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Eye Colors

So get this: 

at the end of Ford’s dream in “The Last Mabelcorn”, there is a creepily wonderful animation shift featuring a number of familiar, yet eerie images: Ford’s hand, a constricting eye, and then what looks like an extended Cipher wheel. Upon first watching, my thought was, “Okay, Ford eye color confirmed: blue”. Naturally, I took the thought further, concluding that Stan’s eyes must also be blue. Twins, right?

But here’s the thing… just a few hours after watching The Last Mabelcorn, I saw someone reblog a screenshot of a question and answer on Alex Hirsch’s twitter:

This question is from a few years ago, but it seems pretty safe to deem canon. So Stan’s eyes are brown, and the twins’ eyes are brown… it would be natural to assume that, being twins and all, Ford’s eyes are also brown.

Which started to make me wonder: Whose eye is this?

My best guess? McGucket.

In the McGucket’s Conspiracy Corner shorts, he mentions that his eyes are in fact blue. So, let’s say it’s Fiddleford’s eye. It makes sense, then, even in the context of the dream: as far as we know, Fiddleford was the first to see the true horror of the void, a horror then paralleled and shown in Ford’s dream when Bill projects the images of the demonic-looking, blood red pattern behind the Portal/beyond the void. Ford was the one to pull him out of the Portal, and was there for McGucket’s prophetic message. 

Then is it possible, that after 30 years exploring other dimensions, when confronted with the nightmare of Bill and the Void, that Ford’s thoughts and dreams would immediately turn to his old friend, the one who first saw the evil of Bill’s true nature? In all that we’ve learned about Ford so far, never once has he openly expressed regret or concern for Fiddleford. But maybe, just maybe, his colleague and that day are still very much on his mind:


My first comic…I tried…

I was just thinking, 30 years in another dimensions is a lot of time to regret things. Just saying if it was me, I’d do whatever it takes to get my knucklehead bro out of such a dangerous place…even if it meant they hated me forever…

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This isn’t a test to see who is a better fan, I just wanna see how many of us there actually are..


So okay, here it is, quick and messy. As usual I just wanted to do a text post, but got carried away. :D Enjoy this theory before it crumbles to the ground and burns tomorrow.

So, if everybody’s ok (especially Stan), I see a scene like this happening after all the fighting and sacrificing. Dipper has to tell Ford he’s not staying with him one way or another, and he has to voice his reasons  I suppose. By that time Ford already almost got his shit together BUT needs a final push, and who better help him with that than our main characters and great siblings - Mabel and Dipper? I totally see the kids helping those two stubborn old men reconcile.

I couldn’t end it on a cheesy note, because I already drew a lot of scenes like that XD
And hey Stan might just return the favor and punch Ford. :D

Stan turning every time he hears Stanford because he’s not used to NOT being Stanford.

Stan not reacting to his own name sometimes because can’t even remember the last time he was called that before his brother came back.

Stan uncomfortable and nervous about being Stanley again to the world, because Stanley was worthless and had too many enemies and hasn’t even existed for years so maybe he doesn’t anymore. Because Stan doesn’t feel like Stanley anymore, and there’s this disconnect in identity.

Stan trying to avoid people using his name by trying to use fake ID’s, and insisting to his brother that it’s just because it’s easier than bringing a dead man back to life.

Stan having issues with twin problems, like people mixing them up, because he’s already been Stanford enough, and surely he and his brother aren’t that much alike? He’s his own person, but maybe he isn’t because he hasn’t been Stanley. He hasn’t been himself.


I’m keeping the original page 1 available as a little homage to how far the art has come, and how this monster comic all started from a little doodle explaining one of my GF theories.

Putting the rest of my theory into comic form. Part 1 above, part 2 to come…

That new trailer has me more convinced than ever!

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Gravity Falls and the Twin Paradoxon

The fact that Grunkle Stan’s alleged twin looks around 20 years younger than him, reminded me of a thought experiment related to Einstein‘s theory of relativity: In short, Einstein’s theory proposes, among other things, that if someone travels at extremely high speeds, the time for him passes at a far slower speed than for people that stay behind. So if you’d take a set of twins, and sent one of them out into space at a velocity near the speed of light, while the other one stays on earth, the one on earth would age at a normal rate, while the other one in space would age far slower, and arrive on earth much younger than his brother.

See what I’m getting at? We do not know where the portal leads, but I think that instead of Time stopping at that place, it might be that travelling to that place could happen at such a high speed that for Stan’s brother just a few years passed (if any), while for Grunkle Stan, all the events were 30 years ago.

This might also explain why Stanbro looks so pissed, since for him the events happened pretty recently and he didnt have enough time to process/forgive/etc.


Heeey, you’re not as dumb as you look!

Part 7!

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So I’ve been noticing something. This infamous picture appeared awhile back.

It stayed intact for quite a bit, quietly sitting in the background. Not much attention was paid to it.

Now once the portal began to function, the attention seemed to shift. (”Nothing’s gonna get in my way.”)

When the portal is reactivated completely, we see the picture shatter. 

In Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons, we can see the picture again in the background, with only one twin in view. 

While this may seem irrelevant, things start adding up when you read this: 



Part 2: Continuation of this post. More Istanbill Theory related comics to come! Also I totally think the above chain of events is the reason Stanley is gone but his glasses remain.

Not As Dumb As You Look Prologue: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

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