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Do you think yuuri has a tramp stamp?

((Personally I’d see him with the aesthetically placed tattoo. Unless he was drunk and got a dick tattoo. Or something.))

Connor’s Tattoos:

Black smiley face stick and poke on his lower back (basically a “tramp stamp”) -
Acquired on a Very Good Night with his friends in first year, he may have been drunk (he was very drunk)

Black stars behind his ear -
Second year, matches Zoe’s stars that are only black outlined

Greyscale mountain range on his shoulders -
Gotten his third year of college after being sober from drinking and smoking for one year

Greyscale anatomical heart on his chest-
Third year as well, done by a friend at a severely discounted price because they were trying to amp up their portfolio

Black pine tree on his forearm-
Gotten in fourth year to celebrate an anniversary
A certain someone may have gotten a tattoo of le petit prince to match…

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I have to say, the idea of describing one's cleavage as "a butt" is magnificent. But if you're going to have but cleavage, does that not compel the possessor of "butt cleavage" to place a series of increasingly cryptic "trap stamps" directly above. Say at the sternoclavicular joint? Just sayin.'

Hmmm, I think tattoos in that region are typically called “chest pieces”, but not only is Chest Butt Tramp Stamp a far superior term, it’s also an excellent name for a folk punk band.

I think a good, cryptic chest butt tramp stamp (especially since your typo made it “trap stamp”) would just be, “Hey, remember Medusa?”

It’s a fun threat to anyone who was thinking of staring at your boobs (Can you curse a tattoo so that it turns men to stone? I’d love that) AND a reminder of everybody’s favourite snake lady! You can’t lose! If there’s a downside to having that stabbed into your tender upper meats forever, I certainly can’t think of it.