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The Thing About Pre Med

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The thing about being pre-med is that people think you know stuff. They think they can come up to you and tell you about the cough they’ve had that just won’t go away, or ask about the weird tingling sensation they get on the back of their knee and just expect you to be able to tell them exactly what’s wrong with them. And sure, you can probably tell them that the trapezius muscle is innervated by the spinal accessory nerve or that hemoglobin has a quaternary structure made up of four polypeptides that each interact with an iron atom that gives it the ability to carry oxygen through the bloodstream. But at the end of the day, you don’t know shit about medicine.

Which is why Clarke feels more than a little bit panicked when her friends start treating her like their personal doctor.

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Hi, I was just wondering if you could give a quick summary of moves/fighting forms that are characteristic of each traditional element? I really love all your gifsets :)

Hey, thanks! 

I’ll try my best. 

Airbending: Focuses on agility and being light on one’s feet using soft movements. Benders traditionally use the arms most, utilizing their staffs as well. Also, they use lots of spins.

Earthbending: Has an emphasis on staying rooted to the ground. A strong stance and arm movements are what characterize this bending technique. While Toph uses her feet, she doesn’t use them the way a firebender does. She keeps them on the ground, using them to manipulate the ground beneath her. 

Firebending: Makes use of both the hands and the feet, with an emphasis on punches and kicks. Firebenders are agile, but tend to stay in place unlike airbenders who move around a lot. And, unlike airbenders who usually use more defensive moves, firebenders tend to go for the attack. 

Waterbending: Like airbenders, waterbenders can be agile. Traditionally, they’re also all about redirection and the push and pull of the water, turning their opponents energy against them (as noted by Iroh). 

Submission: A Chance to Heal

[So after sending that SenseiOrochimaru ask, i had a mighty need to write it! Hope you enjoy!] Six months. Almost to the day that Hiruzen Sarutobi granted Orochimaru a teaching position at the Ninja Academy, six months and he still can’t figure out if it was the best or worst decision he’s ever made when it comes to his favorite student. Against all the odds not only has Orochimaru proven that he is a capable teacher, but one of the most well liked among all of the teaching staff; his students all adore him- and don’t take to kindly to anyone bad mouthing their favorite sensei. As Sarutobi watches Orochimaru lead the children through a simple set of Taijutsu Katas; he can’t help but smile fondly, he watched as Orochimaru assisted them in correcting their stances or movements, giving praise when they managed to successfully finish a set and would begin showing them the next. All of this with a genuinely kind smile on his face, even his usually harsh and abrasive chakra seemed to have mellowed down- not that Sarutobi believes that it would bother the children if it didn’t, nothing about Orochimaru seems to bother them; it is truly a joy to watch the Snake Sannin with his class. The students completed three more kata sets before any of them noticed him standing off to the side of their training ground, some of them waved while others bowed towards him before Orochimaru dismissed them to take a break; as they began collecting their things and finding a nice place to rest Orochimaru headed over to greet him. “Good morning Orochimaru; your class seem to be doing rather well, they are showing excellent improvement in their performance” nodding, Orochimaru looks over them once more before giving his full attention to Sarutobi. “They are doing exceeding well in their studies. Did you require something Sensei? Or were you just taking a walk and happened to stumble upon my class?” the question is lighter than expected; it lacks the agitation and paranoia it would have had before. Sarutobi turns of grandfatherly smile towards him, “I simply wanted to observe your class in action is all, I’ve heard good things about them; you are a skilled instructor.” over forty years of Shinobi training are the only thing that stop Sarutobi from flinching at the sight of shock and bewilderment that cross Orochimaru’s features at the compliment, he realizes how long it’s been since he’d offered up any sort of positive remark that wasn’t carefully guarded him. “Thank you, Sensei” Orochimaru replies evenly rearranging his feachers back into their usual calm “I have to get back to the children in a moment, would you like to stay and observe the rest of the class? I’m sure they won’t mind you staying.” Sarutobi nodded and follows behind Orochimaru as he calls his class back to their training, it is truly humbling to watch his prized student teaching the next generation of Shinobi. Hiruzen Sarutobi has watched over Orochimaru since he was a small shy six year old with heavy dreams and a legacy of fear with a healthy dose of pride and caution. There was never a question of whether or not Orochimaru would do great things in his life- his unwavering skill and determination proved enough that he would achieve anything he set his mind to- The question had always been whether or not they would be good or terrible things… As the class finished their lessons for the day and began packing away their equipment and heading home for the day; a few stragglers stayed behind and wandered over to their teacher. Sarutobi could just make out that one of them was asking if he would accompany them to the cemetery to visit their parents graves, and not quite to his surprise; Orochimaru agreed. ‘Perhaps’ Sarutobi thought to himself, he doesn’t have much to worry about anymore… if anything can melt the ice around the Snake Sannin’s heart and bring out the good he has always known was there; it would be brave little war orphans in need. With one last smile towards the retreating figures of Orochimaru and the five small children surrounding him, Hiruzen Sarutobi headed back to his office. Mind completely a peace for once; when it came to his favorite student.

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Imagine taking your best friends, Christina and Tris, to your private training session with Eric.

On the day initiation had started you decided that you would put in extra training time every evening to help yourself. You were the best female fighter within your group of initiates, but you believed that there was always room to improve.


The first day of training was over, however, there was still another three hours left until dinner. That’s when you decided to go back to the training room for extra practise.

You kept punching at the bag until your hands were sore; you were so into it that you had not even heard the door open.

“Bend your front knee a little more initiate,” you jumped at the sound of the familiar voice. Eric.

“S-sorry, I probably shouldn’t be here,” You said hurriedly, looking down at the ground, as you tried to walk towards the door.

“Did I tell you to leave?” He demanded, you looked at him, “You know Y/N, I’m actually quite impressed that even after a long day of training, you still came back in here.” With that, he went to a bag and began punching, so you did the same.

Every so often, he would adjust your stance or movements, and give you pointers.

*End of Flashback*

After that first day, Eric had helped you every day for the past few weeks, and to your surprise, the two of you had actually become friends, you might even have slight feelings for him.

You were just getting ready to go to the training room again today when, your two best friends, Tris and Christina, walked in.

“I can’t win any of my fights Christina, I’m gonna be factionless by the end of this round,” Tris said.

“No you w-,”Christina stopped when she saw you, “Oh hey Y/N!”

“Hey ladies,” you smiled, “If you’re afraid of losing your fights, you should come and train with me, Tris.”

“I don’t know-” Tris started.

“Oh come on! It’ll be fun!” You say, encouraging your friends to come with you. They both agreed and the three of you headed off to the training room. You opened the door, and the two girls stopped dead in their tracks when they saw Eric.

“Fuck,” Christina mutters at the same time Tris whispers, “What’s he doing here?!”

“Relax, he’s comes here to train sometimes, it’s okay,” You say matter-of-factly, Eric turns and the three of you, “Hey Eric,” he responds with a curt nod.

After a few minutes of training Eric breaks the silence, “You’re not gonna beat anyone like that Stiff.” We all look at him until he finally sighs and says, “Let me teach you some basic fighting techniques.”

Eric walks towards the mat in the centre of the room, your friends look at you cautiously, you nod in approval, and follow Eric, Tris and Christina follow you as well, “Alright, the Stiff and Candor are partners, and you,” Eric points at you, “are with me, we’ll go first.”

Eric demonstrates a few punches, jabs, kicks, and blocks with you, showing Tris and Christina all the basic fighting techniques. Then suddenly he punches you in the side of the face, “Block me initiate!” he growls.

After a little bit of back and forth with Eric, he has you knocked to the ground, he stretches out his hand to you, and you take it, he pulls you up half way then shoves you back to the ground and you cry out, looking towards you friends, who have shocked expressions.

“Rule number one,” Eric says, “Never trust your opponent. Now get up and fight initiate!” You get up and continue fighting until Eric looks over your shoulder with wide eyes and curses under his breath.

You turn you head to look back and he sweeps your legs from beneath you. He straddle you as you lie on your back to stop you from moving, and puts his face close to yours, “Rule number two,” he says, “Never let your opponent distract you.”

Your breathing is ragged when suddenly you get an idea; you look Eric in the eyes, grab the front of his shirt and pull him closer to you.

“If they kiss, I swear, I’m going to leave for the factionless,” Christina whispers in disgust to Tris, who just stares at you wide eyes.

Your eyes shift from Eric’s eyes, to his lips, then back to his eyes. You bite your lip, as your heart races out of your chest. Eric’s eyes soften ever so slightly, and he slightly moves off of you, you take this as your chance and you bring your knee up and smash it into his groin. He rolls off you completely, holding his crotch, “Fuck!”

You instantly stand up and smirk down at him, “Rule number two Eric, never let your opponent distract you.”

You look back at your friends and say, “It’s almost dinner time, we should go ladies,” and you head towards the door.    

A/N: I honestly believe how supportive the people on tumblr are, I’ve been reading imagines on here for a long time, and yesterday finally decided to post my first one, and tbh, I was kinda scared, but you all are so awesome! xoxo *Sends virtual hugs to everyone*

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How do typical metalbending styles differ from earthbending ones?

There are actually a few distinctions to be made here. However, one the main difference between earthbending and metalbending forms is that metalbending is much more hands on, using very precise hand and wrist movements to manipulate the metal. 

Getting into specifics though with how different metalbeders bend differently, first we have Toph’s style. Having grown up and lived just when people were starting to learn to combine different styles (I’m looking at you, Team Avatar), her metalbending style is very much like the classic style of earthbending, in the sense that she is very much grounded, and uses strong stances and arm movements when she metalbends. 

Zaofu’s general style is also very much like classic earthbending with its strong stances, though I’ve noticed a little more flexibility with their moves. 

Kuvira’s style, as I mentioned before, is based on the Northern style of snake kung fu, which combines a strong, rooted stance, with quick strikes of the arm, which is great for her style of metalbending. 

The most interesting though is Republic City Police style. Unlike other metalbenders, they’re really light on their feet when they’re on duty (this is usually assuming that they’re using their cables, and not doing heavy duty meta;bending where a strong stance is much more helpful). And, because they’re in the air a lot and swing from cables, it’s really useful for them use a style of metalbending that almost resembles airbending with its light footwork and midair spins 

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Fic prompt!! Modern AU cassian training feyre in a gym owned by Rhys

Funnily enough, I was considering making Cassian a trainer for another au fic prompt, so this works! This fic got a little angstier than I intended and I hope I dealt with it okay. Hope you like!

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I was nervous. Fighting wasn’t really my thing.

“But it’s not fighting!” Mor, my eternally pesky bestie, insisted. “It’s kickboxing and you promised to come!”

When I came home last week late one night, it had been impossible to hide the bruise blooming on my face. It still hadn’t gone completely away.

Mor was adamant I do something, but I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of reporting the a-hole who’d done it. He was just some bloke who’d smacked my face, grabbed my purse, and ran. I didn’t get a good enough look at him to give the police anything to go off of, so short of halting my bank cards and filing for a new driver’s license, I was content to call it with a doctor’s visit.

“At least take this new kickboxing class with me,” Mor had pleaded. “It’ll help you get your mojo back and teach you a few moves to protect yourself should,” she motioned sadly at my face where the bruise covered my cheek, “that happen again. Plus, Cassian’s pretty hot to look at working out, even if he is a total ass.”

I scowled at her. “Don’t tell me that’s why you’ve been going four nights a week since January. Just to sleep with the instructor, really, Mor?”

“Don’t give me that look, Feyre,” she snapped. “I slept with Cassian the first night I met him and that was ages ago.”

“You… what?! What about Az?”

She shrugged. “They’re friends and this was way before Az. I’ve known Cassian for a long time. He’s friends with my cousin who runs the gym we’re going to. And besides, trust me when I say Az has nothing to worry about. Cassian’s ego is a lot bigger than his-”

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hello seo!! ok so I've been on the waiting list to join this kendo club (outside of school) and I've been invited to an introductory summer course and then at the end of it I can decide whether or not I want to stay and pursue kendo during the rest of the year. do you have any advice about the sport? ahh it's fine if you don't bc this is a weird question, I just thought you could share something from your own experiences!

  • don’t focus on speed. focus on making sure that you’re in rhythm + your stance / posture / movements are correct. speed will come once you have muscle memory
  • relax your arms. don’t be so tense
  • keep your feet in the proper position
  • if something hurts, then you’re probably doing it wrong. kendo isn’t rlly meant to hurt or damage your own body. so if your right arm hurts or you’re starting to develop blisters, you’re probably doing smth wrong like using too much force in your right hand or twisting/dragging your foot too much
  • keep your left heel up but not too much up (your knee shouldn’t rlly be bended ish ?? idk how to describe it)
  • stretch before and after class
  • don’t stress abt not being good enough. most people take years 
  • don’t get intimidated by the sounds. bamboo just has that rlly nice and loud crack sound haha
  • use loud kiai. don’t be embarrassed abt it or anything. in fact, it’s usually easier if your kiai is loud and strong

lmao i’m not rlly good at kendo, but i hope this helps! good luck and i hope you have lots of fun!!

Did Annie REALLY have feelings for Eren?

So theres tons of fan theories and head cannons and aus that say Annie likes Eren or they have some sort of relationship, but none really support it with any evidence to confirm or deny this. So lets take a look at why Annie may or may not have had some sort of feelings for one another.

We can start with why they DO have feelings for each other.

Its very clear Annie is use to being the lone wolf. She doesn’t interact with anyone, even Reiner and Bert, her titan team mates. This changes however once she meets Eren. When Eren fights her, she expects t0 just kick his ass and move on. However, shes very surprised to find that Eren compliments her and is amazed at how good she is. Never in her life, even with her father, has Annie been complimented about her skills. Shes taken back and even more impressed when Eren uses her moves against Jean.

We actually see Annie smile for once, and its because of Eren. Say what you want, but first impressions are everything, and Eren has given her a lasting first impression, being one of the only people to make her smile and compliment her.

And then she offers to teach him the move personally. Sure this could just be her being nice, but its become sort of a trope or cliché when someone says they’ll show their crush how to do something personally, it hints towards some kind of romantic feelings. But this is just the beginning of their meeting, so lets keep going through and manga and anime.

Its heavily implied that Annie and Eren spent a lot of time together during their training. More so then usual actually. The fact that Annies stance and movements are embedded into Erens muscle memory, even in Titan form, shows exactly how much time they spent together training. This, pluis the fact when Mikasa was looking for Eren during the battle of Trost, she went to Annie for his wearabouts. Showing that she expects Annie to be aware of where Eren is because they were always tpgether training. 

Now, everyone knows Eren is sort of clueless about girls, as he was the only one, along with Hitch, who didn’t realize Hitch liked Marlo whent hey talked to him about it. Hes clueless about girls. So im sure he wouldn’t have even noticed if Annie was flirting with him or liked him in anyway. But I think he did maybe have a LITTLE more feelings then her then just respect, as Mikasa explains that perhaps the reason Eren cant transform to fight him is because of some sort of feelings towards her. Mikasa looks very jealous when she says this, implying that feeling is a romantic feeling, and Eren just doesn’t realize it. After all, Mikasa has been jealous of Annie before, and we see it during training.

Mikasa is clearly aware of Annie’s intentions and decides to intervine because everyone in the world knows Mikasa loves Eren and all that jazz. So shes testing Annie. Sort of like a “Oh are you just teaching him because you like him? If not, train me too” Two alpha females fighting over a guy. Notice how pissed off Annie is that Mikasa is stepping in? Silly in a show like Attack on Titan, but remember theyre all still teenagers, so stuff like this can clearly happen.

Also during Eren and Annies fight in the woods, Annie looks clearly upset at the facy Eren was so enraged by her, he transformed just to kill her. I don’t think Annie wanted to fight Eren, she wanted to capture him and probably explain herself later. But when Eren transforms she looks visibly shaken.

Also during the fight, she keeps holding back. When she killed the Survey Corp members, she crushed them with ease, not even breaking a sweat. She tore through every one of them. Yet when she fights Erem, that same speed, precision and deadliness is gone. Eventually she takes out his titan form and captures him, but it took her way longer then we know it could have to take him out. Same is said during the Battle of Stohess. Eventually she just decides “Fuck it” and goes all out to escape, but it didn’t start out like that.

Now for reasons she might not like Eren. She could have just been teaching him because she finally has a friend who likes fighting and admires her for what she does. Their relationship could be completely platonic. People saying the reason Annie is crying is because she lost Eren I think its bs. Shes crying  because multiple times she almost escaped. IN the forrest, she almost captured Eren. In Stohess, she almost escaped. She was so close until she was finally brought down by Mikasa. So I rule that out imedeatly. Many say that the fact she even fought Eren in the first place disproves all notions that she might have feelings for him but im on the border with that one.

I guess in the end, because its not THAT important to the story, it wasn’t made a big deal of and isn’t mentioned that often, and is left for the reader to decide. It may serve some purpose later but well have to wait and see about that.

Now, im for sure an ErenxAnnie shipper, so maybe this is a biased review, but theres more evidence placed in the manga and show to prove that there was SOMETHING there, but again, its not essential to the story so it wasn’t expanded upon. But these scenes I mentioned were put in the story for a reason, and it wasn’t an accident, so I do believe that in the end, Annie did have atleast some romantic feelings for Eren, and Eren had slight feelings for Annie, but maybe just want aware of it.

UPDATE: In the Attack on Titan Junior High, a show where they play on funny character stereotypes, such as Connie being stupid, Ymir and Historia being lesbians, and Mikasa being an annoying mother figure to Eren, they also included an episode about Eren and Annie, and Armin even said Annie, Mikasa, and Eren are probably going to end up in a love triangle. So its clear that the ErenxAnnie relationship is on their minds. Sure its a little spin off, but it pulls from existing tropes and content from the original show so I think this helps support the idea of ErenxAnnie

every now and then there’s a Big Boy at the gym who just hops on the heavy bags and it’s always so hilarious. I know they’re never teaching themselves how to box or anything. Like, it’s obvious when someone’s learning vs when someone’s just uh, trying to be SO TOUGH.

like, the dude has: the most awkward stance, terrible head movement, and doesn’t even tuck his thumb for his fucking punches.

and I’m just waiting for the day that some Big Boy just breaks a finger from that. These ass burgers just fuckin’ trying to look cool and tough and have no clue what they’re doing.

So I just keep doing my interval stuff and rolling my eyes as I pass’em.

10 Ways I Can Spot an Aspie Girl

1. Deep, soulful eyes which perhaps dip down slightly and/or are very distinguished and large. There is someone in there with a story. There is truth.

2. An uncomfortable smile that cannot find a home which fluctuates between a chiseled, serious frown and the most amazing genuine smile, wherein the whole self and soul lights up—a childlike expression, too pure to be mistaken for anything else than authenticity.

3. Continual statements of second-guessing, checking for understanding, clarifying self, and offering out extra information in an attempt to be understood. Indications of never reaching a full conclusion, as there are limitless possibilities. Questioning self, harvesting advice, and then tossing everything out and starting anew. Having the kindling of multiple thoughts about multiple directions, all at the same time.

4. Fleeting, unnatural eye contact, that is either over-intense and attempting to linger or constantly moved about to find an object of focus. Unusual gestures whilst conversing, and seemingly never fully engaged in the speaker, unless strongly intrigued; and even then the imagination takes over and causes a drifting appearance. Unless overtaken with a special topic of interest; then all mannerisms and ways of being become forgotten, and all that exists is the spoken word.

5. Eyebrows that raise up when a smile is formed, or a distinct maneuvering of the facial features, as if to represent who they are, even when smiling, as to not distort a truth.

6. Unnatural appearing stances and movements; never quite comfortable moving in body unless preoccupied and/or in the midst of strong emotions or a special topic of interest.

7. A sweetness that isn’t outgrown entangled with an enchanting childlike nature and naiveté. Swirling within a constant flux of varying emotions, and heavily influenced by the happenings of everything and everyone.

8. An undeniable unique way of self-expression in all forms: in thought, in writing, in art. All is an extension of the greater self. Spread out with an openness lacking self-need and wanting; and instead represented by an honest soul in search of connection.

9. A flowing nature with undercurrents of stability and predictability. At first glance the person may seem unstable, but with careful observation she follows the ebbs and flows of life, much like the tides to the moon, and the flowers to seasons. She rises and falls. She opens and closes. She is a manifestation of the greater good of cosmic unity, of togetherness, of the interwoven web of us.

10. Her deep reflective state, no matter the topic or situation. The way in which intensity is brought into the room, even as a lightness of being remains. There is a quandary of sorts, an advanced duality, in which she is powerful, yet she is meek, she is substantial yet she is invisible, she is love yet she is fear. She carries the badge of courage in her heart, the white dove of humility in her hands, and everywhere she goes she is either touched or touches down, leaving a trail of fairy dust, or a slough of mud, either way, the path altered.


this is actually really beautiful and accurate.

Saviour- Liam Dunbar

Request by @papercrown101

I changed some minor things around to add to the story, but I hope you like it! :)

“What does it feel like?” Liam asked you.

“It’s different- I feel stronger.” you answered. “More capable of taking you down.” You turned to face your boyfriend and laughed, nudging him.

“Oh yeah?” Liam challenged you playfully, raising an eyebrow and leaning closer to you, forcing you backwards into the headboard of his bed. “We’ll see about that-“

You cut Liam off by rolling on top of him forcefully, so he took your place. “Yep, I can definitely take you.” You bit your lip, letting out a laugh.

You had recently been turned into a werewolf by an Alpha that had literally just vanished- no one knew who he was or where he was. All you knew was vaguely what he looked like. Scott had taken you in and wanted to teach you as one of his own, along with your boyfriend, Liam Dunbar.

Liam’s smile was vibrant as he stared into your eyes, lifting himself up enough to reach your lips, kissing you gently.

Pulling away, you noticed Liam’s smile weakening. “Y/n, please whatever you do” he began. “Don’t let the bite change you.”

You cocked your head to the side in confusion. “But it already has.” you stated.

“No, I mean like- don’t let it change who you are, baby.” Liam lifted his hand to your cheek. “I love you and I will no matter what, but don’t let being a werewolf change what you’re like as a person.”

“I won’t, Liam. Do you actually think I would?” you asked quietly.

Liam’s eyes closed and he furrowed his eyebrows. “I’m just scared,” he said.

“Scared of what?”

“You’re already way better than me, you’re way out of my league- I don’t even know why you like me. I’m just scared that now that you have… this… you’ll finally see how amazing you are and find someone better.” Liam sighed. “I’m scared you’ll finally realize what a loser I am compared to you.”

You stared Liam in the eyes silently for a few moments before inhaling deeply and kissing him passionately. You moved your lips with his, moulding them together.

Liam’s cheek was noticeably wet and you pulled away. There were tears on his face, creeping out from the inner corners of his eyes.

“Liam… I would never leave you for someone else… someone better, or whatever.” you squeezed his hand. “There is no one better. I know who you are Liam, and you’re perfect.”


You cut Liam off. “No, listen. You’re perfect for me.” you lay on his chest feeling his hand in your hair. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Even though you weren’t looking at his face, you could tell the smile had returned to his lips. “I love you, y/n.”

Just as you opened your mouth to tell Liam you loved him too, his phone lit up with a text message from Stiles.

Liam extended his arm to check the text.

“What is it?” you held yourself up from your elbow.

A serious look covered his face. “There’s someone hurt at the school.”

“It’s nighttime…” you said.

“Yeah, but Lydia told Stiles that she thinks something’s happened.” Liam looked at you. You knew he was going to go help out, and now that you were a new addition to the pack, even though Scott wasn’t the Alpha that bit you, you wanted to help as much as possible. 

You followed Liam out the door and made your way to the school, eager to assist your new pack.


When you reached the school, Liam held your hand as you quietly walked through the dark and empty halls, awaiting Scott’s arrival.

Suddenly you noticed a whimper, and an overwhelming smell of blood.

“Liam-“ you looked at your fellow beta.

“I know, babe. Let’s follow it.” He guided you in the direction the scent emerged from.

You eventually reached the library, spotting a girl in your grade, Stacy, holding her knees to her chest in fear. The stench of blood strengthened with every step closer to her.

Stacy was a rather outgoing personality in your grade, not exactly studious, but not dumb either. She did, however, definitely have a crush on Liam. That much was obvious every time he walked into the same room as her and she lit up. This assumption had been confirmed just as you walked into the library with Liam, her already racing heart sped up even more at the sight of him.

“Stacy- what happened?” you rushed to her aid, noticing a large cut down her leg.

Stacy shook with fear, her eyes glued behind Liam and me. Our eyes traced the vector to the subject of Stacy’s stare, and there it was.

A large and red-eyed werewolf standing tall, with claws ready for attack. You recognized the figure… the tall, built and black haired boy… he was the Alpha that bit you. You also recognized him as someone in Scott’s grade… His name was Aaron.

“Liam-“ you began. “That’s him…”

Without further explanation, Liam understood who he was and his eyes immediately glowed their golden colour. He opened his fanged mouth and let out a roar before launching at the Alpha.

“Liam, no!” you called after your fellow beta, before blocking him from getting hurt by the Alpha. You hadn’t even noticed that your eyes had now mirrored Liam’s and your claws and fangs had appeared.

Standing between the alpha and Liam, you launched at the monster and began thrashing your claws, in hopes that somehow your little training and anger as a beta would somehow miraculously defeat him.

The Alpha avoided your clumsy thrashes and knocked you down so you were at its ankles. In a sudden burst of energy, you clawed at its ankles, stunting it in its pursuit to pick you up and throw you.

It fell to its knees as you attempted to lift yourself from the ground. The Alpha raised its arm and slashed your stomach. You stopped in your tracks, looking down slowly at the wound, watching blood seep out.

Liam yelled out at you. “Y/n!”

You stumbled to your knees and the Alpha returned to his stance. In one swift movement of his arm, he pushed you all the way to the other end of the library, sliding into a bookcase, smacking your head on it.

Liam started running to you as the Alpha attacked him. Liam’s moves were skilled and more coordinated than your own, however the Alpha was still stronger than Liam.

You tried to yell out to him to run, but you hadn’t realized how weak you were.

You looked down at your slashed stomach. The wound had progressively worsened.

“L-Liam-“ you let out in a whisper. Liam looked up at you, his face pale. He didn’t respond to you and instead ran to Stacy’s aid, leaving you lying on the floor, bleeding out.

Your eyes were closing slowly, trying to stay awake. The last burst of energy you had went into keeping your eyes open for a few more seconds. You saw Liam with Stacy, helping her up- and then the roar of a different alpha echoed through the large room. You spotted Scott with glowing red eyes attacking the other alpha- and then it all went black.


Opening your eyes to find yourself in the animal clinic, you scanned the room with weak and tired eyes, spotting Scott and Stiles.

“Hey, y/n!” Stiles got excited, alerting Scott of your woken state. “How do you feel?” Stiles took hold of your hand and Scott came to your side.

You continued to scan the room, hoping Liam was there. He wasn’t. “I’m-“ You looked down where your stomach had been slashed- there was nothing. A light scar if anything. “Fine?” you completed, shocked at your miraculous healing.

“You’re still healing. Don’t worry, that mark will be gone soon.” Scott assured you. “You were pretty badly hurt though…” he looked down.

“Where’s Liam?” you asked.

Scott looked to Stiles to answer.

“Uh-“ Stiles began. “Liam’s at school, actually. He was here yesterday, but he was with Stacy the night it happened.”

You raised an eyebrow. “Um, how long has it even been since that night?

“Two days.” Scott answered.

“And Stacy’s ok?” you asked.

“Liam took her to the hospital. She’s fine now. The cut was big, but not deep.” Stiles explained.

You sat up rapidly. “I’m going to school.”

“Y/n- wait!” Scott said as you picked up your shirt, pulling it on while exiting the room.


You walked into the Chemistry Lab and walked towards your usual seat next to Liam… Which Stacy now occupied. 

Wanting to hear what they were talking about, you exited the room again and waited next to the door, listening.

“You were so brave, Liam. Seriously- it’s nice to know I have you to save me.” she laughed flirtatiously.

“Thanks. I’m glad you’re ok.” Liam simply answered. “What were you even doing in the library that late?”

“I was supposed to meet with Aaron to… Well, we were gonna meet up.” she stated, obviously insinuating that they were going to fuck around in the library. “But when he came, we started making out and then he scratched me really hard… It’s just lucky for me that someone even better came along.”

You rolled your eyes at her pathetic attempts to flirt with your boyfriend. You didn’t want Liam to know you were there so you turned to walk away and leave the building, but someone stopped you.

“Y/n.” Theo Raeken approached you in the hall. “Why are you here! You need to rest!” he said.

“Theo, really, I’m fine.” you tried to whisper, but you knew that Liam would have definitely heard you.

“No, seriously, come with me.” Theo took your hand into his and glanced into your eyes, walking with you to the library, only to hear Liam approach you from behind.

“Y/n!” Liam grabbed your hand and pulled you back towards him, kissing you.

You simply stared at him blankly.

“How are you feeling!” he asked.

“I’m great, thanks.” You said sarcastically.

Liam raised an eyebrow and the corner of Theo’s mouth curled into a smirk. “What?” he asked again.

“No, seriously- it’s nice to know I have you to save me.” you mimicked the words Stacy spoke to Liam only moments ago.

Theo laughed, making it obvious that he, too, was listening to Liam and Stacy talking.

“I-“ Liam paused. “Y/n, I’m so sorry, ok? I thought you would heal fast, I went to protect Stacy because she’s human! I knew it was easier for her to get hurt than you!” he explained. “I didn’t know how bad you were!”

“So then how come you took Stacy to the hospital instead of coming with me to the animal clinic? You knew I was really hurt by then, right?” you raised an eyebrow, proving him wrong.

Liam opened his mouth, not knowing what to say… Then Stacy joined.

“Everything ok?” she asked.

You glared at the girl, noticing Theo gripping your hand tightly again.

“Swell. It’s just lucky for you that someone even better than Aaron came along to save you.” you quoted her yet again from her previous conversation with Liam.

Stacy’s mouth fell open as she tried to pull Liam away with her, he yanked himself out of her grip and called after you, noticing you and Theo were walking out of the school.

You and Theo both stopped at the bus bay, hiding between two buses. “Theo, you don’t need to take care of me-“ you began.

“Y/n, no. You’re apart of Scott’s pack, and I want to help you as much as I can. You’re only new after all.” He laughed, still holding your hand. “What the hell just happened with Liam? Isn’t your boyfriend supposed to be taking care of you?” he asked.

You looked down at your feet. “He literally saw me almost passed out on the ground and he ran to help Stacy.” you reflected on the events of the other night.

“What?” Theo looked shocked and annoyed, moving to stand closer to you, leaning his hand on the bus next to your head. Theo furrowed his eyebrows. “Well that’s bullshit. You deserve better.” He looked into your eyes, tilting your head slightly to face him, lingering his fingers on your chin. “Someone who’s willing to help you no matter what…” Theo suddenly began to move into your face, his lips hovering over yours.

His breath was warm against your lips and you were suddenly not sure what to do. You were so mad at Liam and obviously he didn’t care about you as much as you thought he did if he went to save Stacy instead of you… even after he knew you were hurt, he still went with her to the hospital.

Strangely enough, you really wanted to kiss Theo, but you knew it wasn’t right. “Theo-“ you began.

“Just wait… You’ll see.” he cut you off. He leaned in and brushed his lips against yours, softly lingering them there for a few moments.

You closed your eyes and felt a surge of electricity through your body. This was a new feeling. Theo was kissing you, and you knew you liked it, but it wasn’t the same… It wasn’t Liam…

Theo pulled away and stared into your eyes. “I’m sorry… We don’t have to do that again, I just really needed to.”

“It’s ok.” You replied. You smiled softly. “Thanks for taking me out of there though.”

“Are you serious?” Liam’s voice emerged from the end of the bus.

Your face dropped. “Liam-“ you began.

Liam looked defeated, not angry. A look that read “I deserved that.” He turned and ran away.

Liam!” you called after him.

You turned to Theo. “It’s fine- go talk to him.” he smiled.

You smiled back and ran after Liam. You knew where he was heading.


The stench of sweat overwhelmed you as you walked into the boys locker room.

“Liam?” you said quietly.

You noticed steam emerging from the shower, so you followed it, turning a corner and seeing a half naked Liam curled up in a ball in the corner of the room with the water running heavily on him.

Without hesitation you walked straight to him, not caring that you were now completely soaked. You crouched down with him.

“I’m so sorry, Liam- that was uncalled for.” you said.

“No, I deserved that.” he said. “I wasn’t there for you for some reason and I don’t even know why.” he whispered into his crossed arms, which were resting on his knees.

“I still shouldn’t have let him kiss me.” you said.

“Y/n. You deserve better. I told you. You should go back to Theo. He’ll make you happier than I will. I’m just a disappointment-“

You cut him off by wrapping your arms around him, letting him move into you and burying his face into the crook of your neck, crying.

“I love you, Liam.” you said. “I don’t love Theo.”

“And I don’t love Stacy.” Liam said. “I was just so scared I didn’t know what to do…”

You shushed Liam and let him cry into your neck, you let out a few tears of your own.

Liam moved so he was facing you. “Will you ever forgive me?” he asked.

You smiled softly, knowing what he did was a mistake and knowing that even if you didn’t forgive him that you’d still love him, but you did forgive him. You nodded. 

Liam moved in to kiss you, waiting for your approval.

You bit your lip and looked up at Liam, water dripping down his face- his skin glistening.

You kissed Liam and moved your lips with his, passionately. He held your head like someone would steal you away and kissed you hungrily.

You pulled away slightly, looking him deep in the eyes. He knew you wanted him and you knew he wanted you.

Liam lifted your shirt over your head and kissed you hard as he tossed it away.

You leaned into him and moved to press him against the wall, cupping his hard member over his boxers.

“No- no time for that. I want you now.” he laughed into your lips, biting your bottom lip and pulling at it.

You immediately yanked down his boxers and he did the same to your panties, leaving your skirt on.

You sat on Liam, sinking yourself onto him, letting out a moan with him.

“Fuck, y/n!” Liam whispered, grabbing your hips and helping you move on him.

You increased your speed and bounced on him, letting all of him inside you.

Liam tossed his head back in pleasure and then leaned in to bite at your neck. You hissed at the pleasurable pain that was Liam’s warm lips on your skin and his teeth pulling at it too.

“I love you, Liam.” you said in between breaths. “No one but you.”

Liam roamed his hands around your body, moving his lips up your neck to kiss your jaw. He kissed every part of your chest up to your jaw, making the skin quite tender.

He immediately moved back to your lips and gripped you tightly as he lay you on the ground and continued to enter you from on top of you.

You wrapped your legs around his body, pulling him in as deep as possible, enjoying the pleasure you were receiving.

You were close and felt your walls tighten around Liam.

“Baby- I’m- gonna-“ Liam said as you were reaching your high.

He pounded into you as you came around him, making you scream.

“Fuck, Y/n!” he groaned into your lips.

He steadied his pace and pulled out of you, resting on your body.

“I hope no one heard that.” He laughed.

You pecked Liam’s lips. “I hope I can find some dry clothes to wear now.” You laughed along with him.

Liam kissed down your neck softly. “Maybe I can just take you back to mine and you wont need to wear any clothes at all.”

He looked down at your stomach and noticed your slash was gone. He kissed down where the wound had been and then returned to your face.

“I’ll never abandon you again.” he kissed you.

The winged goddess of Victory standing on the prow of a ship overlooked the Sanctuary of the Great Gods on the island of Samothrace. This monument was probably an ex-voto offered by the people of Rhodes in commemoration of a naval victory in the early second century BC. The theatrical stance, vigorous movement, and billowing drapery of this Hellenistic sculpture are combined with references to the Classical period-prefiguring the baroque aestheticism of the Pergamene sculptors.

Louvre Museum, Paris