Dating Stan Uris Headcanons (bubbly reader)

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Request: Stan x Bubbly!Reader headcannons?

How you met:

  • You and Stan would meet in class, your naturally a very friends and bubbly person while Stan is more reserved. But Stan’s sometimes stand offish attitude wouldn’t deteriorate you from hanging with him at all; you’d pursue him and eventually the two of you would become great friends.
  • Stan would realize he liked you shortly after the two of you begun talking. He’d find your happy and always positive attitude mesmerizing and where as an attitude like would possibly annoy him, he loved hearing you talk. He didn’t mind if you sometimes went on and on, hearing you talk was Stan’s favourite thing about you. It was mainly because you held such passion behind your words, and your eyes would shine with excitement when you were talking about something you loved.
  • Stan would be the one to ask you out. After months of being friends, his crush only grew and he wouldn’t be able to push it aside anymore. That or the fact that Richie said the exact words; “ask her out or I will.” And Stan definitely wasn’t gonna let that happen, even if he knew that was Richie’s way of telling him telling him to not to worry.

Your relationship:

  • No doubt you’d always be the one to initiate any kind of hand holding or hugging. Stan may not act like it, but he is extremely shy when it comes to you; even if you’re already dating. But once it happens, Stan would squeeze your hand and walk on as if nothing happened. 
  • Stan and you aren’t afraid of PDA, and while Richie (and the others) tease you plenty, you guys aren’t ashamed of your relationship. As well, the losers immediately accepted you into the group once you and Stan became friends, and it only grew once you started dating. 
  • You two would just go on walks sometimes, just by yourselves, to talk or whatever. And often you’d join Stan whenever he’d go birdwatching. You weren’t too interested but you knew he loved it so you didn’t mind. As long as Stan was happy, so were you.
  • You two had the best talks. Whether it was about something serious or not, you’d be able to talk for hours. Stan would find your enthusiasm and stories interesting to listen to, so it was more you talking then anything, but Stan didn’t mind. He loved listening to your voice; it was what he’d fallen in love with.

bleh. This is so short; I always seem to struggle with headcanons for whatever reason.

The Losers Play Cards Against Humanity 5/?

Chat Shenanigans: Henry and Richie Vs Georgie. 

Richie: @hollywoodcassiecage
Georgie: @ricardotrashmouthtozier
Henry: @pennywise-fucker
Bill: @meloncholypurple
Stan: @trashrichie
Eddie: Me

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okay okay okay but- book club. ben, stanley, and mike start hanging out and sharing books and shit so they just talk about it to each other. mike wanted a bird book that stanley had and he?? enjoyed it a lot!!! stanley that boy just became a shining star and they both talked about the things in the book. and ben shared a book with mike and stan and suddenly this becomes a thing the three of them do! obviously the three of them love it and nerd out together and it’s a cozy place for them

this is adorable!!!!!

just having days after school, going back to one of their houses with as many books as they can fit into their bags. they settle and lay in the back yard and read until the sun starts to set!!! ben likes to read on his back holding his book up and stan and mike like to lay on their tummy’s with the books lying on the grass. they’ll talk about the books they’ve read and they’ll sometimes make up their own little reanactments and play them out :’))