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I absolutely emailed Melissa’s publicity team, her agents, and her managers, buuuuut someone is in fact on vacation so at least one is out of the office until the 25th. 

Even so, I sent it to a handful of others and I’m posting it because I want to do right by all of you. I attached some screenshots of quotes that I had permission to use that aren’t pictured here, and the email addresses of Melissa’s representatives were attained professionally. I hope this message is well-received because I think that as a community wlw deserve a lot better than what our Supergirl showed us today. ♡


I’m just spreading the message. It’s getting harder for OT5. I’m so sick of the fucking label creating drama. I mean we’re all human we all like a bit of drama once in a while😏but THIS IS FUCKING UNACCEPTABLE! FUCK THE LABEL!

It’s the 17th so be ready for a heartbreak…😔


We all have such different voices and we all add something that the other person can’t. Like [Camila] can’t do Normani and Ally’s whistle notes, Dinah has such an amazing vibrato, Lauren’s really good at putting in like a kind of soulful tone. Everybody knows that they have something so important to contribute

Do NOT trust the media

The label is only trying to divide the fandom and create drama. Why? DRAMA SELLS!

Examples of Dinah’s “sneaky” ways:

You see what they want you to see. Remember there’s two sides to every story and then there’s the truth. Just thought I should put this out there.