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Tattoos the Signs Get

Aries: Tribal art, tramp stamps, or something that looks fierce.

: Small and simple tattoos very aesthetically placed.

: A sleeve made of different tats, some with meaning some just for aesthetics so you can’t tell which is which.

: Gets their pets or their kids tattooed on them.

: Their tattoo seems generic at first, but to them it has a meaning that keeps them hopeful for the future.

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I saw some really shitty images the other day that were mocking the “stereotypical” tattoos that women get, such as a sign saying they won’t tattoo butterflies, infinity signs, and whatever else it is that all women are supposed to get.

And you hear about all the “stereotypical” places women get tattoos, “tramp stamp” and those “silly”, “dainty” ones on their ankles or wrists.

And just in case you needed a reminder than misogyny exists: men don’t get called on any of that shit. (And no one should, because the whole idea is stupid as hell).

You don’t see posts mocking men for getting chest tattoos, you don’t see people posting images saying that they won’t tattoo any of the stereotypical tattoos men like - skulls, naked women, etc.

And just to be clear, the only reason anyone has a problem with butterfly or infinity signs or whatever else tattoo is -because- they’re liked by women. They’re liked by women so they must just be thoughtless, air-head designs. And women get them because they’re all so cliquey and unoriginal and all just copy each other. It’s most certainly not because these are archetypal symbols that appeal to specific ideas relating to the human condition. Nope.

You know if men liked them and most commonly got tattoos on their ankles they’d all be bragging about how badass they are because ankles are one of the most painful places to get tattoos blahblah. And no one would be talking about how it’s soooo common and stupid, etc.

And seriously, fuck that noise.

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Will has a tramp stamp and Hannibal finds it. 👀



“You never mentioned that you had a tattoo.”

Will groaned and buried his face in his pillow. “I honestly forgot I even had it. Not exactly a spot I see on a regular basis.”

The faded ink covered an area approximately two inches across. A black paw print, of course. Hannibal traced it with his finger. “Would you care to share the story?”

“I was drunk. It was Mardi Gras. I was dating someone who encouraged too many of my bad ideas.”

Hannibal smiled. “It would seem you have a type.”

“You wouldn’t have liked her. Are you going to get on with the massage now?”

“Of course,” Hannibal said, though he remained still, straddling Will’s thighs, hands resting at the small of his back. “Aren’t you curious about mine?”

Will laughed over his shoulder. “You have tattoos?”

“Perhaps when I’m finished here, I’ll allow you to see for yourself.”

Tramp Stamp

Cas leaned over the engine of the Impala. Dean had been working with him on proper car maintenance for years and now trusted him to work alongside him on his Baby. Sam thought it was actually kind of sweet. He stood back to watch the happy couple do their cutesy domestic thing. Then he saw it.

Cas’ shirt rode up his back to reveal an anti-possession symbol tattoo. Of course Cas would have one but it was the placement that threw him. The angel had a tramp stamp. It may as well have read, “Property of Dean.”

As he leaned further Sam could see the deep purple bruises around it. They matched the ones Dean had made no attempt at hiding during breakfast. Now the thought of his brother’s face that close to Cas’ ass made him regret the eggs over easy.


Dean loved seeing the tattoo on Castiel’s back. He loved how it fit perfectly in the dip when Cas had his ass up in the air presenting himself. He’d run the heel of his hand into it as he buried his tongue deep inside Cas. He got him sloppy wet with spit and strawberry lube and sucked and bit the skin around the ink as he worked Cas open with his fingers.

Dean ran his thumbs over his fresh marks when he sank into him. Cas sat up to bounce back on him. Dean liked that action so he lifted Cas off so he could lay back and let his angel ride him. Cas latched onto his neck and sucked until he broke skin.

“Fuck, Cas!”

“You are, Dean. Keep doing that. I’m so close.” He slammed himself down on Dean and pumped his own hard length until hot cum spattered on Dean’s chest. Dean grabbed Cas’ hips and held him firm to fill him with his own jizz. He kept him seated in his lap and even gave his ass a playful slap before letting him dismount.

“You know, your tattoo got me thinking. You’re walking around showing the world you’re mine so…” Dean rolled over onto his stomach to show Cas a black pair of wings on his lower back.

“Dean…” Cas lightly touched the fresh ink. He placed tender kisses around it, carefull to avoid the redness. “You did this for me?”

“Yeah. You like it?”

“I love it. Gives me something to stare at for round two.” Cas bit the cheek of Dean’s ass.

“Hey, give the human a little rebound time, would you, babe?” Dean smiled and wiggled his ass.



Sam went back to the garage to let Dean know their mom was stopping by. He walked in on them in a heavy make out session and Dean was shirtless. Black grease streaked them both. He caught sight of a patch that looked more like a wing than a blotch.

“Seriously? You both have tramp stamps? Oh my god.”

Dean broke the kiss and spun around toward the moose. “At least it means something. Not like your generic tribal Mr. Too Much Tequila freshman year.”

Sam turned bright red. “Fuck you. And clean yourselves up. Mom’s coming over.” He stormed back into the bunker. “Maybe Rowena can zap the damn thing off.”

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