stan arts again

“You’re our hero, Stanley.”

Hard to believe it’s been a whole year since the GF finale… Couldn’t resist to draw the ultimate heartbreaking moment of the show. What really gets me in this scene is the contrast between visual and emotional mood: the sunny, peaceful landscape makes the sorrow of the Pines family even more tangible.

I love my Bi son and Aro/Ace son.


ahaha, guess who’s not over the mayoiga ending? at least my fave couples stayed together… so heres my interpertation of them! three years into the future! lion is 17, hyouketsu is 18, jack is 19, nettaiya is 22, toriyasu and valkana are 28, koharun is 29, yamauchi is 30 and soy latte is 31!

(i wanted to draw soy latte pregnant at first…i scrapped it)


my style keeps changing every time i draw my mullet son 

but that’s ok because i still love him

Daily 27.

Meet the neighbors!


heyyyyyyyy who else was FUCKED UP about episode 24???????? i cant be the only one right?

so when i was finished i was crying for about two hours and then i thought…. hey, yknow, neon sign is a pretty fitting song and i love neon sign. its a vrery personal song to me. SO HERE IT IS. all are redraw except for the last picture, thats something i thought up myself

hope u enjoy it <8^>

(please do not tag as “me” or “kin” or something similar. this is something i drew to cope with my own emotions, thank you!)