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Joni painted her own portrait for the cover of the album. It’s pretty. If you’d like to have a copy to hang where you hang things, a copy
without the words on it, just fill out the coupon and get it to us with a
quarter. Joni will be with you shortly. Joni Mitchell’s Pretty Picture Room 208 Warner Bros. Seven Arts Records Burbank, California 91503 

Hey gang, heard the news? Another new English group!

Listen, right out of the chute, we apologize. We frankly could’ve done without another new English group. Without another new any group, as a matter of fact. Potentially you’re as urpy as we are from being force-led for months on everything from a Peanut Butter Conspiracy to Ultimate Spinach.

But enough cop out. At least we meant well. But there is a good reason for Another New English Group.

From what we hear, our new group just sits there, stark dressed, no flash, and gets raves. Wish we could tell you more, but actually we’ve never seen The Pentangle. They’re just now coming over from Where-Else to play debut gigs from Fillmore East to The Unicorn to The Troubadour to The Fillmore West to—

But as this ad’s being written none of us here (at Reprise) has seen The Pentangle. So, we have to go by our ears. And what we’ve heard is this:

The group is not what you’ve always hoped for in music. Very few people hope this good.

Or, as a reviewer (in “Rolling Stone”) put it:

“The Pentangle, like Music From Big Pink, is a musical experience which has its own identity, unlike most ‘pop music’ today. The reason for this is simply that the musicians involved are professionals and their musical tastes and abilities have guided their careers, not dollar signs or star status.

"It’s refreshing to hear the clean sound of this album, not cluttered by powerful amps or added instrumentation. One can feel a closeness to the instruments that, heretofore, was a hard task in the pop music field. It is one of the best albums one will ever hear, and as the liner notes say, 'Play this record to those you love.’”

(We have quoted from the “Stone” at length as we suspect you don’t believe in ads.)


Our Mr. Ostin is in charge of whom we sign up. He doesn’t sign a lot of English acts. He’s turned down the new English Acts more often than Casanova turned down the Spring-maids. In London, they call him “Dr. No.” As a matter of fact, he’s turned down every new act from England for a solid 22 months.

Twenty-two months ago was the last one before The Pentangle that he signed. Twenty-two months ago was Jimi Hendrix. A fact.

Or, as the girls on the lawn down at Hollywood High would say, “Wow! Pretty heavy!”

Getting back to The Pentangle, they’ll be here in America soon. Sitting very still on stage. Stark dressed. No flash. And (we hope) sounding excellent. We realize how little our hopes excite you. But then, 22 months back, in this very same place, we ran a hopeful ad about The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and that didn’t excite you either. The Pentangle has two albums out.

 They’re both on Reprise. Where they belong.