stamina up

don’t ask me what are they doing because i wouldn’t know how to answer that question. lets just admire that this is kuroken

breath of the wild horse tips

so i just caught this real good horse

and i thought i’d write out everything ive learnt since i started wrt horses??

catching a horse

catching horses is very simple, either drop down on it from above or sneak up on it. dont stand directly behind it incase it kicks.

you can run at a group of horse to split them up so its easier to sneak up on the individual horse when its calmed down, as when theyre in a group if one horse spots you they will all run away.

finding a good horse

there’s like lots of theories about horse colour and relation to stats but personally i dont find that a very practical way of identifying if a horse is good or not.

heres my advice:

- my general experience has been that solid coloured horses have wild personalities and the ones with the patchy butts are mild

- the harder it is to break the horse (soothe it into letting you ride) the higher its level.
if you don’t have much stamina, cook up some stamina restoration/boosts

- generally, the higher level the area, the higher level the horse.

That is to say, if the surrounding monsters are Extremely Dangerous, the horse will probably have more stars. I found Franziska beyond two lynels.

- If you want to find a fast horse, get on the nearest horse and chase some of the others around for a bit (dont boost!).

Wild horses wont gallop at full speed so if you have to hammer A to keep up, dismount and sneak up on it cause that horse is much faster than yours! Otherwise, you’ve found the fastest horse already. 

increasing your bond

there are a few specific moments where you can soothe your horse to raise its bond. you’ll need to get the timing right, but these are the triggers:

- when you get on your horse and tell it to move, you can soothe it.

- when your horse slows down and regains a spur, you can soothe it.

- new horses will sometimes toss their heads, you can soothe them then

- additionally a new horse will occasionally veer in a different direction. Redirect it back to the path, and you can soothe it

- as well as this, if you tell your horse to leave the path (turning sharply after leaving it on autopilot) you can soothe it

- if your horse doesn’t move at the speed you tell it to, you can soothe it and then boost

- if your horse rears back, you can soothe it

- if your horse jumps over something, you can soothe it

- if your horse gets hit, you can soothe it providing you’re still on it.

your horse will misbehave occasionally until you register it even if you max its bond

riding your horse

so in games like ocarina of time and twilight princess, the most efficient way to ride epona is to use between 1-4 boosts and leave the last boost so she doesnt get tired and recovers the boosts faster

not so in breath of the wild. there’s no slowdown penalty for using up all your spurs, it’s more efficient to use all the spurs and then soothe your horse when they slow down, and repeat.

trust your horse to know the best path, and only direct it when the path forks. if you’re riding a wild horse be alert for your horse running into walls, but otherwise let your horse pick the path.

you can climb most hills on your horse, but stick to cantering & non-boosted gallops, or you’ll not be able to direct your horse.

bonus: catching deer

to catch a deer easily, consume something that gives you speed up, or drop onto it from above.

If you want to sneak up on it like a horse, you’ll want level 3 stealth, their hearing is very sensitive.

I find it’s easier to just chase them, they’re not too difficult to catch with a bit of practice as theyre not as fast as horses.

Additional Korok Seed Locations

900 Korok seeds have been identified by players of The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Thing is, there are actually 909 seeds in the game. Here are the 9 most secret Korok seeds that gamers have so far overlooked:

  • In Hestu’s Leaves: One of Hestu’s coveted seeds ended up under his “hat” of leaves. Climb him to find it.
  • Under Impa: If you simply walk up to Impa and pick her up like a jar or barrel, you will find a Korok seed where she sits.
  • Behind the “H” in the Hyrule sign: A few clever players have found this one as soon as they spotted the subtle nod to the big Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. Glide down past the hill it’s on to find a seed.
  • Behind Your Ear: Find the Magician near the Kohaku River and pay him to perform at your birthday party. He’ll pull a Korok seed out from behind your ear.
  • In The Loincloth of a Hinox: Don’t kill the Hinox on Eventide Island before you check inside its loincloth. You may be afraid of what you’ll see at first, but thankfully it’s just a Korok seed.
  • Under Ganon’s Toenail: You can only find this Korok seed during the final battle. Once Ganon’s true form is revealed, check under his toenail. Among all the sock lint you’ll find this seed. The lint can be used in cooking elixirs.
  • Solve Professor Layton’s Puzzle: If you can find this Nintendo crossover cameo, equip the Master Sword and it will remind him of a puzzle. Solve it for a Korok seed. Hint: The llama can’t leave its paddock until the bear is in the cave.
  • 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney: Speak to P. Sherman and place a pebble in his fish tank filter. When he empties it to clean it and install a new filter, you can find the Korok seed hidden inside, along with several exotic fish that you can cook.
  • At the Tip of the Washington Monument: The hardest seed to find isn’t in the game, but in the real world at the top of the Washington Monument in the capitol of the United States. Be sure to have a lot of stamina built up and plenty of food before you scale the monument. It’s a hard climb and you’ll likely be arrested for trying, but it will be worth it when you find that coveted final Korok!

This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I am gonna go with it anyway: 

LeFou is hot. His beauty isn’t just on the inside – he’s an attractive person. He’s energetic, he smiles a lot, he’s got gorgeous hair, he dresses well, he’s bouncy, he can dance, he has the stamina to keep up with everything Gaston does. 

LeFou is hot. His size does not make him unattractive. There’s no shame whatsoever in seeing him as absolutely beautiful. He doesn’t need to bulk up or anything in order to be hot. He’s hot. 

How To Seduce The Signs

Aquarius – will be most attracted to intellectual and eccentric offerings as they love to learn and experiment however, don’t get too excited about a possible relationship because Aquarius is the sign of friendship and will run at the first sight of emotions and sentiment.

Pisces – will be in heaven on a dock at the lake listening to the waves splash around while you lay out the perfect picnic and, if there’s a promise of star gazing later, you’ll be up all night lost in the romance of the beauty in the universe.

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“Yeah, everyone in this frat’s your brother, but remember, it was me, your Big Bro, who made you a bro. I molded you in my image, and I’ll always look after you and keep you goin on in this bro life. The only way you can pay your debt to me is to recruit Lil Bros of your own, and make them look, think, talk, and dress like you. Understood?”

“Yeah, bro, understood.”

“Fuckin sweet. Now let’s go on that run. We need to keep our stamina up for the Ultimate tourney.”


Confused?? Yeah, me too… This was where we left Miles before Deadpool messed up the timeline and changed history!!

Now that the timeline has been fixed, we’re back to regularly scheduled dimension hopping.

N*Kim FAQs

Here is a F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions) page!

What tools, programs, brushes do you use for your art?

- I use my WACOM Bamboo Tablet & Pen ($80) that I got during my college years. I don’t think they make those models anymore though. :P As for programs, I use Photoshop CS6! In terms of brushes, I mostly use the default round (soft & hard) brushes already provided by Photoshop. I also use Shiyoon Kim’s brushes, Pork Bun’s brushes and Helen Chen’s brushes. :)

Can I use your art for my youtube video/channel? Can I share you art on other social medias or blogs?

- No. I don’t like my stuff being on other sites! I like to keep my art in my own blogs! No reposts, edits, etc.

Can I use your art for my profile pic/icon/avatar (on any social medias), desktop background, phone background?

- Yes you may! Credit for my art would be greatly appreciated if you’re using it as a profile pic/icon/avatar! :)

Why do you draw so many cats, whales, greens?

- Because they (cats & whales) are my favorite animals! And greens, because I love the serenity/calmness of nature. Although lately, I have been practicing more on urban environments lol.

Who/what inspires your art?

- Norman Rockwell and my illustration professor, Cliff Cramp really inspired me to create narrative illustrations! Also, to get out of my comfort zone and seeing the more technical side of art. Currently, Celine Kim, Meg Park, Grace Kum, Shiyoon Kim inspire me to have fun and be more colorful with my work. Storytelling became a huge factor in my illustrations because of them! I have done narrative type illustrations before, but it’s impact is a lot bigger now. :) There are many more artists that also inspire me everyday (so much to really list them all lol). In terms of what inspires me: music, movies, food, children’s books, merchandises/stationaries, personal experiences are what always drives me to keep creating! :)

Hobbies? What do you like to do in your spare time?

- Lately, I’ve gotten into stretching and exercising/building up my stamina. I also gotten back to playing my PSP lol. My sister and I have drawing trips every week. Love going for walks. 


MA / 6888 words

Childhood friends - Dunkirk Harry

Part One

Unknown number:
Little Lulu Lamb, is that you?

Who the hell is this?

Unknown number:
Your mum passed me your number.

Although the reply hadn’t exactly answered my question, I thought I might have known who it was, just because of the name. Little Lulu Lamb. It was something I hadn’t heard for years.
I scowled down to my phone, because although I’d taken a guess, I manged to talk myself out of it very quickly, since it had been years since we last spoke. He’d gone off and auditioned for The X Factor, and then the boy I’d grown up with just wasn’t around anymore. I hadn’t even seen him since, and I wasn’t sure it was because we’d just missed running into each other, or because we’d never really tried to see each other.
All I could think was that it couldn’t possibly be him.
Why would he bother getting in touch now?

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Someone went on a rail about how self-publishing was nonsense and if you want anything good you have to wade through tons of dino porn to get to it and I’m like…

… You have to wade through tons of everything to find anything good ever. I once read a traditionally published romance about time-traveling Vikings where every chapter ended in an exclamation mark. 

Do you have any idea how much fetish porn I have to dig through to find ONE book about wlw that isn’t written for a male audience? 

Shit, dude. We all grew up with fanfiction. We’ve built up a stamina for awful coffee shop AU’s looking for that one good one. 

So like honestly we’re all used to wading through crap to get to something that we actually like and if we’re not used to it, we get recommendations. 

And CLEARLY there is a market for dino porn, so maybe you should just let people go about their business?

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Do you have any dazatsu headcanons?

Only   t o o    m a n  y

-Atsushi purrs in his sleep sometimes, also when Dazai (or anyone lol) scratches behind his ear or neck.

-Dazai gets cold easily so he cuddles Atsushi A LO T.

-Atsushi helps Dazai with his bandages whenever they need to be changed. (In the mornings)

-Dazai is so used to Atsushi fixing his bandages for him that when Atsushi isnt around, he often forgets to fix them himself if they get loose, sometimes they get so loose that he trips over them.

-Atsushi likes nose kisses alot and he laughs every time and Dazai cant stop smling, everyone is disgusted.

-Atsushi isnt too affected to see Dazai only in his bandages, but if he walks in on Dazai without them:

-Sometimes Dazai lets Atsushi cuddle with him without the bandages, and Atsushi keeps kissing every part of his body thats usually covered by them.

-Atsushi likes biting/licking Dazais ears because its one of Dazais weak spots. (Dazai might whimper)

-Often when Atsushi isnt paying attention to Dazai, Dazai keeps himself entertained by playing with his hair or long belt.

-Sometimes he pulls the belt hard wich makes Atsushi snatch it back with a pout.

-Dazai gets flustered rather easily and he cant handle it so he tries to always be the one making Atsushi the flustered one.

-Atsushi often asks Dazai to tie his tie for him.

-Atsushi has a special presimmison to play with Dazais hair.

-Whatever Atsushi does to Dazais hair, he keeps it like that all day.

-Atsushi has a CRAZY sex stamina, he often ends up riding Dazai who is too tired to move after cumming 3 times Atsushi please he is old.

-Atsushi has sensitive nipples and he hates it but Dazai LOVES IT.

-Atsushi often worries Dazai is going to dissapear without saying a word to anyone.

-Atsushi and Dazai have sex at the Agency alot and have been caught at least 5 times by Kunikida. (Kyoka is kept far away and safe by Ranpo)

-Atsushi is very shy, before he gets Dazais dick inside him, then he starts being loud and bold. ( ͡ຈ ͜ʖ ͡ຈ)

-Dazai likes to make Atsushi sexually frustrated in public.

-Dazai likes to tease Atsushi in every way, alot, every day. He is grabage.

-Kunikida often sends Dazai and Atsushi on tiny missions together JUST TO GET THEM OUT OF HIS SIGHT.

-When Atsushi cries Dazai doesnt know what to do.

-Drunk Atsushi is VERY clingy and flirty and Dazai has to keep himself calm.

-If Dazai goes on a mission without Atsushi, Atsushi cant sit still. He tries to keep his mind busy with work but he is worried and scared, Dazai returns everytime with a smile and praises Atsushi for waiting like a good boy and Atsushi follows him all day, and Dazai doesnt mind.

-Dazai is fine with the idea of Atsushi topping him.

-Dazai insists on going with Atsushi on dangerous missions, unless he is needed badly somewhere else.

-Dazai and Atsushi stargaze on sad nights and hold hands.

First Time

Summary: After Arthur and you kept teasing each other for such a long time, you finally decided to take a step forward. Just that it had you way more nervous than expected.
Requested by @bloodstained-porcelain-doll

Words: ~900

Pairing: Arthur Ketch x Reader

Originally posted by lost-shoe

Warnings: Smut, Virgin!Reader, rough sex, oral sex, unprotected sex

You had been nervously pacing Arthur’s room for minutes now. You knew he wouldn’t be back for another few hours but you just had to get ready. Ready for what was eventually about to come. Though you had been sure nothing could prepare you for this.

Ketch and you had been teasing each other, building up sexual frustration for a while now and you were now going to take the matter into your own hand and go a step further.

Sure you might have been able to do this way earlier. Hell, you were close to having sex a couple of times but you always managed to talk yourself out of it.

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Grell appreciation post

Things that need to be appreciated about the blood red reaper a bit more:
- She’s a canon transgender person
- Luscious hair… So beautiful
- Very strong and resilient in fights and in her work
- Very smart (A average)
- Lovely taste in shoes

Things that we should imagine her doing:
- Grell, waking up in the morning at 5 AM to work out. She beats up a punching bag and does 100 pushups and situps to keep herself in shape and keep up her stamina

-Grell taking a long hot bath with her hair up in a towel after a long day, soaking in water with sparkles and pink tones from her rose bath bomb

-Grell testing nail polish colors on Ronald (and him loving it)

-Grell, French braiding Her hair and wearing a large sunhat and overall shorts so she can tend to her little garden where she grows roses in the spring and pumpkins in the fall (on her day off, of course)

-Grell, calling Ronald and crying because she’s lonely on valentines day. Ronald leaving his party to come to her house to wipe her tears, eat chocolate dipped strawberries, and watch ‘sex in the city’ on repeat.

-Grell crying softly as Ronald graduates reaper academy, because she’s so proud

-Grell singing quietly to a German love song as she dances through the kitchen, making breakfast for herself (or a guest.. ♥)

-Grell. Just her as she is, a beautiful, strong woman.

I love grell sutcliff more than I love myself. She is the sun and the moon and the stars.


When Bucky comes back from the airplane bathroom - which as per Stark is obscenely luxurious and now he smells like some kinda orchid - Clint is still where he left him.

“Hey, darlin’,” Bucky says, leaning in at a careful angle that won’t bump his chin against Clint’s nose. Okay, he maybe gets a little distracted, but he’s not the only one.

When he returns to the couch, Tony’s still kinda transfixed, staring at the pole and the ex-circus act still coiled all pretty around it, keeping himself up and making it look effortless.

“Holy shit,” Tony mutters eventually.

“Yup,” Bucky says.

“The muscles.”

Bucky grins, whole worlds of fuckin’ smug. “Yup.”

“The stamina.”

Bucky holds up a metal fist; without shifting his gaze, Tony bumps his own against it.

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For both Steroline and Bamon - Who would: Ask the other to live together, make the other a striptease dance, ask the other to dance without music, choose costumes on halloween, the one who always wins the argumemts, who wakes up crancky in the middle of the night, makes the other one exercise, who would sing for the other, who texts the other one first when they miss them

LMAO these are going to be so hard for me, you have no idea. Okay:

Ask the other to live together?

  • Bamon - Damon. Bonnie would probably be bitching about having to renew her lease and her rent going up and Damon would be like ‘then don’t renew it’. All her stuff’s there anyway since he lives closer to the hospital, and she’s obsessed with his ridiculously expensive bed (that she used to make tons of fun of until it became her new favorite thing). Plus, his modern, fancy bachelor pad feels warmer with all her books and sweaters and fluffy slippers lying around, and as much as he complains, it’s never felt more like home than it does now that there are flares of her all over it. And most importantly, he has the Keurig machine.

  • Steroline - Caroline. Stefan’s been feeling the situation out, not wanting to push because he knows she works at her own pace and there’s nothing that can slow her down or speed her up, she just is. So when she’s looking for a new apartment that’s closer to her job, he notices she’s asking for his opinion a suspicious amount, and it isn’t until she says, ‘Will your desk fit in here, though?’ that he realizes what’s happening. And he can’t help the smile. Because that’s Caroline. She doesn’t say ‘Want to move in together?’, she says ‘Will your desk fit in here?’, and he tells her that he’ll make it fit, and she nods nonchalantly and hides a smile in her coffee mug.

Make the other a striptease dance?

  • Bamon - Damon. Because 1. it’s Damon, 2. he knows it’ll cheer her up, and 3. it’s Damon.

  • Steroline - Caroline, because Stefan can get super lost in his cases and it’s a fun challenge to snap him out of it.

Ask the other to dance without music?

  • Bamon - Bonnie. And she still stands on the top his bare feet like a little kid, and she still hums ‘The Notebook Song’ offkey, and she still calls him a mush ball, and he tips her in outrageous dips and falls a little more in love with her every time. 

  • Steroline - Stefan. The apartment they end up getting has the tiniest bedroom known to humankind, but the kitchen’s big and has high ceilings and a bay window overlooking the Charles, and sometimes when they’re cleaning up after dinner, he’ll grab her hand and spin her around and pull her into him for a quiet, swaying moment. He still doesn’t ‘do dancing’, but he does it for her, and it makes her glow.

Choose costumes on Halloween?

  • Bamon - Both. It’s a fight to the death. The topic literally comes up in July and is a lightning rod of heated debate for months. Sabotage, blackmail, and seduction attempts are all fair game. It usually goes down to the wire.

  • Steroline - Caroline. And they’re always stylish and clever because she makes them herself. But sometimes she makes Stefan wear tights because hey, if they cape fits…

The one who always wins the arguments?

  • Bamon - Damon, usually. Not necessarily because he’s right, but because he’s a bottomless pit of frothy counterarguments and can literally debate forever and Bonnie stops caring because Naked and Afraid is on and a lot more interesting. But if it’s something that actually matters, Bonnie. Except she doesn’t argue, she declares and that’s that.

  • Steroline - Half-and-half. Caroline tends to get more carried away and heated in arguments and Stefan stays really patient and level-headed, so on any given day, it’s just a matter of whose stamina wins out.

Who wakes up cranky in the middle of the night?

  • Bamon - Damon. Shivering. To no blankets. And no pillows. Because somehow, a girl who’s almost an entire foot shorter than him takes up twice the bedding.

  • Steroline - Caroline, because Stefan always slips out of bed at 2 AM to work when he’s got a big case coming up, and she worries he’s not getting enough sleep.

Who makes the other one exercise?

  • Bamon - Both in different ways. Bonnie makes Damon go to open dance classes with her and he always ends up being the life of the party (he loves Zumba and yells ‘arriba!’ throughout the entire thing), and Damon drags Bonnie to the gym for weights (she complains the whole time and almost kills him when she gets distracted - ‘jesus, bon, you’re supposed to be spotting’ ‘I meaaaan, I spotted the froyo stand’). 

  • Steroline - Same deal. Stefan coaxes her into morning runs through the public garden and even though she never wants to go at first, she loves when they stop at the top of the footbridge to watch the sun spill over the pond. Plus, she gets her revenge when she drags Stefan to her spin class (which he still calls ‘biking’ and still finds really stupid because you’re doing all this work and not getting anywhere). 

Who would sing for the other?

  • Bamon - Bonnie sings freely and horribly. Full-volume Disney anthems are an evening shower staple, regardless of if Damon is in there with her, but he does occasionally manage to veer the sounds she’s making into something way less G-rated. Sometimes he just joins in, though. Their neighbors aren’t happy about either one.

  • Steroline - Caroline. Stefan knows a few songs on the guitar, but mostly he plays meandering, improvised melodies, and every now and then, Caroline will add lyrics. Sometimes it’s her poetry, sometimes she makes it up on the spot, but she has a pretty voice that she’s shy about and the rareness of it makes him love it even more.

Who texts the other one first when they miss them?

  • Bamon - Damon has exactly two modes of missing Bonnie - he gets grumpy as hell and starts complaining about literally everything (’this airport blows’/’”please secure your mask before assisting others” is such a fucked up metaphor for america’/’why is seattle so goddamn cold’/’why is everyone so happy in LA’) or he sends a long, whimsical, Shakespearean sonnet about how the world is ending. 

  • Steroline - Caroline. And Stefan always knows it’s coming because it starts off as a checklist. (’Did you remember to bring your external hard-drive?’ ‘yep.’ ‘Did you drop the dry cleaning off before you left this morning?’ ‘yep.’ ‘Are you sure you packed the tie I picked out?’ ‘actually I swapped it for the one Damon gave me for christmas’ ‘The blue one?’ ‘the one covered in penises’ ‘I miss you.’) 

This legit took me like 45 minutes to answer what are priorities.

anonymous asked:

What tf is with experimentation? If I don't get another chapter soon than I might die tbh. I know authors have lives but it's been so long 😭

Okay so here’s the thing.
I’m going to be a little harsh, and it’s not because I want to be harsh with you, Nonnie, but because I just want to make a point.

The fact that you say ‘I know, but’ tells me that you don’t really know.
We fic writers work so hard on our fics. We spend so much time on them, put so much of our heart and soul into them. It is not easy.

I just looked on Redlance’s AO3 out of curiosity and saw that she was eighty-three works up. Eighty fucking three. Experimentation alone is almost 260,000. I can’t even begin to imagine how many words she has put out there for your entertainment, free of charge. I can say for me, I’ve put up 1,042,760 … and I only have sixteen stories up!
I mean, doesn’t it blow you mind to think of the number Redlance probably has!
The average paperback les story is around 80-120k right? Each one tends to be about $10 in cost. Some do the math for me, how much should each of us owe her?
And how long as she been posting ‘Experimentation’?! 5-23-2015! The fact that she hasn’t burned out is amazing. I peak at six months. The only time I’ve gone past that was because the book was planned to/is now going to be published. And even that had a year of a break in the middle.
Otherwise, I can’t keep up the stamina. I get bored. I stop feeling for the characters as much as I did. I start thinking about new stories I want to write.
But she’s kept it up, ya’ll.
For us.

The thing is, we as writers don’t owe you anything and I think a lot of people forget that. We want you to be happy, we want you to enjoy yourselves, we appreciate you and we want to connect with you through our work. It’s a work of love that we do, whether it’s love for you, love for the characters or just love of the art. But we don’t actually owe you anything.
It’s reasonable to say that at the very least we can take some time away without people attacking them, bugging them, accusing them of abandoning the story, or any other foolishness.
I support Redlance to take as much time as she needs and frankly, if we want her to finish this beloved story, then we need to be far more supportive of her than this.
We need to be far more supportive of all our fic writers than this!

Real life always comes first, ya’ll.

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could you do more hc for hybrid jungkook going into rut and jimin becoming like addicted to jk's cum

+ “Fuck!” Jimin moans as he grips the sheets.

+ Jungkook snarls in lust as he sloppily thrusts into Jimin, watching his master’s cock bounce against his quivering stomach.

+ Jimin is embrassed about how often he has been helping his hybrid through his ruts. Jimin doesn’t know if this is ethical but it feels so good.

+ Jimin has always been a hard man to please in bed, no human ever being rough enough or has the stamina to keep up with him.

+ Jungkook howls as he grips Jimin’s hips to get in deeper, making Jimin arch his back as he screams softly in pleasure. “Master! Master feels so good!” Jungkook snarls as he fucks Jimin.

+ “Yes! Right there!” Jimin moans as his eyes flutter and toes curl. Shamelessly enjoying the sex in the moment.

+ Jungkook slams so hard that Jimin’s bed frame breaks but they keep going.

+ Jimin cums after he starts jerking his leaking cock and Jungkook came a handful of thrusts later.

+ “G-good boy…” Jimin says panting as Jungkook pulls out exhuastedly. Jungkook whimpers softly at the praise as he moves to lick softly at Jimin’s entrance.

+ “I’m sorry master, you’re in pain right?” Jungkook says as he licks Jimin’s swollen area. Jimin moans sofly as he pets Jungkook’s hair.

+ “It’s ok. You’re ok.” Jimin says feeling a bit guilty. Jungkook isn’t in the wrong here, “come back up to master Jungkook. Let’s snuggle for a bit.”

+ Jungkook crawls up as shoves his face into Jimin’s neck as his master gently pets him.