stamped embroidery

Things I associate with BTS

Jin: First dates, innocent kisses, large scarves, baseball tees, lilac, snowy days, the feeling of hugging a loved one, trips to the country side, flower crowns, butterflies, white button ups, dream catchers, long hugs, glass figures, soft purple light, city lights.

Suga: Forehead kisses, walks during the winter time, face masks, over sized sweaters, day dreaming, napping on a rainy day, walking deep into a forest, holding hands, listening to rain, burnt matches, statues, lightning, abandoned cities, dried flowers, inverted colors, reflections, brick streets, crystals. 

J-Hope: Cherry blossom trees, bomber jackets, jacket patches, thigh high socks, neon lights, laying in the grass, ripped jeans, walks on the beach, graffiti, blurred city lights, brooches, high tops.

Rap Monster: Radios, watching the clouds, city views, sitting by a lake, purple sunsets, rolled up sleeves, walking on the beach, chokers, tribal patterns, black and white clothes, over sized teddy bears, leather jackets, beanies, crashing waves, cliff diving.

Jimin: Hanging lights, sunlight shining in through curtains, turtle necks, knit sweaters, orange sunrises, trees in the fall, walking around museums, aged paper, sitting in cafes, lazy morning cuddling, frames of photographs, gold bracelets, red ribbon, mist in the morning, cactus, over grown greenery.

V: Circle glasses, broken glass, fluorescent light, water distortion, train yards, looking into water, abandoned libraries, damask, winter over coats, looking out of the window.

Jungkook: Knit blankets, sweater paws, messy bed sheets, bookshelves, white flowers, hand written letters, postage stamps, hanging plants, embroidery, antique shops, oil lamps, green houses, paisley.



Hi I’m making patches

Size is 4.5x4.5 inches 

Here is what I’ll need from you


What would you like the center image to be? Do you want more than one thing in the patch?


The words that go on the outside of the patch, a saying, a URL, a name, lyrics, poems, what have you. 


Certain Font send samples my way



$25 regular patch

+$5 color choice

+$5 for more than three objects

-$5-10 for font depending on intricate it’s going to be 

$10-15 for simple patches like lone image or saying

*I have a gallon zip lock bag full of embroidery floss but some of the colors are vast amounts and some are sparse, if you want certain colors it will cost extra because I don’t know if I’ll find it in that bag or have to go get some more…or I might have a limited amount. 

Sources of Images

Top- art and design originally done by me for tattooed-disappointment Photo by me

Bottom Leftslimglitsoul Who did the “Courage the Cowardly Dog” image that I used to embroider on Photo by me

Bottom Right- art and design originally done by me for rootbeerflotsam AKA Shannon “APPROVED*” Mccormick picture taken by Mr. Mccormick himself  

If you’d like to contact me with more questions do stop by at my inbox or give me an email at

*patch has the Shannon Mccormick stamp of approval