• Kenny: I’ve been dropping them the most insanely obvious hints for like a year now. No response.
  • Butters: Wow. They sound stupid.
  • Kenny: But they’re not. They’re pretty smart actually. Just dense.
  • Butters: Maybe you need to be more obvious? Like, I don’t know… “Hey! I love you!”
  • Kenny: I guess you’re right. Hey Butters, I love you.
  • Butters: See! Just say that!
  • Kenny: Holy fucking shit.
  • Butters: If that flies over their head then, sorry Kenny, but they're too dumb for you.
  • Kenny: Butters.

KENNY: oh of course dude!! These are my babies. We’ve been friends since kinder care,, I love them all even if kyles a small ball of rage, stans uber sensitive, and Eric’s you know himself….
KENNY: and of coursed I’ve branched out to other people. Me and Craig are pretty close along with Bebe, jimmy and—- uhm butters.

I won 4 south park posters from the youtube channel PopSpectrum (anime America’s side channel) and I’m soooooo happy. You can actually see my south park DVDs in this picture.