stamp post

Bless, found a hanko vending machine. I’ve only been here 2 days but I’ve already had to sign a fuckton of stuff. I’m 110% keen to just stamp away at all the documents.

This one is a Donki Quiote at Akihabara. Prices range upwards from 500 yen. They allow Kanji, katakana, hiragana and English letters on their stamps with a range of fonts and layouts. Even as a souvenir this is an awesome idea. Prepare to stand around for 15 minutes while it gets carved though.

unacceptable nsfw: straight people havingn nasty sex but its in an Artistic way
acceptable nsfw: pictures of people in full body fetish gear standing in a corn field in the middle of nowhere and theres a time stamp from 2003

Since my food stamps post about the woman using food stamps while wearing a north face coat is circulating again I thought I’d throw something out there. The other day I was thrift shopping and I found a north face hoodie in my size. I payed 8 dollars for a hoodie that retails for 45-80 dollars. Just goes to show that you absolutely cannot judge someone’s status by what they are wearing. And even if you do go there, being poor does not mean you are undeserving of quality items. If you saved up to buy something nice that’s going to last longer than one of those thin Walmart jackets, you deserve it and that is nobody else’s business.