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Obi-wan had 20 years in the desert to ruminate on Qui-gon’s death and wasn’t going to be fooled this time around. 

It Comes With the Job

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requestedA request in which you are a stunt double and while “fighting” Tom he actually hits you and then feels really guilty about it, just fluff pleaseee.

send your requests here!

pairings: tom holland x reader

word count: 1014  i got a little bit carried away

warnings: swearing, some descriptions of pain

a/n: i tweaked it just a lilllll bit, hopefully it works out!!! this was fun to write too–i need to incorporate some more angst and stuff into my work….not saying i don’t enjoy the fluff because zoo weeeee mama i love the fluff. anyways, enjoy my underoos!! <333

You were a renowned stunt coordinator in Hollywood, one of the youngest in the industry, and you enjoyed working closely with many different actors on many large projects. The most recent one you had signed on to was the upcoming Spider-Man film–the director asked for you specifically to work with Tom Holland himself, the actor cast as the lead.

The two of you hit it off from the start, you breaking the ice by saying one of your favorite films of his was The Impossible, which he graciously thanked you for. You loved working with him, he was extremely coordinated and well-balanced, and you flowed together like a rushing river. He was surprisingly sweet, and very funny,  always asking how you felt after you both had a tough day of training–and making you laugh to lift your spirits. One of your personal rules–your strictest one–was to never get involved with anybody you worked with. But as each day passed by that you spent working with Tom, you felt a passionate flame kindling in your chest that you tried your hardest to suppress–but knew you would never be able to extinguish it.

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Upon reflection, I’ve come to the conclusion that the problem with Homestuck - insofar as it’s reasonable to assert that there’s a singular “problem with Homestuck”, anyway - is that it’s trying to pretend it doesn’t have a point.

There’s a fine line between deliberately frustrating audience expectations as an authorial stance, and keeping everything suspended in a state of perpetual “irony” because otherwise the narrative would have to emotionally commit to something, and, like, caring about stuff is for losers.

Paradoxically, this might actually be a big part of the reason it managed to cultivate such a robust fandom at is height; when a narrative refuses to have an opinion about anything it’s showing you, you can read anything you want into it. It’s only when it actually has to construct an ending that you realise everything you found relateable about it was just you seeing shapes in the smoke it was blowing up your ass.

(That metaphor sort of got away from me there.)

The hell of it is that I don’t think it’s actually as vacuous as it pretends to be. It’s not that it doesn’t have anything to say; it’s that it doesn’t want to admit that it has anything to say. Insofar as it falls apart at the end, it’s not through a lack of imagination or a failure of narrative rigour, but through a conscious refusal to take the next step - even if that means literally ending the story mid-scene, because continuing even one moment longer would oblige it to commit to some sort of emotional resolution.

Mafia-Suho pt.4

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                  “Forgive me for my sins for I’ve just begun.”

“You have the right to remain silent. Everything you say will and ca-”

“Can you just skip this? You know I’ll be out by tonight.” You rolled your eyes at the cop that had you pinned against his car, in a very sexual position might you add.

“Close your mouth or I’ll give you something to choke on.” He whispered in your ear, pushing against your body more. 

You cringed at his closeness, “God, you’re breath stinks.” You said, yanking your head to the other side. 

“You little b-” 

He was cut off by his phone ringing.

Grunting, he shoved you forward and pushed away from you to answer his cell.

You could hear the other person on the line, “Do you have Y/n?” the person asked.

“Yes.” The officer replied looking back at you.

You took this time to turn your body around so that you were facing him.

“Why would you take her? Do you know how much trouble you’ve just put me in? She doesn’t get arrested. She doesn’t get questioned, am I clear?” The voice yelled and the cop looked at you.

“So she really is untouchable?” He questioned the man on the other end of the line. 

“Yes now let her go!” He hung up. 

You watch the cop slowly walk over to you, once he got close enough you grabbed him and kneed him between the legs, “Next time, remember to cuff me correctly instead of trying to get off on my ass, pervert.” 

You grabbed the cuffs and punched him in the face with the end of them, “And that’s for not knowing who I am.”


You decided it was a long overdue night out with your best friend so you decided to go the one place you loved.

The club.

Your friend pulled you to the dance floor where all guys and even girls tried to dance with you… on you.

“I can never have you to myself.” Your friend pouted, screaming over the music.

You laughed, “Don’t hate the player baby, hate the game!” 

She laughed and pulled you closer to her so the obviously drunk girl didn’t spill her drink on your brand new dress.

You were ready to say something but were cut off by a screech, “ Oh my god! It’s Suho!!” 

You looked towards the door in the back to see Suho and his gang walking through the door.

“I swear he’s stalking me.” You said to your friend. She laughed and caught Suho’s attention.

“Oh, Y/n. Nice to see you here.” Suho greeted, changing his direction to walk towards you. 

You tsked and shook your head, “Can’t say I share the pleasure.”

The drunk girl from before gasped and pushed in between you and Suho screeching at the top of her lungs, “Suho baby! Don’t listen to her! She’s a jealous b-” 

He flagged one of his men to come get her and you raised your eyebrows in question.

“Now why would you go and do something so foolish? She was gonna let you have her.” You said and your friend laughed a little.

Suho looked at her up and down then walked a little closer to her and bent down to grab her hand, “I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you.” He whispered before he kissed her hand.

You scoffed and looked at your friend who looked all too comfortable with what was happening.

You slapped her shoulder, “Yah!” You shouted at her.

She looked at you in panic then looked back at Suho and snatched her hand away, gasping and rubbing it against her dress.

Suho looked at one of his men, Chanyeol, and he came and took your best friend to the bar.

“If something happens to her, I swear I’ll -”

“Kill me?” Suho questioned and chuckled, he looked at you up and down, lingering at your exposed thighs and then tsked.

“As ravishing as you look right now, don’t think you’re showing a little too much skin?” He asked while he walked closer to you. 

You backed up until you felt someone’s back hit yours and you got an idea. 

“You might feel that way but my date doesn’t.” You saw Suho’s stance change, everything about him seemed to get a little darker, dominant and you hate to admit it but it turned you on.

“What da-”

You cut him off by turning the guy who was behind you around and pulled him into a kiss. The kiss got deeper and the guy dropped his hands to your ass and pulled you closer to him.

Suho ripped you two apart and launched himself onto the guy. You watched as he threw punches left and right until some of his boys pulled him off. He turned around and grabbed your hand, pulling you with him. 

He slammed opened the door to the bathroom and screamed, “If anyone is in here get out now!” 

You heard a man chuckle and Suho pull out his gun and shoot in the air, “I SAID GET OUT!” 

The man’s eyes went wide as he tried to pull up his pants quickly with shaking hands. You watched as Suho followed his every mood until he left the bathroom.

Suho went over to the door and locked it and then looked at you.

His hair was out of place but still looked fine, his eyes were a darker shade of brown and the dominance he’s giving off swallowed you whole. 

And it was sexy. 

“Is this what you want to see huh?! You want me to kill every man who looks at you to prove to you that you’re mine?!” He screamed and backed you up against a wall. 

Your back hit the wall and Suho’s body trapped you. He punched the wall next to your head and screamed “Answer me!” 

You looked in his eyes as he breathed heavily in your face.

“Why do you want me so bad?” You whispered.

He looked at you and chuckled and backed away from you.

“What’s so funny? You think I’m just going to lay on my back for you?! That I’ll let you destroy what I built from nothing?!” You yelled and started walking towards him until his back hit the wall on the other side.

“You want me to be your trophy wife and I wont.” You growled at him. 

The room seemed to get smaller as you looked into his eyes. 

You pulled on his tie, forcing his head to down to yours, and kissed him.

He kissed you back as his hands went to your waist as he squeezed your hips. 

He switched your positions and slammed you back against the wall and held your jaw in his hands while you started to take off his suit jacket.

Suho slammed you against the wall again and started kissing down your neck, your hands left his jacket and went into his hair, pulling it. 

“Mhm. Y/n” He mumbled into the crook of your neck. 

When you heard your name you sort of woke up, the room expanded and the foulness of the bathroom hit your nose.

“Stop Suho.” You said pushing him away from you.

“Don’t be like that.” He whispered trying to pull you towards him again. 

“I said stop!” You yelled and ran to the door, opening it and walking out. 

You tried to look for your friend but you knew Suho would get her home safely and you just wanted to leave. 

You walked out in the back of the club and got in side your car, resting your head against the steering wheel you sighed and looked up.

There was a car flying in your direction, and it wasn’t stopping.

Black and Blue.

Authors Note: This is not edited, I am sorry. I just stopped by Starbucks to write something and I figured I would post this while I can. :) Soo enjoy the un edited blurb. :) Xx 

It had been a long hard year for him, he stopped doing the one thing he loved— performing. He needed a break from the constant on-the-go life style, going from continent to continent, living out of a suitcase—it was all too much for him.

Towards the end of his last tour, he was struggling to get through the sets, he didn’t have it in him to finish the sets to the best of his ability; he was constantly losing his voice, and catching colds. To say the least, he was exhausted and rather miserable, it was obvious and heartbreaking to watch him string himself out to such the extent.

The first few weeks of him home being fine, he spent most the time catching up on much-needed sleep, seeing friends and family, and genuinely getting into a more normal routine that did not consist of traveling across time zones and hiding from fans while in new cities.It was nice to have him around, it was nice to wake up and not have to wonder on what time zone he is in or whether he landed safely. Having him at arm’s length every night is soothing, it is nice to know that he isn’t miles away and going to bed as I wake up.

He began to become restless and bored after a while and needed some sort of hobby to keep him occupied, usually he turns to his music on his time off to keep him occupied, but for some reason, he refused to push himself to hit the studio or to start writing the new album he is contracted to release by November.

It was my idea for him to start boxing, he was good at it and it allowed him to tire himself out even further, giving him more of an opportunity to put his time into something other than lying around the house.

I overhear the front door open and close, the familiar sound of heavy footsteps ring in my ears as I peer down the hallway, Shawn’s figure making its way closer to me with a small smile.

“Morning, I have your favourite keeping warm in the oven,” I greet him with a tender smile before leaning up and kissing his cheek,

“Morning, mmm, smells great, but I need to shower first,” He presses a quick kiss to my lips before his hands come into my view as they adjust his athletic bag hanging over his shoulder.

My eyes grow wide when I see the markings on the hands that were once tender to the touch— now they’re harboring purple bruises, “Shawn, your hands,” I try to reach for them but he steps away, not wanting my touch or my concern.

“Don’t,” he mumbles, “I am fine,” he assures me, giving me his cunning smile, accompanied by his copper coloured eyes that make my heart melt with every moment.

“Shawn, you have the awards tonight, you can’t show up with bruised knuckles,”

He shakes his head, “I am not going,” he mutters as he begins to walk down the hallway with myself in toe.  He drops his workout bag by the laundry room before sliding his jacket down his arms, paying no attention to me as I stare at him.

The only times he has missed any sort of award show is when he has been out of town or sick, he has never purposely missed them, in fact, he tends to enjoy them a lot more than I’d think.

Shawn turns to glance over his shoulder as I lean against the doorframe of the laundry room, my eyes focused intently on Shawn, “I know I am good looking, but you don’t have to stare.” His voice is nonchalant, completely disregarding his hands or the fact he is relentlessly throwing away his career.

“You can’t just miss the awards,”

He disputes my comment, “Yes, I can.”


“I have other plans,” he mutters cutting me off as he looks down at his hand, opening and closing his hand with a small grimace, “I need some ice, my left hook is coming along well though,” he comments proudly.

“What other plans do you have? Your suit is upstairs, you’re nominated for three awards,” I question as he steps passed me and walks towards the kitchen to get something cold for his hand. “Shawn, what could you possibly have to do?” I repeat my question, frustrated that he is so nonchalant about the entire situation. He is choosing not to attend awards that boost his career, a career he is throwing away.

He rolls his shoulders back into a shrug, “I am going to go box.”

My lips purse like I’d been chewing a lemon rind; the stupidity of his words cause me to scoff, he is going to box instead of going to a music award, he has got to be somewhat delusional at this point in time.  

“You just did that,” I clap my hands on her hips, arms crooked like a sugar bowl handle.

His shoulders lift in a shrug, “No, I hit the boxing bag to train, tonight I am hitting the ring with a few mates,”

My brows bump together in a scowl, “Like hell, you are,” I shake my head disapprovingly, he is taking this boxing thing too far.

A smile dangles on the corner of his lips as he crosses his arms over his chest, seeming amused by my disapproval, “I’m not going to the awards, I am no longer an artist.”

“You’re not a boxer either. This was meant to be a hobby, you’re taking it way too far now,”

He arches a sly brow, “What happened to supporting me no matter what decisions I make? I always support yours.”

My body stiffens at the remark. I have never put him in a position to support a decision that would ruin my career or potentially hurt me physically. “My decisions don’t cause me to come home with bruises,” I defend, unsure of how to get him to understand the consequences of the decisions he is currently making.

I understand he has hit a rough patch with himself and the music he once loved, but completely giving that up for a short lived boxing thing is not Shawn. He isn’t behaving like himself.

He opens the freezer and pulls out a bag of peas, placing them over his left hand, “I’m not going tonight, I don’t even think I am going to start that album. I want to invest my time into boxing.”

For a moment I stare at him, my thoughts racing with many comments regarding his stupidity, but I stop myself. “Shawn, I don’t think it is a good idea,”

“You’re the one who encouraged me to box in the first place,” he leans against the kitchen counter, his eyes flicking down to his hand being iced while I begin to prowl the floors.

I had thought the boxing to keep his mind off of things would be short lived, evidently, I was wrong.

I let out a breath of air before rolling my eyes and stepping away from the kitchen, “Oh come on, no. Don’t start this,” his voice travels after me as I wilt down in the couch and pay languid attention to Shawn's’ voice. “You can’t be mad at me, not when I look like this,” he gives me a cocky wink and confident smile while gesturing towards his sweatpants and t-shirt.

“Shawn,” I sigh, crossing my arms over my chest, “you need to take a long hard look at yourself and figure yourself out. Don’t make a split second decision on a permanent thing.”


“No, don’t love, me.” I shake my head, cutting him off before he can proceed to say anything else, this conversation is over, I have nothing to say to him after this last comment, “I am going to get ready for the night, I hope you make the right decision on what to do. I love you, and whatever you choose, I will support you.” I inform him, watching as his eyes crinkle with frustration before he inhales a deep breath and blows out slowly…


I wonder around the house in my black dress, trying to find Shawn. I had thought he would take the hint and decide to make the decision to go tonight, but from what I gather from his suit still positioned in its place upstairs, he has not made the decision I had anticipated.

I peer into every room downstairs, surprised when I don’t even find him in the only room in the house that is entirely set up for him and only him— the record room. The room as expected is full of his accomplishments from the moment he started his career as an artist, award trophies, plaques on the wall from album accomplishments, vinyls of his favourite artists, and much more. The room is thoroughly a room full of the things he loves within the industry, a room that resembles who he is. I often find him sitting at the desk jotting down lyrics or humming along to a few chords he plays on his guitar, but lately, he has neglected the room entirely. I close the door with a sigh. “Shawn?” I call out, my voice echoing through the quiet house, I wait a moment in the middle of the hallway, waiting to hear his voice.

When I receive nothing but the quietness of the house in return, I stride myself to the only other place he could possibly be— the garage. I push open the door, the coldness instantly wrapping around me as I step down the three steps, my hands instantly rubbing my arms.

I observe Shawn in front of the boxing bag, his body strength forcing a few punches to the bag with heavy hits. I don’t disturb him, instead, I watch on for a few moments. I watch every move he makes, every jab, every stance, everything; he is strong, sharp, and quick with each move, if he was to get in the ring, part of me feels as though he would be able to handle himself, after all, he does have one hell of a trainer… Not to mention, Shawn is one hell of a boxer, even if I don’t want to admit it out loud.

His chest rises and falls with rapid breaths as he stops himself from hitting the bag again. “Ye’ distracting me,” he flicks his head to allow his nystagmic eyes to glance at me, they change from eyes burning with hatred, to the eyes I fell in love with, soft and loving.

I lift my shoulders in a half shrug, “You’re looking good, Mendes.” I give him a tight-lipped smile. He shifts from one foot to the other as he takes off the boxing gloves, placing them to the side before he massages the back of his neck, his eyes refusing to lose contact with mine.

He looms closer, his lips curving up into a wider smile, “You look lovely… You’re making me weak at the knees in that dress,” he grins, earning himself a playful hit to his arm.

“You always say that,”

He shrugs his shoulders, “It is always true… Drop dead gorgeous you are.”

“Mhm, alright Mendes, enough flirting… I gather you’re not going to attend tonight and that I got ready for no reason?” I question softly, my hands running down the sides of my dress, gently smoothing out the material hugging my body.

He threads a hand through his messy, curly hair, “Give me twenty to shower and get ready? Is my blue suit still up there?” He offers, taking me by surprise.

I did not expect for him to change his mind, from earlier conversation, he was set on boxing in a ring tonight, not sitting in the crowd of other artists. I nod my head, confirming his suit is still upstairs where I left it. He presses a kiss to my lips before leaping into action, his feet hammering the marble floor with his long legged strides.


I smile to myself as I stand towards the side, out of the way while Shawn adjusts the lapels of his jacket, a woman interviewing him with multiple cameras around him taking pictures and live streaming him to the world. He brushes up very nicely in a suit, honestly, he brushes up nicely in anything he wears, sweats, gym clothes, black jeans, oh how those black jeans do it for me with a hoodie. He flashes me a delicate smile from his stance before continuing to talk to the interviewer.

“Your boyfriend has a strange accessory on his hands,” a voice distracts me, I follow the sound and my eyes meet with a woman I have not met before, I only assume she is apart of the media.

I give her a kind smile, “He looks ravishing tonight,”

“Mhm, I think the question everyone is wanting to ask, how did he get the bruises?” she questions, seeming to be searching for some sort of interesting story that will drag Shawn in the media’s prying eyes.

I flash her another smile, doing my best to appear polite and sweet, “He has been boxing lately with his spare time, he is very good at it. Excuse me, he’s finished,” I excuse myself from her, leaving her with a deadpan expression on her face.

We take our seats in the crowd of many other artists, most of them surprised to see Shawn and throwing himself into the public eye, but I can see in his eyes that he isn’t interested in anyone here, he is somewhere else.

I stand up and take his hand, “C’mon,” I gesture towards the way we entered the area. He gives me a confused facial expression but quickly stands to his feet and follows me out.

“What’s wrong?” he questions when we exit the area where the awards are being filmed.

I stop our long strides and look at him, “Let’s leave,” … “There’s somewhere else you need to be,”

He inches forward, leaning in closer to me, “Is this some kind of hint towards us sneaking away for alone time?” he questions with glowing eyes.

I let out a small chuckle and shake my head, “No, I am not referring to that,” … “Let’s go to that boxing ring,”

“Honey, have you been drinking?” he asks as he adjusts the lapels of his jacket.

There is no sense in him being somewhere he does not want to be, surrounded by media and being shoved into a spotlight that he doesn’t want to be in at the moment.

“Are you coming or not?” I mutter, taking long strides in my heels, peering over my shoulder to see him following me.

He takes longer strides and finds my side where he laces our fingers together, “Hon, are you sure? Is this some kind of test?” he softly questions, clearly confused with my encouragement to allow the two of us to leave an event just so he can go and stand in a boxing ring and do his thing.

“No test, darling.” I shake my head, “pick up the pace if you want to make it in time,” I mutter, forcing the two of us to take a quicker pace.


I cut him off promptly, not wanting to hear any buts or doubts he may have, this is what he wants, he might as well get it out of his system now. “Not buts, Shawn.”


I take a deep breath as he wraps his hands and wrist, his dark eyes intently focused on the wrap.

“Are you sure about this?” he questions, taking note of my apprehension and anxiousness. I shrug and drop my shoulders, there is no way in hell I am sure about this, but if he is, then I can support that. Part of me regrets dragging him away from the awards, but part of me knows this is something he needs; he needs to get this out of his system. I can only hope this is a one-time thing and that after tonight he does not want to step foot back into a ring.

I give him an assuring nod, “Just be careful out there,” .. “I need you in one piece.”

He nods and gives me a kiss, “Thank you,”

“For what?”

“Letting me do this,”

I give him a reassuring smile, “Just don’t make me regret it.” … “Go get ‘em out there,” I chuckle with a bit of encouragement.

I have seen him play many sports, I have witnessed him attempting to play American Football, European football, baseball, and hockey, oh have I witnessed his Hockey days’, and I have to say, boxing has been the one to leave me the most anxious.

I stand around the barriers set up in the old boxing gym, trying to understand the concept of the sport. I don’t understand what is entertaining about watching two people physically harm each other, but the people around me seem to be thrilled and nothing has happened yet. There is quite the turn out; I did not expect people to be gathered in an old gym on a Saturday night to watch mediocre boxers. I honestly expected there to only be a few people considering Shawn said he and a few mates, I am starting to think his opponents are not his mates.

I fold my arms over my chest, shifting my weight from foot to foot as I see Shawn finally making his way towards the ring, a man walking beside him with an intense stare.

I cringe with every intense hit that rings in my ears and shocks the crowd, my own breath hitching in my throat as my eyes watch on, Shawn managing to hold his own as round three comes to an end. I move away from the barrier and cross over it when I see Shawn sitting in the corner of the ring with a man pressing a towel to the side of his forehead.

“Shawn,” I call out, forcing myself closer to the ring despite the men telling me not to.

“A bit of blood didn’t hurt anybody,” he yells over the crowd and the officials talking around us, “Just a cut,” he adds, wincing slightly as he continues to be quickly cared for. For a moment I frown, but remind I hold my tongue as I remind myself that I can not be the overly protective girlfriend right now, he needs to make his decisions and if this is what is takes to get him back on the right path, then this is how it has to be for the night. “Okay, be careful,” I fake a smile up at him, stepping away before he can respond.

I watch round four while standing by the same guy who threw a bandaid on Shawn and let him go back into boxing mode. He seems nonchalant and entirely fine with watching the two men hit each other, he doesn’t flinch or cringe at the smacking sounds of a body being hit, nor does he seem too interested in the match itself.

I meet Shawn after the bout in the same area that he got himself ready in. He gives me a small smile as I enter, his hair a curly mess and hanging loosely all over the place.

“You’re still alive, I am surprised,” he chuckles, sliding his jacket up his arms and adjusting it to his body,

I step closer to him, “Mhm, only internally freaked out the entire time,” I smile, “Good to see you’re still in one piece,” I gesture my hand up and down his body before placing a kiss to his warm, blushed cheeks.

“That worried about me, eh?” He asks, picking up his athletic bag and throwing it over his shoulder.

Of course, I worry about him, I love him and don’t want anything to happen to him.

I shrug my shoulders and glance down at the flooring, not wanting to guilt him with my worry. “Come here,” he opens his arms and I find myself wrapping my own around him, “Mm, careful there darlin’, bit sore,” he mumbles and I instantly pull away to look up at him, “I am fine, just sore,” he quickly assures me as if to read my erratic thoughts that do nothing but worry about him.

I cross my arms over my chest, my eyes staring at him as he bites his lip, “Let’s go home,” his voice chimes in the tone he uses when he is wanting to avoid something.

“How sore are you?”

“I’m still in one piece, that’s all that matters,” he gives me a subtle wink before lacing his fingers with mine. I take my hand away from his and lift up his shirt, not surprised when I see light bruising already forming over his tanned body.

“Barely,” … “You’re black and blue,” …

Part 2? :)

1 - CS Modern Day AU

The Reason 

Rated M

The three of them share a laugh before they all look to Emma. She has yet to comment on the new addition because she isn’t sure what to say. She usually doesn’t like change, they have a good thing going there, just the four of them. Plus, they all know him and she doesn’t, but she trusts their judgement, and she’s sure any brother of Liam can’t be all that bad.

So, with a shrug and a smile she says, “Welcome to Storybrooke, Killian Jones.”

Here I go again! I hope you all enjoy it :) Double line breaks mean change of POV

Special thanks to @yeahiliketheredleatherjacket who helped me look less of an idiot. <3

Chapter One

Emma sits on her fire escape sipping on hot cocoa as she looks down at the street below. It’s just after ten in the morning and Storybrooke is awake while she’s still blinking the sleep from her eyes. It’s funny, she’s lived in Storybrooke for three years now and she’s still not use to how early the town wakes up, or maybe it’s just her.

When she was a young girl and moving from home to home, sleep was something that didn’t come easily; she always had to watch her back, so maybe she’s still making up for lost time.

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The phantom thieves and a plus sized S/O

•Akira hasn’t really noticed his S/O’s weight
•I mean he’s noticed they are slightly curvier compared to Anne or Makato but that’s really all
•in all honesty he loves his S/O’s body
•he loves holding his S/O in his arms, to him it’s the perfect body
•if his S/O had any problems with their self image he will be there for them
•if they want to lose some weight then Akira will help.
•seriously if you ask this boy will go to every gym session and every run to support you
•this being said he would be very open about saying how much he loves S/O’s shape
•"I think you look perfect the way you are S/O but I’ll help you anyway you can"
•Akira also loves resting his head on S/O lap when they are alone
•for real Akira will just flop his head down and snuggle up to S/O with his arms around their waist
•"I love every inch of you, please remember that"


•much like Akira he never really paid much attention to his S/O’s size
•when his S/O asks him about it he just stares blankly at them
•"I didn’t really notice, your cute no matter your size"
•if S/O wants to work on their health Ryuji would gladly help
•he would show them the proper running stance, how to pace yourself everything
•honestly when the two run together Ryuji finds the whole experience much more enjoyable
•"don’t lean back so much and keep your arms in, that’s it! You’ll be beating me in no time S/O!“
•Ryuji loves every part of S/O though
•if they get a bit self conscious he’ll start complimenting them
•"huh? What no! Your beautiful! Absolutely amazing! You shouldn’t say things like that about yourself!… argh are you really going to make me say all this out loud? You should know by now I love you because Its you not because of how you look”
•this boy, while a nervous wreck is better with actions then words, if he can’t convince them through compliments he’ll find other ways to show them how beautiful S/O

•Anne was actually drawn to S/O due to their curves
•to her it just made S/O stand out and ten times more attractive in her eyes
•she loved shopping trip with S/O and see all the cute clothes they can pull off
•but on the odd occasion when S/O isn’t feeling so confident on these trip Anne it right there
•"what? Your super beautiful S/O! Don’t say things like that! Come on, I’ll show you what I’ll mean, it’s my treat!“
•Anne honestly loves her S/O so much no matter what their size is
•is her S/O does want to lose a few inches though she is fully supportive
•"I’ll help! We can do this together”
•Anne while in good attention finds it hard not to bring sweet food along
•"huh? The diet? Oh right we were doing that together! I’m sorry S/O it just looked so good! Maybe we could just split it?“
•Anne loves to cuddle with her S/O, she also has taken to sitting on their lap
•Anne also has a habit of stealing his S/O’s shirts
•she’s very unapologetic about it
•seriously half of S/O’s wardrobe is gone because of this girls borrowing

•like Anne Yusuke was drawn to S/O because of her curves
•they were just so breathtaking! And the light shined on them perfectly
•in that moment he knew that they were his muse
•seriously the amount of time he spends drawing his S/O is amazing
•he has a slight problem
•if his S/O every doubts themselves you better believe Yusuke is pulling out the art
"Look at this S/O your beautiful, a work of art. My best pieces are ones where you are the inspiration”
•if S/O wanted to work on her weight Yusuke would offer his full support but he would join in, this boy doesn’t have an athletic bone in his body
•he will watch S/O though
•if they are running in the park then he’ll be sitting under a tree sketching his surroundings

•this girl doesn’t really care about physical appearances
•she is purely attracted to people based on personality
•and it’s S/O’s personality that really draws Makoto in
•Makoto loves her S/O’s hugs, especially when she’s the small spoon
•she just feels so warm and safe in their arms
•if S/O suffers a fall in her confidence Makoto is right there
•"Your perfect! Every single inch of you"
•Makoto would do anything in her power to show S/O how great they are
•If someone said something that made S/O feel bad about themselves guess who is getting a lectured by the student council president?
•I’ll give you a hint, it’s the shit talker
•if S/O wanted to Makoto would help her work out, she certainly wouldn’t push them and would keep a watchful eye to make sure they don’t over work themselves
•Makoto actually enjoyed watching her S/O train, the way they smiles when they reached a goal always made her grin

•Futaba much like Makato doesn’t care about physical appearances
•if S/O is there to support her and live her then they could have blue skin for all she cared
•Futaba is a small person, both height wise and size wise so when she’s feeling down or missing you she will put on one of her S/O’s shirts
•she’ll never tell you though
•even when S/O finds the shirt she’ll keep quiet
•Futaba has a guilty pleasure of cuddling up to her S/O side while they are watching anime or movies
•"Your so warm and cuddly S/O! Like having my own personal plush!“
•If her S/O wants to get fit Futaba would be a little confused
•"huh? Why would you want to change yourself?”
•but she would support them, while she wouldn’t work out with them she would look up online on the best plans for her S/O
•"Hey, you’ve drunk lots today right? You’ve been eating right? Your not working too hard?“

•precious little Haru
•I imagine her being a little chubby as a child so she wouldn’t think twice about their S/O
•In fact she would love how curvy her S/O was
•"Ah S/O! You look really cute today! That outfit makes you look amazing!”
•Haru wouldn’t allow S/O to feel bad about themselves
•she can just sense that something is happening and shuts down the thought before S/O can finish thinking it
•so many compliments
•S/O finds it a little embarrassing but appreciates it all the same
•if S/O wants to lose some weight Haru would be right onboard, insisting she would join them
•every physical activity would be done together
•Haru is honestly the sweetest girlfriend, she would make her S/O feel so special

MONSTA X vs BTS (Yandere Ver): Going After The Same Girl

Anon Asked:  Monsta X Yandere vs BTS Yandere going after the same girl? Like they’re paired off, one member vs one member? TYVM! ❤❤

OOHhhhh!~ This one was super interesting!~ I’m not sure how you wanted it or if you wanted a certain member against another certain member, but here you go love! If you don’t like it just let us know and we will do it again!~ I won’t say who wins out of the two ! Feel free to pick the winner!~

For those of you that don’t know what a Yandere is: It is a character whom is obssessed with the main character. They adore and lust after that person so much that they can’t stand other people to be around them in fear of them being taken away from them. They give them their all just to make that person happy, even if it means themselves getting hurt or worse. In some cases they will also hurt or eliminate those they find to be a threat around the M/C.
Hope this cleared anything up !~ ^^

Seokjin vs Hyungwon

These two charming princes would both be cocky and sarcastic towards eachother when it came to you. Hyungwon hated it whenever Jin would lean over you and shower you in compliments and that kind smile of his. Jin hated it the most when Hyungwon would bring you small gifts, and would steal your smiles with the little flirty looks that he sent your way. 

Jin lingered around you all the time, bringing you coffee in the morning to start off your day, he helped you with anything that you needed weather it be school or work related. He was clumsy,around you yes, but that’s only because you made his heart always skip a beat when he saw you. He wanted you to rely on him and only him.

Hyungwon was drunk on you. He loved everything about you and had always wanted to be around you. During the day he lazily slithered his long fingers through your hair and kissed the tips of your locks. He smiled warmly at you as you spoke, and would occasionally touch his fingertips to your cheek or chin.

The way they fight for you: Jin was walking you to class as Hyungwon saw and glared your way. He hurriedly made his way over to where you were and slinked an arm over your shoulder ,pulling you back away from him. He kept a frown upon his face as Jin dropped his thing and grabbed for you, but failed due to Hyungwon putting you behind him. Jin had, had enough and threw his hands up feeling his face flare up with rage as he aimed for Hyungwon’s throat but he failed again as Hyungwon threw up his hands at the same time, grabbing Jin’s in his. Now the two fought for your affection as they pushed and shoved eachother back and forth, jaw clenched, gritting their teeth, and eye brows dangerously arched.

Which prince would you want to ride off into the sunset with?

Seokjin: “I think we make a great team don’t you? Hyungwon only cares about looks. I can give you so much more Y/N, If you would just accept my heart and give me yours in return?”

Originally posted by syubbie

Hyungwon: “All Seokjin is going to do is hurt you, just like everyone else will do. Let me into your heart Y/N. I will always be there to protect you from the rainy days in your life…”

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Wonho vs Jimin: 

These bad boys,may have the rock hard abs and the super cool attitude, but when it came to you, they can’t help but soften up. You are the only person that could make them smile and put their heart and nerves at ease. They just could not stand eachother. Jimin hated the fact that Wonho always called you “His” woman, and how he was always around you, and the times that he wasn’t, there was his jacket wrapped around you, letting him know that he still was. Wonho hated it the most when Jimin’s dimpled smile made you smile, he too hated it whenever he told everyone that you were his, and his only. The only thing that he could do was grit his teeth as you two walked by together and Jimin smirked his way along with a wink.

Jimin trailed right beside you as he carried your things for you, fearing that you would tire yourself out before the day was finished. His cute smile made you feel warm and fuzzy as you walked side by side down the hallway, but the minute you turned your head from him, his smile faded away as he shot anyone that looked your way a death glare. Even though you had though he was innocent, it didn’t appear that way to other people.

Wonho, being pretty popular with the ladies, brushed them to the side. He really didn’t care for their attention. The only attention that he craved was yours. He wanted you. He wanted every inch of you. He would leave everyone in the dust just to catch up with you as you walked across campus. He didn’t care to tune everyone out around him. Your voice was the only one that he longed to hear.

The way they fight for you: The minute that Wonho saw you and Jimin laughing among yourselves he felt every inch of him tingle as his heart started to race and he pushed the group of people that surrounded him before he walked over to you both. When Jimin saw Wonho inching closer he quickly stood up, on high on his guard as he swiped a fist across Jimin’s face. Jimin already knowing what was coming just wiped the blood from his mouth as he chuckled. He had known that Wonho too had eyes for you, but he tightened his balled up fists, as if to say that he too wasn’t going to give you up either, before he returned the gesture.

Jimin: “You think I’m going to hand Y/N over like nothing, without a fight? Hah! You’re crazy… She belongs to me.”

Originally posted by sugaglos

Wonho: “Have feeling for her all you want. But we both know that I am more suited to take protect and take care of Y/N..She’s mine.”

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Hoseok vs Minhyuk:

These two balls of sunshine made your life nothing but positive and happy. The only problem was that,there was only room for one sun in your universe. Hoseok hated it the most when he caught Minhyuk popping his head in and out of where you were both were spending time together, with that cheeky smile knowing he had pissed Hoseok off by the way he had frowned when you turned your head from him to smile back at Minhyuk. Minhyuk hated it whenever he saw Hoseok following you around everywhere like a little puppy. All he could do was watch from afar and click his tongue as you walked together.

Even though Hoseok followed you around, tailing behind you, you couldn’t help but find it cute. But the minute you looked away he became serious and exasperated. In your view he was sweet and loyal, to others he was cold and offstandish. He didn’t care what others thought. He only cared for your opinion and thoughts on him and the things he did.

Minhyuk was always happy around you. Giving you piggy back rides here and there. He loved to latch onto you whenever you were around and squeeze you until you couldn’t breathe. He never wanted to let you go. He just couldn’t.

The way they fight for you: Hoseok couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His heart dropped as he watched as Minhyuk started to pull you onto his back into a piggy back stance. Throwing everything to the side, with a look of disgust upon his face he treaded over to where you both stood, giggling. He picked you up in his arms and set you over to the side back on the ground and grabbed Minhyuk by the front of his shirt and shook him asking him what he was doing with you. The next thing you knew Minhyuk put on the most innocent facade and frowned, making himself shake. Knowing you would run to his aid and scold Hoseok, he slyly smiled to himself as you two walked way leaving Hoseok standing in shock.

Hoseok: *talking to Minhyuk* “I know all your games and tricks. You can’t play the innocent card with me. I see right through it. You better stay away from Y/N. She is mine and I don’t like sharing..”

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Minhyuk: *smirks* “Oh but you see Hoseok, if I were to pout and cry out for help, she would leave your side and be with me for the violent monster that you are. Are you sure you want to play against the odds? Hm?”

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Jungkook vs Kihyun:

Both handsome studs would fight with their own way in winning you over. Kihyun being the someone who was popular among everyone had no fear that you would chose that Jungkook over him anyday, but Jungkook was not going to admit defeat. If it was one thing he was good at. It was aiming high for the thing that mattered most to him, and you were who he wanted the most in his life, and he always got what he wanted.

Just like Wonho, Kihyun would push out anyone and everyone from his view except for you. On the outside he was polite to everyone, making him popular. But the only reason for this was because he had wanted many connections, especially if he needed someone to take out anyone that was close to you. Jungkook on the other hand was a lone wolf. He cut off anyone and everyone around him except for you. He didn’t care if he was thought of as a delinquent or strange. He only had cared about what you thought about him.

The way they fight for you: When Kihyun had walked up to you,trying all he could do to make you agree on going out with him, Jungkook lost it. He couldn’t stand seeing other men around you, let alone his rival Kihyun. Running over to the both of you, he swiftly passed you and tackled Kihyun to the ground when he threw his hands upon his neck. He was beyond scared that he would lose you to him so he just lost it trying to squeeze the air out of him. Two of Kihyun’s friends witnessed the scene and ran to Kihyun’s aid, throwing Jungkook off of him and held him there as you watched in horror as Kihyun got up with a grin and started to punch Jungkook over and over again in his stomach, yelling over and over that you were his.

Kihyun: *Picking himself up and walking over to Jungkook* “You’re going to pay for that, and you’re going to pay for trying to take away my girl.”

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Jungkook: *grits teeth* “She’s not your girl ! She’s mine!”

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Shownu vs Namjoon

The fact of the matter was you had two totally different guys that lusted after you which made it all the more harder for you.

There was Namjoon. He listened to everything you had to say, gave you the best advice, and helped you with anything school wise. He used his smarts and down to earth attitude to grab your attention, making you feel as though you could lean on him without being afraid because of how open he was with you. He lingered around you, a smile upon his face, an arm wrapped around you, and his other hand held a good book, as he read you lines from within the pages. He spent his days drunk in you and beautiful and romantic literature that reminded him of you.

 Shownu on the other hand showed you his loyalty by using his actions instead of words. No one dare messed with you because he would pummel them to the ground. If you needed help in reaching or carrying something heavy, there he was always lending a helping hand. He dropped anything and everything for you, just to make sure you were happy yet safe at the same time.

The way they fight for you: The way that you sat propped up on Namjoon’s lap as he read aloud from another poetic book while he draped a lazy arm around you made Shownu twitch. He couldn’t stand it when other people were around you, but it made him go completely insane whenever he saw Namjoon around you because he knew his true intentions. Without thinking he went straight over to you and him, and stopped right in front of you with a serious expression across his face as he glared over at Namjoon. Namjoon knew what he was there for as his grip around you tightened making you squirm. As soon as you started to do that, Shownu pulled you from him and heaved you over his shoulder making you start to protest, asking him what he was dong, but he didnt listen. Instead he walked away, leaving Namjoon sitting there alone, in his thoughts on what his next move was.

Namjoon: “Come on Y/N. Don’t fall for that guy. You know the old saying, Brains over Brawn.” *smiles slyly*

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Shownu: “He can’t protect you like I can Y/N. At least with me, you’re always going to be safe..”

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Jooheon vs Yoongi

The one thing these two knew what to do was fight back with fire and sharp tongues.

Yoongi paid not attention to others, making him appear cold and stuck up. But in reality he was beyond kind, at least to you. He followed you around, always watching your back, protecting you from those who he thought would want to hurt you. He always kept a close eye on you. It pained him whenever you two had to part ways because he worried dearly about you. What if something happened to you and he wasn’t there in time? What if you didn’t eat? What if you couldn’t sleep? You were constantly on his mind and heart.

Jooheon on the other hand was kind to everyone, you especially. He gave you the special treatment when it came to showering you with affection. He followed right beside you when he saw Yoongi was out of sight from you. Although you too thought he was sweet and innocent, in reality he did all he could to manipulate you, trying to talk you into cutting your friendship short with Yoongi because it would just be damaging to such a person like you, or would end up spilling rumors and lies about him trying to make you think otherwise.

The way they fight for you: When Yoongi saw Jooheon near you he became high on his guard as he made his way over there. He already knew how he really was so he became alert when he saw him talking to you, but the moment he heard the conversation, he shoved him back ,away from you and onto the ground. Yoongi was shaking with rage, but all Jooheon could do was stand back up and chuckle shaking his head, looking over to you, telling you that this is what he was talking about.

Jooheon: “See Y/N..I told you he was violent. You belong with me. Someone who would not be this psychotic. You deserve better than this trash.”

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Yoongi: “He is more harmful than I am Y/N! He is trying to get in your head! I would never ever hurt you…I love you !”

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Changkyun vs Taehyung

Both silly and eccentric boys always clashed when it came to gaining your affection and attention.

Taehyung liked to latch onto you. That’s where he was most of the time, by your side. He was just like a loyal puppy. Never leaving your side, only to get the things you needed so you didn’t have to get up yourself. He was most comforted when he had his arms around you and his face buried into your chest. He didn’t care if people starred or if you protested for him to stop because it was so embarrassing. He always wanted to show you his deep love for you, so he showed it through physical contact.

Changkyun on the other hand kept his distance. Although there were days that he did get the uncontrollable urge to touch you, he fought back. He loved you just as much as Taehyung did, but he was so scared to show it, in fear that he would either scare you away, or love you so hard that you would just…break. He couldn’t bear the thought of losing you, afterall, you were the reason that he greeted each day with a smile.

The way they fight for you: It would not be pretty when they actually did fight. It all started off when Changkyun got ticked off for Taehyung pulling you into him and walking you away from him because he had wanted to spend time with you. Changkyun lost all his control as his urges surfaced and he grabbed your arm, jerking you towards him. Seeing this and your surprised expression, made Taehyung finally lose his smile as he lunged forward toward Changkyun. The next thing you knew you screamed out for them to stop as they started to beat eachother up on the floor in front of you,not stopping until one or the other finally passed out unconscious. 

Changkyun: “I didn’t mean to grab you like that Y/N…please forgive me! I just can’t stand it that he thinks that he owns you..I’m not going to give up to someone like him.”

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Taehyung: “You still don’t get it do you? Y/N is mine. She always has been and will be forever. You already lost.”

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You Shouldn’t Have

Request: Angsty spider man where reader follows him without him knowing when he goes to fight someone and she accidentally gets caught in the middle of the fight

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: So I hope you don’t mind that since you didn’t specify exactly which version of Spider-Man you wanted, i used Andrew Garfield’s since i’ve been dying to write an imagine for him :) kind of follow’s Gwen’s death scene but the reader doesn’t die, and it’s a bit different. 

Pairing: Peter x Reader

Warnings: just angst

Originally posted by brenn-burke

“Peter…?” You hesitated, speaking lowly enough that only Peter, or you guessed Spider-Man, could hear. You knew it had been dumb of you to follow him, you knew it had been even dumber when you saw him change into his Spider-Man costume and run right were the destruction of the city was happening. You’d only followed him originally because as his girl-friend, or ex-girl-friend you knew he’d been hiding something from you.

The two of you had gotten along so well, and you absolutely loved dating him. You were positive you’d fallen in love with him. And you were sure he felt the same, but then he’d suddenly broke it off with you, leaving you with absolutely no explanation other than “he just couldn’t do this now.” You knew in that moment that something was up with Peter and finally managing to catch sight of him without him catching sight of you, because he’d always run off, you’d followed him.

What you didn’t expect was to be lead into where all the electricity for the city came from and to see Peter battling the same electrified man you’d see that night in times square, which had been the exact night of you actually being able to speak with Peter. He broke it off with you the next day and you barely saw him anymore. 

Your suspicions had been true though, there was more than met the eye with Peter. You just didn’t expect to find out he was the in-famed Spider-Man. Then when it seemed he’d finally been able to beat ‘Electro’ you’d step out. Hesitant, because now knowing his reason for breaking up with you (you were positive it was to keep you safe) he’d been none to pleased that you’d followed him. But you hadn’t expected to hear a maniacal laugh hover around you and feel your hair be shot back from wind.

Spider-Man snapped his head towards you and you could almost picture the look of fear behind his mask. “Y/N, what are you doing here?” He shouted, coming over to you. Peter kept looking back at the whirring figure above you both, watching for sudden movements. He grabbed ahold of your arms, shaking his head; “you can’t be here. I’m serious. You need to leave.” He tried to push you away but you fought him.

“Peter, what’s going on?” You asked, looking up at the whirring figure. “What is this? You’re Spider-Man, that’s why you broke it off with me?” You rambled on, desperate for the answers to the questions you never got. Peter sighed form within the mask, shaking his head desperately as he looked back, only to find the figure flying down closer to you and him. “This really isn’t the time, Y/N. You need to go, now.”

Peter urged and you watched with wide, frantic eyes as the figure landed on the ground and you could now see his face. “Peter…” You whispered his name, catching on that he’d like to keep his identity a secret. Peter had now turned around to the figure, facing him as he grew silent. You felt him grab ahold of your hand, pushing you behind him quickly and he fell into a careful stance, watching everything the enemy before you did.

“Peter?” The crazed man laughed, shaking his head, and you cursed knowing he’d heard you. You watched his tongue dart out to lick his own teeth and shivered slightly. This man was clearly dangerous and considering this was your first time ever being face to face to someone like this, you were a little more than frightened. “When you said Spider-Man said no, you meant you said no.”

“Harry, what did you do?” Peter whispered in shock. There was clearly more here, more than you understood. You felt Peter press a hand against your stomach as ‘Harry’ moved forward on his… thing. You stepped back, listening to his orders, trying to slowly disappear. 

“You were my friend, and you betrayed me!” Harry screamed and you flinched from the sheer volume of it. You watched warily as Harry’s crazed eyes fell on you, and the hand Peter held out towards you. Even though you’d been able to sneak back a little bit, you had an unsettling feeling in your stomach, a feeling that told you something was going to go wrong. Harry smirked when he looked up into your eyes, catching the fear in them.

“No…” Peter whispered, covering you. “I was trying to protect you.”

“Look at me.” Harry laughed. 

“Hey, it’s gonna be okay. This is gonna be alright.” Peter tried to reassure, shaking his head at Harry. You swallowed a lump in your throat, staring up at Harry with terror.

“You don’t give people hope, you take it away.” Harry spat, laughing crazily. Peter tried to deny the fact and you felt as if now was the time to hurry up, with wide eyes you watched Harry let his eyes fall on you. “I’m gonna take away yours.”

“No!” Peter yelled, pushing at you in a rush. “Y/N, run!” Almost immediately you turned, picking up the speed in your feet as fast as you could. You heard a clash and a groan as you ran, and turning your head you saw Peter fall to the ground, holding his own head in pain. You gasped, worried for him but before you could even do anything you were swept up into the air, arms wrapped under your knees and back. Gasping, you turned your head to see Harry smiling maniacally at you.

Soon you were flying all over the place and despite the man before you disgusting you, you held on tightly to him no wanting to fall. You were able to look back and see Peter following after you both, shooting his webs every desperately in an attempt to catch up you. You could feel your heart beating against your chest and your breath frantic as your life was literally in the man’s hands. Eventually he slowed down, stopping just above the clock tower, Peter was far behind as he landed on the top of the tower, staring up at you through his mask.

“This isn’t you, Harry. This is not you.” Peter pleaded, “put her down.”

Hesitantly and unsure, you turned to Harry, your eyes wetting with unshed tears. “Harry.” You whimpered, trying to get him to understand. His gaze snapped to your own, falling so close to your face as he screamed; “Harry is dead!”

“Harry, this is between you and me. You wanna fight? Fight me. Let her go.” With pale and clammy skin, you watched Harry’s face fall and him look over at you, nodding. “Okay.” He whispered, so only you could hear. Then suddenly the arms that held you were gone and you were free falling. A shrill scream left your lips as you fell, waiting for you to smack against the glass of the top of the tower.

Then arms were around you and you were spinning in Peter’s arms, before he landed on a bridge in the tower, you above him. You panted, your eyes wide as you tried to regain your breathing. You felt Peter’s gloved hands caress the back of your head; trying to calm you. “You okay?” He asked and you shook your head. “No.” You whimpered, “no.” A thunk sounded beside you and you turned to see some kind of bomb, then it exploded and you were falling again.

Peter caught ahold of your wrist, “it’s okay. It’s okay. I’m not letting you go.” He reassured you, “i’m just gonna put you right here.” You fell a little bit, landing on one oft he gears for the clock, with you looked back up Harry had come down and Peter was fighting him. You took a deep breaths, looking around yourself. You weren’t safe here, not for the long run, you needed to get on the walkway before you. So taking a deep breath, you pushed up so you were off your knees, and tried to balance on top of the unstable and turning gears.

You missed what was happening above, to busy on trying to focus on where you put your feet next. Then you felt a shadow fall over you and zooming noise echo, looking up you saw part of Harry’s suit falling above you. You gasped, holding your head as the piece crashed behind you, breaking the gears. Once again you began falling, staring down at the long way down to the ground. You let out a tiny scream, then suddenly you jerked to a stop, Peter’s webbing attached to your wrist. You allowed your hand to wrap around it for more support as you looking up at Harry fall on top of Peter and began punching him.

You winced at the fight, worried for Peter but also worried for yourself. Your eyes landed on the webbing that connected you to Peter and how close it was to be sliced between two gears. You let out another scream when you fell a bit lower, looking up at Peter with wet eyes. Peter finally gained some leverage, webbing Harry’s hand to one of the gears and wrapping his webbing around his neck. You watched with frightened eyes as Peter raised his leg, placing it against one of the gears so the web connecting you two wouldn’t be cut.

It was only at the last second that he managed to catch it and you watched as the whole gears starting cracking and fighting his foot. “Peter?” You called out just before one of the gears broke and then the webbing broke. You gasped, letting Peter’s name fall from your lips one more time as you began falling again. 

Peter jumped off the ledge, raising after you. He shot out his web, trying to catch you and you finally let your tears fall, staring up at his mask but only wanting to see Peter’s face. You fell for what seemed like forever before Peter’s webbing caught you on the stomach and you stomach. You felt your feet tap the ground, as you hung there. You took heavy breaths, not sure what had just happened as it had happened so quickly. Then Peter was by your side, grabbing a hold on you so weren’t hanging anymore and calling out your name. His voice sounded muffled and it rang in your ears, but you definitely heard him.

When you didn’t respond he ripped off his mask and suddenly everything sounded clear again. “Y/N? YN? Answer me, please.”


Further destruction of the “cute and fluffly‘-stereotype - INFPs are critical as hell

(Note: this is an analysis based on myself, other INFPs I know, and INFP characters, as well as mbti function theory. So as always, it’s all non-exclusive and about non-compulsory traits - meaning others can have those traits too and being INFP doesn’t necessarily mean you HAVE to have one of those traits.)

This should be no surprise to anyone who actually knows INFPs and/or mbti functions well, because then you know that INFPs are natural observers (Ne-Si function stack sets a flow of creative/analytical perception as default, dominant Fi evaluates everything that is perceived). Logically, the more you see/are aware of (and not just in terms of quantity but also in the way you assess it; by seeing patterns in the case for INFPs) the more “errors” you notice (in lack for a better word. It can be anything from general inconsistencies to moral/emotional flaws/dishonesties).

Seeing that INFPs are idealists and we live in an extremely unjust and cruel world, criticism of this comes natural. Furthermore, Fi-Si as introverted function pair means intense experience of personal likes and dislikes (for those who read Dario Nardi’s “Neuroscience and Personality”, there’s a connection to neocortex area F8), which can show in a quick shooting down of anything new that for some (conscious or unconscious) reason causes dislike. This is the most instinctive side, but INFPs are also highly analytical and have a deep desire for knowledge. Ne makes them curious and appreciative of facts that many people have lost their wonder for, while Te makes them want to understand why things are the way they are (and since INFPs are introverted judgers, they have a craving for control and knowing their stance/opinion on everything important things everything.).

Also most superficial type descriptions will tell you that INFPs don’t use much logic, which is just really badly phrased in my opinion. The truth is that Fi-doms (INFPs and ISFPs) have their principles based on emotional values, so they certainly value emotional reasoning more than logical reasoning, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t use logic well or that they don’t think it’s best to use logic in cases where it seems…well, logical. The superficial description makes it sound as if INFPs were infants who go about with a mindset of “1 and 1 doesn’t equal 2, because I don’t like it.” Which is just ridiculous. Fact is that inferior Te actually makes you value logic and critical thinking, and a lot of people tend to have special interests/hobbies in the area of their lower functions (sometimes they also over-exercise it.). But even an inferior function is part of your personality type, so INFPs are as little logic-less as INTPs are emotion-less. And since inferior functions also tend to be the exaggerated versions of higher functions, inferior Te directly causes high criticality.

To sum up: Ne-Si notices patterns and their implications, Fi evaluates the observation (and since it’s dominant Fi, it cares about most things), Te construes it into words/actions. Since Te is the inferior function, a lot of the criticism of an INFP may not come to the surface for others to witness, but that doesn’t mean it’s not here (and when an INFP is close to someone, they certainly will hear it).

In other words…don’t be surprised if an INFP acts like what you think is stereotypically xSTJ.

INFPs and Pain

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Regarding INFPs and their attraction to pain: I think everyone has an affinity towards appreciating pain in some way or the other, and I’ve been thinking a lot about why. And how this may relate to INFPs.

I remember Azar Nafisi stating, in her novel “Reading Lolita in Tehran”, that people love to read of others going through painful situations because the very act of reading and knowing other’s painful experiences is an act of defiance against those causing them such pain. In this sense, a Holocaust survivor writing a novel of their experiences and others knowing and feeling their pain with them is an act of taking power from their oppressors and giving it to the victim, who is now able to control the narrative in some sense. 

We are taught that “the winners write history”, which has led to dangerous and biased leaning against certain groups. In the U.S., this unfortunate truth has led to slaves’ voices and pain being overturned in favor of the white slave-owners’ wishes. So to read something like “Twelve Years a Slave”, and to force yourself to try and understand the pain and horror of what they had to endure, and the fact that such a book was written in the first place, is a powerful stance against everything the slave-owner’s had wanted people to feel and believe.

In short, pain is defiance, against depression, abusive parents, racism, sexism, etc.

For me, as an INFP, my dom Fi forces me into the skin of another person with no effort so I may try and feel as they feel. The character or person or whatever is no longer a distant face, I’m where they are, talking to who they are, and having the same things done to me. Of course I could never truly fully understand and wouldn’t want to attempt to pass off as I do, but the point is Dom Fi always tries and does so effortlessly because that’s its method of trying to understand and empathize with others’ emotions, so reading of pain always cuts deep. My dom-Ne helps me detach from my environment and create this experience. This is where the big difference comes between ISFPs and INFPs. While ISFPs aux-Se allows them to still stay present and aware of their surroundings, Aux-Ne, for me anyway, pushes the rest of the world away. It’s like my senses momentarily shut off, and I solely exists in the flashing creations I’ve brought up to immerse myself into something. This is part of where I believe the “emo” image comes from.

It’s the Dom-Fi and Aux-Ne that really allow INFPs to absorb other’s pain easily. I now have all of these strong emotions buried in my heart. This is where turning to writing ultimately helps, which is, evidently, what lots of INFPs tend to do. More often than not they are highly emotional writings because INFPs are highly emotional beings and they are able to connect best with people through such emotions, and as pain tends to affect them (or just me) more powerfully on a regular basis, lots of INFPs and their writings can come off as dark.

I hope I got my point across as I do tend to lose it somewhere halfway lol

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The way I see it, The Republic probably never saw the Jedi as people. They see them as power hungry, crazy, emotionless monks. In other words, they generalized the Jedi. Look at Ahsoka's trial. Almost everyone was okay considering giving a death sentence to practically a child. But they didn't care. to them she was just another member of the Jedi, not a teenage girl because age didn't matter to them. You see what I'm going with?

I don’t think it is so simple to generalize the entirety of the Republic and their stance on the Jedi Order though I agree that what happened with Ahsoka felt incredibly biased (as to be expected since Tarkin was in charge of the hearing).

However, Ahsoka is not a youngling anymore, either. She was deeply involved within The Clone Wars and not to be compared with the children that were literally still in training but had not actively participated in the conflict. 

If anything, I would think that outsiders would consider the children taken into the Order to be indoctrinated, at worst.

Still, I am not sure if they would be okay with the murder of children – regardless of their opinion of the Jedi Order.