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#TinyTuesday: someone actually used this little address book and day calendar! There are old-school phone numbers written in the back. It also has a handy holder for stamps and other small pieces of paper.⠀
The little red book. New York : Home Life insurance Co., 1917.⠀ HF6146.C2 L58 1917 ⠀

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copesetic  asked:

I have a question! Your blog header seems to feature what looks like hanko stamps. Were those for sell anywhere because I can't seem to find them, (or i'm not looking hard enough).

You’re correct! They are stamps, although they’re exclusive only to Itaindou. There are 16 different images, two versions of each character including Iyami and Totoko. (Bad pictures, sorry. ^^; )

Each stamp is 18mm, and is made to order to include your name (replacing the “your name” on the picture) so you can get it legally registered! Although I’m not too sure if stamps are acceptable in a lot of countries… ^^; (I’m also not sure if you’d be able to get your name in any other language than Japanese…or even get your name to fit… ^^; ) However, if you are interested:

Itaindou: 3580¥ 

They also sell leather mats and stamp holders along with these for 1980¥ (on the same page)!

Also, the page is in Japanese, so if you need a proxie or forwarding service, make sure to check the faq!)

Jaejoong on commemorative stamps in Japan.

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong’s face will be all over the mail in Japan as special commemorative stamps featuring the singer will be available for pre-order starting today, August 1st.

According to C-JeS Entertainment on August 1, “Kim Jaejoong was chosen as the model for the commemorative stamp of a stamp company’s 10th anniversary. Being chosen as the face of the 10th anniversary commemorative stamps of a stamp company in Japan means that he is receiving a lot of love in Japan wherein it is said that Hallyu is experiencing a slump. It is a great honor and a happy news.”

“Kim Jaejoong’s popularity in Japan is high so the company chose him for its 10th anniversary commemorative stamp. As soon as news of Jaejoong being chosen for the commemorative stamp came out, inquiries from his fans came pouring in. The value of stamps in Japan is high so it means a lot to be chosen to be the face of a stamp.”

The “Jaejoong 10th Anniversary Premium Fame Stamp Set” collection will include ten stamps, a poster card, holder, a 20-paged photobook and a case.

Fans of Kim Jaejoong are rushing to pre-order the stamp set which will only be available for pre-order from August 1 until September 15.

Among those who pre-ordered will be ten winners of a post card with Kim Jaejoong’s signature and one winner of a jacket that the singer wore in his “Who, When, Why Concert” in 2013.

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong has recently finished the MBC Monday-Tuesday drama“Triangle” wherein he played the role of “Heo Young Dal.”

Also, Kim Jaejoong is making his comeback as a singer together with Park Yoochunand Kim Junsu of JYJ with the release of their 2nd album, “Just Us” on July 29.Their new track, “Back Seat” has dominated the number one spot in seven music charts and is proving the group’s popularity in Korea. JYJ will kickstart their 2014 Asian Tour in Seoul this August 9.

Source: Soompi

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