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I Caught Fire - Part 1

Pairing: Bucky x Steve X Reader

Summary: When Lieutenants Rogers and Barnes led their team into a structure fire on a Saturday morning, they had no idea that the person they saved would end up changing their lives forever. 

A/N: This took longer than I thought, I am soooooo so sorry! 


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A family walked into my job dressed up for Halloween. The mother and father was king and queen of hearts, one son was dressed as Gene Belcher from Bob’s Burgers and the other son was dressed as Vegeta from Dragon ball z.

I seen a young kid dressed as Vegeta, so i wanted to put him to the test.

i came from out of the kitchen and approached the counter.

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i got into the Kamehameha stance & i yelled “Ka–me–”

the kid stopped sipping from his drink and turned to me…

He knew. It was about to go down. Instantly, his hands went up and he got into the galick gun stance, mimicking my body movements.

Then i followed through with with “HA-ME-HA!!!!” & so did he. (Without saying it lol) and our energy blasts collided!

😂😂 that was fun. His parents were so excited lmao


Imagine taking your best friends, Christina and Tris, to your private training session with Eric.

On the day initiation had started you decided that you would put in extra training time every evening to help yourself. You were the best female fighter within your group of initiates, but you believed that there was always room to improve.


The first day of training was over, however, there was still another three hours left until dinner. That’s when you decided to go back to the training room for extra practise.

You kept punching at the bag until your hands were sore; you were so into it that you had not even heard the door open.

“Bend your front knee a little more initiate,” you jumped at the sound of the familiar voice. Eric.

“S-sorry, I probably shouldn’t be here,” You said hurriedly, looking down at the ground, as you tried to walk towards the door.

“Did I tell you to leave?” He demanded, you looked at him, “You know Y/N, I’m actually quite impressed that even after a long day of training, you still came back in here.” With that, he went to a bag and began punching, so you did the same.

Every so often, he would adjust your stance or movements, and give you pointers.

*End of Flashback*

After that first day, Eric had helped you every day for the past few weeks, and to your surprise, the two of you had actually become friends, you might even have slight feelings for him.

You were just getting ready to go to the training room again today when, your two best friends, Tris and Christina, walked in.

“I can’t win any of my fights Christina, I’m gonna be factionless by the end of this round,” Tris said.

“No you w-,”Christina stopped when she saw you, “Oh hey Y/N!”

“Hey ladies,” you smiled, “If you’re afraid of losing your fights, you should come and train with me, Tris.”

“I don’t know-” Tris started.

“Oh come on! It’ll be fun!” You say, encouraging your friends to come with you. They both agreed and the three of you headed off to the training room. You opened the door, and the two girls stopped dead in their tracks when they saw Eric.

“Fuck,” Christina mutters at the same time Tris whispers, “What’s he doing here?!”

“Relax, he’s comes here to train sometimes, it’s okay,” You say matter-of-factly, Eric turns and the three of you, “Hey Eric,” he responds with a curt nod.

After a few minutes of training Eric breaks the silence, “You’re not gonna beat anyone like that Stiff.” We all look at him until he finally sighs and says, “Let me teach you some basic fighting techniques.”

Eric walks towards the mat in the centre of the room, your friends look at you cautiously, you nod in approval, and follow Eric, Tris and Christina follow you as well, “Alright, the Stiff and Candor are partners, and you,” Eric points at you, “are with me, we’ll go first.”

Eric demonstrates a few punches, jabs, kicks, and blocks with you, showing Tris and Christina all the basic fighting techniques. Then suddenly he punches you in the side of the face, “Block me initiate!” he growls.

After a little bit of back and forth with Eric, he has you knocked to the ground, he stretches out his hand to you, and you take it, he pulls you up half way then shoves you back to the ground and you cry out, looking towards you friends, who have shocked expressions.

“Rule number one,” Eric says, “Never trust your opponent. Now get up and fight initiate!” You get up and continue fighting until Eric looks over your shoulder with wide eyes and curses under his breath.

You turn you head to look back and he sweeps your legs from beneath you. He straddle you as you lie on your back to stop you from moving, and puts his face close to yours, “Rule number two,” he says, “Never let your opponent distract you.”

Your breathing is ragged when suddenly you get an idea; you look Eric in the eyes, grab the front of his shirt and pull him closer to you.

“If they kiss, I swear, I’m going to leave for the factionless,” Christina whispers in disgust to Tris, who just stares at you wide eyes.

Your eyes shift from Eric’s eyes, to his lips, then back to his eyes. You bite your lip, as your heart races out of your chest. Eric’s eyes soften ever so slightly, and he slightly moves off of you, you take this as your chance and you bring your knee up and smash it into his groin. He rolls off you completely, holding his crotch, “Fuck!”

You instantly stand up and smirk down at him, “Rule number two Eric, never let your opponent distract you.”

You look back at your friends and say, “It’s almost dinner time, we should go ladies,” and you head towards the door.    

A/N: I honestly believe how supportive the people on tumblr are, I’ve been reading imagines on here for a long time, and yesterday finally decided to post my first one, and tbh, I was kinda scared, but you all are so awesome! xoxo *Sends virtual hugs to everyone*

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The Thing About Pre Med

I finished this startlingly fast. I wasn’t planning on posting this until tomorrow afternoon, but why not? Happy Bellarke Day!

The thing about being pre-med is that people think you know stuff. They think they can come up to you and tell you about the cough they’ve had that just won’t go away, or ask about the weird tingling sensation they get on the back of their knee and just expect you to be able to tell them exactly what’s wrong with them. And sure, you can probably tell them that the trapezius muscle is innervated by the spinal accessory nerve or that hemoglobin has a quaternary structure made up of four polypeptides that each interact with an iron atom that gives it the ability to carry oxygen through the bloodstream. But at the end of the day, you don’t know shit about medicine.

Which is why Clarke feels more than a little bit panicked when her friends start treating her like their personal doctor.

It doesn’t start out as a big thing: Monty picked up a cold after their friends had spent a late night out in the cold drinking cheap liquor in a field off campus. He had come to her a couple of days later asking about the best cold meds to buy from the CVS down the street, and Clarke had advised him to pick up the generic brand after extensive assurance that yes, they really were the same thing and to buy some kind of sports drink to replenish his electrolyte levels.

Somehow word had gotten around. Before she knew it, Raven was asking her how best to bandage the blisters on her hands from the wrenches she used for her part-time job as a mechanic, and Jasper was flashing his bare ass wanting to know what kind of rash he had and whether he needed to see a doctor (she didn’t even want to begin to relive that one).

“This is getting out of hand,” she huffs to Bellamy one after relaying the story of Harper’s weird mole-ish thing (she had no idea what it was, to be honest) she had shown to Clarke with a few days prior. She takes a long sip from the coffee she’d ordered when they arrived, watching the corners of his eyes crinkle with humor as he fiddles with the napkins on their table and struggles to subdue a grin.

“Not so easy being Dr. Clarke?”

“That’s the problem,” she groans, fingers tangling into the roots of her hair and letting out a frustrated sigh, “I’m not a doctor. I’m a sophomore. In undergrad. I know nothing.” She lets her head fall pathetically onto the table, shielding her face with her arms like a petulant child.

“Good thing you’re paying so much money for such a quality education,” he teases.

Her head snaps back up to meet his smirking gaze. “You do realize it takes eight fucking years to become a doctor, right? And even after that there’s still three to ten years of more training in residency. I’m, like, 15% of the way done. If that.”

He tears off the corner of the croissant that sits on the plate in front of her, ignoring her noises of protest, and deadpans, “You’re practically an ignoramus.”

“Exactly,” she says, ignoring his sarcastic tone. “If this were drivers’ ed and I was only 15% done, I’d still be reading the damn handbook. They wouldn’t even let me near a car. But suddenly it’s okay for me to be making life and death decisions about a person’s body?”

Bellamy scoffs. “Okay, Princess, I feel like that might be a bit melodramatic. It’s not like you know absolutely nothing. What about that time Miller told you about that earache he was having, and you told him it was an infection he should probably get checked out? You were right, and he ended up avoiding a trip to the emergency room because of it.”

“Lucky guess,” she shrugs, fingers drumming a light rhythm on the lid of her coffee cup.

“Or that time that kid had that seizure in the student union? You were the only one there who knew to turn him onto his side.”

She rolls her eyes. “Please. That’s basic stuff everyone learns when they’re kids. No different than ‘stop, drop, and roll.’”

“What the hell kind of elementary school did you go to?”

She stifles a snicker, ignoring the slight heat rising to her cheeks. It was nice to know that her best friend had faith in her, even if she didn’t. “When my mom worked all the time, the only way I could really spend time with her was to shadow her around the hospital,” she says with a shrug. “You pick up a few things. I spent my eighth birthday learning the proper technique for wrapping a sprained ankle.”

“See?” Bellamy quips, gesturing vaguely with his cup, “You already knew more than the average adult by the time you’d finished the second grade.”

She lets out a breathy laugh, one hand reaching up to tug absentmindedly at the ends of her blonde waves. “I don’t know. I just—I’m terrified of getting it wrong, you know?” She traces the letters of her name written on the coffee cup in front of her with a finger, focusing far more attentively than the task requires. “What if someone comes to me with something and I tell them that they’re fine, and it turns out to be something really bad? What if I miss it?”

“You won’t.”

She finally glances up at Bellamy. His eyes bore into hers with an intensity and confidence that makes the tension in her shoulders soften. “You don’t know that.”

“I do,” he says firmly, his hand reaching across the table to rest on the hand still mechanically tracing the black-inked ‘C’ on her cup. “You won’t miss it.”

A few weeks later, everyone piles around the tiny laptop screen in Raven’s tiny dorm room in a halfhearted attempt of a movie night.

“This,” Jasper whines, “was the worst idea ever. Raven, why didn’t you bring a TV to college like a normal person?”

“I think the better question is why did we choose to have a movie night in the one room that doesn’t have a TV?” Clarke grumbles from her spot on the floor between Harper and Bellamy, adjusting her shoulders in an attempt to find a more comfortable position against the wall behind her.

A chorus of dissent travels across the group as Monty urgently shushes them with an insistent, “Shut up, this is the best part!”

They continue like that for a while, making jokes about the ridiculous dialogue and terrible acting between someone’s complaints that they can’t see or hear the movie, all the while with Monty grumbling that they’re ‘ruining his favorite movie’ and that they ‘shouldn’t even have a movie night if no one’s going to watch.’

They’re a little over an hour in when Clarke realizes Bellamy has been notably quiet.

“Hey,” she whispers, playfully knocking her knee into his own, “you okay? You haven’t bitched about the historical inaccuracies once during this entire movie.”

“I’m fine.”

She bristles at his short tone, feeling him tense next to her as he leans his head back against the wall behind them. She waits for him to say more, but no response comes.

“You sure?”

His eyes close as she scrutinizes him. She watches his jaw tighten.

“Yeah,” he said through gritted teeth. “I’ve just had a headache all day. No big deal.”

She pats his knee apologetically and turns back to the movie. Her attention for the remainder of the night switches between the atrocity of a film on the tiny screen and making sure Bellamy is okay. He doesn’t say anything else, but she notices that his jaw is still ticking and his eyes are still closed when she checks on him.

When the movie finally ends, the group lets out a resounding sigh of relief as Raven cheers, “Thank God!” The next half hour is a blur of people gathering their respective pillows and blankets as they issue sleepy ‘goodnights’ and ‘drive safes.’ Clarke sees Bellamy say a quick goodbye to Raven and slip quietly out the door. She hurries behind him to catch up to his long strides.

“Bellamy,” she calls, speeding up her pace as he stops at the stairwell. “Are you driving home?”

He shakes his head. The previous summer, Bellamy had leased a 2-bedroom apartment just off campus to share with Octavia once she enrolled at Ark University.

“Octavia took my car to go visit Lincoln,” he tells her. “I’m just going to walk.”

She shakes her head, her stomach lilting at the idea of him walking home alone at night when he just seemed so…off.

“No, you’re not,” she insists. “My car’s right downstairs, let me drive you home.”

“I’ll be fine, Princess. It’s just a few blocks.” He turns toward the door to the stairwell, already reaching for the handle, but Clarke catches his shoulder.

“Come on. It’s really not any trouble,” she assures him. “Please?” She senses the hesitation in his stance. His already sluggish movements slow even further. She can feel him caving as she presses, “For my own peace of mind.”

He turns to her with a resigned grimace.

“Fine,” he says, rubbing his tired eyes, “but only because you said please.”

She gives him a small grin, her hand unthinkingly grazing his broad shoulders to guide him toward the door. She trails behind him down the stairs, watching him rub gingerly where his neck tapers down to his shoulders. He tilts his head slightly to the side, allowing her to see the wince that flits across his face.

“That hurt?”

“Don’t worry about it,” he says.

“That’s a yes.”

He lets out a tired chuckle. He holds the door for her as they exit the stairwell, and again as they reach the main entrance of Raven’s building. Clarke is silently thankful the parking lot outside of her own building a block away had been full when she had returned to campus earlier that day, forcing her to park just out front of the dorm she and Bellamy were leaving. Though she knows he’s doing his best to hide his discomfort, she can see the stiff way he carries himself, looking as though he’s trying to minimize as much movement as possible.

“Seriously, are you okay?” she asks when she sees his grimace as he ducks to slide into her passengers’ seat. She doesn’t miss the lilt of concern in her voice, and judging by way he turns to her with reassurance in his eyes, Bellamy doesn’t either.

“Clarke, really,” he says, “I’m fine. I think I just hurt my neck at the gym earlier today. No big deal.” The smile her gives her seems a little forced, but lets it slide, ignoring the vague anxiety at the back of her mind.

“You should ice that when you get home,” she advises. “Take some ibuprofen, too, it’ll help if there’s inflammation. And no gym tomorrow, okay?”

“Whatever you say, Dr. Clarke.”

She lets out an exasperated sigh as she pulls out of the parking lot, a smile creeping onto her face in spite of herself. She’s relieved he’s feeling well enough to tease her, even if he still doesn’t seem quite right.

“Looks like rain,” he notes, his drowsy eyes examining the sky. “Hope Octavia doesn’t stay out too late. She doesn’t need to be driving home in a storm.”

“She could always stay over at Lincoln’s.”

Clarke is fairly certain that Bellamy’s gaze would have snapped to hers had his neck not been causing him so much pain. Even still, she saw him side-eyeing her with more than a little distaste.

“That’s not funny.”

“Oh come on,” she says with a snort, “it’s a little funny.”

They fall into a companionable silence for the rest of the drive, Clarke keeping her eyes on the quickly darkening sky while Bellamy can’t seem to keep his eyes open. Though only a few minutes have passed by the time she pulls into the parking lot outside of his building, she has to call his name twice before he finally jolts awake.

“Sorry,” he says gruffly, already reaching for the seatbelt buckle. He stiffly exits the car, poking his head around the car door before shutting it. “Make sure you get back before the rain hits.”

“I will,” she assures him. “I’ll let you know I made it back okay.”

He nods, cringing at the jolt that comes along with it. He shuts the car door, turning to the staircase that leads to his floor.

Before his foot can reach the first step, Clarke rolls down her window and calls, “Hey. You’re sure you’re okay?”

He turns back to her with a weary smile that doesn’t quite reach his eyes.

“I’m fine, Clarke. Scout’s honor.”

“You weren’t a Scout,” she points out, her voice dripping with sarcasm. She locks eyes with his, her tone becoming more serious. “Promise you’ll call if you need anything? Ice pack, a cheeseburger run, whatever.”

“I promise,” he says, his expression softening.

She gives a curt nod, offering a quick goodnight as she rolls up her window. As she pulls out of the parking lot, she does her best to silence the nagging voice in the back of her mind telling her that something isn’t right.

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Hi, I was just wondering if you could give a quick summary of moves/fighting forms that are characteristic of each traditional element? I really love all your gifsets :)

Hey, thanks! 

I’ll try my best. 

Airbending: Focuses on agility and being light on one’s feet using soft movements. Benders traditionally use the arms most, utilizing their staffs as well. Also, they use lots of spins.

Earthbending: Has an emphasis on staying rooted to the ground. A strong stance and arm movements are what characterize this bending technique. While Toph uses her feet, she doesn’t use them the way a firebender does. She keeps them on the ground, using them to manipulate the ground beneath her. 

Firebending: Makes use of both the hands and the feet, with an emphasis on punches and kicks. Firebenders are agile, but tend to stay in place unlike airbenders who move around a lot. And, unlike airbenders who usually use more defensive moves, firebenders tend to go for the attack. 

Waterbending: Like airbenders, waterbenders can be agile. Traditionally, they’re also all about redirection and the push and pull of the water, turning their opponents energy against them (as noted by Iroh). 

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Are people with DID neurotypical or neurodivergent? I have seen mixed information about this.


This is probably going to be one of our more controversial positions, but I feel very strongly about this issue and don’t want to censor myself because of Tumblr’s current popular narratives. I apologize in advance for the length of this post; I’ve tried to add bolding to help highlight important points or arguments. (*s have been added arounded bolded sections for screen readers.)

As an individual with autism, I actually really, really dislike that individuals without neurodevelopmental disorders have co-opted the concept of neuroatypical / neurodiverse. *The concept of neurodiversity originated with the autism community in the 90s.* The term “neurodiverse” was coined by Judy Singer, and the term “neurotypical” was coined by Jim Sinclair. Both are on the autism spectrum and first used the terms in an autism specific context. The terms have since widen to include other neurodevelopmental (and sometimes other neurological) disabilities, conditions that are often considered “cousins” to autism. For example, they soon came to be inclusive for ADHD, Tourette Syndrome, dyspraxia, and similar conditions. 

*“Neurodiversity” argues that neurodevelopmental disorders are normal variations of neurotype and don’t needed to be medicalized or treated.* Even if someone has negative symptoms associated with their neurotype (ie, anger issues, executive functioning issues, etc), those can be treated or helped without trying to force the individual to completely overcome or hide their differences. It’s against “treatments” such as ABA, punishing individuals for their tics, or institutionalization. 

The obvious, immediate problem with trying to include mental illnesses under “neurodiversity” is that most people accept that mental illnesses are problems that do need to be treated. For example, someone with depression shouldn’t just ignore their disorder; it can literally endanger their life. Mental illnesses necessarily indicate a level of distress or dysfunction. If an individual’s traits, behaviors, or experiences aren’t causing them or others clinically significant distress or dysfunction, they don’t have a disorder. Even with DID/OSDD-1, someone can choose to remain multiple, but they need to seek treatment for symptoms of dissociation (especially amnesia) and for posttraumatic symptoms. 

*The term “neurodivergent,” meant to cover anyone with any mental health symptoms, neurological condition, or neurodevelopmental disorder, completely ignores the anti-cure stance of the neurodiversity movement.* Very, very few people are against the idea of mental illnesses being cured. Even the original Mad Pride movement wasn’t against mental illness being cured; their fight was against both harmful treatments and against a lack of treatment for those who needed it. Similarly, Mind Freedom International wants full recovery to be an option for people diagnosed with a mental disorders, it just doesn’t believe that current approaches to psychiatry can provide this recovery. This doesn’t align with the idea that individuals who are neurodiverse don’t need a cure and that their “disorder” is a valid variation of human neurology.

Another problem is that *mental illnesses aren’t lifelong variations in neurotype.* Someone can have a depressive episode and then return to their previous level of mental health. Someone with an anxiety disorder can go on medication or go through therapy to alleviate or cure their anxiety. Eating disorders can go into remission. Personality disorders are difficult to cure, but they can be cured. As well, many disorders have a clear and reversible environmental cause, such as trauma; DID/OSDD-1 are both caused by chronic childhood trauma, and healing from that trauma often naturally leads to integration. The only possible exceptions to this are some cases of OCD (particularly childhood onset OCD or OCD resulting from organic causes), schizophrenia spectrum disorders, and bipolar disorders, all of which are strongly genetically linked, often become evident at a young age, and are generally present for life.

Developmental disorders are the result of abnormal development of the nervous system, particularly the brain. They’re inevitable in that they don’t rely on any triggers to be expressed but are present from birth (barring presentations associated with damage to the nervous system), even if symptoms aren’t immediately noticeable or diagnosable. Theoretically, specific developmental disorders (that affect only one area of development) can potentially be overcome by early intervention, but some don’t even recognize these as developmental disorders but instead label them developmental delays. In any case, pervasive developmental disorders (that affect several areas of development) are chronic and likely life long.

This means that someone born with a developmental disorder is going to have a developmental disorder no matter what they do or don’t experience, and if it’s pervasive (and possibly even if it’s not), nothing is going to make it go away. Someone who’s developmentally disabled might learn to minimize or hide the disability’s effects, but trying to overcome it in the short term can lead to major backlash and a temporary or even permanent loss of skills in the long term. Unlike mental illnesses, there is no cure for a condition like autism or Tourette Syndrome. Again, this was why the concept of neurodiversity was created, to fight the narrative that there should be a cure.

Finally *neurodevelopmental disorders can be an important part of someone’s identity.* For example, there is are autism communities, and autistic people sometimes refer to ourselves as “autistics.” There are camps for people with Tourette Syndrome to hang out, get to know each other, be accepted as who they are, and be helped to accept themselves as they are. Many people with ADHD argue that the biggest challenges of ADHD come from a lack of acceptance and that ADHD’s unique way of processing information can be an advantage. Again, these are all in line with the idea that neurotype is a variable just like any other. I’m ethnically Jewish, I’m autistic, I have brown hair and brown eyes, and all of those are valid variations of traits.

In contrast, *it’s unhealthy for someone with a mental illness to make their illness a significant part of their identity.* It’s offensive to call someone a “depressive” or an “eating disordered person.” Communities of mentally ill people often have to be careful not to encourage unhealthy behaviors in members, such as increased symptoms or “competing” to be the least healthy. Someone who thinks of their depression as a significant part of their identity is impeding healing. Framing my identity around “I have social anxiety” would be detrimental to my growth as a person. DID/OSDD-1 are slight exceptions to this because they so heavily involve identity by default, but we’ve posted before about why making them too large a factor in one’s identity is counter productive to healing.

Despite all of these things, a Tumblr user (@sherlocksflataffect) decided that taking the concept of “neuroatypical / neurodiverse” and simply changing the term to “neurodivergent” meant that they could include also all mentally ill individuals under the label. *Attributing the concept of neurodiversity to them, as if they did more than taking an existing concept and slapping a new label on it, is a form of historical revisionism.* (They themselves are guilty of historical revisionism; they claim that neurodiverse was only for autism and maybe learning disabilities, ignoring its coverage of other neurodevelopmental disorders in order to push their narrative that it was too “exclusive.” They also pretend like mentally ill people don’t have their own movements, such as the Mad Pride movement, in order to justify trying to collapse movements.) That they also have autism does not mean that they speak for the entire community and had the right to open up a neurodevelopmental term to be for everyone.

That @sherlocksflataffect takes the position that autistic or otherwise neurodevelopmentally disabled individuals who disapprove of their decision are “elitist” or “supremacist” is flat out disgusting and erasing. They hold up their status as “multiply neurodivergent” as if many autistic or otherwise neurodevelopmentally disabled people aren’t also mentally ill. It implies that the issue is only us mean neurodevelopmentally disabled people not wanting to be associated with mentally ill people. It ignores that *mentally ill people do not have the right to forcefully co-opt our movements when it suits them and then distance themselves from us when it doesn’t.* We don’t take issue with sharing spaces with mentally ill people, we take issue with mentally ill people not respecting our spaces. The blanket concept of neurodivergent gives people with mental illnesses an excuse to do just that.

*Neurotypical was meant to indicate that someone did not have a neurodevelopmental or neurological disorder, not that they were perfectly mentally healthy.* Calling someone with a mental illness “neurotypical” is not erasing their mental illness, it’s stating their relationship to neurodevelopmental individuals; if they are not neurodevelopmentally disabled, they are not one of us. Mental illnesses and developmental disorders aren’t the same, and mentally ill people are not necessarily any more respectful of developmentally disordered individuals than any “neurotypical” is. Their disorder does not give them the right to invade our spaces, to use our terms, or to redefine our terms to suit themselves (such as “stimming” suddenly being open to anyone and being slowly redefined to be more about playing with slime than about anything that’s immediately visibly associated with developmental disabilities).

*Conflating mental illness and developmental disabilities erases our differences.* It makes it harder for developmentally disabled individuals to talk about our unique experiences and struggles. It enables mentally ill individuals to not examine how they treat individuals with developmental disorders. Because many mental illnesses do seriously require treatment, it pushes a cure narrative on developmentally disabled people and minimizes our fight against the cure narrative. It erases the history of the neurodiversity movement, erasing the battles and achievements of developmentally disabled individuals that were not fought by non-developmentally disabled mentally ill individuals. 

With all of these things in mind, I strongly believe that DID does not stop someone from being neurotypical even if they fit a Tumblr’s definition of “neurodivergent.” DID is not a developmental or neurological disorder. It doesn’t form because of abnormal development, it manifests as abnormal development and forms because of repeated or long-term trauma, disorganized or insecure attachment, and a genetic predisposition to dissociate. DID is a dissociative disorder and, less directly, a posttraumatic stress disorder. Dissociative disorders and posttraumatic stress disorders require certain outside stimuli, and dissociative and posttraumatic stress disorders other than DID (and possibly OSDD-1) can begin at any age. This isn’t how developmental disorders function. 

“Developmental disorders” isn’t a catch-all label. These disorders pertain to significant difficulties with self care, receptive and expressive language, learning, mobility, executive functioning, abstract thought, and general ability to understand and interact with the world. Examples include autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, specific learning disorders (such as dsylexia and dyscalculia), communication disorders (such as social (pragmatic) communication disorder), motor disorders (such as dyspraxia and Tourette Syndrome), and intellectual disabilities, and overlap between these disorders is common. As well, certain genetic disorders such as Rett Syndrome, Down Syndrome, or Fragile-X Syndrome can serve as the cause for a developmental disorder and so be noted as associated features. This is also true for factors such as epilepsy, very low birth weight, and fetal alcohol exposure, though these are not on their own indicative of a developmental disorder.

A disorder can be present during childhood and involve a failure to reach a normal developmental milestone (such as emotional control or integration of one self) without being a developmental disorder. I maintain that just as not all disorders are neurodevelopmental disorders, not all disorders stop one from being neurotypical.

So yes, I do consider people with DID who don’t have a neurodevelopmental or neurological disorder to be neurotypical. That they fit the ever widening label of “neurodivergent” (which, by the way, is apparently so broad that it includes being gifted) doesn’t matter in the slightest to me.

-Katherine of Those Interrupted

*Note: the idea of “neurodiversity” generally doesn’t mesh with referring to “developmental disorders / disabilities”, terms like “ADHD” or “Tourette Syndrome”, or anything else that references medicalization or pathology. That said, I felt the language used here was necessary for clarity.

Save Me - Sonamy



“A-Amy…” Sonic stepped back, looking down and over his shoulder to see the looming danger…

Amy wasn’t going to give up. Now that she found him, she’d want to stay by him.

But this mission…

It was too dangerous!

Sonic knew reasoning with her wouldn’t get anywhere, he’d already tried that.

“I’m so happy I found you!” Amy came racing up, cheerful… unaware…

Sonic raised a hand up over himself, teeth showing through his frown of concern.

This adventure wasn’t like any he, or she, had ever experienced before. He didn’t want her involved… 

She could get hurt! Or worse!

“Stop!” he swiped his hand out, looking back over his shoulder to see the large drop, the fire, the monsters swimming in the lava that reached through the earth’s crust.

If he didn’t stop this planet destroyer than…

He turned back to her, realizing what he had to do.

It hurt him.

He had to swallow and brace himself for it, closing his eyes a moment as she continued to speak,…. still so innocent to the situation before her.

“Tails told me you wanted to take this alone. But I couldn’t allow that! No one deserves to be a-”

Quit it, Amy!” He sharply cut her off.

The tone struck her mute, and her eyes jerked out a little in surprise, widening as she stopped moving forward.

His eyes were harsh, eve his stance and movements were threatening.

“Geez. Can’t you ever just take a hint!? Is space not a thing word in your vocab?”

She was speechless, closing her mouth from her mid-sentence he broke off and looking over his cold face.

It was killing him.

But he shook his head and continued, gesturing out to her. “It’s more than annoying! It’s unbearable! Leave me be and get back to Tails, already! Bother him for a bit!” He turned around, before looking down and hoping he could recover what he’s destroying later.

After all, it was to protect her… she wouldn’t have left him be without this kinda talk..

When he didn’t hear anything further, he peeked back over his shoulder.

Seeing Amy take a step back… he saw it was working.

Her usual stubbornness was being replaced with heartache, but he had to make sure she left.

Even if she had to believe his words…

At least… for now.

“Why are you still here?! GO!” He spun around, “Now! I don’t want you coming with me! You’ll only get in my way.” He raced down, before landing on a small platform and leaning against the wall, hoping she wouldn’t look off after him.

He heard nothing again, and a strain of worry crept to his face…

He frowned with even greater hurt, squinting his eyes and shooting off to make more sound and convince her he was gone.

He hid behind a side of a cliff, and waited… balancing his feet so he wouldn’t fall off.

He was about to peek around the corner before he heard a loud, echoing reply.


He sighed, feeling the heaviness on his chest.

It was better this way.

He would try and explain another time.

-Another time-

Amy was bent over, rocking a bit on her heels as she gripped her head, repeating to herself that it was important to learn how to be alone.

“You’re okay… you’re okay.. Ah..!” she turned around when she heard a sound. It was pitch black. Barely any light except with what the moon gave out.

The forest was eerie… and she held her hands closer to her, shivering in fright.

A twig snapped and she spun around, “Who’s there?”

“…Probably someone you don’t want to see.”

“…Em.” she pushed her lips together, recognizing the voice.

A silhouette moved in-between the lights coming through the trees, before his face was finally revealed.

Sonic stared at her a moment… and she narrowed her eyes but didn’t say anything.

“..Tails said you wanted to be alone.” he kept his hands by his side.

She spun around, folding her arms. “I have to learn to be okay alone.” she spat out, but flinched and gasped in fright at an owl in a nearby tree taking flight.

It’s feathers drifted slightly down as it’s flaps echoed slightly in the night.

“…” Amy ducked her head, hands over it protectively, before she peeked out and frowned more.

She was clearly scared of being out here all alone.

“…But you hate being alone.” Sonic commented, seeing how much suffering really was happening.

He knew he had a lot of work to do… rebuilding the bridges he burnt down. But he’d hoped Amy would give him a chance to explain…

“Amy…” He moved forward, but she quickly looked over her shoulder and then dropped back into her previous position.

“No!” she cried out, covering her head and rocking on her heels again. “I’m okay… I’m okay, alone.” Her eyes turned glossy, so she quickly shut them. Not wanting to cry now with Sonic here.

And.. to prove to herself she was stronger than this.

Sonic moved over in front of her, and bent down.

He pulled away her hands, lightly, as her head came up a little, looking sorrowfully up to him.

“…You know I said those things to protect you… Don’t you?”

She frowned, her face slowly showing hurt and offense, before she looked away.

Her eyes strained against frustration and sorrow, as if not sure which emotion to express first.

“I knew…” she admitted.

Sonic remained silent, letting her arms go as she used them to help her sit on the ground; balancing the shift of her weight.

She kept her head down, the darkness hiding any further detail of her expression.

“I knew… but… even if I knew that…” she looked up to him again. “I couldn’t help but think…Sonic?”

He kept a neutral look to his features, and waited silently for her to speak again.

“…Was anything that you said… true? Do you really get annoyed by me wanting to be closer to you?”

He closed his eyes, releasing some tension before shaking his head.

“No… Not at all.” he smiled, and put a hand to her shoulder. “I rather enjoy the cheery company.” he was so charming, but the pain was still apparent in Amy’s face.

“But… Those things…” She leaned her head down. “Don’t just randomly get thought of Sonic..”

His smile weakened.

“There must have been some thought… some truth to it…”

He slowly moved his hand to the back of her head, and pulled it into his chest, before ducking his own head down over it.

“You’ve always been a dear friend of mine, Amy. And you were right. No one deserves to be alone.

She started to sniffle.

He smiled, “Heh, but there are times I can’t bear to take you with me. I can’t save the world while worrying about you.”

He lightly stroked the top of her head, feeling the tears drop to his chest and move down the light fur-coating there.

Her shoulders bounced.

“But then…” she looked up, making him remove his head.

Who’s going to worry about saving you?”

For the first time in Sonic’s life, he was stumped.

He couldn’t process that.

“Save me?”

He seemed confused.

“Always!” Amy cried, jumping into his arms and making him fall back a bit.

He blinked his eyes as she struggled to get her off, but also not pushing her back too much.

After agreeing to put it behind them, Sonic apologized and promised to make it up to her, although he felt he was only protecting her, she still didn’t feel that was a good enough reason…

He thought about that… hanging on a tree branch, one leg being gently pushed by the wind off the side…

Save him? From what?

He gazed at the sunset, thinking over her words over and over again…

When he went to where she told him to go for the ‘make-up’ date he supposed, he took it rather seriously.

Amy was surprised how compliant but quiet he was. Lost in thought, she worried he was upset with her or something.

Being so absent… thought so present and right beside her…


He turned to her a moment as the fireworks continued to explode in the sky above them.

The world was celebrating Sonic’s victory and their demise’s destruction.

Everyone was safe, but Sonic couldn’t gloat or feel the pride of it all yet.

He wasn’t one to not enjoy the celebrations, but also not fully be apart of it; but admiring from a distance.

“…Just cause someone is physically around you..” she twiddled and played with her fingers. “Doesn’t mean you’re not all alone.”

His eyes widened.

That’s it!

She looked down at her hands before hearing a shift as she turned to Sonic, who was leaning up with a wide smile on his face.

“So.. That’s where I need saving.”

“Huh?” she seemed to have forgotten about that part.

He closed his eyes, leaning his head down and snickering a second, before looking back at her.

“And you’re gonna be my hero, is that it?”

“I.. what?” she tilted her head, cutely.

“Well, I guess we all have our faults.” he flopped back down, becoming more himself and lively again. He put his hands under his head for some cushioning, and peacefully watched the fireworks.

“…Alright, Amy. You save me.” He closed his eyes half-way.

All his life… he’s been just fine being alone.

He met her.. then Tails… Knuckles…

But even around them, he stayed relatively aloof. He was never emotionally able to cry in their sorrows, or fully invest himself in their lives.

He was in and out. A spirit of adventure that would come around every now and then and whisk them off on some exciting journey.

He closed his eyes fully then.

…Amy could see that. How he wasn’t.. really there.

And she wanted him to be.

He smirked again, ‘Save me? How so?’ he felt something land on his chest and blinked his eyes open, looking down at her.

“Every hero has their weaknesses.” Amy closed her eyes, getting comfortable.

He moved his arms out, not sure how to address this but mostly keeping away out of surprise.

He leaned his head up, half-expecting her to try and kiss him.

She sighed and turned her head, and he realized a bit, showing relief as his eyes drooped and his frown sunk a bit.

His arms came down and over her waist as she continued, “But that doesn’t make them any less a hero. In fact, it makes others more aware of how awfully normal a hero can be… until they push past their weaknesses, find those that support and help them where they can’t, and do things no one else can. A hero is simply someone who learns to only care about moving forward and doing what’s right, weaknesses and all.”

He listened carefully.

For the first time in his life, he took something she said completely to heart.

He closed his eyes, smiling and lowered his head near hers.

‘She’s right.’

He looked up at he fireworks again, tapping his foot slightly as he began to feel happy at finding an answer to the thoughts he’d been having.

‘If that’s the case..’

He once again looked back to Amy, a fond look in his eyes before a slight chuckle.

“I guess we all need heroes then… Huh, Amy?”

She grinned, nodding as her head was facing away from him, but she opened her eyes again to look up cheerfully at the stars.

“Everyone needs someone. Someone to help them through things they can’t do alone. In the places they can’t improve alone.”

“…I see.” He slyly tilted his head, taking in her scent a moment and truly not feeling uncomforatble like he normally would.

She didn’t notice the subtle action, but sighed and yawned.

He moved his head up, away from hers. “You tried?”

“Emm..” she nodded, lightly moving her head up and rubbing her eyes.

He laughed softly again, in little spurts. “Guess that means it’s time to take you home then.”

Since that day, Amy never knew why, but Sonic didn’t seem to mind her coming close or making teases of marriage to him. He seemed to tolerate it much better, less exhausted from her antics, and more relaxed.

It was different, and took her by surprise for a bit, but she began to smile and calm down a bit more.

Sonic never missed a date since.

And even Tails and Knuckles noticed him opening up more, being more emotionally there, wiling to talk with them about things that were troubling them; no matter how mundane he thought they were.

“Can I ask you something?” Tails finally raised his eyebrow and looked curiously up to Sonic, who had spun all the way up to the top of his book shelf, reading a book and swinging a leg off the side. (Some hedgehogs actually do kick a leg out when you hold them or have at least one paw dangling. haha xD)

“Hmm?” Sonic seemed pretty chill-axed and happy.

“..When did you suddenly become more..”

“more what?” Sonic raised an eyebrow, but seemed to know what Tails was about to say.

“So.. Well..” he shrugged, “Sensitive?”

“Heh.” Sonic smirked, “I just had to have someone save me, I guess.”

“S-save you?” Tails looked confused, but Sonic looked fondly to a picture of a man playing an old lute to a woman sitting by a fountain.

“I just had to learn how to show my heart a little more… and let more people into mine.” he closed the book, jumping down. “In other words-” he tapped Tails with the book’s cover as he walked by him.

“Amy taught me.”

“Ha. That explains why you’re so open with others lately.” Tails looked up and smiled, before tilting his head to Sonic. “She’s made you soft and tender.”

Sonic rolled his eyes. “Well..” he shrugged, slouching a bit as he rubbed the back of where his neck should be. “Maybe…”

“W-wait, what?” Tails got a little spooked by him actually commenting on that.

Sonic tapped his foot behind him, and smirked behind him to Tails. “mind if I borrow this?” He picked up the old guitar by the door.

“That thing? I found it abandoned. Fixed it up and tuned it. Sure, I guess you can borrow it. I haven’t learned anything on it yet.” Tails shrugged, showing there wasn’t much attachment to it.

“Thanks, buddy!” Sonic tossed the book back as Tails fumbled to catch it on time, and looked annoyed as Sonic sped out the door.

He uncrinkled the papers and checked the binding, before crying out to Sonic, “You know you should show more RESPECT for the books I ALLOW YOU TO READ!” he shook his head, before flipping therough the book and seeing the picture with the man wooing the maiden by the fountain with songs.

“…Pfft, yeah right. It couldn’t be… Could it?” he seemed skeptical at first, but looked towards the window.

“… Nah.” he shook his head and fanned his hand out.

Nevertheless, on Amy’s porch, Sonic played her a song and she giggled while she was serenaded by his beautiful singing voice~

(Woo me with a Sonic song and I’m yours lol)

Submission: A Chance to Heal

[So after sending that SenseiOrochimaru ask, i had a mighty need to write it! Hope you enjoy!] Six months. Almost to the day that Hiruzen Sarutobi granted Orochimaru a teaching position at the Ninja Academy, six months and he still can’t figure out if it was the best or worst decision he’s ever made when it comes to his favorite student. Against all the odds not only has Orochimaru proven that he is a capable teacher, but one of the most well liked among all of the teaching staff; his students all adore him- and don’t take to kindly to anyone bad mouthing their favorite sensei. As Sarutobi watches Orochimaru lead the children through a simple set of Taijutsu Katas; he can’t help but smile fondly, he watched as Orochimaru assisted them in correcting their stances or movements, giving praise when they managed to successfully finish a set and would begin showing them the next. All of this with a genuinely kind smile on his face, even his usually harsh and abrasive chakra seemed to have mellowed down- not that Sarutobi believes that it would bother the children if it didn’t, nothing about Orochimaru seems to bother them; it is truly a joy to watch the Snake Sannin with his class. The students completed three more kata sets before any of them noticed him standing off to the side of their training ground, some of them waved while others bowed towards him before Orochimaru dismissed them to take a break; as they began collecting their things and finding a nice place to rest Orochimaru headed over to greet him. “Good morning Orochimaru; your class seem to be doing rather well, they are showing excellent improvement in their performance” nodding, Orochimaru looks over them once more before giving his full attention to Sarutobi. “They are doing exceeding well in their studies. Did you require something Sensei? Or were you just taking a walk and happened to stumble upon my class?” the question is lighter than expected; it lacks the agitation and paranoia it would have had before. Sarutobi turns of grandfatherly smile towards him, “I simply wanted to observe your class in action is all, I’ve heard good things about them; you are a skilled instructor.” over forty years of Shinobi training are the only thing that stop Sarutobi from flinching at the sight of shock and bewilderment that cross Orochimaru’s features at the compliment, he realizes how long it’s been since he’d offered up any sort of positive remark that wasn’t carefully guarded him. “Thank you, Sensei” Orochimaru replies evenly rearranging his feachers back into their usual calm “I have to get back to the children in a moment, would you like to stay and observe the rest of the class? I’m sure they won’t mind you staying.” Sarutobi nodded and follows behind Orochimaru as he calls his class back to their training, it is truly humbling to watch his prized student teaching the next generation of Shinobi. Hiruzen Sarutobi has watched over Orochimaru since he was a small shy six year old with heavy dreams and a legacy of fear with a healthy dose of pride and caution. There was never a question of whether or not Orochimaru would do great things in his life- his unwavering skill and determination proved enough that he would achieve anything he set his mind to- The question had always been whether or not they would be good or terrible things… As the class finished their lessons for the day and began packing away their equipment and heading home for the day; a few stragglers stayed behind and wandered over to their teacher. Sarutobi could just make out that one of them was asking if he would accompany them to the cemetery to visit their parents graves, and not quite to his surprise; Orochimaru agreed. ‘Perhaps’ Sarutobi thought to himself, he doesn’t have much to worry about anymore… if anything can melt the ice around the Snake Sannin’s heart and bring out the good he has always known was there; it would be brave little war orphans in need. With one last smile towards the retreating figures of Orochimaru and the five small children surrounding him, Hiruzen Sarutobi headed back to his office. Mind completely a peace for once; when it came to his favorite student.

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How do typical metalbending styles differ from earthbending ones?

There are actually a few distinctions to be made here. However, one the main difference between earthbending and metalbending forms is that metalbending is much more hands on, using very precise hand and wrist movements to manipulate the metal. 

Getting into specifics though with how different metalbeders bend differently, first we have Toph’s style. Having grown up and lived just when people were starting to learn to combine different styles (I’m looking at you, Team Avatar), her metalbending style is very much like the classic style of earthbending, in the sense that she is very much grounded, and uses strong stances and arm movements when she metalbends. 

Zaofu’s general style is also very much like classic earthbending with its strong stances, though I’ve noticed a little more flexibility with their moves. 

Kuvira’s style, as I mentioned before, is based on the Northern style of snake kung fu, which combines a strong, rooted stance, with quick strikes of the arm, which is great for her style of metalbending. 

The most interesting though is Republic City Police style. Unlike other metalbenders, they’re really light on their feet when they’re on duty (this is usually assuming that they’re using their cables, and not doing heavy duty meta;bending where a strong stance is much more helpful). And, because they’re in the air a lot and swing from cables, it’s really useful for them use a style of metalbending that almost resembles airbending with its light footwork and midair spins 

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Fic prompt!! Modern AU cassian training feyre in a gym owned by Rhys

Funnily enough, I was considering making Cassian a trainer for another au fic prompt, so this works! This fic got a little angstier than I intended and I hope I dealt with it okay. Hope you like!

AO3 Linkage


I was nervous. Fighting wasn’t really my thing.

“But it’s not fighting!” Mor, my eternally pesky bestie, insisted. “It’s kickboxing and you promised to come!”

When I came home last week late one night, it had been impossible to hide the bruise blooming on my face. It still hadn’t gone completely away.

Mor was adamant I do something, but I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of reporting the a-hole who’d done it. He was just some bloke who’d smacked my face, grabbed my purse, and ran. I didn’t get a good enough look at him to give the police anything to go off of, so short of halting my bank cards and filing for a new driver’s license, I was content to call it with a doctor’s visit.

“At least take this new kickboxing class with me,” Mor had pleaded. “It’ll help you get your mojo back and teach you a few moves to protect yourself should,” she motioned sadly at my face where the bruise covered my cheek, “that happen again. Plus, Cassian’s pretty hot to look at working out, even if he is a total ass.”

I scowled at her. “Don’t tell me that’s why you’ve been going four nights a week since January. Just to sleep with the instructor, really, Mor?”

“Don’t give me that look, Feyre,” she snapped. “I slept with Cassian the first night I met him and that was ages ago.”

“You… what?! What about Az?”

She shrugged. “They’re friends and this was way before Az. I’ve known Cassian for a long time. He’s friends with my cousin who runs the gym we’re going to. And besides, trust me when I say Az has nothing to worry about. Cassian’s ego is a lot bigger than his-”

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I’m going to give my five cents on Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise. That sound okay? Well, I don’t care if it’s not, i wanna do it.

My general consensus is that I thought he was amazing.

First of all I give him so much credit for being absolutely NOTHING like Tim Curry. As I’ve said before, Tim Curry will always have a special place in my heart (..not as Pennywise but just in general) but Bill acted nothing like him and that was fantastic!

I loved how he didn’t stick with one voice and one laugh. He went high, he went really guttural, he sounded like some kind of bizarre children’s show host then he sounded like a demon. And I loved that when he’s trying to do a voice, sometimes it slips. It doesn’t sound natural. Nothing about his performance is natural.

When I say “he wasn’t acting naturally” I mean that as a good thing. Every time he’s on screen, whether it’s his eyes, his smile, his facial expressions, his stance, his hand movements, his walk - nothing is normal. Which I think works. If IT is using “Pennywise” as something like a costume or a puppet, it makes sense that Skarsgard would be physically acting strangely. He’s acting like a creature, something not human. (which is the point of IT)

And this goes really well with the CGI (yeah, you can tell when the CGI comes in). If Skarsgard was playing Pennywise relatively straight and normal (like Curry did - i know, i’m sorry, i know i shouldn’t compare), I don’t think it would have the same effect when the CGI kicks in. For instance, the fridge scene. When the CGI stops, Skarsgard carries on the performance, still with those creepy, otherworldly movements. Same with the teeth - Skarsgard is constantly contorting his face into strange expressions so when the teeth come out, it’s a smooth transition.

He isn’t in the film much. At least, not as much as the trailers promote him to be. But that makes sense because Pennywise is just one form of IT.

Unfortunately I don’t think this performance will be as iconic as other horror monster performances. Regardless, I thought Skarsgard did a stellar job. He was creepy, he was funny (in the morbid sense) and I bought that this creature could be real.

And, please note, this is just my opinion :)

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Okay I only noticed this because I happen to be scrolling and feel free to tell me I'm wrong but ... doesn't the Opal/Korra bending scene look a lot like the dragon dance.

I can see how they are similar, but airbending and firebending are two very different styles. Aang and Zuko we’re taught the Dancing Dragon an ancient firebending technique we can actually see Avatar Wan learning from a dragon in LoK.

It’s a very strong North Shaolin esk technique that involves changing stances while performing powerful movements mirrored by a partner. Aang and Zuko happen to have learned it from the sun warriors who used circular movements . But the way Wan is moving looks much more linear. 

They definitely have a similar feeling and that could be due to something we heard from Guru Pathik in ATLA “ Even the separation of the four elements is an illusion. If you open your mind, you will see that all the elements are one. Four parts of the same whole.“  And while Korra being the avatar maybe intuitively drew upon the knowledge from her other styles to help teach Opal. I get this idea from Iroh who said “ It is important to draw wisdom from many different places. If you take it from only one place, it become rigid and stale.” 

While the technique Opal and Korra used was noticeably a lot more airbending style, Bagua or circle walking, you see them circling one and other while they bend the air in circular motions around each other.

They’re both awesome scenes in my opinion though! maybe

Did Annie REALLY have feelings for Eren?

So theres tons of fan theories and head cannons and aus that say Annie likes Eren or they have some sort of relationship, but none really support it with any evidence to confirm or deny this. So lets take a look at why Annie may or may not have had some sort of feelings for one another.

We can start with why they DO have feelings for each other.

Its very clear Annie is use to being the lone wolf. She doesn’t interact with anyone, even Reiner and Bert, her titan team mates. This changes however once she meets Eren. When Eren fights her, she expects t0 just kick his ass and move on. However, shes very surprised to find that Eren compliments her and is amazed at how good she is. Never in her life, even with her father, has Annie been complimented about her skills. Shes taken back and even more impressed when Eren uses her moves against Jean.

We actually see Annie smile for once, and its because of Eren. Say what you want, but first impressions are everything, and Eren has given her a lasting first impression, being one of the only people to make her smile and compliment her.

And then she offers to teach him the move personally. Sure this could just be her being nice, but its become sort of a trope or cliché when someone says they’ll show their crush how to do something personally, it hints towards some kind of romantic feelings. But this is just the beginning of their meeting, so lets keep going through and manga and anime.

Its heavily implied that Annie and Eren spent a lot of time together during their training. More so then usual actually. The fact that Annies stance and movements are embedded into Erens muscle memory, even in Titan form, shows exactly how much time they spent together training. This, pluis the fact when Mikasa was looking for Eren during the battle of Trost, she went to Annie for his wearabouts. Showing that she expects Annie to be aware of where Eren is because they were always tpgether training. 

Now, everyone knows Eren is sort of clueless about girls, as he was the only one, along with Hitch, who didn’t realize Hitch liked Marlo whent hey talked to him about it. Hes clueless about girls. So im sure he wouldn’t have even noticed if Annie was flirting with him or liked him in anyway. But I think he did maybe have a LITTLE more feelings then her then just respect, as Mikasa explains that perhaps the reason Eren cant transform to fight him is because of some sort of feelings towards her. Mikasa looks very jealous when she says this, implying that feeling is a romantic feeling, and Eren just doesn’t realize it. After all, Mikasa has been jealous of Annie before, and we see it during training.

Mikasa is clearly aware of Annie’s intentions and decides to intervine because everyone in the world knows Mikasa loves Eren and all that jazz. So shes testing Annie. Sort of like a “Oh are you just teaching him because you like him? If not, train me too” Two alpha females fighting over a guy. Notice how pissed off Annie is that Mikasa is stepping in? Silly in a show like Attack on Titan, but remember theyre all still teenagers, so stuff like this can clearly happen.

Also during Eren and Annies fight in the woods, Annie looks clearly upset at the facy Eren was so enraged by her, he transformed just to kill her. I don’t think Annie wanted to fight Eren, she wanted to capture him and probably explain herself later. But when Eren transforms she looks visibly shaken.

Also during the fight, she keeps holding back. When she killed the Survey Corp members, she crushed them with ease, not even breaking a sweat. She tore through every one of them. Yet when she fights Erem, that same speed, precision and deadliness is gone. Eventually she takes out his titan form and captures him, but it took her way longer then we know it could have to take him out. Same is said during the Battle of Stohess. Eventually she just decides “Fuck it” and goes all out to escape, but it didn’t start out like that.

Now for reasons she might not like Eren. She could have just been teaching him because she finally has a friend who likes fighting and admires her for what she does. Their relationship could be completely platonic. People saying the reason Annie is crying is because she lost Eren I think its bs. Shes crying  because multiple times she almost escaped. IN the forrest, she almost captured Eren. In Stohess, she almost escaped. She was so close until she was finally brought down by Mikasa. So I rule that out imedeatly. Many say that the fact she even fought Eren in the first place disproves all notions that she might have feelings for him but im on the border with that one.

I guess in the end, because its not THAT important to the story, it wasn’t made a big deal of and isn’t mentioned that often, and is left for the reader to decide. It may serve some purpose later but well have to wait and see about that.

Now, im for sure an ErenxAnnie shipper, so maybe this is a biased review, but theres more evidence placed in the manga and show to prove that there was SOMETHING there, but again, its not essential to the story so it wasn’t expanded upon. But these scenes I mentioned were put in the story for a reason, and it wasn’t an accident, so I do believe that in the end, Annie did have atleast some romantic feelings for Eren, and Eren had slight feelings for Annie, but maybe just want aware of it.

UPDATE: In the Attack on Titan Junior High, a show where they play on funny character stereotypes, such as Connie being stupid, Ymir and Historia being lesbians, and Mikasa being an annoying mother figure to Eren, they also included an episode about Eren and Annie, and Armin even said Annie, Mikasa, and Eren are probably going to end up in a love triangle. So its clear that the ErenxAnnie relationship is on their minds. Sure its a little spin off, but it pulls from existing tropes and content from the original show so I think this helps support the idea of ErenxAnnie