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This is Bakugou’s version! This one is so long omg~Admin K🎶

What was he going to do? These psychotic…things were destroying everything in the area. Three of them. These things looked like they were made of the odds and ends of all kinds of animals. With the body of a lion, a thick snake’s body coming from the spot where the lion’s tail would be, and from the waist up, they were human—they were the stuff of nightmares. They had terrifyingly large fangs dripping with poison, and it was obvious very quickly that the power of those snake tails had the power of being lethal with the right amount of force. Bat wings a kilometer in length sprouted from their lion backs.

People were running around like mad, desperately trying to escape them. People with all kinds of powerful quirks, but with no training to use them properly. Pro heroes had to be on their way, but who were these villians? Would the heroes even know how to stop them? First things first, he absolutely had to find ___ and get her to safety. His girlfriend was his number one priority at the moment; he could try to fend off those other guys later, but being quirkless in this situation? ___ was not safe here. He screamed her name, desperately calling to find her.

Where is she? Where is she?!


“Move! Everyone, go now!” Bakugou shouted, pushing people out of the way. “Move! ___? ___! Out of my way! ___!” he screamed. ___ was nowhere to be seen. The freakish hybrids were wreaking even more havoc than they had at first. Where in the world was she? Bakugou told himself he had to save her, and fast. If Katsuki could be her hero…it would make up for everything. Every time where he treated others so poorly, or he did something that terrified himself…he could make up for that if he were there for her now.

Because every time he called Deku worthless, or got excessively violent with any of the students, it reminded him of his power. If he could not control his temper, his pride, his ever inflating ego—would he be able to make it? Not just as a hero, but at all? His pride… his stupid pride! Bakugou tortured Deku for years, he made himself out to be better than all of his peers, but was he really? No. Katsuki was terrified with himself. The power, the need for control… if his intense desire for saving others and doing the right thing wavered for even one second—if he questioned the reasons why someone with such a powerful quirk should obey the laws made by those he felt were beneath him, Katsuki would no longer be a hero. He would be a villain with professional hero training.

So even if he had not been so in love with ___, he had to save her and everyone who was there, or at least hold the situation down until the pros could arrive. Bakugou needed to redeem himself from the incident in junior high as well—he had not forgotten about that. He bolted over to them, not worried about the possible repercussions of his actions.

I need to find you. I have to. Find me. Help me find you. ___, I need you here right now.

When the monster hybrids opened their mouths, their fangs dripped with a sickly green venom, and even from 20 meters away, Bakugou could tell that the stench coming from their mouths must have been foul. Even with this in mind, and doing his best to swallow down his own fears, he continued to charge at them with both hands blazing. As he got closer he saw it. The flames around them were not caused by the collapse of anything electrical in the buildings nearby, the flames came from the mouths of the creatures themselves.

“Fantastic,” Bakugou thought sarcastically. “Flames and poison.” Katsuki’s courage never wavered. But when he saw ___ stuck in a corner of the alley, trying to get away, but stay hidden sufficiently so that she would not be noticed, he felt his mind go blank. Just seeing her there, with her mind so preoccupied and her face covered in dirt and grime, panic struck his heart like a lightning bolt. He felt himself slowing down. ___ was a thinker, unlike Bakugou’s usual brashness, and Katsuki felt that he could see the wheels in her head turning like a thousand gears.

Clearly, ___ had to be quick. She had to be stealthy enough not to be noticed, but she also needed the speed and agility not to get caught and taken hostage. She was behind them, flattening herself against the brick wall of the office building that housed the current situation. ___’s hair had come undone, Bakugou could see tears in her sleeve and her stockings, and she had a bleeding gash on the side of her head. They were supposed to meet up in that spot when the explosion first hit, and Katsuki gathered that his beloved girlfriend must have been at the front lines when it occurred. She was not even looking at Bakugou, though he desperately wanted her to.

Look this way, he begged in his thoughts. Look over here. See that I’ve not abandoned you. I’m here. I’m here.

Bakugou’s legs felt like cement, like he could not have moved them even with a crane. The flames in his hands were put out involuntarily, his mind so worried with other things that he could no longer focus on keeping them lit. It became apparent to him quite abruptly that if these things could spit fire, it meant that they were impervious to it. A fat load of good Bakugou would be in this situation. Did they have to breathe fire? When he saw ___ grip her head with what he assumed was pain, he made his decision. If he could not stop them, he could at least get the attention off of ___.

You always liked being the center of the room, ___ would have joked if she had been standing next to him. Now is as good a time as any. What makes now different than normal?

You, Bakugou would have responded. It’s different because of you. I’ve never needed anyone the way I need you. I’ve never loved like this. Any misstep, and I could lose you forever.

“What would ___ do in this situation?” Bakugou asked himself. Of course, ___ being quirkless meant she always used her natural intuition and street smarts. In a situation where explosions would do nothing except more damage to civilians, Bakugou himself was as good as quirkless, and yet…

___ seemed to notice Bakugou quite suddenly. Her eyes said fear, though her body looked prepared for a fight. He more than just loved her for her spirit despite being literally powerless, it was something he admired greatly. He grinned at her from afar, telling her with his eyes not to worry because he would do something to get her to safety. She shook her head fervently, desperate to get him to stay where he was, but Bakugou had made up his mind already; he was going to be a distraction.

Bakugou charged. “I’ll kill you, you creepy bastards!” he screamed to the creatures at the top of his lungs. 

“Wait! Bakugou!” ___ shouted, running out into the open where the hybrids saw her too. Two of them focused on her, and one on him. They lunged at her, and she dove to the side, narrowly avoiding being struck by one of the creatures’ lion paws. In a desperate attempt to focus their attention on him, Bakugou launched a fireball into one of the creatures’ faces, careful of not hitting ___. They roared at him, starting to run his direction. Somewhere in the background of his impending fight, Bakugou heard someone cry out—in some far crevice of his mind, he instinctively knew that it was ___ calling out to him. Bakugou continued to run toward the beasts, who were racing to him as well. He braced himself mentally and physically for battle, and they got close enough to spit their poison at him, which was still several meters away. He noticed it too late, and just as the poison should have hit him, someone landed in front of him with a loud metallic clank!

It took a minute to process that in was in fact ___. The shock of seeing enormous bird wings folding out of his girlfriend’s back was overwhelming. No, not bird wings. They were made of metallic feathers in bronze, copper, and titanium colours, but layered and formed exactly like the wings of an eagle. From tip to tip, they easily measured 3 meters across. They had stopped the poison with ease, protecting the both of them from getting hit. In an instant, she picked up Bakugou by his arms and dropped him a few meters back, standing with him.

“What?!” Bakugou shouted in anger. “You said you were quirkless!”

“I lied!” she screamed back, as the creatures hissed and lunged again. ___ whipped around, and Bakugou could do nothing but stare as razor sharp metal feathers came loose from her wings, firing at the creatures and clipping the hybrids as if ___ had been throwing knives. They howled in pain, ripping the feathers out of their wings, which Bakugou could tell were too injured for them to use, and went to attack ___. Like an expert, ___ skillfully avoided both flames and poison while simultaneously going on the offensive—shooting feathers left and right, very seldomly missing her targets. She twisted, fired, turned and used her wings to shield herself and Bakugou and then started over, all in the time it took for people to blink.

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me about this!” Bakugou shouted, sending fireballs at the faces of the creatures to help fend them off. One of the hybrids snapped at ___, and she jumped, pushing off of the thing’s head like a springboard and shooting into the air, where she continued to fire. Bakugou was pissed. How dare she look so attractive when he was so angry with her?

“I didn’t tell anyone!” She yelled back, barrel rolling into all three creatures and landing next to Bakugou.

“But I’m your boyfriend!” he protested. “You could have at least—duck!” they sprang in opposite directions, avoiding another poison blast before continuing their assault. “You could have at least mentioned it!”

“Can we maybe talk about this later?!” ___ yelled. Bakugou saw her getting tired, losing her balance in the air, and he prayed to every god he could think of that someone would show up quick. Just as ___ narrowly missed a fireball to the face, she lost her balance in the air, and started to fall. She landed in what probably would have broken someone else’s leg and rolled to a stop, coughing from the smoke surrounding them. The creatures, knowing ___ was the bigger threat, dashed to her, reading themselves for a final attack. Bakugou grit his teeth.

Brashness won’t do any good here, he thought quietly. I have to do something. Fire alone won’t help…

And then, like manna from heaven, Bakugou saw high above them a cable holding up a container that easily weighed 100 tons on the other side of the street. The construction that had been going on for two months to build the apartments across the street. Every old cartoon he had ever seen came to mind. The construction crew was going to hate him for this. He sprinted over there and blasted his way up on top of it. He singed the cable halfway, and with his flames as stabilizers, jumped down to the ground beneath it. Bakugou ran forward and shot a tornado of pure heat at the hybrids.

“Hey, you smelly bastards!” Bakugou taunted. “You look like rotten garbage! You guys kiss your mother with that mouth? I bet not even a mother could love something as ugly as you morons!” Apparently, this hit close to home for this guys, because they completely forgot about ___, and Usain Bolt’ed in Bakugou’s direction.


Bakugou rushed back to the far side of the container and waited for them to get closer. They had to be under the container for it to work. Finally, they were close enough with their speed for Bakugou to shoot another flame up at the cable to finish melting it, and it sent the container down three hundred meters and right on top of all 3 freaks.

Before he could celebrate his obviously genius idea, he punched himself mentally. With the amount of force that the container fell, it exploded on impact. If it had been a normal explosion, Katsuki would have been fine—but this was not fire, it was a hailstorm of metal shrapnel that would have thrown him into the wall and cut him like hamburger meat. Would have, if his girlfriend had not already been flying over to get him already. ___ swooped, picked Bakugou up, and they flew off just before the container hit. She landed on a rooftop far from where the danger was.

“Did you see that?” Bakugou shouted excitedly. He punched and kicked the air in front of him a few times with a massive grin on his face. “We totally whooped some reptilian-mammal arse back there!” ___ smiled.

“Yeah, we did,” she said. Bakugou looked at her, still beaming, then frowned as he remembered how angry he was with her. ___’s shoulders slumped and she looked at him sheepishly. “You’re still mad,” she inferred.

“Of course I am! You’ve somehow been hiding…” Bakugou spread his arms out wide, mimicking her wings. “Those from me all this time! I thought we told each other everything. And they’re so kickass! Why would you pretend you’re quirkless?”

“Because having a quirk means people expect you to use it,” ___ said bitterly. “Look at your quirk. When people saw it they said it too didn’t they? ‘Katsuki, you’ll be a great hero someday!’ Well who says I want to be a hero?! Why-why is it so expected of someone with a great quirk that they have to be a hero? Why can’t I be a history teacher, or an actress or whatever I want? Just because of my stupid quirk?”

“But…you could have flown us to school all this time…” Bakugou said stupidly, immediately regretting the words. ___ glared at him. “I’d never thought about it that way before, but you’re right. Being forced into a job because of your quirk, or people expecting you to be something specific because of it—it’s profiling.”

___’s face softened. “Thanks for understanding.”

“Well now you have some questions to answer.”

“Okay, go ahead.” Bakugou touched one of ___’s wings tentatively. The feathers were so detailed, and all of them thin like paper.

“What kind of metal is this?” He asked.

“Think of steel and multiply it to the power of about a thousand.”

“So kind of like vibranium? The thing Captain America has for his shield in the comics?” ___ raised an eyebrow and chuckled.

“Yeah, if Godzilla’s a gecko,” she answered sarcastically.

“Damn,” Katsuki whispered to himself. “Now I know why I’ve never gotten past first base with you.”

“I can assure that the wings had nothing to do with that.”

“How did you hide them all this time?” He asked, still in awe. ___ turned her back to him and he saw the back of her shirt was ripped where the wings came out of her skin. He watched as she carefully folded them over her back—literally. The wings folded themselves and continued to do so until they were the size of Bakugou’s arm, and then they looked like they melted into her skin once again.

“It wasn’t hard to hide them,” ___ said quietly. Cautiously, Bakugou touched the exposed skin on her back where the wings had gone back and he shivered, noticing how red her skin was from the points the wings emerged from. If the feathers could make such powerful cuts then…

“Does it hurt?” Katsuki asked her. “When they come out?”

“Always,” ___ answered. Katsuki kissed the fingers of his hand and pressed them lightly against the red marks of her skin. It was not like it would heal her, but if he put his lips there now, ___ would get terribly uncomfortable.

___ smiled a bit, but she looked sad. Bakugou embraced her, because he now for the first time, he knew that above all else, she needed him just as much as he needed her.

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Please Stop.

Fandom: Marvel/Avengers

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Short Reader, so if you’re not short this might annoy you? idk…

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: There weren’t a lot of things that terrified Bucky Barnes, but your attempts to reach high shelves was one of them.

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Originally posted by nnochu

Word Count: 3.8k
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

Description: You had picture the exciting reactions that you would get from him when you tell him that you’re pregnant. But you soon realize that you shouldn’t have get your expectations high because you would only have it crashed down in front of you. It is related to Mirage.

The noise of a metal rattling and clicking suddenly feels too loud for your ears. And the greater amount number of the clock ticking the greater your anxiety level increases. You take a glance on your wall where your vintage clock attached and another deep of sigh falling out of your lips. 

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Isak and Even x international women’s day - one shot by Nate

I had planned to post this on international women’s day a few days ago but I didn’t have the time to finish it due to school! But here it is anyways! I hope you guys like it!  💙and doesn’t drill me on my dialogue work because that’s a sore spot for me and I know I have a lot of improvements to do.

It was a late Wednesday evening and Isak and Even had just got back home to Isaks place. It was international women’s day and Even had been the one that had tried to convince Isak the importance of participation for weeks in advanced. Even had always been reading about equal rights and it was often something he discussed many times with his mom during family dinners. Isak on the other hand had previously really not cared at all. Not until recently when he briefly had searched up information about equal rights since Sana had brought the discussion to the table during one of their biology study sessions a few weeks before international women’s day. Since then, Isak had spent loads of his free time googling about the issue of feminism at the same time as he started following new accounts on Instagram that frequently posted about it. The more research Isak did, the more he felt like he just couldn’t ignore the issues anymore. So when Even had asked Isak if he was interested to participate in international women’s day for the gazillion time, Isak was more than ecstatic to finally come around and say yes. After all, despite the fact that Isak had been reading up a lot about it he was still always willing to learn even more so what day wasn’t more perfect for learning all about women’s rights and feminism than on international women’s day?

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anonymous asked:

Could you do some Gavriel headcanons please? Maybe him and Aedions mom?

(we’re gonna call her Eleanor okay)

- Gavriel and Lorcan were sent to do a business for Maeve in Varasse. They got there and they’re walking on a street and joking and Gavriel threw an apple on Lorcan who ducked in a last second. Apple went straight in a very pretty blonde head. Gavriel was going to apologize but before he had a chance to speak, she pushed him in a river

- after a few days, they went in a palace of Ashryver family and that’s how Gavriel realized, not only had he hit a girl in a head, he hit the Eleanor Ashryver. How he didn’t recognize her right away, he doesn’t know

- they fought and argued a lot. She’s Ashryver after all. She’s stubborn and beautiful. So so beautiful

- he didn’t realize at first what was going on. Even after Lorcan would tease him all the time how he’s postponing their going back home

- then one evening, he saw her talking with some guy in a market. That’s when he realized. Of course he fell in love with her. Of course, after he made a promise to himself, after he knew it wasn’t a good idea

- he didn’t know he started walking towards her and that boy and until he was in front of them and until she asked him what he wants after he just stared at them for a good minute

- he said, no he stuttered “Lorcan wants to know when will your uncle uncle be back” while Lorcan was standing literally 15 meters away. She just grinned, it was all clear to her

- after a week or so, they’re walking in a park and Gavriel told her they had to go back to Doranelle tomorrow and he kept talking about how Lorcan got drunk yesterday or something like that and she interrupted him and said “Don’t go”. Gavriel stared at her and Eleanor just kissed him, she pulled him down by his shirt and kissed him

That’s it, that’s how they met. I hope you like it :)

Touch me - Frerard (Part 1) WARNING: Smut

Overview- Gerard has just finished art school and with no intention of getting a job anytime soon he spends most of his days drunk, high or both. One night Mikey brings home a group friends and Gerard meets Frank. Gerard instantly takes a liking to shy Frankie and makes it his goal to get what he wants.

Gerard was sitting cross legged on the counter top in his family’s kitchen. He had an ash tray on his left and a beer on his right. Judging by his blood shot eyes and general spaced out expression, it was clear Gerard had opted to smoke weed tonight which he often did when, well, whenever he felt like it. His parents were away for the weekend and Mikey was out with friends so he decided to spend his time wisely; getting stoned. He lifted the joint up to his lips and took a long, generous drag. After a second or two of holding the smoke in he proceeded to slowly exhale, his head dropping back to lightly hit cupboard behind him. Too stoned to support his body. He sat there for a moment, daydreaming about sex which was a regular occurrence for testosterone driven Gerard. His peace was quickly interrupted however by the sound of the front door opening, seconds later followed by Mikey wandering into the kitchen. It only took Gerard a second to realise Mikey was severely intoxicated despite being completely stoned himself. Mikey swayed a little and grabbed onto the table to steady himself.

“Gee, is it ok if I have some frien-” but his words trailed off and his head flopped forward before he could finish his sentence. Mikey chuckled at his own inebriation. He always went over his limit.

“Mikey you’re fucked.” Gerard murmured, quickly realising how ironic that statement was, seeing as Gerard was also fairly fucked merely off a different substance.

“I fucking know right. Fucked.” Mikey giggled, imitating Gerard.

Before Gerard could reply he heard the front door open again and a for a split second thought it might be his parents. But before he could panic Mikey managed to utter an incoherent, mumbled sentence “A couple of my friends are here. We’re just gonna hang out upstairs and like,” he stopped talking, slurry off again into a jumble of letters.

“Like what?” Gerard replied, raising an eyebrow.

A blonde girl entered the kitchen. “Fuck.“ she slurred, finishing Mikey’s sentence for him. She giggled and fell onto Mikey. Gerard frowned. He really didn’t need to know about his brothers sex life.

"Guys come in” she called to the others who were laughing and talking in the hallway. God my house feels like a fucking hotel, Gerard thought.

Four others strolled in. Gerard studied at them as best he could through his stoned eyes. 2 boys, another girl and the forth. Gerard’s eyebrows rose when he laid eyes on him. This guy was short, with dark messy hair falling onto his face. He had hazel eyes and a ton of tattoos gracing his arms and neck. To say the least, whoever this guy was, Gerard thought he was incredibly attractive. The boys cheeks flushed, clearly aware that Gerard was staring at him. However, none of the other drunk teenagers seemed to notice.

“This is my brother, Gerard.” Mikey spluttered before raising his hand and pointing at the group, “This is Ella.” he slurred, pointing at the blonde who Gerard had to admit was pretty cute…as far as girls go anyway. "This is Tyler, Harvey, Violet and-” Gerard waited eagerly for him to get to the last kid. “This is Frank.” he pointed.

Gerard looked up and and brushed his slightly greasy black hair out of his face so he could see this kid Frank, in all his glory. Gerard smirked looking him up and down for a split second before Mikey sauntered out of the room and began upstairs, followed by his posse. Except Frank, who stood dead still in his spot, staring at Gerard for a moment before snapping out of his daydream and realising his friends had disappeared. He looked embarrassed and flustered as he turned out the room.

Gerard smiled, feeling impressed with himself. "Bye bye Frankie.” He said in a low teasing tone as Frank left the room. Frank’s footsteps paused for a second in the hallway, clearly hearing Gerard. He lingered there before he shook it off and headed up the stairs to join the others.

Gerard thought about Frank’s pretty little face while he rolled another joint. When he was done he raised it to his lips and lit the end. He heard a muffled noise upstairs and listened in to hear what it was. He instantly regretted his decision when it was followed by a series of bangs on an upstairs wall and a girls almost comically loud moan. He guessed that Mikey had taken the blonde into his bedroom and the others had gone into the next room to play a video game or some shit. He guessed this cause he could also hear the Call Of Duty theme tune and some gaming gun noises. This was typical Mikey. But Gerard wasn’t really bothered. He couldn’t be seeing as he had fucked girls and guys in the house numerous times while Mikey was around and definitely not quietly. Gerard flicked the switch on the CD player on the counter next to him and drowned out the noises with Black Flag. Now he could finally get back to getting stoned. He inhaled and exhaled, flicking the ash at intervals. As he sat back on the counter he closed his eyes and couldn’t help but let Frank wander across his mind. He thought about Frank’s soft lips. He thought about how much he’d like to watch Frank’s mouth drop open as he made him cum. Just thinking about it made Gerard’s dick twitch. His thoughts were once again interrupted by a noise. He opened his eyes slowly and saw a figure walking into the now cloudy with smoke kitchen. He could tell almost instantly that it was Frank by the clutter of tattoos filling both his arms.

"I-I just came down to get some more drinks. Mikey said there was a bottle of vodka-” Frank blurted out after standing there for a second.

Gerard cut in. “Mikey? Isn’t he busy fucking that blonde chick?” he said, smirking at Frank, intentionally trying to make him uncomfortable.

"Well yea-h, yeah but,” he stuttered.

Gerard stopped him again, aware that he was making Frank very nervous which he couldn’t deny, he loved. “It’s in the cupboard and theres coke in the fridge.” Gerard lifted the joint to his lips and smirked as he watched Frank scurry around nervously. Now that Frank was at a closer distance Gerard was able to study him in more detail. He noticed that Frank had his lip pierced. Fuck that’s hot, Gerard thought. He decided to take this opportunity and hoped off the counter. Frank was assembling the drinks on the counter. His back facing Gerard who was now standing a few meters behind him. Gerard edged forward getting closer to Frank. Frank sensed something behind him and spun around. He jumped and let out a squeal when to his shock, he was faced with Gerard standing only a very small distance away from him. Gerard smirked as his eyes quickly shot up and down Frank’s body.

Frank didn’t know what to say “Wher-e are the glass-es?” He settled on, his voice shaking, trying everything steady his breathing.

Gerard ignored Frank and took another step forward, then another. Until they were standing directly in front of each other, only a couple centimetres between them. Frank tried to breathe but his breath caught in the back of his throat, giving away his nerves.

“Frankie?” Gerard said, his tone teasing.

“Yes?” Frank muttered, his eyes trailing to the floor, too scared that if he looked at Gerard he might not be able to hold back the temptation festering inside him. Why was he doing this? And why was it making Frank’s heart race, not to mention the boner that was ever so slightly growing in his black skinny jeans.

Gerard put a hand on either side of the counter behind Frank so that his body was now shadowing over Frank’s. He leaned forward, dropping his head to one side and allowing his lips to hover over Frank’s ear. “Do I make you nervous Frankie?” He whispered.

Frank flushed red. “Gerard. Wh-at are you doing?” Frank stuttered, forcing himself to ignore that Gerard had taken another step forward so that their bodies were now pressed against each other. Gerard bucked his hips forward slightly. The friction between Gerard’s jeans and his made Frank’s dick harden and before he could stop himself he opened that sweet little mouth of his and moaned softly. The moan only lasted a split second but It was enough to make Frank’s eyes widen and his cheeks turn pink, wishing he hadn’t done it.

Gerard grinned, proud of his accomplishment. He’d finally made Frank crack. “I’m not doing anything Frankie,” Gerard teased. He adjusted the position of his lips on Frank’s ear and moved them down. He placed a few light kisses on Frank’s neck. And then proceeded to suck on his soft sweet skin, gradually picking up the pressure and favouring the spot where Frank’s scorpion tattoo lay. Frank had to grab onto something or he feared him might groan dangerously loudly or worse, pass out from sexual frustration. He placed one hand on Gerard’s hip to steady himself and was sure he felt Gerard grin onto his neck in response. This would most definitely leave a dark purple mark, but Frank didn’t care anymore, it felt so fucking good. His dick was rock hard now and he wanted nothing more than for Gerard to just touch him, the absence of friction was killing Frank. But despite all this a part of him knew that he should stop. None of his friends knew he was gay and although they weren’t the type to discriminate he still wasn’t fond of the thought of them walking in on him with with his friends brother. These thoughts however, came and went in the matter of seconds as Gerard started to kiss up Frank’s neck. When he reached to top of Frank’s neck he lightly sucked on Frank’s earlobe, making Frank squeeze Gerard’s hip hard, probably leaving a bruise.

“Do you like that Frankie?“ Gerard muttered.

Frank dodged the question and instead bucked his hips hard onto Gerard. "Uhh please,” was all he could muster.

“Please what?” Gerard said, pretending to be oblivious to what Frank wanted.

“Touch me. Ple-ase touch me.”

“All in good time baby,” Gerard hummed onto Frank’s neck. Sending shivers down his spine.

Gerard refrained from his position on Frank’s neck and was now standing straight in front of Frank, looking down at him. Frank was breathing hard, his eyes transfixed  down at where Gerard’s dick was, making his priorities obvious. Gerard placed his hand under Frank’s chin and lifted his head up so he met his eye line. Gerard stared into his deep hazel eyes before his gaze dropped to Frank’s lips. Those lips. Frank bucked his hips again, harder this time and Gerard grabbed them, forcefully pushing him back against the counter, pinning him down. Frank closed his eyes, making sure to keep his hips still. Gerard went back to staring at Frank’s lips before leaning forward and placing his own on them. “Mmm” Frank hummed. Gerard paused there for a moment before unexpectedly slamming his lips onto Frank’s. He pushed his tongue into Frank’s warm mouth and Frank responded immediately, with a loud moan that even with being muffled by the kiss could still be heard clearly.

Gerard’s mouth tasted off weed and sugar and Frank was sure this was by far the best kiss he had ever had. Gerard kissed him hard and deep, their tongue’s playing with each other. He intwined his fingers in Frank’s dark hair and pulled firmly. Before Frank knew it Gerard’s hand was trailing down Frank’s body, so slowly it drove Frank crazy. It felt like a lifetime before Gerard reached the buckle of his jeans and began to fiddle with the button. It only took him a second to undo them. They parted from their perfect kiss and Frank just stood there, his heart beating fast with apprehension. Gerard slipped his hand under the band of Frank’s boxers while staring intently into his eyes. He wrapped his fingers around the shaft of Frank’s dick and softly rubbed the head. Frank’s head shot back in ecstasy.  "Oh fuck,“ He murmured. Frank didn’t think the moment could get any better but he was wrong. Gerard dropped to his knee’s and began to tug Frank’s pants down until they dropped around his knee’s. Frank’s throbbing dick inches away from Gerard’s lips. Frank had never received a blowjob from a guy, he’d never got this far.

Gerard looked up from his position, his eyes trailing up to meet Frank’s. Frank gazed back fixedly. "I’m gonna make you cum Frank.”

Frank grunted and a quiet, desperate whine passed his lip, his eyes pleading for Gerard’s mouth. If someone walks in now I am well and truly fucked, Frank thought for a second before getting back to his main focus; Gerard. Frank turned into a moaning mess the moment he felt Gerard’s wet tongue touch the tip of his dick. He took it into his hand and began to lick up the shaft, getting Frank’s dick completely wet. He then proceeded to wrap his mouth around the top, his tongue flicking over the head. He did this for a moment before fully taking Frank into his mouth. Frank moaned intensely, the feeling of Gerard’s hot, wet mouth like nothing he’d ever felt before. Gerard chuckled around Frank, he knew what a fucking tease he was.

Gerard picked up the pass, his head bobbing up and down. Frank softly grabbed onto Gerard’s long black hair and pushed his head down, desperate for more. Gerard let out a gag as Frank’s full length hit the back off his throat. Frank knew he was close. Not being able to control himself Frank pushed forcefully into Gerard, fucking his mouth.

He whimpered, his hips rising.“Fuck Gerard. You’re so fucking- Y-eah. Oh fuck. Yes.” Gerard placed his hands on Frank’s hips. Frank had lost it now, shoving his hips forward with the little strength he had left. "I-I’m gonna-” Frank started but didn’t even bother finishing. He couldn’t contain himself. He threw his head back and felt himself hit his climax. Frank’s eyes rolled back and his mouth dropped open as his came, hard and fast down Gerard’s throat. He watched as Gerard swallowed every drop. Frank moaned softly, riding his orgasm out. If everyone upstairs wasn’t so drunk, Gerard was certain someone would have heard them.

After Frank was well and truly done he fell back against the counter panting and moving his sweat drenched hair out of his face. Gerard stood back up, standing in front of him again. Frank tried to look up at Gerard but he couldn’t help but look away, slightly embarrassed that him, quiet little Frankie had just fucked this guys mouth who he’d known for less than an hour. Gerard laughed as if he could read Frank’s thoughts.

"So did you like that?” Gerard said smirking, already having evidence of the answer.

Frank looked up timidly, “What does it look like?” he said, blushing slightly as he whipped the left over cum away from Gerard’s lips.

The conversation was quickly interrupted by someone stumbling down the stairs and a minute later into the kitchen. God that timing was ridiculously lucky, Frank thought. It was the blonde girl. Her hair was a mess and her black eyeliner was smudged around her eyes. I think we all knew why that was. “How was my brother?” Gerard said smiling, like he didn’t have a care in the world. Frank shot a surprised look at him, shocked by his inability to think before he spoke.

She rolled her eyes but laughed. “Yeah he was good. He was really good.”

"Yeah, it runs in the family.” Gerard glanced at Frank who turned beetroot red. The girl didn’t seem to notice. She stood there, placing her hands on her hips.

"Anyway. Ugh Frank. It’s been about 20 minutes since you said you were getting those drinks.”

"Oh yeah.” Frank jumped to it, forgetting the coke and just grabbing the bottle of vodka. She shrugged, not even bothering to complain. She was clearly still too drunk to suspect anything had happened between them. She turned and headed back upstairs, Frankie followed.

Just before he left the room Gerard stopped him, “Frankie?” he called and Frank spun around.

“Come round again, soon.” he emphasised the soon part to make it extra clear.
Frank didn’t say anything he merely nodded before zipping up his fly and heading upstairs.

Gerard pushed his hair out of his face, chuckling to himself. It wasn’t long before he noticed his own rock hard boner, throbbing in his jeans. He needed to attend to that.

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New oneshot: Prepare for trouble and make it double

This is a oneshot for @teamrocketfanart. I hope you like it (the last part is a little bit short, BUT (SPOILER ALERT!) there will be a big wedding in my fanfiction “Until all eternity” if my readers want to. The next thing I’m going to upload is the tenth chapter of my longest story “UAE”. Have fun and thanks for your support :)

Prepare for trouble and make it double

Jessie, James and Meowth flew in a high arch through the air, eventually hitting the cold hard ground of an untraveled street surrounded by fancy terraced houses. The magenta-haired woman bobbed up, narrowed her eyes to a slit and tried to recognize the place in which they had landed. Jessie’s head was throbbing, the violent collision had caused a blurry and distorted vision. She staggered like a drunkard towards her team-mates.

„Where are we? This sure doesn’t look familiar to me,“ she wondered while culling her belongings that were spread over the sidewalk. Jessie reached for her ruby red lipstick and her grass-green earrings, stowing them into her leather pouch. James shook his head and sat up. His whole body trembled and he felt dizzy and disoriented. He couldn’t remember what happened before the impact. Why did they blast off again? Did they lose an encounter with the twerps? Did Pikachu give them a sample of his powerful electric moves? James had a quick glance at his partner and looked quite surprised.

„Jessie! What are you wearing?“ he was completely startled by her unusual sight and thought that this was a side effect of a possible concussion.

„What do you mean? I’m wearing my uniform, you fool!“
Jessie snorted derisively and crossed her arms in front of her chest.

„Dis is not yous uniform, Jess,“ Meowth put in his two cents. He made a stab at standing up, his knees were wobbly and he clinched to James’ arm to find his footing.

Jessie looked down at herself, carefully examining her dress. It was navy blue and speckled with white dots. The cut of the dress was elegant and reminded her of a picture she had seen in a vintage magazine. Her hands moved upwards, frisking her hair that was worn quite sleek and smooth, with a slight wave at the front. Her outstretched fingers passed gently over a scarlet red headband that was made of plastic. Two pearl earrings adorned her porcelain face. Jessie flashed a smile.

„Pass me your hand mirror, James! I want to admire my immortal beauty,“ she snatched at the item and looked at herself in the mirror.

„Truly unique!“ Jessie was really carried away by that pleasant sight. A flawless complexion and perfectly painted kissable lips. She was a feast for the eyes.

„What does this portend? Where are we?“ James asked, visibly frightened.

„Look over there!“ Meowth pointed at a poster stand only a few meters away. Team Rocket got back on their feet and walked up to the adverstising board that was lit by a streetlamp. There was a picture of a man with blonde hair and a pompadour. He grinned ear to ear, his fingers sliding over a piano keyboard. He was wearing a striped suit, his name was Jerry Lee Lewis. Jessie didn’t notice anything unusual at first glance. He was probably putting on a big concert in the city hall of this inconspicuous place, but James caught sight of the date and let out a scream. He couldn’t belive his eyes.

„It says the concert takes place tonight at nine o’clock,“ he swallowed hard.
„What’s so bad about it? Why are you flinching? You look as though you’d seen a ghost“, Jessie scolded

„Take a look at the date,“ he said with a quavering voice, pointing at the big brown number on the yellow background, right behind Lewis’ ears. Jessie and Meowth pushed their friend aside and stared at the ciphers disclosing the present year: 1957.Meowth’s jaw dropped, Jessie jumped out of her skin. She stepped back.

„How’s that even possible? Did we do some kind of time travel? Is this a feeble joke? Who wants to frame us?“ she worked herself up. James spotted a wrinkled piece of paper on the sidewalk. He picked it up and tried to smooth out the single pages.
He checked the date in the top right corner of the newspaper that confirmed their journey to the past.

„Pinch me! Maybe, this is just a dream and I’m about to wake up,“ Jessie asked and Meowth acceded to this request, but nothing changed. They were still standing next to the poster stand, unsettled and suspicious.

„This could be a test,“ James assumed. „They want to put us through our paces, they want to check our exercise capacity and see whether we’re able to deal with the pressures or not,“ he considered. Jessie was by no means convinced of James’ theory.

“Or maybe, we’re just victims of a mass hysteria,“ Meowth whispered.

„Maybe we’re no longer ourselves,“ Jessie presumed with regard to her superficial change.

Why would they send the trio back in time? This was a mystery which had to be solved.

Suddenly, they could hear footsteps coming closer. An elderly woman, clad in swamp green, called for a certain Lady Jessica.

„Quick! Go hide behind the bushes, we must not be seen together!“ Jessie ordered. James and Meowth jumped headfirst into the dense scrub and took cover. They peered through the brushwood in order to observe the scenery. The woman walked up to Jessie and grabbed her hands.

„I was sick with worry, Lady Jessica. Where have you been today?“ the elderly woman wanted to know. Jessie had no idea who that lady was. She had curly vermilion hair and steel-blue eyes.

„I was busy,“ Jessie answered, trying to come up with a credible excuse. The woman began to wipe the dirt off Jessie’s dress. „Look at you, totally soiled and your hair is more than tousled. We need to fix this before you’re going to meet John,“ she explained. Jessie’s eyes widened.

„Who’s John?“ Jessie asked, giving a jerk as the woman bored a metallic bobby pin into her scalp. She was coarse and didn’t handle Jessie with kid gloves.The elderly lady laughed out loud.

„You little jokester! John is your fiancé and tomorrow, you’re getting married,“ the woman exclaimed, ramming another barrette into Jessie’s hair.

„I’m getting married?“ Jessie was more than astonished.

„She’s getting married?“ James and Meowth whispered in unison. This was a major piece of news. „Who would marry a prickly character like Jessie?“ Meowth wonderd, casting the branches aside to obtain a better view of the curious events.

„Of course, you are. He’s a splendid specimen! You’ve greatly exceeded the nubile age, it’s time to marry you off to a decent and career oriented gentleman who cares for you and who offers you the possibilty to live a worry-free life!“

Jessie was blown away by the description of this man called John. She imagined him being tall and buff because he was working out every day. He had dark hair and chocolate eyes, an overwhelming smile, money and stocks in abundance. He was well trained, strong and a self-starter. He would shower her with compliments and gifts, provide her with an unlimited credit card

„I’m ready to meet my future husband,“ Jessie got into raptures, linked arms with the elderly lady and left her team-mates behind.

Meowth wanted to take the initiative and follow Jessie and that woman, but James held the he-cat back.

„Jimmy! What are yous doin’? We need to stop her,“ he shouted, baring his sharp claws.

„No, Meowth! Haven’t you seen the overjoyed expression on Jessie’s face? She was delighted with the thought of John. Who knows, he could be the right guy. She’s been dreaming about a regal wedding for so long and now, there’s the possibility to put this greatest wish into reality. We shouldn’t detain her from eternal happiness, let’s go,“ James stood up and ran deeper into the forest.

He couldn’t tell Meowth that Jessie’s decision had hit him especially hard. James was convinced that she enjoyed lving with Team Rocket, living with him. They’d spent so much time together. He had always tried to please her. James rememberd countless episodes of their common adventures. Jessie had protected him from the Ghost of Maiden’s Peak, he remembered her soft smile in their hot-air balloon when he had decided to choose Team Rocket over money and wealth, or her encouraging words in the shipwreck that threatened to take them down into the depths of the ocean. James always thought that he wasn’t all the same to Jessie, that he made part of her life and that she had found a loyal and trustworthy friend in him. There was this song playing in his head, he recalled the lyrics that described their relationship right on the mark:

You were the rain falling on my skin
Yeah, I was dying when you pulled me in
I was your rebel and you were my girl
It was us against the world

But apparently he had been deceived in Jessie. As soon as the opportunity presented itself, she was gone. Jessie was about to meet John, a paragon, a doer, a man of the world and very likely the complete opposite of James.

Jessie was led to an old manor with a grey facade and dark green window shutters at the end of the street. The Team Rocket-member spotted three figures behind the curtains. She recognized a woman with an updo and two men sitting at the table, sipping tea or coffee out of tiny ceramic mugs. The elderly lady, called Patricia, opened the entrance door and yield to Jessie. The young woman entered the manor and was welcomed by a man with short white hair and a giant moustache. He bowed down in front of Jessie, linked arms with her and guided her to the kitchen. There was a man sitting with his back to the agent and the woman behind the curtains proved to be a lady in her late 50ies, wearing a pastel yellow high waist Vivien swing skirt.

„Jessica!“ she exclaimed and ran up to Jessie in order to hug her and place a tender kiss on her cheeks. Jessie kept calm and wasn’t trying to get away, although she felt anything but comfortable in this position.

„Look who’s here,“ the woman smiled all over her face and Jessie was more than impatient to finally meet her future husband, the man of her sacred dreams. He stood up and turned around, that’s when Jessie experienced the strongest horror in her life.

John looked exactly like James, the same eye colour, the same lavender hair, they could definitely pass off as twins.

„Good evening, Jessica,“ even the voices were identic. Jessie was quite shocked. John reached for her hand and kissed it. She giggled and blushed deeply, unable to cope with this situation. Jessie began to laugh hysterically.

„This is a joke, right? Where are the cameras? You got me,“ she chuckled.
„James, you’re such an idiot,“ Jessie clipped the man standing in front of her. John was perplex. Why did his fiancée Jessica act like that, completely out of sorts? She couldn’t calm herself, it was too much.

„Jessica, is everything okay with you?“ he asked her, caressing her hand as she was still laughing herself to tears.

„Stop calling me Jessica. Who’s the brain behind this? Meowth?“ Jessie wondered.

„There is no Meowth. What is wrong with you? I think it’s the edginess that is driving you crazy. You can’t wait to marry me,“ John hugged Jessie and gently fixed a flyway hair.
She immediately released herself from that tight embrace.

„Stop it! It’s not funny! Why are you doing this to me, James?“ Jessie was slowly getting annoyed.

„Sweetheart, my name is John,“ he confirmed. There was only one way to prove her theory. Jessie reached for John’s trouser pocket because she knew that James stored his crown cap collection in there, but she grasped at nothing. This wasn’t a prank, she was really facing her future husband, looking like that pathetic guy she spent so many years with.

„May I talk to you privately?“ he asked her. Jessie nodded, gradually realizing that John meant business. She followed him to the kitchen and he closed the door behind them.

The kitchen was extremly colourful, but looked old-fashioned. She spotted stainless steel counters, which blended beautifully with the warm quality of wood and plaster surfaces throughout the room. There were a classic red espresso coffe pot, a scale, a magnetic kitchen timer, a set of three storage containers on the tray and a few milk pint bottles ready for use, eggs were frying in the pan.

John wrapped his arms around her waist. „You’re going to be the perfect housewife, spending hours over a hot stove, cleaning the house and windows and feeding our children,“ he smiled softly at her, but Jessie flashed her eyes at him.

„Get your hands off me,“ she yelled, pushing her fiancé away.

„Do you really think I’m going to be that dependent and naive dolly who prepares breakfast for her committed spouse? Listen to me, my friend, the only thing I’m going to do in this kitchen is slamming that roasting pan right into your face!“ Jessie was red from anger.

That’s not how she imagined her marriage. She was a headstrong woman, the leader of her former trio, the dominant and strong-willed person, but this was 1957 and powerful post-World War II propaganda encouraged women to seek husbands, settle down and have babies. Women who enrolled in higher education often did so in order to improve their domestic skills, but Jessie was a rebel and she wouldn’t let John or his family lower her to a level of a mere kitchen utensil. Jessie was emancipated and a feared Team Rocket-agent. No one was allowed to mortify her, she clearly called the shots.

The grip on her shoulders grew stronger. „You’re going to obey me, Jessica. You belong to me,“ John whispered with a threatening undertone. „There is no way back. Our parents agreed on this wedding and now it’s our task to please and not disappoint them,“ he added. Jessie tried to release herself from his firm grip. She fought tooth and nail against his arms, eventually able to break away from John.

Patricia stepped into the kitchen and witnessed the discrepancies between the couple.
„What’s going on?“ she exclaimed, observing Jessie running for cover behind the cooking island.

„You can’t force me to marry him!“ Jessie shouted, she was all churned up inside.

„You can’t buck the trend, it’s your duty to become a good housewife and mother, so don’t be reluctant to enter into marriage,“ Patricia impended.

The elderly lady and John began to slowly walk up to Jessie, trying to calm her down, but the Team Rocket-member was faster, pressed the door handle of the rear exit and rushed out into the cool night.

Jessie began to run as fast as her legs would carry her. She got past countless lighted row houses and a well-groomed park. Thousands of thoughts circled endlessly in her mind and developed into a torment. Why had she always been unlucky in love? John wasn’t the first man who tried to change her manner. She remembered a guy called Sebastian who had tried to turn her into a submissive and obedient woman without own will. She remembered Toni who had exploited her to such an extent that she began to feel disgusted with herself. Men were known to bring bad luck. A disappointment followed the next. She always caught a Tartar, she struggled to swallow the tears which choked in her  throat.

Finally, Jessie stopped in front of a bar and set foot in it. The pub was crowded. Men and women were high-spiritedly dancing, drinking and celebrating. A band played some wild Rock’n’Roll-music and had to watch out for flying bottles and glasses. The magenta-haired woman cleaved a way to the bar counter and sat down on a stool. She ordered a strong drink and reached for snacks and peanuts in a little black bowl. At first, she didn’t even notice that someone approached her, until she felt a soft squeeze on her shoulder.

„Jessie?“ a male voice said. She turned around and stared into two emerald-green eyes. James was standing behind her, slapping on a faint smile.

„James,“ Jessie wrapped her arms around his neck, still fighting to hold back her tears.
„I’m so glad to see you,“ she whispered. Meowth jumped on the bar counter and sat down next to his team-member. James realized that something was bothering his best friend. He returned the gesture and pulled her gently towards him.

„What’s wrong? Don’t you like your future husband?“ he asked her. Jessie didn’t want to show any weaknesses, she who always proclaimed that feelings were for wimps, but she reached a point where she could no more get a hold of herself.

„It’s terrible!“ she whimpered. James took a napkin and wiped her tears away.

„Tell me,“ he surprised her with his caring side.

„They want to force me to marry a macho. He’s so convinced of himself, he wants me to be a hausfrau, he wants me to cook, clean and watch after our unborn babies. They want to break my spirit and I cannot permit that! I’m a strong person, James, and I don’t want anybody to hector me! I’m independent, I’m a feared Team Rocket-agent, for goodness sake! I don’t want them to prey upon me, that’s just not my world. I do have an own will, I do have objectives and no one is going to demote me to a mere kitchen utensil! The problem is that there’s no way I could escape this wedding, it’s settled and there’s no chance to take off and bunk,“ she unburdened herself of her tragic situation. James could relate to her concerns, something similar was waiting for him if he would ever turn back to his parents and his domineering fiancée Jessiebelle. That’s why he wanted to stay out of marital matters.  „And the worst part about it is that he looks like you,“ Jessie sobbed.

„Well thanks,“ James felt a little bit offended by her remark. That’s when Meowth got the perfect idea.

„Wait a minute,“ he looked at James and scowled.
„Yous said that he looks like Jimmy, why don’t yous replace ya future husband with him?“ the scratch-cat proposed, pointing at James. Jessie raised her eyes.

„That sure could work,“ she considered. James blanched and loosened his collar.

„No way! I’m not marrying you,“ his voice was shaky. He swallowed hard and began to sweat.

„Where’s da difference, Jimmy. Yous two are acting love-love all da dime,“ Meowth replied, convinced that his fraud would bear fruit.

„But, but Jessie and I are just friends,“ James stammered, scared at the thought of entering into marriage. One part of him was able to acquire a taste for a sincere relationship with Jessie, for he had developed romantic feelings for her over that past few years, but the other part strived against this idea. He was afraid that Jessie would turn out to be an even worse partner than his dreadful fiancée and that he would suffer for the rest of his life, servile and abulic.

„What about da hugs, what about yous holding hands?“ Meowth broached the subject again.

„Purely amicable,“ James set the record straight.

„And what about that incident at the waterfalls? Don’t you remember?“ Jessie tried to jog his memory. James thought back to the night in July when he and Jessie had made out under the moonlight. Both had been squiffy and excited.  After emptying a bottle of cheap wine, he had taken the initative and crushed his lips on Jessie’s. James had kissed her in the most passionate way and she fell for his display of affection. It had been a memorable but unique moment.

„Blame the wine,“ he replied with no guilty feeling.

„Come’on James, please! Do me this favour. It’s just a fake marriage, the only thing I want to do is deceive them and restore my well-deserved freedom. We exchange our vow rings, take some pictures with the guests and disappear in our hot-air balloon as soon as they turn their backs on us, please“, Jessie begged. Normally, she wasn’t the person who would call for assistance and help, she was convinced to solve all major problems on her own, being tough and self-confindent, but tonight was different, James and Meowth had to bail her out.

„What do you want me to do, Jess?“ James was anything but pleased with the idea, but he had realized that his best friend was in need of support.

„You two have to kidnap John, tie him to the heating, steal his suit and the rings and get ready for the ultimate ploy,“ Jessie explaind, rubbing her hands.

„I think I’ve got no alternative left but to meet your request,“ he sighed and hung his head in discontent.

„Thank you,“ Jessie wasn’t actually averse to marrying James. Sure, there have been wrangles and they’ve delivered fierce blows to each in the past, but on the whole, he had always been loyal and attentive. James nodded silently and he and Meowth set out for a nocturnal abduction.

It didn’t take them long to track John down. Jessie had described them the way to the old manor, and her future husband was sleeping in the beautifully equipped sitting room. Meowth used his claws to make a hole into the giant glass window and the Team Rocket-members tiptoed stock-still to the dusky pink couch, trussed John and shut him up as he began to scream and shout.

„Hmm, there are some similarities,“ James looked at the lavender-haired man, „but he can’t hold a candle to me,“ he determined.

James threw his doppelganger over his shoulders and he, Meowth and the unfortunate soul left the building as quickly as they had come. John tried desperately to stand up to James, but the agent pulled the ropes and silenced the braggart. Meowth switched on the torch and searched for a suitable garden shed to lock the future spouse up. They pushed him into the small cottage, took off John’s last piece of clothing, snatched at the vow rings and padlocked the doors.

„That was the easy part of Jessie’s plan,“ James sighed, the rings in his hand. Both were silver, the smaller one had a tiny diamond on top. ‚Jessie would love it,’ he thought and stowed the box in his trousers.

It was the day of the wedding. Jessie was wearing an ivory gown with floral applique with a sheer tulle panel at the neckline and a dreamy ball skirt. She applied some mascara and lipstick to stand out above the crowd. James was already standing on the altar, nervous and with sweaty hands. Meowth bore him company, dressed in a neat dark brown garb, a flower looking out of his breast pocket. Then the time came, the music played and Jessie, her face covered with a veil, walked down the aisle. The priest welcomed his protégés, thanked them and the guests and introduced the purpose of this gathering. After the opening blessings he asked Jessie and James to turn face to face to each other and to express the sincere promises to each other. James took out a note from his trousers and began to read the lines:

„Jessie, my partner, my companion, my safe haven,“ his voice was shaky. „We’ve been togehter for so many years,“ he choked, took a deep breath and tried to concentrate on the words written on that tiny little piece of paper.

„I can’t imagine a life without you,“ he was more than close to tears.

„Thank you for,“ James sobbed heart-rendingly, not able to talk anymore. Jessie grinned under the veil and caressed his cheeks.
„It’s okay,“ she whispered, so that only James could hear it.

„The groom is terribly nervous,“ the priest joked and everyone laughed out loud.

„Let’s skip this part, okay?“ Jessie suggested and James nodded in agreement.
„We both know why we want to stay together,“ she added, reaching for his hand.

„John, do you take Jessica to be your wife? Do you promise to be faithful to her?“

„I do,“ James replied.

„And do you, Jessica, take John to be your husband?“

„I do,“ was Jessie’s answer.

James took out the rings and placed the smaller one on Jessie’s finger. „Jessie, take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity.“  The priest observed the scenery and eventually pronounced them as husband and wife.

„You may now kiss the bride,“ he said. James leaned in and was about to place a tender kiss on Jessie’s lips and then she woke up.

Jessie was sitting bolt upright in her bed. She glanced over to James who was still snoring and asleep. It had only been a dream, she didn’t have to marry John nor James. She was back in the presence, far away from the 50ies, far away from strict rules. ‚That was a strange dream. Why would I want to get married to James?’ she asked herself. Was this really only a dream or possibly some undisclosed desires?

A Family Vacation


[Summary: Dan and Phil bring their teenage son, Dil, on vacation to Florida]
(this is 3K words damn and it’s sort of (not really) a part two to my last parent!phan fic)

real quick, i wanna say a rly big thanks to my online and irl babe (on-a-scale-of-one-to-white) for helping me with ideas for this and for answering my annoying texts wow real mvp thx boo ily <3

also, the line about dil’s head becoming an ice block is what my dad tells me every time i stick my head in the fridge lmao fun fact

[Contains: domestic!phan, fluff!!!!, just really fun vacation time with the fambam, buT YALL THE FLUFF IN HERE IS SO REAL, fluffy smut (its rly cute i promise)]

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G dragon Scenario #35 “Should we give us one more try?”

Note: This gifs are not mine, all the credit to the owner.

 After ending a relationship, there usually comes a time where you might question your decision…

You two broke up almost three years ago, it was a mutual decision and the reason was no other than just the fact that he was too busy to have a normal relationship with you.

You were dating back when he released his solo album, so he was always working. If he wasn’t at the studio, he was out of the city, in a variety show, or in fan meeting… but never with you.

At the beginning you were ok about it, you didn’t want to be an obstacle in his career.

All you wanted was his happiness and success, even if that meant to be away from him for long periods of time or talked with him only through phone calls. 

But that was easy just for a couple of months…

You do talked without missing a day, but it wasn’t the same, it wasn’t a normal relationship, and it wasn’t what you wanted.

It took you a time and a lot of tears to understand that you shouldn’t be with someone that instead of happiness and joy to your heart, only brings you sadness, even if you love him… and even if it wasn’t on purpose, because he loved you, you were sure about it, but that didn’t change the fact that his actions were hurting you.

After a while you two realized that it wasn’t your time to be together, and sadly you two decided to put an end to your relationship.

Time passed by, you two stopped talking for more than a year. But then, you started to talk becoming friends again.

It was awkward at the beginning, but then, you were able to get over it.

And even when you two, started dating with other people, in your hearts you’ve always kept a special spot for each other.

Someone knock at your door that night. 

You weren’t expecting someone to come, you stood up, walked to the door and you saw through your peephole, and when you saw him standing at your door, you quickly open the door.

“Ji yong, hi!” you were shocked to see him there.

“I know it’s late but can I come in” he asked you, he looks worried.


Ji yong walked in and he saw a few boxes on the ground filled with some of your stuff. “So that post was true…” he turns and look at you “… you are going to move”

He was talking about a picture you posted the day before. It was a picture of the place you used to live before you move to Korea, and the caption said “I’m coming back home”

“Yeah… I’m gonna move in about two or three weeks” you said looking at the boxes.

“Why?!” he asked you harshly. “Why?…” you asked again “… because I miss my home”

“That’s the only reason?” he seems to know something else.

“What are you talking about?” you walked to the living room.

“Are you sure it has nothing to do with you losing your work?” his gaze was so intense that you couldn’t maintain eye contact with him. “How do you…”

“This is not who you are… you can’t just give up on your dreams just because the situation is not ideal or what you originally planned!”

You didn’t answer. You couldn’t, because if you do you would start to cry, and that’s the last thing you want to do. 

The last month was a total nightmare for you, since you lost your job everything else seems to be falling apart too…

You can’t afford your apartment anymore, and your savings are running out.

That’s why you needed to leave, even when you don’t want to do it.

“Escape from reality in an attempt to take the easy way out is for cowards… and you are not like that” Ji yong’s words were harsh but they were true. Maybe that’s why it hurts to hear him, maybe that’s why you were getting angry.

“YOU DON’T KNOW ME ANYMORE SO DON’T THINK YOU KNOW WHAT’S BEST FOR ME!” you step back, startled and confused. 

You weren’t expecting this type of reaction, much less, hearing him saying those words.

“I don’t know you anymore?!…” his voice seemed flat, almost without emotions “… I’m probably the only person that knows all about you” he approached quickly to you, and his hand touched your cheek, caressing it.

“What are you doing?” you said with a cracking voice.

“Something I wanted to do since a long time” he gets close to your face, and the both stared at each other for a couple of seconds before his thumb caressed your lips softly and gently “Don’t go… don’t leave me” Ji yong leaned down to press his lips against yours.

“Ji yong stop!” you pushed his chest with your hands.

You were speechless, and he just stayed there, looking at the floor.

After a moment, you just walked to the front door and you opened it, without saying anything. But it was obvious that you were asking him to leave.

“I’m not going anywhere” he says.

“I can’t do this Ji yong…” you were facing the front door and he was standing a few meters at your back still in the living room “… you can’t play like this with my feelings”

“Who said I’m playing?!” he says mad. “Ji…” you said, turning around to see him, but he cut you.

“I never stop loving you…” he licks his lips and his eyes were still looking at the floor “… I miss you, I miss being with you, I miss what we had… I miss everything about you. If you go…” he closed his eyes, and sighed “… please don’t go… stay with me, let me take care of you, let me make you happy…” finally he got the courage to look at you “… let me love you again”

Why does his touch seems to burn? You can still feel the heat of his touch when his hand is no longer touching your skin. You can still feel his lips on yours.

You were lying on your bed, remembering every single detail of your conversation with him. Remembering every word.

You were so scared but for some reason you felt strangely happy too.

(Should we give us one more try?) you asked that question to yourself a lot of times that night. You couldn’t believe that after all this time and after all the things that had happened, now you were considering if you should get back together with him.

Ji yong the man you never stopped loving, the same that’s always been at the back of your head throughout all this years and most important… the man that’s always been in your heart.

It took you a couple of hours but you finally took your decision. 

Ji yong was lying on his bed, thinking about you, and also in all the things he would wanted to say. 

He was hurt by your reaction. 

After he kissed you, you asked him to leave, to give you some time to think. 

He was desperate, he doesn’t want you to leave Korea. He wouldn’t be able to continue without seeing you, without having you close to him.

Ji yong was about to call you when his phone started to ring. It was you…

“Y/N…” he answers the phone nervously. 

You didn’t answer right away, you stayed quiet for a couple of seconds.

“I’m gonna need, your friend’s phone number, the one who is a real estate broker…”

“Are you telling me that you are going to stay?”

“I need a new apartment, less expensive than this one, do you think can you help me to find one?” you asked him.

If only you could see how his face changed as soon as he heard you saying that. That beautiful and bright smile that he has right now, says it all.

They say that time heals all wounds, right? Maybe all you two needed was some time apart to heal your wounds, to mature and to know what do you two really want and need.

A Warning Sign

A/n: A drabble based on 7x21/7x22. I got a little carried away and it ended up being a little long (like 4k words long) Enjoy!

I don’t love him.

It’s what she tells herself.

A promise that she owes to her heart.

One that she intends to keep.

She does not love him.

Not even when her eyes stray left and glance up at the mirror, watching his eyebrows furrow in concentration as he focuses on the road. Not when he reaches for the gear stick and she feels his hand brush the bare skin on her knee and a shiver ripples throughout her body. Not when she catches him biting his lip to stop himself from laughing when she dictates the wrong turn or when he flips on the radio and bobs his head slightly or when he always offers to drive so she can sleep instead.

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I’m here for you

Original Imagine: Imagine Stefan comforting you after a bad break up

Author: Naomi

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 644

Warnings: No warnings.

Comment: Hope you like it.

It hurts. It hurts to be heartbroken, to be left alone without any help or comfort when you need it so badly. Every single part of me, which is still alive and breathes (although it seems nearly impossible now), is moaning in pain. This torture is enormous and situation just keeps getting worse. And nothing else matters, I just want to disappear, to be gone forever, so there will be no misery, no past and no future. But I can’t just crawl in my bed; I can’t erase my existence from this world. There is still family, still friends, still something to live for. But not today. Today I want to be left alone. Just to have a break from everything and everyone. I will keep smiling, keep pretending, living, but tomorrow. This is a promise I will keep.

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starry-athxna  asked:

Scenario where Gom + kagami discovers that there girlfriend is a awesome artist and she has a lot of portraits and drawing of them

Thanks for the request @athenalovesanime :)

Akashi: You have just moved into a new apartment with your boyfriend and he starts to unpack the boxes but he takes the wrong box.

Akashi just took one of the boxes and started to unpack it. He’s a bit surprised when he sees your drawings in the box. He is even more surprised that all of the is drawings of him. He is surprised that he didn’t noticed your talent earlier and wonders why you haven’t told him yet. You two share so much together so why didn’t you share this with him.

You found him holding one of your drawings in his hands. “What are you doing Seijuro?” you reached out for your drawing. But he hides it behind his back. “Why…Why didn’t you tell me?” he stands a few meter away but for you it feels like miles. You started to remember the accident. You fell down on your knees and tears covered your sight. Akashi sits down next to you.

“It was five years ago. Three years before I met you. I was driving to my own exhibition with drawings. Yeah, as you noticed. I was a famous artist in those days. But it all changed that day. I remembered that I forgot my little mascot who was always with me. I just had to get him. I had much time so I drove back to my house. When I was back a deer got on the roadway. I stood on the brakes and I puffed out when both of us made it. The deer disappeared into the woods. Then someone came driving fast towards me. I didn’t stand a chance to stand on the brakes again. Our cars collide. In the other car my younger sister sat with his boyfriend who drove and he was drunk. None of them made it. I just got a few broken ribs and a broken leg.

Since that day I have always blamed myself, if I didn’t have bring my mascot then that wouldn’t have happened. My sister would have been alive today, and the pain, that knowing that I killed her in that crash is hunting me every day. I never lifted up a pencil again until I met you. You healed me, you brought me back from a dark hole where I have been living until two years ago.”

Akashi didn’t know what to say or how to act. He always knows but now when you sat here in front of him crying and in pain he didn’t know. H felt his heart ache. He loved you so much and that you haven’t told him about something so important in your life. He feels so helpless. But the tries his best and hugs you tightly. “I love you_____, no matter what happens I will always love you and stand beside you.”

Aomine: You hides something when he enters the kitchen, he is curious about what it is but you refuse to tell. But when someone knocks on the door (a neighbor) you forgotten to close your sketch block and leaves it open on the table. Aomine takes a quick peek but stops when he sees that you had drawn him. He knows that it is your private but he just can’t wait. He thinks that you are amazing even when you threaten him to break up because he looked without permission.


“But your drawings are so amazing _______. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Stop talking about the drawings or I will break up with you!” “I’m sorry _____” Aomine trying to make it up to you the rest of the day. At last he brings you to smile even though you tried being grumpy.

Kuroko: His lack of presence can sometimes be annoying to you. Even though you two share the most with each other there was things that still was private for you and your drawings were no exception.

“You are amazing with your pencil ___-kun” Kuroko says one day when you are sitting in the living room drawing pictures of him.

You were from the beginning home alone; Kuroko was studying late at school. You didn’t notice when your blue headed boyfriend got home.

At first you got angry with him, that he had (according to you) sneaked up behind you. But you couldn’t be angry at him for a long time.

Kise: He found you sleeping on the couch with your sketchbook open. He picked it up to put it away when his eyes catch a glance at the paper and his heart stopped for a few seconds. His eyes widen when he sees drawings of him. He would be so proud of you, that you were so good at drawing. He would probably have problems to not wake you up and ask if he could be your model for real, as the model he is.

But he knew how exhausted you were and he decided to wait until morning. He lifted you bridal-style and carried you to the bed.

Midorima: You wanted to spend more time with your boyfriend but the you both studied so hard and didn’t have so much time for anything else. One day you asked if he would study together with you. At first Midorima was not so willing. He believed in studying alone was most effective, but you persuaded him. He can never say no to you and if studying together would mean spending more time together he agreed.

You two sat all morning with your studying. Midorima stayed at your house (no one was home) and eat lunch and continued to study hard. When it was 15.00 pm you put your pencil down and stretch on your body. You looked over the coffee table were Midorima sat. He took notes as he read a text. You sighed. You two had been studying for more than 4 and a half hours. You felt like your eyes would pop out of your head and that your brain had been run over by a train. (you know what I mean, not literally).

You picked up your sketch book and started to draw your boyfriend were he sat bent over his homework.  You were almost finished when Midorima snapped the book out of your hands. He called your name many times but when you didn’t answer he took your book.

“Stop fooling around, get back to work. You haven’t even finish the homework fortomorrow nanodayo.” He scolds out at you. “Stop Shintarou, please give it back!” you try to reach your block which is held above your reach. He didn’t intend to look in it but in the corner of his eyes he sees something that catches his breath. He takes a closer look. Within a few sat he seconds he realize what he is looking at and he turns into a tomato. It is a perfect drawing of him. He gives you back your sketch block, muttering apologizes. He is too embarrassed to admit that your drawing skills are stunning. You get his silence wrong, thinking that he didn’t like the picture. Once again he realizes that his action had hurt you and he tries to apologize again. Even giving you a hug. You forgive him the moment he wraps his arms around you.

Murasakibara: “You got post from the (Name) academy for artists” Murasakibara said and handed over the letter you. “What?” you opened and let out a gasp. Your boyfriend looks over your shoulder to see what made you so surprised. It’s a drawing of him eating candy. In a letter I stands;

“You are an outstanding painter for your age. We want you to develop and we now provide you a place at (Name) academy for artists”

“Need _____-chin, I didn’t know that you were so talented! Next time can you draw me a candy?“

Kagami: You had studied late with a friend when you got home. The smell of food in the apartment made you realize how hungry you were. You found your boyfriend in the kitchen in an apron that matched his red hair. “It smells good, I’m going for a shower” you said and kissed him on the cheek and went to the bathroom.

In the middle of your showering you heard the doorbell. Then you heard Kagome’s voice and another voice that you couldn’t place anywhere. You heard the door close and then Kagami clattering in the kitchen again. You finished your showering and put some new clothes on.

“Who was that?” you dried your head with a towel before entering the kitchen. “(Name) gave me this, she said that you forgot this at her house” Kagami gave you your sketchbook. “I didn’t know that you were so good at drawing.” He mumbled and turned to the cooking with a slight red color on his cheeks.

Fic: Native Species (Tali, geth, gen)

I was working on the tango story and this ambushed me out of nowhere. So I wrote it. I guess I have Tali gen on the brain?

It’s mildly fluffy in that it’s a feel-good (or at least hopeful) story, which is good for me because I could use some feel-good today. Tali and a geth prime find some middle ground, in their own geeky way. Also, Rannoch wildlife.

I’m posting the whole thing here because it’s not that long (1500 words), but if you’d rather read/comment on AO3, it’s also mirrored there.

In her first day on the planet from which her people came, Tali considers the native species that Rannoch gave birth to… all of them.

Native Species

After a little while, Shepard gets up with a grunt of effort and dusts the red-gold sand of Rannoch off her hands. “I’ll leave you to the view,” she says.

“I won’t be long,” Tali says, though she can’t hide the hint of regret in her voice. It’s like a dream, sitting here with her mask off on the cliffs of her own world, the breeze on her face bringing her the damp earthy scent of the river below, the sweet smell of the flowers the grow clinging to the rock, and a thousand other things that she can’t recognize or name. The wind catches the fabric of her cowl and blows it against her cheek, a coarse-soft touch that’s unfamiliar even though she’s worn a cowl every day since she was a child. It’s so much like a dream that she is expecting, any moment, to wake.

Shepard’s hand settles softly on Tali’s shoulder. “Take your time,” she says. “We can spare an hour.”

So Tali stays.

Above her, winged creatures circle the river. She can’t tell from here what species they are, or even what general type of animal: bird, reptile, saurid, mammal, or something else. Zoology got short shrift on the Flotilla: all quarian children learn the major domestic animals (some of them will grow up to maintain the cryonic tanks that hold frozen embryos of quarian domestic animals in hopeful anticipation of the day they will have a home again), and a few famous wild animals (the furry aerh, the bright-feathered zhenall, the legendarily-fierce gerr), but that’s all.

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anonymous asked:

I have one! Okay so Holtzmann x Reader where Holtzmann invents a cloning machine. She steps inside as a demonstration and afterwards the two Holtzmanns team up to seduce the Reader together

A/N - Okay so I had a real giggle to myself thinking about this one, it’s brilliant.

You’re just about finished with your latest review and you save it, send it and throw your laptop on the cushion. You close your eyes and let out a sigh of relief, then you try to relax. As you’re on the verge of falling asleep, you feel your phone vibrate next to you. You groan, reaching over for it and hold it in front of you before opening one eye to read the text. It’s Holtzmann..

“IT IS DONE.” The text reads, it’s followed by a string of other short messages.


You force yourself up from your chair and head on over to the Firehouse to see what your quite frankly, otherworldly genius girlfriend had managed to create this time. The Firehouse is approximately a twenty minute walk away from your apartment, so when you get there Holtzmann is still absolutely buzzing. Unlike you..

Holtzmann greets you at the door, she’d obviously been looking out for you and she began jumping and clapping her hands as she saw you. “Hey Holtzy, what’s up?” You mumble, giving her a tired smile.

She calms herself, appreciating that you’re obviously very tired and she gives you the most gentle hug and a soft kiss on the cheek. Just wanting to be close to you, she lingers, her mouth not far from your ear so she speaks quietly. “I’m sorry baby, I didn’t wake you did I?”

You let out a long, quiet yawn. “No you didn’t, I literally just finished my review and now I’m just exhausted. But I wasn’t going to not come, you know I’ll always support you with anything.”

“Awesome, because I am confident that I’ve outdone myself this time.” She left a few more gentle kisses down your cheek before taking your hands and you could practically feel her excitement build up. It was like electricity. “Come and see.”

You step into her lab and your face looks puzzled to say the least. 

“Holtz, what.. what is that thing?” 

She stands equal distance between you and the machine, holds her hands up and reveals. “It’s a cloning device… machine… I’ve yet to decide what I want to call it. BUT it will make a identical copy of an object, animal or human.”

She grins wildly, folding her arms awaiting your response.

You laugh nervously, wondering whether it was a joke and then you watch Holtzmann’s face drop. “Are you being serious?” You ask.

“100% serious! Do you wanna try it out?” She suggests and you look gobsmacked, to put it lightly. You hesitate.

“You don’t believe me, do you?” She says, a questionable smirk growing on her face.

“No, no I do. I just.. this is some next level stuff Holtz. Even for you, I mean I feel like I’m in a movie or something.. I can’t quite get my head around it.” You reassure her that you trust her and follow her over to the machine.

“Okay well, get your head around this!” She says, pressing a sequence of buttons and then jumping into the machine and pulling the lever inside before you could even think about stopping her.

“Holtz! No! Come on out! Is it safe? Have you tested it yet?” You began to panic, banging on the door of the machine.

“Just stand back ‘Y/N’, at least a meter and a half away!” She yelled from inside as the chamber began to fill up with smoke.. steam.. you didn’t know what it was.

You stood there, your breathing heavy in anticipation and worry. After 30 seconds or so you really began to panic and were about to yell for Erin because you knew she was downstairs. Then the chamber door opened.

“Holtz? Jillian?” Are you okay?” You call out, obeying her instructions and not getting too close.

Then you see her step out and the substance begin to clear the air to reveal the clone behind her, stepping out just after or was it the clone who stepped out first? Your eyes widen so much you think they’re just going to roll on out of their sockets and then they both look up at you, in sync with each other.

Holtzmann turns around to her cloned self, bends her knees, clenching her fists in triumph. “Niiiiiiiice!” She says and they give each other a high five.

“So, what do you think?” They ask you and stand in exactly the same pose, with their hands in their pockets.

“There are no words. I just.. which one of you is the real- I mean, original?” You ask, looking back and forth between the two of them. You’d already named the left version of your girlfriend ‘Holtzmann 1′ and the one on the right, ‘Holtzmann 2′ just to avoid some confusion.

Holtzmann makes her way over to you with a dangerous smirk on her face and says. “We’ll let you figure that one out.” Before pulling you into her, by your waist and began kissing your neck. You let out a whimper as Holtzmann worked her magic, she knew exactly where to go and what to do. She knew how to make you melt in her arms. You didn’t protest.

You turned your head and saw the other Holtzmann standing beside you, looming over you as you were dipped slightly. “You should know your own girlfriend.” She said, giving you a devilish wink before kissing you. Completely overwhelmed and scarily turned on, you wriggled out of their embrace.

“Oh god, I can’t deal with this.” You protest, shaking off your thoughts. That was just overwhelming, weird, wrong.. but.. rather sexy and you would be lying to yourself if you hadn’t of dreamt about this scenario before but this can’t be happening.. this can’t carry on.

“Go on.. back into the chamber. You’ve proved your point Holtzy!” You state, crossing your arms and tapping your foot as though impatient. 

“Make that sound for me again and I’ll jump straight back in.” Holtzmann said, instantly close to you again and looking down at you rather eagerly.

She held the top of your waist, massaging it with her thumbs and began to kiss across your collarbone. Your eyes darted around the room to see where the other Holtzmann was and then you felt her hands entangle themselves in your long, thick hair. She eased your head back and began to kiss the side of your face and then the side of  your neck. “Just tell me to stop and I’ll stop.” She murmured in between her kisses. Your body was tingling all over and you felt weightless, both Holtzmann’s held you easily and securely as you gave into it.

“Oh dear god, nope! Backin’ up… I was never here…” Patty called out, as she walked in on this. The Holtzmann’s weren’t put off in the slightest.

“P- Patty.. I.. Can you..” You tried to ask her but you couldn’t get any words out before she stopped you in your tracks.

“Girl you lovin’ it!”

He's getting married but not to you part 3

Part 1

Part 2

 Luke’s pov. 

 2 months, that’s all it took. I was breaking down without her. I’d definitely made the wrong decision. And now I was stuck with it. It was my own fault.There was nothing i could do now, if the truth about how I really felt about y/n came out- everything would be ruined. I would have nothing, I’d lose Katey and I’d already lost y/n.

 But then again, the idea of losing Katey was nice, she wasn’t what I thought she was and my life was not going to plan. I can’t help but think that maybe we rushed into this whole marriage thing.

 My mother had told me not to mess anybody about, and I told her I wouldn’t. Yet here I am at y/n’s door, waiting for her to open it. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting. I was hoping that we could forget everything that happened and still be best friends- but I knew there was no way that was going to happen. It was laughable at how stupid I could be sometimes. 

 The door opened and I was met with a wide eyed y/n. 

Shock was written on her face, etched upon the confusion in her eyes as she took in my appearance.

 "Luke?“ She asked quietly, her eyes sparkling slightly and her body standing up a little straighter. 

 I probably wasn’t the nicest sight to look at. I hadn’t slept last night, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Truthfully I hadn’t stopped thinking about her for a while now. In fact she was always the one on my mind. On nights where I couldn’t sleep, laying in bed staring at the ceiling counting sheep, she always managed to creep into my head. 

 "Y/n, please just hear me out- I need your help.” I said quickly just in case she thought about shutting the door on me- I wouldn’t blame her if she did though.

 "Help?“ She chuckled sadly, shaking her head. “Of course you’d only be here if you wanted something” She mumbled, probably hoping I wouldn’t hear her.

 "No, it’s not like that, I just need to talk to you, promise that you’ll just listen to what I have to say, please, I know I don’t deserve it, but please”

 "Fine" she huffed, reluctantly letting me in. I went to the kitchen, sitting up on one of the stools as she flicked the kettle switch.

 "So what do you want?“ She asked bluntly, it was unlike her to ever be cold to anyone even if she didn’t like them.

 "How have you been?” I asked generally curious.

 "Fine.“ She said bluntly, again. I didn’t like it. It wasn’t her.

 "Are you sure?” I asked

 "Yes, I’ve had people help me get over you" she said, not looking at me.

 "Oh, well… I-I guess that’s good" I said, trying to process the fact that she was over me. Part of me didn’t believe her, could you really get over someone you’ve loved for 2 years within two months?

 "How’s married life?“ She asked bitterly.

 "It’s- well- it’s not what it’s all cut out to be, I thought it would be easy- but fuck, it’s so hard” I stressed.

 "Oh" she said quietly. “Do you regret it?” She asked timidly her mean act dropping as she returned to her normal caring self. I understood her previous bluntness, she was only trying to protect herself. She didn’t want to give me the chance to hurt her again.

 "N-no" I lied, I couldn’t let anyone know this was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made.

 "Right, okay" she said turning away from be so she couldn’t see my face.

 "It’s just- I don’t know what to do-“ I sighed “she’s talking about wanting children” I watched as y/n turned around to look at me now. She was surprised to say the least. 

 "C-Children?“ “Yeah, but I don’t want children. Not now, not while I’ll be on tour for most of its childhood. I can’t do that to a kid” I said 

 "Oh. Isn’t the whole point of getting married to have kids?“ She asked quietly.

 "I don’t know. But I can’t.”

 "Have you told her this? That you don’t want kids” she asked looking at me in sympathy.

 "No. She thinks I want them”

 "You might want to tell her that then, or maybe you should have said this before you got married, I mean you did kinda jump right into this… Thing" she said not being sarcastic in any way. She actually listened without judging, she was too nice to ever judge. She was such a good friend and this is why I couldn’t lose her.

 "M-my mum told me something that I shouldn’t do but I’ve basically already done it so I might as well carry on" I said, I had to tell her, she needed to know. 

 "What did she tell you?“

 "Not to mess you around, but you need to know how I really feel” I said.

  "Luke, please don’t, please leave it you’re married end of conversation okay, just enjoy the life you Have. Jesus Christ Luke. She wants to have children with you, this is serious!“ She said, her voice raising.

 "But I don’t want children! Not now. I’m way too young” I said.

  "Luke I can’t help you, I don’t know what you want me to say or do!“ She sighed.

 The doorbell rang and the tension in the room rose. I looked at her in question to ask whether she was expecting anyone. She shrugged before walking to the door. I stayed where I was trying to listen to the visitors voice.

 "What? is he here? Like right now?” I heard someone say.

 "Yes, so be quiet" y/n whispered but I could still hear. 

 "Well? What does he want?“ The voice asked. I couldn’t make out if it was familiar or not. 

 "I don’t know” she said back in a rush. 

 "Should I come back later?“ He asked.

 "Please” she said back and it went quiet for a moment. 

 "You need to tell him at some point okay?“ I heard him say.

 "Calum wait…” She said


 "Actually don’t worry, I’ll tell you later, see you in a bit” I heard the front door shut and not even a few seconds later she was back in the kitchen standing a few meters away from me.

 "Calum?“ I asked after a while of silence. 

 "Yeah, he… Um he’s just helping me with a few things at the moment.” She said.

 "Oh… Is there… Something you need to tell me?“ I asked cautiously. I’d rather know if she’s with Calum before telling her how I feel.


 "What?“ I asked worried if she had hurt herself or something.

 "You heard us didn’t you?”

 "Yeah…“ I said, scratching the back of my neck. When did things become so awkward between us.

 "Well, I decided that I’m going to go to university now” she said, a small shy smile adorning her face.

 "Well that’s great!“ I said encouragingly, I knew she wanted to go at some point to study psychology . “Which university? The one down the road?” I asked. 

 "Yeah… No, about that, it’s kind of in America” she said.

 America. The other side of the fucking world.

 "Oh.. Um wow… America… Jeez that’s far away…“ I said quietly.

 "Yeah… But the university looks amazing!” She said excitedly.

 "Wow well, I hope you get in…“ I said feeling bad for wishing she doesn’t. 

God, I’m her best friend, I should be supportive of her choices but I don’t want her to go, it would leave me with my mess of a life without her guidance.

  "I already got in! I’m leaving next week so I can settle in!” She said happily. 

“Wow… How long have you known?” I asked, she had a guilt look on her face.

 "A while" she mumbled, “ I was going to tell you, but things happened…" 

 "Oh. Well… I’m happy for you, you’ll do great. How long is the course?”

 "2 years" she said “I’m so excited, I love America, I’ve only ever been once and that wasn’t hardly enough time to explore”

 "2 years?“ I said my eyes wide. 2 years. “Will you come visit us here?” I asked “and your family of course”

 "Maybe, but mum and dad said they might come visit me and make a holiday out of it so I wouldn’t have to come back here”

 "Oh…“ I said while she started rambling about how nice the university is and the grounds.

 "I’ll miss you” I cut her off. She looked surprised, before her face crumpled a bit and she pouted. 

 "I’ll miss you too" she whispered “it’ll all work out though, I’ll call and text you, FaceTime, Skype like every night”.

  I knew that wouldn’t happen. It might for the first week but then the facetimes will turn to phone calls which will eventually turn to texts every so often, which will then become nothing, leaving emptiness and suddenly memories will start to fade. Faces will become a blur, it will be hard to remember the small things, hair colour, eye colour… Then one day a few years maybe- we’ll remember and wonder why we ever stopped talking. What went wrong. But if I suddenly decide to get back in contact it would be deemed as weird. We’d be strangers. I didn’t want that to happen.

 I didn’t want her to disappear from my life.

 "Just don’t become a stranger" I said.

“I-I won’t”

 "Promise?“ I said reaching my pinky out. It’s something we used to do as younger children.

 "Seriously?” She giggled. I hadn’t heard her giggle for months. 

 "Yes" I said fully seriously.


 "Promise me!” I said 

 "It’s for the best Luke…“ 

 "No no no, you’re not going to be s stranger, I won’t let, in fact I’ll fly over to see you… You’re my best friend" 

 "Yeah? I’m your best friend. That’s why I have to do this Luke! Don’t you understand how hard this is for me? I can’t stay here!”

 "Well you can’t leave!“

 "Why do you care? You have her, you don’t need me!”

 "Don’t say that, I’ll always need you" I sighed.

 "Yeah but you don’t want me" she said quietly. “Look Luke, I think you should go" 

 —————————————— 6 months later —————————————–

 - y/n pov

 "Hi is Luke there?” I asked through the phone. So far we had managed to stay in contact since I’d moved to university.

 "Oh no he’s out sorry" Katey said.

“Oh okay, I’ll call back later" 

 "Wait y/n don’t go yet, I need to invite you to my baby shower” she said excitedly.

 Baby shower… 

 "Sorry what? Baby shower?“ I asked confused. I could feel my heart beat start to quicken - in fear or panic, I wasn’t quite sure.

 "Luke didn’t tell you?” She asked confused.

 "Um no…“ I said, trying to keep my breathing even.

 "I know Luke probably wanted to tell you but I might aswell now, we’re having a baby!” She squealed in excitement.

 I nearly dropped my phone but managed to quickly catch it before it landed on the floor. I held it into shoulder for a minute so she couldn’t hear my shaky breath through the speaker. 

 "Wow" I finally managed to say.

   “You okay?” She asked.

  "Yeah" I said quickly “just surprised, I mean wow… Congratulations, that’s- that so amazing! Wow” i tried so hard not to sound fake. I laughed nervously as she replied. 

 "I know right! Im so excited" she gushed. “Although i thought Luke would have told you by now it’s been… Nearly 6 months” I coughed - shocked at how Luke hadn’t told me.

 "6 months! Wow that’s wow- why didn’t Luke tell me?“ I said out loud without meaning to. 

 "I don’t know” she said mindlessly. “But I’ll get him to call you back”

 "Okay thank you" I said still in shock. My shock was slowly turning into anger. What the hell had he gotten himself into. He said he didn’t want children 6 months ago when he came to talk to me, but not even a week or so after that… I don’t understand.

 Luke, what the FuCK?- y/n 

 Why didn’t you tell me?- y/n

 6 months and you didn’t tell me- y/n 

 I know this is probably hard for you if what you told me is still true- y/n 

 But this is serious, a kid Luke. A life that you have created- y/n

 What have you gotten yourself into- y/n

 I’m sorry y/n. I didn’t want to tell you because I knew it would be true.- Luke

 But fuck, I need your help, I don’t know what to do, we alway used condoms, I didn’t want a child, it’s too late to walk away,- Luke

 Yes Luke it’s too late to walk away, don’t even think about that- y/n 

 I don’t love Katey anymore- Luke

 What? LUKE! You have to, you can’t do that to her, don’t ever tell her that okay? You need to be there for her and the baby, YOUR baby!- y/n 

 I’ll sort it out okay- Luke 

 Luke no. Phone me right now!- y/n 

 This is why I didn’t tell you- Luke

 LUKE!- y/n What do you mean sort it out?- y/n 

 I waited 5 minutes for a reply until I knew that he wasn’t going to.

 ——————————— Another 6 months later ————————————–

“I’ll see you later!” I called to Andrea, a new friend I had made at university. I ran down my road though the to my apartment. I stopped a few meters away from the front door seeing a figure sitting on the ground, head leaning back against my front door, their hood up to stop their hair getting wet. 

 "Luke?“ I asked Thoroughly confused. 

 "Y/n!” He said happily jumping up quickly. 

 "What the hell are you doing here?“ I asked. He lifted his rucksack up, shrugging. 

 "I left her” He said causally as if it was nothing.

 "You- you what? But you have a kid together!“ 

 "It’s not mine!” He smiled.


 "It’s not mine! I told you, we used condoms, she got annoyed at me because I didn’t want children so she slept with someone else, she admitted it a week before she gave birth" 

 "And you just left?” I asked.

  "Yep, went home, told mum, then came straight here" he shrugged. 

 "Luke, how are you so calm about this?“ 

 "Because i told you I didn’t love her any more” he smiled. He looked so happy, I still wasn’t fully understanding.

 "Luke you’re married" 

 "We won’t be for long, I filed for a divorce. I’m here to stay…“ He said becoming shy “if you’ll let me…”

 "Luke, of course I’ll let you, you’re my best friend.“ He smiled widely before hugging me. 

“How about we go inside and get out of these wet clothes?" 

 "Sounds perfect" 

 Maybe sometime in the future something may happen between us, but everything in this moment seemed like a dream. It’s funny how things work out so perfectly sometimes.

Avengers Preference 8 - The Last Dance...

Thor - 

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You were dancing gently in the arms of your newly married husband, seeing him pull away every moment to try and pull a complicated dance move. He failed almost every time, but it continued to make you laugh, keeping you close to him. Although you were content, and pleased of your friends and family who had attended, you couldn’t help but want one more person to arrive.

Thor had left Midgard a while ago, telling you that he had things to sort in other Realms. Before he had gone, he had promised you that he would be back one day, to take you with him, and keep you safe.

Four years later, you had been married, hours before the reception, and were now dancing with you husband. He began to twirl you, causing you to giggle slightly, before you faced back, seeing a familiar figure standing several meters away from you.

This wasn’t any particular person. He was dressed head-to-toe in Asgard finery, his blonde hair gently pulled back, and the same smile you had missed on his face, able to now see you. You didn’t hesitate, pulling away from your husband, running towards Thor. You were over emotional as it was, and now, you were coming ever closer to the man you had missed too much.

Thor was just as happy to see you. He noticed you look particularity beautiful tonight, wearing your wedding dress, you hair styled, and the sparkle still there in you eyes. He opened his large arms, pulling you into a tight and warm embrace, swinging you around slightly.

Once he put you back down, he began to dance with you, spinning you around, before resting both of his hands on your waist. You rested  both of yours around his neck, beginning to slowly sway with you. However, you could see a slight gleam in his eyes, as you turned up to him.

“What’s wrong?” You paused for a moment. “Aren’t you happy for me?” 

Thor sighed. “As much as I wish to, I cannot. I cannot help but wish it was you and I making those vows hours ago. Myself being your first dance, spending the rest of eternity with you.” You felt yourself cry slightly. He sighed, before pressing a kiss to your forehead. “Have a good life, (Y/N) he says, before disappearing into the night, unknown if you would see him again.

Steve -

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“No!” You shout, feeling warm tears running down your face, your scarlet cheeks burning. Steve opens his mouth, ready to respond to your actions, but instead, you cut him off, continuing to shout at him. “Steve, you can’t leave! Just-” You were stopped this time, when he picked up, determined to keep you quiet for a moment. 

“(Y/N!) Please!” He shouted louder this time, silencing you for a moment, whilst tears still continued to roll away from your eyes. “Please, I need to. You know I need to.” You snuffled slightly, still not happy with your boyfriend wanting to go off to War.

He sighed for a moment, taking a step towards you, his breathing getting heavier. He gently took one of his hands, resting it on the side of your hip. With the other, he interlocked yours and his fingers, before pulling them out sideways, as if In a dance. You knew your boyfriend particularly well, and noticed that he loved to dance. When you had been introduced to the relationship, he had taught you something about dancing every so often. 

Carefully, you moved forward slightly, resting your feet on top of his. He noticed, as you began to rest them completely, his legs now taking total of your movement. He continued to hum a tune, one he had probably heard from being out and around. His soft voice seemed to comfort you, keeping you calm and content. 

His face looked up towards the ceiling, trying to conceal some of the tears which were beginning to fall out of his eyes. He didn’t want to leave you; he would of begged you to go with him, but if you were killed, that was on him, forever. Instead, he made a silent promise to you, your warm head now leaning against his chest.

He promised that he would return. Alive. The second this blasted War was over, and the battle to fight for what he believed and wanted was completed, he would come to you, hoping your arms would still be opened, and your smile still perfect. Then, he would never let you go again. No matter what he would face, you would be beside him.

But for now, for this moment in time, you were nuzzled together, keeping each other in sanity. Pretty soon, it would be goodbyes, but to savor the moment was all you both truly wanted. A life. One where you would both be safe, and to dance as husband and wife, your children alongside you…

Tony - 

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You were completely heartbroken. A few hours ago, you had walked in on your 2 year boyfriend, in bed with another girl. Blonde, Skinny, very pretty. Or as you would say, A Tony Stark girl. The kind which would take his attention for one night, before he would block them, and pretend they never existed.

Speaking of Stark, he was the one you had gone to for comfort. Your closest friend, and long time crush, was now trying to help you through this, without eating your weight in Ice Cream. Instead, you got the Stark Treatment. This meant, you were dragged out to buy the prettiest dress you had agreed on, and was taken back to Stark Tower.

A while ago, JARVIS had informed you that yourself and Tony would be going to one of the fanciest Restaurants around - completely booked out, as that was his idea of a place to eat. You had quickly got dressed in your finery, before making your way towards the main area of the tower, where you saw none other than Mr. Stark himself, wearing a very nice black suit.

He turned around to see, you, hearing the music JARVIS had craftily put on when you were entering. Knowing the AI had put on the music, you rolled your eyes, as Tony help out his hand, looking towards you.

“Looking very nice, dear.” He said, beginning to twirl you to the music. You couldn’t help but let a smile form on your mouth, before he spun you into his arms, cheekily raising his eyebrows at you.

After pulling apart, Tony’s hands found their way onto your shoulders, before looking up towards the ceiling. You copied his actions, looking up, wondering what on earth he was doing.

“JARVIS? He called out. “Please cancel tonight reservations.” You raised your eyebrows at him, beginning to question why, instead, he continued his orders towards his Old Butler.

“Of Course, Mr. Stark. Anything Else?” He asked.

“Yeah, order a couple of Pizzas. And open up Netflix in the Dome.” He said, taking hold of your hand. He began to drag you there, a smile on his face, realizing, maybe comforting you after a break-up wasn’t the most terrible thought.

And besides, who knows? He could end up with his long time love, too. 

Bruce - 

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Another tear rolled down Bruce’s cheek, as he continued to help you pack, before you went off. You had recently accepted a place at one of the top Universities, back in the UK, and although Bruce was able to come and visit you anytime, he was defiantly coping a lot worse with you leaving than you were.

“It’s not going to be the same.” He murmured, taking one of your hands in his. “Who’s going to help me when I need to stop working.”

You rolled your eyes, squeezing that hand he had carefully taken hold of, before replying. “I’m going to text you every day. Work out what time it is, and tell you to stop working.” A smile reached both yours and his face, before he stretched out his hand, pulling you apart from him.

Puzzled, you watched as he held his arm above you, spinning you underneath, and pulling you forward. You both giggled slightly, before you lent forward, pressing your lips to his.

He never seemed to kiss you. No, he was the gentleman and let you kiss him. You continued to dace and spin gently, kissing him every few moments. Bruce’s eyes still contained sadness, but there was a slight smile, as he saw the sparkle in your eyes, still being there for when you returned.

Gently, he took the hand he had been holding onto, gently bringing it up to his lips, and briefly kissing your knuckles. You blushed slightly at his actions, before he smiled back down at you.

“I’ll wait for you, you know.” He said. 

Loki -

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You had never been one for Balls. If you were completely honest, you would say people in general were never your thing. However, this gathering was completely thrown towards you. You have lived in Asgard for a number of years, alongside the royal veins of your family. However, there was a terrible crisis in another Realm, and your family had been needed to sort you out. What killed you painfully, was that you’d be leaving a close companion of yours, Loki.

You had been friends with the cheeky God for a number of years, growing ever closer by the day. And now, you were to be split apart by force, knowing there was no chance Odin would let him travel outside Asgard to visit you. A single tear rolled down your cheek, as you stood in the far corner of the Ballroom, ignoring the presence around you. That was, until you heard to familiar footsteps, your eyes meeting the mesmerizing ones of your best friend, dressed up in his formal attire.

If you were completely honest, you could see the faint wash of tears in his eyes, the realization hitting him, that tonight could be the very last time he was ever to lay eyes on you. His emotions, though weak, seemed to build, wanting to hold you and protect you for all eternity, something he now knew was impossible. Instead, he took a gruff breath, holding out his larger hand towards you.

“Care for a final dance, Lady (Y/N?)”

Without much hesitation, you nodded, being pulled into a slow waltz, with your ever fading friend. The next Ball you attended, you’d find yourself dancing with someone else, who would never hold you, or treat you the way he did. The familiar smell and feel of him would evaporate forever. Instead of realizing this, he twirled you carefully, leaning your back into his chest, slowly trailing out to take your hand.

Something changed in his eye, the way he saw you, and the way he loved you. Loki spun you back, so you were chest to chest, resting your head on his shoulder, whilst he kissed your forehead, a tear close to rolling out of his eye. Tonight, would be the last time he would ever hold you, before you were gone forever. A murmur escaped his cold lips, before they pressed onto your cheek.

“I love you. Don’t ever forget that.”