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[Ereri 365 Project] Day 130 : Dimples (Teacher/Student AU)

Those beautiful fucking eyes. That cute fucking smile.

Those adorable fucking dimples.

Levi can’t believe how angry it makes him that his English teacher is this hot. He’s thought before that teachers younger than thirty shouldn’t teach high school and this is exactly why. Mr. Jaeger is only twenty-five, way too close to his own eighteen years for comfort.

He’s madder about the fact that he’s never this attracted to anyone, especially guys younger than his dad’s business partner, Erwin, who he may or may not have had a huge crush on since he was twelve.

He sighs inwardly and tries stare out the window, it’s only October but he’s already done with this class and especially his stupidly hot teacher.


He looks up to see Mr. Jaeger and the few people in class participating in the discussion all staring at him expectantly. “Yeah?” he asks.

Mr. Jaeger sighs. “I asked you to tell me what you wrote for question five.”

Even if he had done the homework, his English binder is still in his locker because Hanji distracted him when he went earlier. “I don’t have it.”

Mr. Jaeger sighs. “See me after class,” he says and turns to address a better student.

Levi frowns. It’s eighth period so he usually rushes right out of the room as soon as the bell rings so he can get to his car before the rush of students stampedes over the parking lot. Now he’ll have to wait.

When the bell finally does ring, Levi stays in his seat until the room is clear and even then he just stares at his teacher. Mr. Jaeger walks over to him instead, and perches himself up on Levi’s desk. “What can I do to help you?” he asks.

“Huh?” Levi replies.

“You’re my only student who really couldn’t give less of a shit about the material. What can I do to make you interested?”

Levi is silent, staring at the older man. “Why do you care?”

“I looked at your transcript,” he replies. “Your record is immaculate, you’ll be valedictorian easily, but if you don’t put any effort into this class your GPA will slip and you’ll be back here next year. Even if you are a senior, a student that motivated doesn’t just stop being motivated. Not without reason.”

“What if I just don’t want to try?”

“That’s why I want to know what I can do to help you.”

Stop being so hot, Levi thinks.

“What was that?”

Levi’s face goes completely red, unsure if he accidentally said that out loud.

Suddenly Mr. Jaeger is off the desk and standing stock straight. “Well,” he says, clearing his throat, his cheeks going a bit pink. “That’s certainly… um…”

Levi eyebrows furrow. “Hold up,” he says. “You’re embarrassed too. Is it because you don’t hear that often?” he asks, standing and smirking. “Or because you think I’m hot too?”

Mr. Jaeger’s ears go red as well.

Levi’s eyes go wide and he grins. “So you do think I’m hot. Well, well, that changes everything.”

He picks up his bag and winks at his teacher. “You can expect better grades from me, Mr. Jaeger, provided you’re open to tutoring me once a week.”

Mr. Jaeger didn’t know exactly what Levi was insinuating with “tutoring” but he really wanted to find out. “Starting Wednesday,” he says, nodding.

Levi nods and starts leaving the room. He stops at the door. “Oh, and by the way, it’s your dimples that I think are so hot,” he says. “So smile more often, okay?”

Mr. Eren Jaeger blushes as Levi leaves the room.