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Went out for a nice cruise this morning before work, first time shooting the wagon since putting the sawblades on.
I’m picking up a new lens this month so i’ll be sure to shoot more soon.

4.16.17 | Dash Point / Tide Flats


The Audis from the show. My favorite is the white A4 wagon. The fitment on the sedan was beyond beautiful thou, it claimed the “grounded” crew as its team. They were an amazing set of Audis either way.

Something I just realized, and wanted to note.

During Thank Goodness, we’re all very focused on Glinda. Because of course, it’s her song. About her internal struggle, her struggle to be happy despite the loss of Elphaba, her confusion with how, regardless of the fact she’s gotten everything she’s ever wanted, she still feels empty, like something’s missing.

(That something is Elphaba.)

And it’s about her struggle with herself, how she of course wants to find Elphaba and wants Elphaba in her life, but feels so helpless in that she doesn’t know how. And she’s torn, torn between living the perfect life she always wanted or throwing that all to the wind to have the one thing that perfect life is missing.

So of course, the song is about Glinda.

But it’s not JUST about Glinda.

It’s about Fiyero, too.

Specifically the focus of the song, the line “I couldn’t be happier”.

The lie of it, anyway.

This applies to Fiyero as well as Glinda.

Because think about it.

He’s stuck. Stuck in the Emerald City. As Captain of the Guard, being used by Madame Morrible to hunt down the very woman he loves. Stuck in an engagement to a woman he doesn’t love, but is too afraid to break her heart. Stuck watching and listening to all these people slander and ridicule that woman he loves.

And all with a smile on his face. With an undying duty.

In the end, Fiyero’s situation is no different from Glinda’s.

He’s forced into a situation he wants nothing more than to get out of, but has no idea how to. He’s trapped in a cage, all while having to pretend there’s nothing wrong at all.

That he couldn’t be happier.

Fiyero soldiers through this just as well as Glinda does, and not just for his own sake, for hers as well.

Think about it, it’s the same.

Any Ozian would look a Glinda, beautiful Glinda, with her handsome fiance, her secure position, her stance in high society, her money, her power, and think “wow, I would love to have that life”.

When really, beautiful, lonely Glinda is engaged to a man in love with her best friend, shoved into a position she thought she wanted, but it turns out isn’t sure anymore, and with all the money and power in the world, she still can’t buy her happiness.

Just like any Ozian would look at Fiyero, handsome Fiyero, with his own gorgeous fiance, his incredibly high power position, his status as a prince, his riches, his popularity, all the opportunities he could have and say “wow, wouldn’t that life be great”.

When really, handsome, just as lonely Fiyero is engaged to a woman he doesn’t love, but realizes what she’s going through and just can’t bring himself to tell her the truth and hurt her even more, is also shoved into a position he wanted to use for good, but is being forced to use for evil, alienated from his people, loved by all, but has no idea how much Elphaba, the one he truly wants to love him, does love him, and is stuck in a position as a pawn, forced to let his opportunities go to waste.

So really, Thank Goodness is as much about Fiyero as it is about Glinda.

And it’s heartbreaking.

Because here’s two people who are trying so hard to be happy despite the circumstances of their rise to power.

But they can’t.

Because they’re each missing the one person they love.

The one person who could truly fill the void in their hearts.



2step on point 👌👌


When your turbo is bigger than the engine 💥💥
Rx8 with huge turbo & antilag 👌
Not sure if the car can run tho … 😂

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