stamp mag

My inner two-year-old is thriving today.

I have edits to do on a piece of pro-fic now that I’ve figured out the twist; I’ve got about a third of a painting looking very sad on the easel; I have two typography projects & a commission awaiting sketches; I need to pay my Visa bill.  I’m no longer sick and have the energy to finish at least one of those things before sundown.

And yet:



HK MP5K/10

The hard to find 10mm Auto chambered variant of the MP5. Both the .40 S&W and 10mm Auto versions have a bolt-hold open feature unlike the 9x19mm original. They also use a straight boxed polymer magazine instead of a curved stamped steel mag. These larger caliber MP5′s are so uncommon that parts kits often run in the $3,000+ price range. There were some U.S made clones from Vector Arms and other smaller companies but for the most part the 10mm kits are all gone. (GRH)