stamp of aproval!!!!

The  damage fishnets do to dolphins and other marine life in the ocean is horrific so we are stoked to see Volcom has  put fishnets to good use and made an “ocean friendly” swimwear collection from recycled fishnets and other discarded nylons. SurferBoiAndDollBaby recently road tested some of the new collection. It def gets our stamp of aproval! The bikinis not only look and feel  great but they actually stayd on while we were getting hammered in a massive swell and thats always a bonus! Bigs ups to Volcom.

anonymous asked:

I was scrolling through your blog and my mum just sort of peeped over my shoulder and saw one of your selfies and she was like "Lily is that one of your friends???? She's so pretty!!!! I like her lipstick!!! You should invite her over for diner! Is she alergic to anything? Does she like lasagne?" So basically you have my mothers stamp of aproval and a diner invitation;)

Lily I am in TEARS. I live on parental approval. How does she know lasagne is my favourite food?! This is amazing. I’m there. Set me a place on the table. I’ll bring your mumma some flowers.