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Today was the day my little baby had a little trip to the vet, and now he doesn’t chase the other puppies anymore. In his honour I present you this post with hot guys and their kittens. Here’s to hoping that at least some of them got to keep their goodies intact…

The Many Men I’d like to Bed and Wed ;)

Someone had asked me my celebrity crushes and I gave them a few but how about we just lay it all out on the table in the current correct order.

1. Chris Evans

2. John O’Callaghan

3. Tom Holland

4. Sebastian Stan

5. Jai Courtney

6. Eddie Redmayne

7. Joel Kinnamon

8. Norman Reedus

9. Dylan O’Brien

10. Ezra Miller

11. Harry Styles

12. Machine Gun Kelly

13. Ian Bohen

14. Matthew Gray Gubler

15. Andrew Garfield 

16. Dave Franco

17. Zac Efron

18. Sam Claflin

19. Miles Teller

20. Theo James

You know what, let’s stop there! Who are your top 20 celebrity crushes?! I want to make sure I’m not the only one who’s crazy……


MASTER LIST GUIDE:  Marked outs are just stories I’ve started or plan to start that haven’t been finished yet. My Master list has only my stories. If you want me to put my “Imagine” posts in it let me know. I have another Fan-fiction account with different stories, some of those I won’t be posting on this account so if you wish to see them here’s the LINK. Enjoy! :)


I Don’t Care, She’s My Bounty Hunter
What Was Once Mine: Part 1
In Another Life: Part 2
The Hardest Mission: Part 3
No Matter What Happens: Part 4

A Choice Only You Can Make


There Will Always Be Sunshine: Part 1


Being In A Long Term Relationship With Tom Hiddleston Would Include
You’re Mine For The Weekend


Being Loki’s Princess/Queen Would Include


Caught Red Handed


What Did You Just Call Me?
Can’t Help But Love You: Part 1

I Loved You Today, You Loved Me Yesterday

Pairings: You X Whoever
Warnings: Angst

They say that sometimes the person you love doesn’t deserve your love. And that may be true with some people but I never thought that it would be true with you. I always thought, no believed that you deserved my love if not more. But you took my love I held for you and ran over it like it was nothing, treating me like crap and laughing in my face like I was a nobody. But through it all, I still loved you. I stuck by your side, watching in the sidelines as you met up with other girls, laughing and getting to know them over me. I watched you come running back to me, your heart broken while mine was already in shreds. I let you weasel your way back into my tattered heart and seek refuge there like it was a place to keep you warm at night. Overtime, I started to re-embrace my feelings, letting you see how I truly felt. You told me you felt the same way, my hope getting up, the sky not even a limit this time. But just like that, you crushed my heart, breaking me into a million pieces like it was a game, and I was your consolation prize. My ego was bruised, my pride shattered, and my heart no more. In a matter of two days, you managed to rebuild me only to break me down again. And what’s worse is that I’m still there, on the sidelines, watching with deep never-ending sadness. Every time I see you, I remember the little reasons why I love you, the little details about you that makes you, YOU. I break everyday and you used to notice it but then you met HER and it was like I no longer existed. And what’s worse is that you’re both my friends. You both run around me like I’m nothing, only coming to me when you need something or want something. I feel like I’m just a tool to you. My love is going to waste on you while you love somebody else. My friends tell me to move on, but I lie saying I don’t know what they’re talking about. And it used to be, where I didn’t know what they were talking about. It wasn’t until I embraced me feelings for the first time that I came to terms with what I really felt. But I would still lie to them. I watch you and her be happy together and it breaks my heart. I want to be the one to make you happy, be your first kiss, your first love, your first everything, but I know deep down I won’t be. I need someone else to make ME happy like how I want to make YOU happy. It’s not fair to me to hold myself back when you’ve clearly moved on. I need another version of me, just so I can love myself as I love you. I always knew that I would love you like there was no tomorrow and you would love me like there was no yesterday.

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“I don’t need to jump off a building to feel I’m alive. I can get that playing with a puppy. ”                                                                                                                                                            - Norman Reedus