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Stan's Twin Theory

Hey, this is a new blog dedicated to Gravity Falls, and specifically to theories about Gravity Falls. We have some interesting (possibly far-fetched) theories. This is one of them.

Stan’s Twin Theory:

Stan has to have a brother (although not necessarily a twin), because he’s Dipper and Mabel’s Great-Uncle, and they all share the same last name, therefore he must have a brother. However, we believe he has a twin. Here’s why:

  • twins are genetic (and the gene can skip generations) 
  • There are some pieces of evidence found in the show that supports our claim

We also believe that Stan’s twin may be the Author. Here’s why:                            

1. The Hiding Spot

Look, a hole in the ground

In Tourist Trapped, Dipper found the 3rd book in the forest near the Mystery Shack. This may seem like a stretch, but think about it! where would you hide something important that you might want to access easily? By your house.                                        

Gideon’s factory

In The Hand that Rocks the Mabel it is shown that Gideon’s family factory is located on Gopher Road, the same street as the Mystery Shack. 

The Mystery Shack’s address via the Deed is 618 Gopher Road.

This could explain how Gideon found the 2nd Journal. 

And it’s interesting to note that Gideon was searching for the 1st Journal at the Mystery Shack. 

Possible hiding spots

There are possible hiding spots listed in the 2nd Journal, they seem to be located around a building similar to the Mystery Shack.

2. The Bunker

The Bunker is located underground, in the forest near the Mystery Shack.

There is a sign on the wall of the bunker that says that it is a nuclear fallout shelter. Now, where would you build a fallout shelter? Near your house of course! During times of bomb scares people would build fallout shelters in their backyard.

And since the Author did experiments in the bunker and was observing a shapeshifter, it would be more convenient for him to have the bunker close to the place where he lived. 

3. The Glasses              

In Carpet Diem, a secret room is discovered in the Mystery Shack, and Stan finds a pair of glasses.                                                                  

Stan finds the glasses

Later he is seen staring at the glasses, and he frowns at them in both scenes.

Stan contemplating the glasses

This could possibly represent an old memory of a friend or *cough* brother. It is obvious that someone lived in that room at some point, so why would Stan want to cover it up?


In Dreamscapers, it is shown in the 2nd Journal that the Author was surprised to see glasses on the Bill Cipher wheel, possibly because those are his glasses.Take a look at the glasses, they are similar to the ones found in the secret room.

We don’t think these are Stan’s glasses because his glasses are square with rims at the bottom, while the glasses found in the room and on the wheel don’t have rims at the bottom and are rounded.

Also in Dreamscapers, is a flash back of Stan when he was just a wee lad.

Notice his glasses are square and have rims at the bottom.

Here is Stan a little bit older. Notice that he still has square rimmed glasses.

But, in The Time Traveler's Pig, a younger “Stan” is shown with round glasses without rims at the bottom. His glasses look exactly like the one’s found in the secret room. 

Is this really Stan?

Also, this “Stan” has a cleft chin, whereas we have never ever once seen Stan with a cleft chin (not even in flashbacks). 

4. The Calender

Another small point: the calendar in the secret room has the date July 4, 1982 circled. It can be assumed that 1982 is the year the room was abandoned.

The room definitely looks like it hasn’t been touched since the 80’s

However, in the Author’s bunker, there is a calendar on the wall. Guess what year is on the calendar. 1982.

The calendar in the Mystery Shack and the calendar in the Author’s Bunker are from the same year, 1982. 

This suggests that both the room in the Shack and the Bunker were abandoned around the same time. 

5. Wrestling Match Flashback

In a brief scene in Stan’s flashback in Dreamscapers, we see young Stan at a wrestling match. There is a kid reading a book in the stands that looks very similar to child Stan, he even seems to be wearing the same clothing.

Could this be Stan’s twin?

6. The Swing-set 

In Dreamscapers, Stan’s mindscape is very creepy. One notable object in Stan’s mind is a dilapidated swing-set. This is the stuff of horror movies. 

Good times

Since we can assume everything in the mind is a symbol of a significant part of Stan’s life, then this swing-set is very telling. It likely symbolizes a broken childhood. Since it is a two swing swing-set, it could symbolize another person, likely from Stan’s childhood. A close friend… or sibling…

The fact that only one of the swings is broken is also interesting. In Into the Bunker, the Shapeshifter states that the Author “hasn’t been himself in 30 years” suggesting that he probably went crazy. 

Are all these merely coincidences? Maybe… But this is Gravity Falls we’re talking about. This show is filled with foreshadowing, plot twists, and secrets. There is just no way that all of this could be a coincidence. 

So, what do you think? Is this a stretch? Or are we on to something? Feel free to comment with your own theories. The more the merrier! :)


Stan taking the “death” of Wax Stan way too seriously is one of my favorite jokes in the show. In all likelihood, it is just a joke about how egotistical Stanford Pines is.

But, if you want to hate yourself, here’s another way to look at this. Stan has someone (well, something) that looks exactly like him. He watches tv with Wax Stan. He cracks jokes at Wax Stan. He’s got pictures of himself with Wax Stan. Until Wax Stan is murdered, that is. What does Stan do? He buys a coffin. He hosts a memorial service. Perhaps, because this time around, Stan has a body to bury.

Goofy, egotistical old man? Yeah, probably. It’s a silly show after all.

Grieving twin staring into the face of the man who was taken from him thirty years ago? Well, why not?

Reblog if you've been in the Gravity Falls fandom since the very beginning in 2012..

This isn’t a test to see who is a better fan, I just wanna see how many of us there actually are..

Stan turning every time he hears Stanford because he’s not used to NOT being Stanford.

Stan not reacting to his own name sometimes because can’t even remember the last time he was called that before his brother came back.

Stan uncomfortable and nervous about being Stanley again to the world, because Stanley was worthless and had too many enemies and hasn’t even existed for years so maybe he doesn’t anymore. Because Stan doesn’t feel like Stanley anymore, and there’s this disconnect in identity.

Stan trying to avoid people using his name by trying to use fake ID’s, and insisting to his brother that it’s just because it’s easier than bringing a dead man back to life.

Stan having issues with twin problems, like people mixing them up, because he’s already been Stanford enough, and surely he and his brother aren’t that much alike? He’s his own person, but maybe he isn’t because he hasn’t been Stanley. He hasn’t been himself.

Eye Colors

So get this: 

at the end of Ford’s dream in “The Last Mabelcorn”, there is a creepily wonderful animation shift featuring a number of familiar, yet eerie images: Ford’s hand, a constricting eye, and then what looks like an extended Cipher wheel. Upon first watching, my thought was, “Okay, Ford eye color confirmed: blue”. Naturally, I took the thought further, concluding that Stan’s eyes must also be blue. Twins, right?

But here’s the thing… just a few hours after watching The Last Mabelcorn, I saw someone reblog a screenshot of a question and answer on Alex Hirsch’s twitter:

This question is from a few years ago, but it seems pretty safe to deem canon. So Stan’s eyes are brown, and the twins’ eyes are brown… it would be natural to assume that, being twins and all, Ford’s eyes are also brown.

Which started to make me wonder: Whose eye is this?

My best guess? McGucket.

In the McGucket’s Conspiracy Corner shorts, he mentions that his eyes are in fact blue. So, let’s say it’s Fiddleford’s eye. It makes sense, then, even in the context of the dream: as far as we know, Fiddleford was the first to see the true horror of the void, a horror then paralleled and shown in Ford’s dream when Bill projects the images of the demonic-looking, blood red pattern behind the Portal/beyond the void. Ford was the one to pull him out of the Portal, and was there for McGucket’s prophetic message. 

Then is it possible, that after 30 years exploring other dimensions, when confronted with the nightmare of Bill and the Void, that Ford’s thoughts and dreams would immediately turn to his old friend, the one who first saw the evil of Bill’s true nature? In all that we’ve learned about Ford so far, never once has he openly expressed regret or concern for Fiddleford. But maybe, just maybe, his colleague and that day are still very much on his mind:

Ever since Gravity Falls first became popular, I’ve noticed this increasing trend across all major cartoon fandom’s (SU, Voltron, SVTFOE, etc) that I like to call “Gravity Falls paranoia.”

Basically meaning that the fandom will latch onto some seemingly itty bitty thing (Keith’s hand turning purple for two seconds, for example) and turn it into a WILD conspiracy theory (yes I know him being Galra turned out to be true; so did the Stan twin theory)

I just think its utterly hilarious that after ONE SHOW became a literal airing conspiracy, everyone from that fandom has since spread out and unleashed their pent up Gravity Falls paranoia on their other fandom’s.

Maybe it was around before GF; in fact, I’m certain it probably was. But I didn’t see it show up nearly this much until after Gravity Falls was over.


So okay, here it is, quick and messy. As usual I just wanted to do a text post, but got carried away. :D Enjoy this theory before it crumbles to the ground and burns tomorrow.

So, if everybody’s ok (especially Stan), I see a scene like this happening after all the fighting and sacrificing. Dipper has to tell Ford he’s not staying with him one way or another, and he has to voice his reasons  I suppose. By that time Ford already almost got his shit together BUT needs a final push, and who better help him with that than our main characters and great siblings - Mabel and Dipper? I totally see the kids helping those two stubborn old men reconcile.

I couldn’t end it on a cheesy note, because I already drew a lot of scenes like that XD
And hey Stan might just return the favor and punch Ford. :D


My first comic…I tried…

I was just thinking, 30 years in another dimensions is a lot of time to regret things. Just saying if it was me, I’d do whatever it takes to get my knucklehead bro out of such a dangerous place…even if it meant they hated me forever…

Honestly, all this hype going around about the 2Ciel theory in Kuroshitsuji has me flashing back to hard to Gravity Falls, when the Stan Twin theory was a popular theory being knocked around and then it was made canon and the fandom lost it’s shit. I’m watching history repeat itself before me.

it’s kinda sad now that new gravity falls fans won’t get to experience the ultimate, incredibly satisfactory reveal that was finding out that ford and the stan twin theory were real


Acid rain, when Abel looked up at Cain
We began the weeping and wailing
A hurried high from pestilence pills and pride
It’s a shame, we could have gone sailing
But heaven knows
Heaven knows everything

A sorta remake(?) of an older drawing I did back when the Stan twins were just a theory. Anyway, this song reminded me of the original mystery twins and I’ve always hoped the Stan twin theory would be true. So now that it’s confirmed, here’s a comic to celebrate. YES! (I changed the lyrics a bit btw)

Also, I was thinking. Since this show loves parallels so much, what if the ending of Not What He Seems was another parallel. Two siblings are reunited.. but at the same time, another pair is torn apart?