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Just wrapped up this piece for @maramcgregor for their fic Team USA !

(Summary: “Eric and Kent met during the Sochi Olympics. Kent had intended to talk Jack into signing with the Aces at Epikegster, but his plans get derailed when he sees Eric at the party.”)

Awesome fic, awesome illustration to work on! (fun to do the Instagram post too ;D )

My other Check Please Fanart

spock and bones start dating, and in the interest of maintaining professional distance on shift they over-correct and become Exceedingly Polite with one another, accidentally convincing the entire ship that they’re in the middle of a truly epic fight

there’s a virus ravaging the enterprise.

the med team’s done ninety percent of the legwork towards a cure, but they need fresh eyes; bones hasn’t had more than a few hours of sleep at a time in nearly a week, with dark circles under his eyes and a uniform shirt that has a two day old coffee stain. christine and geoff aren’t doing any better, holding each other up and sharing a cup of coffee as they argue over the inputs for their simulation. they’re so close, so close, but they just can’t figure out that last ten percent–

cue spock

he makes the breakthrough in less than two hours, and the tension in the room just breaks

bones practically throws himself across the room when spock calmly announces he’s got a working formula, shoving him out of the way to run the simulation again. chris and her nearest nurse throw their arms around each other, halfway between crying and laughing. the other nurses are cheering–geoff claps spock on the shoulder giddily and shouts “somebody kiss this man so I don’t have to!”

bones, his eyes wide and his hair sticking up at odd angles, just turns away from spock’s computer, grabs the front of his shirt, and reels him in