemently shook your head, “No! That was incredible and I’ve never felt so good before in my whole life!” You worried your lip between your teeth as you whispered, “I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for forcing myself on you like that. It was rude and insensitive-”

“What?!,” Kyungsoo said in disbelief. “Force yourself on me?” He looked angry now, but it was strange, “I’ve been wanting you to do that for,” he gulped realizing the weight of his words, “For so, so long _____.”

He reached for your hand and enclosed it in his palm. You were shocked at his confession, so you stuttered lamely, “O-oh?”

Kyungsoo groaned, hanging his head in shame, “I’m such an idiot. I knew you weren’t going to reciprocate my feelings.”

You stood up suddenly, mad, “Do Kyungsoo! You need to start thinking more highly of yourself! Why can’t you see who I see in front of me right now? My best friend, my only friend for that matter, and the boy I’ve liked since he became my friend.”

Kyungsoo gaped at you, his eyes wide, “You’re serious ______? Really?”

“For God’s sake,” you rolled your eyes, throwing yourself into his arms, “Yes!”

He returned your embrace with even more vigor, holding you tightly against his chest. He peppered your face with kisses, “I still can’t believe it.”

You laughed, caressing his cheek, “Well you better start soon because I won’t wait forever this time.”

He chuckled, a smile breaking across his face, beautiful and heart shaped, “Trust me, I won’t be hesitating any longer.”

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#2 with zack sabre jr?

How long have you been standing there?

You were jamming out to your favourite song while cleaning the apartment. Zack, your boyfriend, had informed you that he would be home this evening and you wanted to make everything look nice for him. You had planned to clean and then take a shower and get ready. As you were alone at home you let loose and just sang from the top of your lungs and danced around like a maniac. You hadn’t bothered to dress properly, you were wearing cute panties and one of your boyfriends shirts. You danced on the furniture and had the time of your life. When you jumped onto the sofa you slipped and landed on your butt. You quietly cursed to yourself as you heard a chuckle. You quicklyturned around to see Zack standing there, barely able to contain his laughter. “How long have you been standing there?!” you couldn’t believe he was here already. “You were supposed to get here in the evening!” “I thought I’d surprise you”, he laughed while walking over to you to help you back on your feet. “And I wasn’t disappointed. You look hot in my shirt, babe”. You wrapped your arms around him and started laughing too. “guess that was a nice show, huh?” 

Chapter Six

A Conflicted New Home

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Ship: Kylo Ren x Reader

Rating: M

It was two weeks after your arrival at Starkiller Base. You hadn’t made a whole lot of progress with Kylo, but you were getting somewhere. Your meetings with him were short, but each day you felt you chipped away at his anger problem just a little bit more. Your notes on him were growing longer and the pages of your notebook growing thicker with each meeting.

Now, you stood in your small bathroom, looking at yourself in the mirror as you tried to tame your hair into a braid.

You jumped at the sound of a loud, metal on metal knock at your door.

“A letter, ma’am,” A stormtrooper extended his free hand when you had opened it, handing you a thin worn looking letter. It bore stamps across the top of it and the long willow looking handwriting was immediately recognizable as your mothers. You felt your heart sink into your stomach. You stood there motionless, staring at the paper in his hands.

“T-thank you,” you finally managed, taking the letter carefully.

“Good day,” He added quickly before you shut the door. You stared down at it, the return address hastily written out with your home planets insignia on it. You turned it around in your hand, considering to yourself if you should open it this early in the morning before your meeting with Kylo. You didn’t want to become distracted with him.

You couldn’t stand waiting, though. Jamming your finger in the corner, you opened the envelope, extracting its contents. You let the envelope fall to the floor as you unfolded the letter in your trembling fingers. What could this be about?

To my first born, [y/n],”

You realized it was your father’s handwriting on the inside. Perhaps he had made your mother write the address on the front knowing you would open it if it were from her.

We received your letter the morning you left us. Since you have gone, your mother has fallen into a deeper depression. She doesn’t understand your departure from your job on this planet, or from us. Your brother, Ollith is heartbroken. He has looked up to you and your accomplishments over the years.

However, I have enlightened him on the deception of your actions in light of your recent disappearance.

Although asking why you have left to us to work for the Other side would be the proper thing to say in this letter, no amount of excuses or answers could mend our fragile hearts at this time. You say that it is a financial situation which prompted you to accept this position, but we have discussed this and decided we do not wish to take the credits you give us. Please keep the money. Taking credits from the First Order would be an abomination to my work in the Resistance years ago.

If you still hold that piece of the Death Star I had so dotingly given to you upon your retreat to Academy, I would like to kindly ask for it back at this time. Perhaps your brother, Ollith will appreciate it’s monumental value and meaning more than you have.



You sat down on the edge of your bed, feeling the world around you begin to disintegrate and fall out of existence. Your fingers shook and your eyes filled with tears, crumpling the paper up into your fist. You stared at it in the palm of your hand, your heart broken with just the thought of the words. You sunk to the floor, your knees buckling.

“What have I done?” you whispered to yourself, holding your head in your hands. You did this for them, you thought to yourself acidly. You came here for the money so that you could send it back to them and so that they could live comfortably and happily. So that maybe you could help Ollith pay for his time at the Academy so he wouldn’t have to struggle like you did.

And Papa, you think as you lean your head on the ground, clutching your sides. He wanted his most prized possession back from you. You knew in your heart what that really meant. There was no coming back from this mistake, you thought. Tears streamed down your face and you stood up from the ground, quiet sobs coming heaving in your chest.

You had never felt so alone than you did then.

* * * * * * *

“Have you been able to control your anger any better?” you sat across from Kylo, watching him as his gloved finger brushed around the bottom of his mask. He stared at you, or at least, you thought he was staring at you. He was probably wondering why your eyes were swollen or why your hair was frizzy and not pulled back neatly like normal. You had tried your best to look presentable this morning but you couldn’t even bring yourself to feel worthy to try.

“I suppose you could say that,” He answered dryly.

“General Hux informed me you had risen your voice at him yesterday,” you tell him. “What was that about?”

He didn’t answer you. A few beats passed before you watched him lean forward and rest his elbows on his knees, cupping his hands together. You stared at him, your eyebrow lifted in curiosity. You looked back down at your notes, hoping he would look away. Your face grew red.

“You want to leave,” His low rumbling voice spoke suddenly.

“Pardon?” you lifted your eyes to meet him.

“Something is bothering you.” It wasn’t a question, you realized. It was a statement - a fact that he was giving you. Suddenly you felt vulnerable and your face swelled with embarrassment.

“Nothing is bothering me, Master Ren,” you tell him softly. “We’re here to talk about you, not me.”

“What is it that you don’t want me to see?” He asked, his authoritative voice reaching your ears, sending a chill down your spine.

“I don’t think that my affairs are any of your business,” you tell him calmly, standing your ground. He paused, watching you.

“It is your family, isn’t it?”

You stare at him, baffled. A flighty thought entered your mind, wondering how he could know that. But then you remembered.

“That is not your business,” You tell him, feeling your voice begin to crack.

“I see you every day, [y/n]. Did you think I wouldn’t notice the change in your appearance?”

You shook your head to yourself and looked down. Your wounds were still fresh. You felt sadness bubbling up in your chest.

“Please,” Your lip quivered, your eyes filling with tears as you remember the letter your father had sent you. You think of how it is crumpled up on your rubbish bin, far away in the physical realm but immediate in your mind.

“Your father is a foolish man,”

“My father is a hero,” you looked up suddenly, your hand balling into a fist. “This is none of your business.”

You sat there, your eyes locked on him as he stared back at you. Did he know what you were thinking? Could he hear you right now? Did he know the pain you felt this morning? The loneliness you feel now? The anguish of your current situation? You felt empty and alone and you quickly wiped away a tear as it escaped from your eye.

“You’re so alone,” he spoke quietly, “So afraid.”

You stood up, anger now flashing before your eyes. This was a private matter and here he was intruding on your thoughts, on your family. The mix of emotions you felt was suddenly becoming debilitating.

He stood up also, taking a step closer to you. Your body stiffened, your nails digging into your palm as you clenched your fist.

“This is none of your business,” you repeated again, tears threatening to fall once more. “I am here to help you and receive my pay. Not tell you my secrets.”

He was too close to you, you thought. You tried to take a step back, but the back of your knees hit the chair, causing you to wobble on the spot. He grabbed your arm, steadying you. Was he touching you? Your face felt hot and your spine was tingling. You looked down, his thumb in the crook of your elbow, his grip surprisingly gentle. You looked up, searching his mask. You had never seen it up close. You noticed the little dents and scrapes scattered across the metal, pieces of its paint previously chipped off from battle.

“Don’t be afraid,” His altered voice murmured through his mask. He let go of your arm, hovering his hand above your face. You looked his gloved palm inches from your temple. He was reading your mind, you thought. You closed your eyes, fear engulfing you despite his reassurance. This was the man that had grown so accustomed to slaughtering innocent people he didn’t even flinch in the face of death. This was the man who could easily slice you open with one jerk of his weapon. You tried not to think of that.

Suddenly, your mind began flashing images. Your reassignment letter, the letter you wrote as you left home, your father’s injury and your mother’s depression. There was even a burst of little Ollith’s school books stacked on the kitchen table. You flinched, seeing your parents bills stacked up tall on their nightstand.

A tear crept out from under your quivering lids, making a trail down your cheek. You felt a warm hand on your chin and you opened your eyes. The feeling of leather felt foreign to your skin. You knew he was looking at you. You could feel his eyes on you. You stared at his shoulder, unwilling to meet his masked gaze.

“You did nothing wrong by coming here,” Kylo’s voice reverberated in your ears. You looked up at him. You didn’t know what to feel and you silently wished he would remove his mask. You suddenly wanted to know more about him, more than the bad you already knew.

His leather fingers dropped from your chin, leaving it cold. He looked at you once more and dipped his head in a nod before quickly exiting the room, his cape billowing behind him. You lifted your hand to your chin, feeling how weak you suddenly felt as you exhaled for what seemed like the first time in the past five minutes.

What had just happened?

You looked around the empty room. You really didn’t know what, you thought. 

A/N: Thank you for reading! Every time I post a chapter, I’m afraid I’m going to lose followers or something. I hope you guys are still enjoying this. I start school and a new job this week, but I will definitely find time to keep writing. Thank you for your support! xox
BTS gif reaction

“Can I request a gif reaction of bts when they just found out that their girlfriend is a drummer of a band and sometimes can do Taehyung’s raspy voice? cause I can and I’m a drummer XD” Requested by v-yomi


Jin: He will be completely hypnotized by your drummer’s skills. He will stare at you like this and when you will sing with V’s raspy voice, he will be really impressed and look at you with a huge smile and popped out eyes (maybe giggling).

SUGA: He will be really impressed and amazed about your skills. He will stare at you and zone out; thinking about how fortunate he is to be the boyfriend of a girl like you.

Rap Monster: I think it would be a turn on for our leader. Seeing you drumming, with all your soul, would turn him on but when he will hear your voice, he will go insane. He will love it so much to the point he will sometimes ask you to sing with this raspy voice even when you’re not drumming. And he will be kind of possessive about that fact of yours; he won’t like it if you are revealing your ‘secret skills’ to other boys.

J-hope: He would be so impressed. He would first look at you; asking you things such as “How did you started?” and he will ask you to do that raspy voice again and again and he will always have the same reaction. Wait, stare and laugh. (gif)

Jimin: He would like it, of course, but he would be coming behind you and ask you “Why did you hide me such a thing?” looking at your sticks.

Taehyung (since he is the most concerned and I had lots of accurate gifs here’s a bonus!):

1st reaction: He would be frozen and stare at you with his mouth wide open; being so impressed that such a raspy voice can come out of you and that you can copy him pretty nicely.

2nd reaction: He will stand up and jam to your beats; joining you with his raspy voice.

3rd reaction: At the end of the song he will cheer you and probably say “My girlfriend is the best.” or something similar.

Jungkook: (I also have two accurate gifs)

1st reaction: You will sit on your stool, preparing to drum. Jungkook would wait for it to begin. You will be telling him to prepare himself to hear your ‘v voice’ but he won’t believe you. And he would be realy surprised to hear your voice that is in fact just like V’s one.

2nd reaction: Whenever you will play the drum, he would stare at you with a genuine smile; thinking about how passionate you are.


Here it is! I hope you liked it and I hope it also came out well~ (Comments are welcomed!)


a 10k soulmate AU 

requested by @lady-of-fandoms

You’ve gotten used to a world of gray. Frankly, it doesn’t even bug you anymore. You used to have friends who couldn’t stand it. They wanted to meet their soulmates simply so they could be in on the secret that everyone else who had found their match was in on. Color. All of these colors, these things that none of you could even imagine. For some people, they sought it desperately.
But since the world ended, it hasn’t been high on your list of priorities. You don’t need to see color to kill Z’s, or avoid getting eaten by them.
You swing your blade in an arc, taking the head off a Z. Its head topples to the ground, and you kick it out of the way, kneeling down to peer at the bottom shelf in the small pharmacy. You grin, and pull out the lone candy bar. You jam it into your bag, and stand up. 

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Hanamiya, Himuro, Takao, Kagami and Hayama helping their s/o watch their younger sibling who really likes basketball. please and thank you. <3

I’m going to go with little brother-I hope that’s okay!!!

Hanamiya looked down at the starry-eyed kid staring up at him. This was all just because he’d said, “Sorry, practice ran late, I didn’t get a chance to shower,” When you asked why he was so sweaty.

“What kind of practice?” He asked, looking hopeful “Do you play basketball?!”

Hanamiya was about to roll his eyes and tell the kid if he wanted to play with him he had a big storm coming, when you gripped his arm and grinned, “Not only does he play, he’s captain and coach of his team!”

He heard a gasp and the small boy clung to his arm, “You’re the coach? But you’re only a second year right? What position do you play? Are you good? Have you and _______ made ou-?”

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Originally posted by raisarocks

Fandom: Star Wars
Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader
Request: “hello […] I would really love it if you could do a Kylo Ren x Reader when Kylo and reader get into a fight and reader runs away but Ben finds her and tries to make things right?.” - anonymous
“Could I request a Kylo X Reader? I don’t really have a plot idea so what ever you want to do is fine!” - anonymous
Words: 1.360

Author‘s note: Uhm, I had a plan writing this. I really had. But the result is very different from what I first imagined. Very different. And I’m afraid it’s also not exactly what you wished for but in a way it still is. I just got carried away. Either way I hope it’s not a disappointment to you, dear anon. Have fun :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


“You let them escape!” General Hux is yelling at you and spit sprinkles the ground between you. At least you imagine it to do so. You haven’t looked down yet, you won’t, but you see the droplets flying from his mouth every once in a while.

The otherwise pale face has turned as red as his hair. The General is furious and from an objective point of view you could even understand him, but he is mad at you so you have to stand your own ground instead of understanding your superior.

Your black pilot’s suit is torn, even smoking at the burned and ripped seam of your arm, everything hurts and it’s just your own anger, your willpower not to give in, that keeps you standing upright. Since they ordered you on the Starkiller base’s command centre you’ve been standing in position of attention, your helmet jammed unter your arm, your focus somewehere between the General’s eyes. No, you won’t look away.

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#87: He Looks Like A Family Member

Ashton: It was time for Ashton to meet your extended family, and your parents suggested that he should come to Christmas dinner. That way he could meet your aunts, uncles, and cousins. You had already given him the pep talk in the car, which people to avoid, which to be pleasant to, which to refuse drinks from. He had laughed and said that he would be fine, and you took a deep breath, seeming more nervous than Ashton was. You grabbed the gifts from the backseat and walked towards the door, hand in hand in the falling snow.You knocked on your Aunts door, waiting patiently for it to open. It opened, revealing your Uncle whom you hand’t seen for ages. “(Y/N)! What a lovely surprise!” He exclaimed, beckoning you inside and hugging you. “Its been way too long! Sounds like a full house,” You said, listening to the shrieks of the young children and the animated chatter of what seemed to be the adults. “Almost everyone is here,” He said smiling. “This is Ashton,” You said introducing him to your Uncle. “Its a pleasure to meet you, I’ve heard a lot about you.” Your Uncle said to him, making Ashton falter. “All good, don’t worry about that.” He said laughing. “Here I’ll take these and put them under the tree, make your rounds. Your cousin is dying to see you.” He took the parcels from you and ushered you further in the house. You intertwined your fingers with Ashton’s leading him through the house to what seemed to be the major grouping area. There the children were playing in front of the tree, shaking gifts and writing their letters to Santa. Your youngest cousin ran towards you squealing and smiling as you caught her in your arms. “(Y/N)! Come play!” She said, her tummy showing from her jumper. You put her down kissing her on the head. “I’ll play once I say hi to everyone okay?” You asked, but she was already playing with her brother. You made your rounds, introducing Ashton to everyone and as soon as you introduced him to your favourite cousin you were knocked speechless. Their was an uncanny resemblance to your cousin Derek. The same facial features, the same coloured eyes, the hair colour was different but the more you stared at both of them the more you realized just how similar they were. You approached your Aunt later that night, asking her if she saw it. “Do you think that Ashton and Derek look alike?” You asked sipping your glass of wine. She stared for a little bit before her lips quirking into a small smile. “A little, I can see it just a tiny bit. Don’t freak out (Y/N), its not a lot. But I do get what you’re asking.” She said patting your arm. You nodded your head, downing the last drops of wine from your glass before going to the kitchen to pour another glass. Ashton came in shortly after, leaning against the counter, watching as you poured the liquid into your glass. “You’re family is lovely,” He said, making you smile. “Did you get along with everyone? Nobody gave you a hard time?” You asked, turning towards him after you put the cork back in the bottle. “No, every things fine.” He said laughing. “So Derek,” You said, taking a sip. “What about him?” He asked, grabbing the glass with a cheeky grin and taking a sip. “You two look awfully alike.” You said, grabbing the glass back. “Hardly,” he said shaking his head. “You can totally see it! In your facial structure and your eyes… its a little uncanny.” You said, swishing the ruby liquid around. “Does it creep you out?” He asked. “No, of course not! I just find it funny that for the longest time Derek and I were inseparable and I’m dating someone that looks like him.” You said chuckling more to yourself than Ashton. Ashton laughed as well shrugging. “I don’t see it, but whatever you say.” He said, grabbing a glass and pouring himself some wine. “Want to go play with the kids? They were begging for me to play with them.” Ashton said, making your heart melt. “Absolutely.” You said, grabbing his hand and walking towards the noise the kids were making. 

Calum: Things were going really well with you and Calum. You had been together for a fair amount of time, and things were looking healthy and happy between the two of you. He had met most of your family, except your brother. Your brother travelled a lot, and went to school out of the country, making seeing him on a regular basis difficult, and trying to find a time for Calum to meet him was becoming almost impossible. But this weekend your brother was coming home to see your family, and Calum would be with you this weekend which carved our a perfect opportunity for him to meet your brother. You were nervous to be honest. Your brother had high standards and wanted only the best for you, and bringing a guy home to him was almost worst than your Father. But when he walked through the door all fear dissipated because it had been so long. You ran into his arms, taken by a hug that screamed how much you missed him. “Its so nice to see you,” He said into your hair. “I’ve missed you so much.” You said, not letting go. You had told Calum more often than not how much you missed him when he was gone. You were ecstatic that he was living his life, but you wanted to see him more often. When you pulled away and stared at him for a what seemed like a while, dozens of childhood memories were flashing through your mind. “You must be Calum, (Y/N) boyfriend.” Your brothers tone changed to a formal greeting and you rolled your eyes. “Its a pleasure to meet you, I’ve heard so much about you.” Calum replied shaking his hand. When you stared at the both of them you were startled to see a heavy resemblance. It was in their mannerisms and they way they spoke. They sounded alike as well, and it was something in their eyes that reminded you of one another. “Are you alright (Y/N)?” Your brother joked, waving his hand in front of your face to draw you out of your daydream. You resumed consciousness and nodded your head, smiling. “Lets go sit down,” You said grabbing Calum’s hand and walking towards the living room. You stared at the both of them, until your brother spoke up. “What?” He asked. “You two just look alike. Like its kind of weird.” You said, staring between the two boys. “Its like your mannerisms and stuff. I don’t know,” You said shrugging your shoulders. “I don’t see it,” Your brother said. “I don’t either,” Calum agreed, making you groan. “You just made me sound so freaking weird.” You protested. “But you are,” Your brother added, making you roll your eyes. “You’re adorable,” Calum said under his breath, before giving you a side hug. 

Luke: Luke had so graciously agreed to come to your Aunts 74th birthday. You really didn’t care to go, but your parents insisted that it was a family function and your absence would be noticed. At dinner one night while Luke was over, your parents asked him if he’d like to join you guys. You agreed, smiling politely but you spoke up. “You’re going to make him endure our family for an entire day? I can barely do that.” You said, pushing your food around your plate. “Now, (Y/N). That’s not nice. Its her 74th birthday. At least seem like you’re interested.” Your Mother said from her seat. And here you were, standing in the house that was jam packed with members of your family. Some of whom your remembered, some whom remembered you better than you remembered them, and some that you didn’t know at all. You held Luke’s hand the entire time, just so one, you wouldn’t loose him, and two, it was a form of security and a way to get through the endless conversations of school, your boyfriend, and basically your life. When you were introduced to your second cousin, that you had never met, the more you stared at him the more you realized the uncanny resemblance between him and Luke. They both were tall, had piercing blue eyes, had the same body build, and their noses were the same shape. It made you blink in confusion because how had you never noticed it. But than again, you didn’t always have Luke beside you to compare. “Luke, I think I found your lookalike.” You said, finally being able to sit down and talk to him without the interruption of a curios family member. “What?” He asked, placing his hand on your knee. “You see him,” You said pointing to your second cousin. He nodded his head, humming. “He looks like identical to you.” You said laughing. “Barely,” He stated. You rolled your eyes. “You don’t see it?” You asked. “No, not at all. We look totally different!” He exclaimed and you laughed harder. “Oh, young love!” Someone called to you two and you groaned, the joke lost. “We need to leave.” You groaned, making Luke laugh this time. “Well, we could. Because my lookalike can cover for us.” He teased making you mock hit him in the arm. “Hey! You said it!” He said, feigning being hurt. You scoffed, before he pulled you in for a bear hug. “Lets go,” He said standing up and leading you to the front door where your escape lay.

Michael: Your youngest brother was into punk. And now that you were dating Michael he was completely set on becoming punk rock. He even went as far as to dye his hair like Michael would. Band t-shirts became ripped, and his vans were the new thing for him to wear. Much to your parents dismay he insisted on getting his eyebrow pierced, or at least something so he could be fully punk rock but your parents disagreed. They told him no countless times, until one day he just came home with it. Your parents flipped but your brother merely said, “I’m punk rock.” You teased Michael relentlessly that his biggest fan was under the same roof as you, but he would just shake his head. “You see it though don’t you? He’s trying to be like you,” You said one day when he was over. “I know, its a bit creepy.” He said, laughing. “I can talk to him if you’d like?” You said. You didn’t mind, if anything it really creeped you out to be honest. There was one thing being a fan, there was another thing being in the same room with a little Michael that you happened to be related to. “He’s young and impressionable. I’m flattered,” Michael teased. “And just think, when you miss me, just go to his room.” He said, and you slapped his arm. “You’re awful.” You said, laughing. “Wait until he see’s Calum’s tattoos. The things the boy’s going to do.” He said. You groaned, envisioning your brother with an armful of tattoos. That alone was enough to give your Mother a heart attack. As if on cue, you heard the door slam from downstairs, meaning that your brother was home. You could hear the sounds of his footsteps coming up the stairs and a knock on your door. “(Y/N)?” He asked, and you stood up to answer it. “Hey,” You said, propping the door open with your foot. “When’s Mum going to be home?” He asked, peeking around your shoulder. “Hey Michael!” He said, pushing past you. “Hey dude,” Michael said, his eyes flitting to yours. “Looking good my man!” Michael said, laughing as he gave him a props. “She’ll be home much later, now get out.” You said, growing steadily more impatient. “I just wanted to see Michael, god.” He muttered. “Michael, do you want to show me some chords on the guitar sometime?” He asked, eagerly. “Yeah sure, sometime buddy. You’re sister and I are having a nice night though, some other time.” He told him gently. “Sure thing!” He exclaimed, leaving the room. You turned to him smirking. “And you say its not weird.” You joked, Michael rolling his eyes. “Its a nice gesture.” He said, laughing along with you.

Imagine going grocery sdhopping. You are not the tallest person so you are struggeling to get your favorite jam out of the highest shelf. Though, shy as you are, you try instead of asking someone who is a little taller to help you out. Suddenly a hand with a glass of jam in it stands in front of your face. Well, it doesn’t really stand, there is a tall, pale, dark curled, handsome man next to you who apperantly ownes the hand. “Did you try to reach for this?”, he smirks scornfully. “Well, yes! Thank you!”, you havent’ yet decided if you like him for getting you the jam or if you hate him for being that scornfull, when he smiles and says: “No problem! I figured you are too shy for asking someone, and also a little too pround, right? Well, it doesn’t really matter to ask, because I know the answer. Anyways, would you like to grab some coffee as soon as you are finished here? I’ll wait in front of the market so you have time to decide. And while he goes away he suddenly turns around and goes: “By the way, the name is Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes!” and winks. 

First Date (Mikey)

You were standing in your bathroom finishing your hair and jamming out before your first date with Mikey. You had met at the Blink 182 show last week when your friend had ditched you to push her way to the front of the crowd. A pit had opened up near you and Mikey had pulled you back when a fist came dangerously close to your face. By the time your friend found you at the end of the show you and Mikey had exchanged numbers and agreed to meet up later that week. 

“Y/n” your mom said as she popped her head in the bathroom. You jumped and shouted, she had scared you. She laughed “There’s a boy with colorful hair waiting for you”. You checked the mirror one more time before grabbing your bag and rushing down the hallway after her before she could embarrass you. You slid on the floor and ended up hitting the couch and falling over the armrest, landing on the couch itself. You looked up in shock to see your mom and Mikey both giggling. You felt your face flush red and said “I forgot my shoes”. Mikey’s eyes sparkled as he giggled and your mom said “Would you believe that she does that nearly once a week? The couch has been in the same spot for years”. 

You walked back out, this time with your shoes on and greeted Mikey with a shy “Hey”. “Hi, y/n” he responded. You looked him up and down and let out a sigh of relief “I was afraid I might be underdressed”. “You look great” Mikey said at the same time and smiled at you. Both of you were just wearing skinny jeans and t shirts. He had told you that you didn’t need to dress up but you we so nervous about everything. “Alright. You ready to go?” Mikey said after a minute in silence. “Yea. Let’s go” you said and started walking towards the door. “Bye Mom! I’ll be back before midnight” you shouted back to her. “It was nice meeting you” Mikey said before he walked out the door.

“So.. Where are we going?” you asked as you hopped in the passenger side of Mikey’s car. “We have a dinner reservation downtown” Mikey responded and looked over at you for approval. You nodded. “Let’s go” you said with a smile. You pulled up to the restaurant and Mikey quickly got out and ran around to your side to open the door. You smiled and giggled quietly to which he did dramatic bow and offered his elbow for you to take. You linked arms with him and walked up to the restaurant. 

Over dinner you talked about nearly everything and were fascinated with everything he was saying. When you asked what he did he was really quiet as if he didn’t want to say anything but he finally answered “I’m in a band”. You thought he must be shy or embarrassed about it because it wasn’t a ‘real job’. You told him you were still in school and were studying art. He smiled and said “Maybe you can design something for my band sometimes”. “I’ll have to hear your music first” you teased. 

“Are we doing anything else tonight?” you asked. “Actually some of my friends are playing a little gig a few blocks away. Wanna go?” he asked nervously. “I’m always down for a show!” you exclaimed. He mumbled something along the lines of “Oh, it’ll definitely be a show” as he opened the car door for you. It took a few minutes to get there and the first thing you noticed was that it was completely packed, there wasn’t an empty spot out front. Mikey drove to park in the back next to a big van, which you assumed was his friend’s. He turned to you before he got out and said “Listen, I told them I wasn’t going to be here tonight and they’re the type to cause a scene, in the best way possible of course. So don’t freak out, yea?”. “Yea, of course” you replied, confused as to why he would be clarifying this. 

You were walking inside when Mikey slipped his hand in yours then he paused, frozen for a moment. “Uh. Is this okay?” he asked nervously, swinging your hand slightly. You smiled “Yes it’s okay Mikey”. You saw relief wash over him just as you walked through the door. All Mikey had to do was make eye contact with the bouncer and he nodded and moved out of the way to let you through. You walked into a room filled with screaming girls with three boys on stage. You tugged on Mikey’s hand and he leaned down. “You’re friends, they seem pretty popular” you shouted over the music. “Yea. This is kind of a small show. It was a surprise, last minute thing they decided to do because they were bored” he shouted back, almost hesitant to tell you and his cheeks flushing dark red. The way he was acting was starting to get weird. 

You pulled him into the crowd, wanting to get closer to be able to see his friends play. Mikey walked with you through the crowd with his head ducked slightly, like he didn’t want anybody to notice him. You assumed it was because he told his friends he wouldn’t be able to make it. You made it to a spot where you could see the band through the crowd and hoped Mikey wasn’t too uncomfortable. When the song ended you were about to lean in to tell Mikey that you enjoyed the band’s music when you heard an “OI”. One of the boys on stage was looking directly at Mikey.

Suddenly it felt like everybody was looking at Mikey and also you because your fingers were still intertwined and Mikey had pulled you closer. “Lad, I thought you were busy” the blonde boy who had been singing yelled. “I’m on a date” Mikey shouted back, his face becoming more red than before. “Bring her here so we can meet her” the dark hair boy said as the other two laughed. Mikey began apologizing profusely as you walked towards the stage, you laughed it off insisting that it was okay. “Hi” you shouted when you got to the front. “Hey pretty lady. I’m Calum, that’s Luke, and back there is Ashton” he said. “I’m y/n” you yelled so they could hear you. “I guess she’s a good enough reason to ditch us. I would’ve done the same” Calum said. 

“Alright lad. You have to join us for at least one song. Then you and your lady friend can leave and finish your night in peace” Ashton said from behind his drums. It suddenly hit you, he was acting weird because he had ditched his own band to go out with you. You smiled up at him and squeezed his hand. “I’d love to see you play” you said. That was all the convincing it took, suddenly Mikey was on stage and grabbing a spare guitar. He gestured for the band to meet back by Ashton. They leaned in to hear Mikey as he spoke and all nodded in agreement. 

Mikey walked up to a mic and said “Alright. I’m going to play two songs. This one is called Voodoo Doll and the next one will be a cover”. The girls in the audience screamed. You stood in the front fascinated with how Mikey was on stage, feeding off the energy of the crowd. You picked up on the beat quickly and began to dance, smirking at Mikey and enjoying yourself. When the song finished Mikey leaned into the mic and asked “Y/n, do you like my stupid hair?” You both laughed and he continued with “You know, when you smile I melt inside”. You got the reference immediately and the band launched into First Date by Blink 182. 

You walked out of the small venue with Mikey’s arm draped around your shoulder. “You’re so great! Why didn’t you tell me about your band?” you shouted. He laughed “Didn’t want to scare you away on the first date. And I believe I did mention I was in a band”. “Shove it” you laughed. “I’d love to come to another show. You know, if you want to continue to see each other that is” you added. “Well I like you and the lads in there seem to approve. So wanna do this again this weekend?” he asked. You smiled and nodded.

“Well, I know a guy. So maybe you can get back stage for one of the shows” he smiled as he drove you home. You laughed and hit his arm playfully. He pulled up in front of your house and once again rushed out of the car to open your door for you only this time you locked it before he could grab the handle. Mikey pouted and you laughed from inside the car and unlocked the door. “Could I give you a kiss goodnight?” he asked. “I’d like that” you said as you started to lean in. You bumped noses and you pulled away to laugh. “I dread the thought of our very first kiss, a target that I’m probably gonna miss” you said. He chuckled and pulled you back in to place a gentle kiss on your lips. “I didn’t miss that time. Goodnight y/n” he smirked.