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Writing challenge 1.4.

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Due to reaching 1.4 followers I’m creating this writing challenge for you to join! This are the general rules (I’ll edit if I forget anything):

  • It may be or not related to Halloween.
  • It can be smutty, fluffy, angsty, etc BUT, no rape, dub-con, abuse, etc.
  • You can send me a DM to tell me your choice!
  • One shots or drabbles, as you wish.
  • Original characters or Reader Insert, whatever you want.
  • The fandoms are:
    • Marvel.
    • Vikings (Ivar, specially)
    • Sebastian Stan’s characters.
    • Chris Evans’ characters although I don’t know them as good as Seb’s
  • The deadline to send me your requests will be the 10th October and the deadline for the submissions is the 1st November.
  • I’ll reblog your works and promote them, using the tags “ficrec” and “writingchallenge”
  • In case that nobody wanted to choose an option, I could meditate about allowing someone to choose two options.
  • If you have an idea about a prompt or an AU, you can tell me and I’ll think about it!
  • In order for me to be able to read your stories, tag me or send me a message!


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You had never been this frightened of him before. Thus far in your short relationship, you hadn’t done anything to cause Ivar to become this angry with you.

Supported by his crutches, his imposing frame towers over yours, making you feel uncharacteristically small and helpless.

“I’m sorry Ivar, I-I was hot. I didn’t think anybody would be around. The water looked so inviting. You know it’s so hot this time o-” you looked up at him and tried to explain yourself, but he doesn’t want to hear your explanations. He cuts you off without so much as an interrupting word, the ire in his eyes and way he shakes his head at you in disapproval are enough to silence you.

Leaning in close, his nostrils flaring and his blue eyes boring into yours, he speaks low and slow, “You. let. another. man. feast. his. eyes. on. what. is. MINE.”

You wring your hands and look at the floor, avoiding his gaze.

“LOOK AT ME!” he snaps. His arms shoot out and he wraps his hands around your upper arms, his fingers biting painfully into your flesh.

He shakes you twice, hard, forcing you to look in his eyes.

“I know you find pleasure in having men’s eyes on your naked body. I know you were putting on a show for him.“As he speaks, his grip tightens and his eyes darken and though you try, you can’t stop the tears from welling up.

"No, Ivar, that isn’t true.”

You tentatively place your hands on his broad chest and give him a pleading doe eyed look.

“I am yours Ivar, I don’t want any other man’s eyes on what is yours. I don’t want any other man.”

Pulling the only trick you know out of your bag, you let your fingertips dance over the laces of his tunic and stand up on your tip toes to try and calm him down with a kiss, but he turns his head away. Releasing you, he hobbles back a few steps until he reaches his leather chair.

Laying his crutches aside, he lowers himself into the chair with a huff. You stay like that staring at each other for a while, until he gives you an impatient look, his eyes darting down to his lap and then back to your face.

“Well? He asks, eyebrows raised in question.

"Well…what, Ivar?”

He cocks his head to the side and narrows his eyes at you, “Prove to me that you truly are sorry and that you are mine.”

“I…don’t understand…” You search his eyes for understanding, you don’t know what he is playing at.

“Get your ass over here.” he demands, the harshness in his voice causing you to jump. He glares at you and draws a sharp breath through his nose.

Not wanting to anger him further, you oblige and take a few cautious steps towards him. As soon as you are in arms reach he lunges and grabs you, jerking you forward and throwing you over his lap before you could think to resist.

You gasp and start to struggle to get out of his hold, he twists your hair around his fist and jerks your head back. His look of warning sending your heart beating and your cunt throbbing.

“I am going to punish you now and you WILL be still and take my punishment. You said it yourself. You. Are. Mine. Don’t you want to prove that to me? Don’t you want to be a good girl?”

You slowly nod your head and stop your struggling.

“No, now you say, Yes, Ivar.”

“Ye-es Ivar.” you breath, holding his gaze. His lips quirk up into a satisfied smile, “Good girl.”

At his praise, you moan low in your throat. You’re aching, for what you don’t know, but you can feel your arousal start to seap out and coat your inner thighs. Releasing your hair, he lays his arm across your lower back. Holding you down on his lap, he rakes his fingers up the back of your thigh agonizingly slow. His touch is feather light and it sends shivers up your spine. It tickles and you can’t help giggle.

Crack. His hand comes down hard and stinging on your bare thighs. You jerk in his lap and cry out in shock. Another two blows, harder this time and in rapid succession. You clench your teeth and glare at him over your shoulder, “Ivar!?”

“What did I say? Hmm? I said you WILL be still and take it, did I not?”

What had gotten into him? This was a side you hadn’t seen before and you weren’t sure what to make of it. You gulp and start to nod your head and he just shakes his and smirks at you, lifting the hem of your shift up and over your bottom. The room was cold, despite the fire burning in the hearth and the chill immediately causes gooseflesh to form on your bare skin. He sucks in a breath through his teeth and rubs his calloused hand softly over one cheek and then the other.

“Now, face down.” he commands,“I don’t want to look at you.” You whimper and reluctantly face your head down and away from him. “And be. fucking. still. Else I make it hurt worse. Understood?”

“Ye-yes, Ivar.”

“Good, girl.

You take a deep breath moments before the next impact. This time there isn’t any real sting, just a soft clap of palm on flesh before he raises and drops his hand down again on the same spot. The weight of his hand steadily increases with each blow, until you can feel his handprint raising up on your cheek.

You twitch and hiss in his lap and he moves on to the the other cheek to give it the same treatment. Your breath is coming in pants between the gasps and hisses. Your face is warm and red with humiliation to match your bottom.

"Be. Still, Y/n, you are not a very good listener are you?” he growls, tightening his hold on your waist.

He isn’t being gentle at all anymore, there is no buildup, each of his blows come down with the same intensity. Tears begin to burn behind your eyes and you yelp from the intense sting of his palm, but before long the stinging gives way to a wonderful pooling warmth that pulsates and radiates straight through to your sex. Your gasps turn to moans and your twitching becomes more like writhing before he abruptly stops.

Ivar rubs and kneads at your sore bottom soothingly with his warm hand, “Have you had enough?” he pants.

You release a shakey breath and barely manage your response.

“N-no, Ivarrr.” you hum and smile to yourself. “I don’t think I have.”

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I know it’s nothing compared to some of you who has thousands of followers, but I have the blog for only a month and I’m sooooo happy!
Thank you my loves for this, I don’t deserve <3 

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Just in case anyone is curious about the threeway kissing scene with none other than Sebass…… 

courtesy of Daphne Harper on youtube


You’ve been a bad girl again, haven’t you? Sitting at work, looking at our pictures and videos. You had your earbuds in, didn’t you? Listening to our sex noises, moans and grunts, wet sloppy flesh on flesh… Clenching your thighs and squirming in your seat before you slip your fingers into your panties and pretend their mine… Or perhaps my tongue or better still my cock. Don’t try to deny it, little rabbit. Because. I. Saw. You.

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Hi guys! I just want to say that I’m really sorry but in my dorm I don’t have Wifi yet so I’ll be a little bit late on posting new fics, okay? I’m sorry again!

I’m posting Part 2 of Amenti as soon as I can and I’ll be writing new Ivar stuff.

Seasick Part 3

I got it in just in time, it is still Sunday here.:D

part 1 and 2 on Masterlist

Warnings:Non-con, humiliation

@synnersaint there is a special ode to you in there, I am sure you will recognize it. Bang Bang. ;)

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She took but three steps before her knees buckled inward. There was a terrible throbbing at her temples, the sound of her own blood rushing in her ears muffling the commotion going on around her. Men loading trunks that rattled with the spoils of war onto crudely constructed wagons. Strange people with cat-like features camped out under merchant tents and speaking in foreign tongues. People with strange markings on their face, people in chains, women hugging their husbands to their neck, children running and ducking in and out of the crowds to be scooped up in their fathers’ arms. The more she took in, it wasn’t all so unfamiliar, not really. Observing the Danes reuniting with their loved ones, she thought to herself that they almost seemed human. However, she knew they weren’t human. The pagan was the lowest level of filth on God’s Earth and this ground was unholy. She suddenly felt further away from God than she had ever felt. So far that in that moment, she knew that He had not answered her prayers. She couldn’t feel Him in this place. A wave of nausea crept up at the realization of His abandonment. He was angry at her, she had sinned in His eyes. She wondered, ‘does a piece of property even have a soul?’ as she watched her surrounding begin to tilt and stretch. Her field of vision clouded at the edges.


He sounded like he was underwater. He crouched down to her level the best he could considering the crutches. His face was studying hers and she thought she saw his brow furrowed in concern. She snorted to herself. He waved a hand in front of her face. Catching trails off of his fingertips, she watched as the young commander’s face distorted and rippled like a mirage before her ears began to ring and the sand was rushing up to meet her.


“I won’t tell you again. Now strip.”

She hugged her arms around her chest and took a weak step backwards. Her brown eyes pleading with the woman as she felt them start to sting with tears and her bottom lip began to quiver.

“You need to be scrubbed. You are filthy and you smell like a farm animal.”

The blonde woman started to descend on her and she stumbled further into the corner of the dark chambers, shaking her head vehemently.

“He will take you whether you are washed or not. You do realize that?”

The woman cautiously crept closer, arms held out and palms up. She placed her hands onto her shoulders and gave a gentle squeeze.

“He just won’t enjoy it as much. The King will not be pleased. You don’t want that. Trust me.”

The woman frowned at her, blue eyes silently begged a confirmation of understanding.

She turned her head and gazed longingly at the steam rising from the wooden tub in the center of the room. It was cold when she had awoken but now the air in the room was dense and warm. Little beads of sweat were forming on her upper lip. She looked down at her body, her skin was a canvas of angry red scratches and streaked dirt. Her resolve having withered, she hung her head and nodded reluctantly.

The woman sighed a sigh of relief and placed an arm around her shoulders, carefully guiding her towards the tub.

“Good girl. Good girl.”


“I am assuming they have fed you? ”

She blinked and blue eyes began to come into focus.

“You clean up quite nicely pet.” he smirked and bent down closer to her face. Stopping a few inches from hers, he closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. A sick almost drunken smile playing on his lips. He was smelling her.

Her eyes quickly shot from his face to the hand resting on her lower stomach. She shot up and tried to move away from him. Limbs still sore and unaccustomed to still land, she scrambling across the large bed until she felt the biting resistance at her ankle and cursed out loud. How could she have forgotten?

His hand on her ankle pulling her back. Deep laughter. He was amused. She kicked at him and screeched. He crawled up on top of her. Laughing. That smug face. She spit in it. His blue eyes narrowed and darkened for a moment but then lit up with an even more intense lust. He chuckled and wiped it away with the back of his hand.He took her jaw in a strong grip, holding her in place.

“The first time I was disgusted but since you seem to like it so much pet.”

A wicked grin. He cooed at her and gently squeezed to coax her mouth open. A wave of panic and disgust. She squeezed her eyes shut and pressed her lips together tightly. A sharp sting on her cheek.

“Oh, no you don’t. Open.”

“Get off of me dog!” she managed, her voice stronger from the broth the servants had given her. She pushing at his chest. He crushed her wrists together with one hand and pinned them above her head. Another sting. Tears staining her cheeks.

“I said, open.”

His patience wearing. She opened her mouth. His eyes more black now than blue. He lowers his head, his nose nearly touching hers. His mouth ghosts over hers and she can taste the mead on his breath. He kisses her sweetly before spitting into her mouth. She gags in disgust. He covers her mouth with his palm and gives her a heated look of warning.

“Swallow it.”

She doesn’t disobey him. His hand fists tightly into her hair and then his mouth is on her neck, biting and sucking. He grinds his hips into hers. The light stubble on his jaw tickles at her skin. She can’t help but whimper. He groans into her neck and knees her legs apart and deliberately presses his hardness into her core. He bites down hard on her neck and she gasps. Then she is aching. He moans and bucks into her again and she can feel her walls clenching. The throb is painfully sweet and her thighs grow slick, coated with her own arousal. He slips his hand between their bodies and up under her shift. His fingers easily sliding into her folds and finding a spot that makes her legs reduce to jelly. He lazily rubs circles into the spot and she tries and fails to stifle the sound of pleasure from escaping her lips. Her reaction spurring him on, he starts to press and rub into the bundle of nerves more firmly. She is panting and he is matching her. His pupils blown wide, he slips two fingers inside and watches her face for her reaction.

“Oh pet, pleasure looks good on you. You wear it so well and you will be wearing it everyday, I promise you.”

His mouth is open and he looks slightly pained. He is pumping his fingers faster now. She can’t tear her eyes from his and she can’t reign it in any longer. The long and low whine unfamiliar to her ears, her face twisting into something that she could only imagine mirrored his own pained expression.

“Fuck. Yes.” he growled, his forehead dropping to rest on hers.

He was panted and sweating more than she was, alternating plunging his fingers inside of her and rubbing his palm up and down her sex vigorously. The sound coming out of her mouth was almost like sobbing and she couldn’t tell if it was more from shame or pleasure. His hand so warm and calloused. It felt dirty and wrong but also so right. Her body grew stiff, every muscle in it tensing from the neck down. She felt cold and hot and confused and desperate and scared and her skin tingled and burned.

“Good girl. Yes. Gods yes.” he whispered before covering her mouth with his in a bruising kiss. Lips not leaving hers, he released her wrists and snaked his arm around her waist, pulling her into his chest. On their own volition, her arms found themselves thrown around the Devil’s neck and she returned his kiss willingly as he carried her over an edge she didn’t even know existed.

































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“You are MINE. I will have you any time, any place and any which way I fucking please. Understood? Right now, it would please me to fill you up before dinner is served. You do want to please me don’t you? I will not tell you again, pet. Pull that fucking skirt up and bend over the table. Now.”

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