AU for all fandom brothers

I think Sam and Dean should go to group counselling and talk to other brothers in similar situations, Thor & Loki, Seth & Richie Gecko, Damon & Stefan, Elijah & Klaus, Wolverine & Sabretooth, Michael & Lucifer. Could you imagine it though? Bonus: Councillor!Hannibal


Dean Winchester

“Sammy, You really think this group counselling is gonna work?”

just before they enter, there is a large and thunderous crash, as they observe the wrecked room. 


Thor & Loki

“Brother, you must leave them be”, “Why! Because they do not deserve it, he took my seat”, “Yes, but we are still stronger than them, we mus-”, “Look after them, you have said this before, Brother, but I will not be judged for my actions”


Seth & Richie

“You promised you wouldn’t start shit up this time, Richie”, “It’s not my fault he can’t find another seat”, “You blew up his seat”, “Well he should be careful where he’s walking next time”


Damon & Stefan

“She was my girlfriend first, Damon”, “It’s not my fault she upgraded, Stefan”, “No but it is your fault she won’t talk to any of me”


Klaus & Elijah

“It’s MY Child and I shall raise my child without your advice”, “You must think of responsibilities in raising a child who’s half werewolf and half vampire, brother dear”


Wolverine & Sabretooth

“We’re brothers”, “No we are not, I am not YOUR brother”, “That’s where your wrong, Jimmy”


Michael & Lucifer

All I wanted was for you to join me, yet you severed me”, “It was for your own good, Lucifer, you wanted to kill father”, “He abandoned us in our time of need, Brother”


Sam Winchester

“I think we’ll fit right in, Dean” he smiled worriedly, as he was stared down by the counsellor.

“Welcome, to Group Therapy and I am your Doctor for today, My name is Doctor Hannibal Lecter” he smirked darkly.


I thought that I would just take time to point this out. Don’t you realise that in the 160-ish that Damon and Stefan have been brothers they have been through so much hate and betrayal. They have been heart broken and had their lives controlled by a toying bitch. But all of that aside they still feel that when either of them is in danger they owe it to each other to risk their lives so that the other can be saved. Even though The Vampire Diaries is supernatural and far from realistic in most ways it shows an exceptional example of true brotherhood. 

Damon could still taste cotton candy and caramel popcorn on his tongue and despite feeling sufficiently exhausted, the smile that tugged at his lips refused to disappear. For someone who’d been homebound — for reasons of Stiles’ safety and general wellbeing, thank you very much and not because Damon had some creepy aversion to ‘Stiles so much as talking or breathing in the direction of any other human being’ — a surprise date outing to the theme park that had come to town had been a pretty damn nice way to see Stiles face light up like a megawatt light bulb. And hell, if Damon had known it’d make him so ecstatic to be going to a theme park, he might have brought it up earlier…

Trust Stiles to be so damned excited about roller-coasters though. Seriously, didn’t the kid have enough of a problem sitting still as it was? Not that Damon minded when Stiles couldn’t keep his hands from wandering, not that he minded it the slightest bit when Stiles hands would inevitably seek him out. His hips, his arms, shoulders, lips, the outer corner of his ear, sometimes along his jaw — everything Stiles did was like a carelessly planned manoeuvre to drive him insane.

They had arrived at the theme park, with a few minor distractions and Damon almost swerving off the road when Stiles leaned over to whisper something especially filthy in his ear, a few hours before midday. And for Stiles, it looked like Christmas come early. Damon watched with a thrill of pleasure as Stiles grinned from ear to ear, too distracted, dazed by those mischievous golden eyes, to argue when Stiles grabbed onto his hand and promptly dragged him off in the direction of the nearest roller-coaster.

Fifteen different rides later and Stiles was convinced he was going to throw up. With a gleeful threat of dismemberment if Stiles so much as breathed his sudden sickness on him, Damon tugged him over to the game stalls to win him a giant stuffed bear. The fact that Stiles had proceeded to call it Damon hadn’t lessened the effect of his obvious delight, and this time he was the first to twine his fingers through Stiles’ slender ones, dragging him off to go find food before he could find another disturbingly large stuffed animal for Damon to procure for him.

Stumbling back home, high on the copious amounts of sugar and fairy floss they had consumed, Stiles had tugged Damon in towards him one last time for a sticky, open-mouthed kiss that still tasted like ice cream. And Damon had obliged, fingers tangling into his hair, Stiles’ sticky hands clutching at his jaw like a lifeline. It was around midnight by the time they tripped into their room, Damon curling his arm across Stiles’ waist. Too tired to undress, and more than content to simply lie there, Damon let his exhaustion take over as Stiles turned to lick the messy ice cream streaks from his face and then his throat.

At last, stealing one more lazy kiss from Stiles’ lips, Damon let Stiles drift off to sleep, limbs tangled with his own. And if the two of them awoke the next day with their skin sticky from ice cream with the smell of saccharine vanilla, and their previously exhausted libidos at full thrust, then neither of them were complaining.