Tutorial: Stamping on Fabric!

Stamping is an easy way to create custom fabric for a sewing project, or perk up a tired garment.  A few simple tips can help:  

1. First, pick the right stamp!  Super-detailed commercial stamps are shallow, and the paint will glob right up, giving you a messy blur instead of a crisp image.

Pick a stamp with some depth, and simple shapes, like the floral on the left below…

Or, even better, make your own darn stamps!

2. Now that you’ve got stamps, pick the right paint.  You want something designed for fabric – it will adhere better, and stand up to washing.  Is your fabric a darker color than your paint?  Make sure to get an opaque paint. Read the label!  If it doesn’t say it’s opaque, it’s translucent, and the background color will bleed through.

Stamps, check.  Paint, check.  Now…

3. Assemble a few tools.  Foam brushes, a plate to use as a palette, and an old sheet.  Fold up the sheet and use it as a slightly padded surface for your fabric – sounds crazy, but it’ll give you a crisper print.

Spoon out some paint, and you’re ready to…

4. KISS THE STAMP!  With the ink-laden foam brush, that is.  The #1 error that newbie stampers make is overloading their stamp with paint.  Stamping is less crisp and more organic than screenprinting, which is part of its charm.  But you want an image on your shirt, not a blob!

LESS IS MORE.  Lightly smooch the stamp with your foam brush, then firmly press your inked surface to your fabric.  

5. Mix and match your stamps.  A robot in a flower garden?  Why not! Go crazy, and have fun.

6. Yay!  Custom print, handmade by you.  The only step left is heat-setting your paint.  If your item will be washed, it’s essential.  Use a press cloth to protect your iron. After your printing is dry (REALLY dry, as in the day after you’ve stamped), iron over your stamped images on the appropriate hot setting for your fabric.  Enjoy!

Want to make some stamps?  Check out our Stamp Carving class, coming in early November.


Handmade gif for a friend’s birthday : A stamp set about her life, with her cats, her hobbies, her husband and her face with various emotions. I wanted to do more items but was short in time !

Anyway, the cat weren’t supposed to be this big, but they ended up being the main stamp of the sets, and I’m proud of thems, they are my first original stamp design, drew and carved by myself !

I finally started watching Steven Universe. I know, I know. I’m late to the party but I dig the heck out of it. No matter how old I get I’ll still always have a soft spot for magical girl-ish anime. :)

I just finished it with some stamps I made (all the stamps besides the letters inside the wash-tape box) just for fun.