I've been working on this lately

Guys, as much as I adore and obsess over Marvel, I haven’t gone to see that movie

I know to some it’s just a movie and I’ve heard things like:

  • Are you 5 or what?
  • You can’t avoid listening to bad language in real life!
  • You’ll get used to it and slowly it won’t even bother you anymore.
But you know what, that’s the thing. I do not want to get used to listening coarse words and inappropriate jokes. Because for me, getting used to those things and them not bothering me anymore would mean that the Holy Spirit would be slowly parting from me.

So just to simplify things - please do listen to Capsicle :)

Jack Kirby, born Jacob Kurtzberg, and Joe Simon were two Jewish men in a dangerous time who did something extraordinary. They created a true American hero who stood up for the little guy, like them. They created a political statement by putting Captain America on the cover of their comic knocking Hitler out with one good punch. Because the US was not even in the war yet, this led to the two men receiving death threats. Both men served in World War II, fighting against the Nazi regime.

It is so incredibly disrespectful to these two men to write this new story line of Captain America. The writers have already said it isn’t a Skrull, or a LMD, or brainwashing… this is the new direction they are choosing to take the character in. In light of this new development I encourage everyone to remember the men behind the incredible Cap we have had for all these years and to take a stand against the new series. Don’t buy it, don’t reblog it, do not show anything but opposition to it.

And always, Remember Jack Kirby and Joe Simon