Six(er) more days!!!! I don’t even care what happens in the finale at this point I just want these two to be brothers again.

‘Course I was worried about ‘em, are you kiddin’?  Half the town was on fire and a giant goat was rampagin’ right outside!

And yeah, I was out lookin’ for ‘em when I found th’ first few stragglers.  The whole town was a minefield, y’know?  Mabel’s friends, that Northwest girl…I—I couldn’t just leave ‘em out there.  Besides, even if you’ve got a cold, rock-solid soul like me, it still tugs at your heartstrings t’see a kid—and an eight-headed, uh, bear-thing—all injured and cryin’ like that.

Anyway, I’d bring ‘em back to the shack, which is a pretty decent safe haven right now.  Heh, wouldn’t you know it?  You can protect tons’f people n’ property with just a simple combination of—

Eh. Hold on. Better keep things quiet…Don’t want word gettin’ around to that triangle freak.

Anyway, every day I’d have my daily searches for Dipper and Mabel, and every day I’d end up bringin’ back more an’ more survivors.  Heh, guess that’s how the shack got so full so quickly.

Still…Still felt pretty empty without those two, though.

Whoa, whoa, hey, you all are actin’ like I was made for this or somethin’, no, trust me.  If anybody’s destined for greatness, it…it ain’t me. 

Heh, it’s kinda funny; back when I was runnin’ for mayor, I was just lookin’ for a little respect from the townsfolk, y’know? Now I got all the respect I could ever ask for, and it’s under the worst circumstances.  It’s more of a responsibility, at this point.  I never “expected” t’be chief of all this…heck, I never expected t’be anythin’!

…If you wanna know what it feels like, it’s basically like bein’ mistaken for “the mysterious science guy who lives in th’ woods” all over again.

I’m no genius…but hey, uh, s-sometimes y’gotta do what y’gotta do!

Look, I—I’m tellin’ ya! It’s not like I did anythin’ special!  I just happened t’be at the right place at the right time with th’ right resources.  Like, y’know, shelter, a baseball bat, an’ three cabinets worth of brown meat!  

Well, two cabinets now.  Them manotaurs eat like there’s no tomorrow.

And speakin’ of “no tomorrow,” that’s the other thing—you don’t go around tellin’ kids that they’re never gonna see their families again, or that we’re all gonna turn out as stone or…or worse.  You just don’t go around paradin’ that!  Besides, none’f that’s gonna happen—and that’s not even me sugar-coatin’ it.  I’m gonna make sure it doesn’t happen.

You said it, kid—I’m responsible for everyone in th’ shack, and that means it’s my responsibility to kick some triangle a—er, butt.

Look…Ford’s gone.  Most’ve the town is gone.  And for th’ longest time, I thought Dipper and Mabel were too.  But if there’s anythin’ I have experience with, it’s pushin’ through, even when it seems completely hopeless.  Whether that’s—I dunno—shadowboxin’ light-heartedly in front of the kids to make ‘em feel safer, goin’ out scoutin’ for food when no one else is feelin’ up to it, and yes, even stickin’ by that McGucket guy when he’s havin’ one’f those breakdowns of his.  

It’s no walk in the park, but how else are we gonna take down this Bill guy, eh? We gonna let him step all over us?

I dunno about you, but I’m not gonna let some triangle make a fool outta me. I’ve got a whole army’f fighters at my side, and I don’t think any’f us are willin’ to take “no” for an answer.  We aren’t goin’ down without a fight—heck, we aren’t goin’ down at all, got that?!  No matter how we all got here, this place is our home, these people are our families, and, well, it’s time t’take it all back!

So yeah, this whole “chief” thing was never th’ plan, and I still don’t think I’m some hero for it…But dang it, you can bet every cent I’ve ever invested in this shack—I’m gonna be the best leader I can be.

Either that, or die tryin’.


P.S. To the anon that made that “joke” about my brother: After we bash this triangle to a pulp, I’m comin’ after you.

Things you catch when you re-watch

So I’m half forcing my friend to watch Gravity falls so that I can have someone share all the heartbreak with after the finale and there is a couple things I picked up while watching “irrational treasure”. I never noticed this.


at one point “Mr. President” says this:

“If you’re watching this you are one of the eight people in these United States with clearance to view this information. In fact I myself will be shot after the filming is complete.”

I have a feeling Mr. Kennedy was assassinated for different reasons than we thought….

I’m sure a lot of you picked up on this before, even when the episode first came out even, but I’ve only recently noticed this…

I attempted to do more lineless art ahhhh

I actually wanted to turn this into four separate parts showing different periods of time in the Stans’ lives, but I’m too lazy ;D

I can’t believe Gravity Falls is ending in less than a week…so I’m going to do my best to crank out some fanart and go out with a bang! (This means I’ll also attempt to do some of those requests, oh yes. So I guess you can send some in but I can’t guarantee I’ll get them all done…!)

Lyrics from this awesome song!


DEMON STANS AU. Our precious baby.

@burymeinthedirt drew a thumbnail (bottom picture) of how Demon Stan transforms into his human disguise (Andrew ‘8ball’ Alcatraz) and I tried to do a rough animation of it!

After pulling himself out of the floor as a skeleton that spontaneously grows muscle and skin, Dipper and Mabel are all “D: this is horrifying” but Stan is all “:D LET’S GO INTO TOWN :D”

Okay, I know this has probably been done before, but can I just talk about this scene for a sec? Cause it’s really fucking sad when you think about it. This is is the one affectionate moment that we’ve seen between the Stan twins since Ford got back. And lets just think about it too, this is the same day that Ford was incredibly angry at Stan over the portal, punched him in the face even. Then, at the end, we get this one little glimmer of their brotherly bond. They both laugh at a joke Ford makes, and just look at Ford’s face here. That is genuine affection right there. It seems almost as if Ford is considering reconnecting with his brother on some level, at least perhaps starting to patch up the damage. But alas, Ford’s emotional barriers within which he has contained himself for far too long rear their ugly heads once again and he goes back to his cold shoulder approach and makes it very clear that he wants nothing to do with Stan, or at least is convincing himself that that is the case. Then Stan turns his own cold shoulder to Ford, and the deal is pretty much sealed in regards to their relationship. The one moment of brotherly love and affection between them has passed as quickly as it came. And that’s just really sad to me, you know. I honestly do think this is one of the saddest moments in the long history of sad moments in the relationship of Stan and Ford pines. Because there’s potential in this moment. Potential for both of them (especially Ford) to stop being stubborn and maybe, just maybe consider working through their issues. But of course, it’s just not meant to be, and the potential for some kind of understanding, some kind of reconnection, dies with this one moment of genuine friendship and affection. And that just makes this scene one of the saddest little moments to me, that’s always how I’ve felt upon reaching this moment of ATOTS.

So, I was looking at the fake ID’s Stan had, since I wanted to draw his “Andrew” look, and then I looked at his passport.

So, we know he traveled to Columbia and, most likely, Mexico. But why haven’t I seen any discussion on how he went to freakin Britain? How did he even get there, that transatlantic flight couldn’t be cheap. What was he doing there? Welp, that’s a whole new thing to spend my evenings thinking about.