I’ll be taking my cool, new stamp for a spin at tomorrow’s signing in Portland. Unfortunately there is almost never enough time to do drawings for everyone, and my drawings at signings are inconsistent, to say the least, and… well, not as cool as a stamp! I made this from the line art I drew for an upcoming print (stay tuned for that), featuring the original translation & calligraphy for “Avatar” from the first series logo by S. L. Lee, PhD.


Pop Cultured-Inspired Wax Seals by Back to Zero 

When you think of a wax seal, you might imagine letter writing of long ago—in fact, the practice dates back to ancient times. Back to Zero contemporizes this tradition with specialized stamps that pop cultured-inspired icons onto envelopes. Darth Vader, animals, and geometric shapes are just some of the featured designs. Crafted in brass, they’re attached to a wooden handle to ensure ease of use. Select your favorite color of wax and get to stamping once you visit the Back to Zero Etsy shop.



(note to self: next time, take the stamp close-up before applying the glue part.)

I really wanted to do some undertale stamps since I’m now a Undertale trash… no regret though. It’s a great game everyone should play it.

tbh I didn’t expect the outcome to be better than I thought it’d be! Also the first pic looked a lot darker cause lighting, it’s actually really pale and cute  I would rub it on my face then eat it pretending that it’s candy

ART CREDIT: The original art can be found hereIt is done by @2mi127​ who produce amazing art! Please please please consider follow & reblog her art they’re all really awesome!(<<<really important you should all read)


Hey ya’ll! Sorry my webshop has been down for a while. After my move, I don’t have any stock of old items left, but I’ve been working on a small batch of new items! I’m planning on revamping my store at some point, but for the time being, you can find me and my new items on etsy. One of my new items is my signature bubblegum kaia as a stamp. You can get one for yourself here!

I’m looking forward to updating the shop with lots of cool new things.

this is literally my second time drawing Toriel i’m sorry if its off

But please enjoy this beautiful goat mom if you are having a hard time 

((i was going to make more, like lil stickers telling u that ur amazing and stuff,, i might do it later if enough people like this/ask for more but im just too tired rn))

Its transparent btw!!!!