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Let Go--Lance and Keith fic


“How in the hell can I trust you to be a leader.” Lance yelled, glaring at Keith who was trying hard to keep it together. “When your half Galra!”

It was in that moment, Lance knew he said too much. He expected that punch. He expected it to hurt. Just what he didn’t expect, was the hurt eyes of the man before him.

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The winged goddess of Victory standing on the prow of a ship overlooked the Sanctuary of the Great Gods on the island of Samothrace. This monument was probably an ex-voto offered by the people of Rhodes in commemoration of a naval victory in the early second century BC. The theatrical stance, vigorous movement, and billowing drapery of this Hellenistic sculpture are combined with references to the Classical period-prefiguring the baroque aestheticism of the Pergamene sculptors.

Louvre Museum, Paris

Alec is staring, but he doesn’t care.

It’s one of those downworlder meetings they are actually invited to. Not because they are acquaintances with Magnus, but because the nephilim were actually required to go.

Simon is hanging with the vampires, Izzy is hanging by Meliorn’s arm, Clary and Jace are talking by the food table, although it doesn’t look like they are eating anything from it. Magnus assured them nothing was going to be poisonous or dangerous, but no one is taking chances tonight. After all, even if this is the after party, doesn’t mean it’s really a party, right?

Alec is standing at the entrance, arms crossed over his chest. Magnus is at the opposite site of the room, discussing with Luke and other werewolves about God knows what.

And Alec is staring at him. At his perfect stance, his cat-like movements when talking and gesturing; the little swinging of his shoulders, and his chin up, showing that way his power and confidence, demanding respect in silence. His cat eyes are showing and aside from Luke, everybody seems to be charmed by him.

Alec smiles a little. It’s so fun to watch Magnus on his element. To see him working politics from afar.

Then one of the werewolves starts talking, gesturing wildly in a friendly manner. Magnus’ cat eyes shot up and now he’s staring at Alec too over this werewolf’s shoulder. And he doesn’t even move his lips, but he knows. I’m so bored.

The shadowhunter can’t help but scoff, how can Magnus say that he’s bored? He was just enjoying himself a second ago. Alec shots him a look. Serves you right.

He can see Magnus struggling to hold his own laughter before looking at him directly in the eye again. I want to go home. Alec looks around the room, reminding him that this is important and that they couldn’t just go around this. Magnus rolls his eyes and the werewolf laughs, maybe thinking that Magnus’ reaction was from something he said. You’re not having fun anyways. The meeting is over.

Alec shots him a glare through his half closed eyes. Suddenly Magnus’ eyes turn to brown and he counterattacks Alec with a honey-like look. Please, babe.

Thirty seconds into a staring contest, Alec blinks and Magnus smiles triumphantly, sipping at the last of his wine, making his rings shine under the room lights. Alec sighs and accepts his defeat, gesturing to Izzy and turning around to leave.

Seconds later, Magnus is by his side, beaming with excitement. Alec glares. “You used the puppy eyes. That’s not fair.”

“I will repay you once we’re back, dearest.” And with a wink, Magnus opens a portal.

(Or in which Malec can communicate by just staring at each other’s eyes).

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Walk in on ya girl… - open.

The Skull admin stands on a crate in one of the side rooms, surrounded by drunk, giggling grunts and holding a long tube of carboard in her hand which she has opted to pretend is a sword. Her stance is wide, the movements graceful but overly showy–in other words, stage swordsmanship and not actually anything one would see in combat.

“How dare you besmirch my lady’s honour. Her! The most sexiest of bitches! By the prongs of Arceus, should you look upon her ass again I will strike you down where you stand!”

Plumes simply does not have the chest capacity to get Bara’s timber or depth, but aside from the melodramatic language, she gets a startling good handle on his accent and inflection.

When she catches him standing in the doorway she drops the tube, turning towards him but not dismounting from the crate, and flashes him a huge grin. “Uhh… I love you?”

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Also, how would you feel if guard stance didn't give any bonuses or actually lowered a few stats. Maybe something like guard stance lowering skill, speed, and strength/magic by 2-3 points depending on the back up units class. Like mixing up rescue with Guard stance, while attack stance is left unchanged. Movement is the exception though, I don't want that bonus gone.

Nah honestly just nerf the bonuses to no more than +4.

if you're ever really close to me while i'm walking you'll hear me muttering this under my breath

vaulting over a stiff stance leg, passive ballistic movement of the swing leg, a short ‘push’ from the ankle prior to toe-off, propelling the swing leg, rotation of the hips about the axis of the spine, to increase stride length, rotation of the hips about the horizontal axis to improve balance during stance


Just gonna sit here and smile at all those times that TPTB chose to depict Caryl physically mirroring each other’s actions/stances/movements. 

Kinda like a film technique to show the audience how in sync they are. And how well they complement each other. And how fucking perfect they are and would be togetherrrrr. ♥