stamina rune

  • Alec [about Camille]: Does she still love you?
  • Magnus: I don't think so. She wasn't very pleasant the last time I saw her. Of course, that could be because I've got an eighteen-year-old boyfriend with a stamina rune and she doesn't.
  • Alec: *sputters*
  • Alec: As the person being objectified, I ... object to that description of me.

Alec dragged his feet to the living room, looking for Magnus. It was late and the warlock hadn’t joined him in bed yet. When Alec had arrived to the loft after his last patrol, his boyfriend had been very busy working on something, and although Alec understood that work was important, he also knew that even the High Warlock of Brooklyn needed some rest.

“What are you doing?” Alec asked when he found Magnus sitting on the couch with his laptop practically glued to his lap.

“Nothing.” Magnus said, quickly closing the device. “Actually, I was about to go to bed.” He added, feigning a yawn.

Alec looked at him intently. It was obvious that his boyfriend was lying, Alec could see it in his eyes, besides, it wasn’t helping his case either that there were at least four empty mugs of coffee on the table. Alec didn’t know who Magnus was trying to fool, but it was obvious that he had no intention of going to bed any time soon.

“Go to bed,” Magnus said, leaving the laptop on the couch and picking up the mugs, “I’ll just take this to the kitchen and catch you there.”

Alec stood there waiting, but he was really curious to know what Magnus had been doing, so without thinking it twice, he grabbed the warlock’s laptop and opened it. “What’s this?” He asked Magnus when his boyfriend returned to the living room.

“Nothing, a silly mundane poll.

“Those are our names,” Alec said confused. The screen clearly said Magnus and Alec.

“Hmmm, yeah…I may have tricked a bunch of mundanes into thinking we were a very famous couple and that’s how we ended up there.”

“We’re losing.” Alec pointed out, because although the gap between the two couples was very small, it was evident that the other boys had a considerable advantage.

“I know…”

“Can’t you use your…” Alec said, wiggling his fingers to mimic the movement Magnus made each time he used his magic.

“No, even my magic can’t get pass the stupid captchas.”

“How much time do they have to vote?”

“The poll ends tomorrow at 8 o'clock New York time, 5 o'clock PT…so a bit more than 24 hours.”

“Hand me my bag,” Alec said with determination.

“For what?”

“There’s a laptop there that I use to work when I’m here,” Alec said, grabbing his stele he’d left on the table and quickly activating his stamina and speed runes.

“What do you need the laptop for?”

“To vote.”


“We’re not going to lose this,” Alec explained, pointing to the screen. “I don’t care how silly this is, we’re gonna help these people win.”


Alec nodded. “You’ve been voting because you clearly want to win and I think we’ve already established how competitive I am, so we’re going to vote our asses off to win this Top TV Couple thing. I’m not going to let this other couple take this from us, not if I can help it, so go ahead, magic up more coffee—this is going to be a very long night.”


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Can you do a prompt where Magnus and Alec are doing the rune thing that jace and the girl were doing so I can focus on malec instead lmao

ok so i thought very long and hard about how to write this, so i hope you like it as much as i do

There was barely light in the room, but what little light there was reflected off Alec in the most wondrous of ways. Magnus took it all in, lying on his side, staring at Alec without shame. He was taking nothing for granted. Alec was lying on his back rather than his side, with his head turned so he could look back at Magnus. Every once and a while, Alec’s eyelids would flutter, shutting for a few brief moments before he would open them again. His lips would part and he would press Magnus’ hand to his chest over his heart, and breathe so gently. 

It was the most magical thing Magnus ever experienced, these moments, and that was saying a lot considering he was a warlock. 

The after-sex feeling was not one that Magnus enjoyed or hated. In his experience, it really depended on who you were with, how you felt, and how good the sex was. There were a lot of things to be taken into account in the effects of the afterglow of sex. 

It had never been like this before. Not once. 

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Imagine Magnus staying up late while Alec is going to bed. Somewhere in the middle of the night, Magnus sneaks into bed, behind Alec, snuggles up against him and put his arms around him, his forehead on Alecs shoulder. Then he whispers, although he thinks that Alec is asleep:
“Sorry that I’m so late.”
And Alec whispers back:
“Don’t worry, I knew it before that you have a nightlife…”
“Did I wake you?”
“No, I can’t sleep when you’re not there.”
He feels Magnus smile on his shoulder. Then he turns around so he can look at his warlock and puts his arms around him, too.
“Just come closer.” he whispers while placing a gentle kiss on Magnus’ forehead.

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Idk if you've already written this but can you write a fluffy jimon first date fic?

it’s happening!!!! lmao i love that all the new prompts i get now have specific genres. IT’S LIT, AND I KNOW I CAN’T MESS THIS UP TOO BADLY

side note: i wanna say that it should go without saying, but i’m a pretty chill person and always encourage people to come off anon and be my friend. i understand if you don’t want to - i have anon turned on, i mean i’m fine with it - but i’ve noticed an increase in anon prompts and i just wanna make it very clear that i’m super friendly and don’t bite!! <3

Jace is just about ready to call the whole thing off. 

“Gotta arrange these better.” Clary fusses, fluffing the baby’s breath in the bouquet of flowers he’s holding. “This color gradient’s all off.” 

“I paid a hell of a lot of money for dead plants.” Jace grumbles. “I think the color gradient’s fine.” 

“You’re not the one with the art degree.” Izzy warns, coming forward and yanking his arm towards her. 

“Clary doesn’t have one either.” Jace protests, confused as Izzy yanks out her stele and beings to trace something across his forearm. “Is that - stamina?” 

“Better to be safe than sorry.” his sister says calmly, and Jace groans. 

“I’m not going to have sex with him on the first date.” He says, a little too loudly. Lindsey pauses from where she’s on one of the monitors and gives him a strange look, and Raj is doubled over a rack of blades, wheezing with laughter. 

So great to know.” Alex says sardonically, smirking as he saunters over. He waves his phone at Jace. “I was just getting on Magnus’ case because he, Raphael, and Luke are making a big deal out of Simon getting ready, but apparently I don’t have a leg to stand on. You’re all just as bad.” 

“Look who’s talking.” Izzy says, laughing as Alec casually straightens a wrinkle in Jace’s button-down and adjusts his collar.

“Are we all done?” Jace asks crossly. “Can I go on my private date now?” 

“Oh, it’s so sweet when children grow up.” Clary sighs, pretending to wipe away a tear as she steps back. Jace groans, louder. 

“Fray, are you giving my boyfriend a hard time?” a voice calls, and Jace turns, relieved, to see Simon. He pauses for a moment, stunned, as Simon walks up to him with a grin on his face. 

Simon looks so good, the top few buttons of his soft purple henley unbuttoned. He’s got a dark black jacket on that Jace swears he’s seen on Magnus before, and his hair looks windswept. Jace wants to put his hands all over Simon and wreck him, wear out the stamina rune that Izzy’s so helpfully provided. At the same time, he also wants to hold Simon’s hand and take him on a picnic or something equally awful and sweet. It’s horrible, but Jace can’t find it in him to do anything but smile like an idiot and hand Simon the flowers, leaning in to brush a kiss against his cheek. 

“Hey.” Jace says lowly, and Simon’s eyes are bright as he regards Jace and hands over his own bouquet, which Jace takes and smiles stupidly at. 

“I see we both went for a traditional approach.” Simon comments, and they both consider the two bouquets. “Thought I’m not sure what to do with these now. I did not think this far ahead.” 

“Classic Lewis.” Jace sighs, then jerks his head to Izzy. “I don’t have these nerds here for nothing.” 

“No glove, no love, and make sure to use the stamina rune.” Izzy says sweetly in retaliation as she and Alec tug the bouquets out of their hands. “We’ll put these in water; go enjoy yourselves.” Simon flushes at the comment about the stamina rune, and Jace rolls his eyes. 

“I don’t kiss and tell.” He hollers at his siblings before he holds a hand out to Simon. “Shall we?” 

Simon laces their fingers together, rubbing his thumb briefly across Jace’s knuckles. “Where are we going?” 

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” 

“Jace, I’m driving. I have to know.” Simon says patiently. 

“I’ll get my license soon.” Jace grumbles, and Simon laughs. “We’re going to Central Park.” 

“It’s nearly midnight.” 

“So?” Jace looks at him, using his free hand to push his hair out of his face. “Perfect for stargazing.” 

“Oh my god, this is New York. Have you ever heard of something called light pollution?” 

“You are so determined to make this not romantic.” Jace teases gently, nudging Simon and grinning. Simon cuts him a flat look, and Jace laughs. “I checked with Meliorn, and he set up a place with his magic to let us see the stars.” 

“Wait, seriously?” Simon asks, stopping on the sidewalk in front of his garish van. Jace eyes the van warily. 

“I can’t believe I’m constantly riding in this monstrosity.” He says, shaking his head. “But yeah.” 

“Respect the wheels.” Simon says absently, still staring at Jace. “How did you get Meliorn to help you?” 

Jace shrugs, shifting uncomfortable. “Meliorn has a soft spot for romance.” Simon continues to stare at him, and Jace sighs, relenting. “He thinks its hilarious that another Shadowhunter is dating a Downworlder, and he’s encouraging it because, and I quote, he ‘cannot wait to see the Clave’s constipated expressions when they learn of their precious half-angel with a vampire’.”

Simon laughs at that, throwing his head back and leaning against the van. Jace half-smiles, more occupied with the way the moonlight traces a silver glow across Simon’s cheeks and neck. 

“Wait, that’s so great.” Simon says, still chuckling. “It’s Meliorn’s version of a fuck you, that’s so cute - are you listening? You’re staring at me weird.” He says, pausing as Jace licks his lips. Jace can’t take his eyes off of the way the light is falling perfectly across Simon, illuminating his figure and turning him into something angelic. He takes a step closer, swaying forward into Simon’s space. 

“You’re impossible.” Simon says fondly before he lifts his free hand to cradle Jace’s cheek and bridges the distance between them, pressing his lips to Jace’s. It’s not their first kiss, but it feels just as wonderful, just as new and bright, warmth exploding like fireworks behind Jace’s closed eyes. 

He presses closer, letting go of Simon’s hand, and instead winds his arms around Simon’s waist, pulling their bodies flush together. Simon makes a low, delighted noise, and traces his tongue across the seam of Jace’s lips; Jace obediently parts his mouth and lets Simon twine their tongues together, his breathing ragged. He feels like he’s floating, riding a soft high that consists entirely of Simon’s body tangled with his, Simon’s skin faintly cool beneath his hands, the noises that Simon makes echoing like a symphony around them. 

He finally breaks the kiss when breathing becomes a problem, sucking in deep lungfuls of air as Simon watches him with half-lidded eyes, his lips faintly shining with spit. 

“That stamina rune might actually come in handy.” Simon says, his voice rough, and Jace laughs, burying his face in Simon’s shoulder and relishing in the feeling for just a moment. 

“I want to do this right.” Jace says, finally drawing back and pressing a tiny kiss to Simon’s forehead. “I’m gonna woo the fuck out of you, Lewis.” 

“You sap.” Simon says, but he’s laughing too as he drags Jace around to the passenger side and opens the door. “Ready for our date, then?” 

“Yeah.” Jace says, bringing Simon’s hand to his lips and brushing a kiss across his knuckles. Simon blushes violently, covering his face with his free hand. Jace grins, slow and predatory, and Simon’s eyes widen. “Yeah.” 

(It’s a really cute date, up until the bushes rustle and they whirl around, weapons drawn, to find a sheepish wolf regarding them, accompanied by Izzy and Clary.

“It’s 2017 and privacy is apparently a myth!” Simon hollers, chasing a laughing Luke down as Jace groans and quietly bemoans the fact that they’re all way too co-dependent.)

Grey is the new definition of sexy

Hey, hey! This is my involve in Malec week 2017. Hope you’ll like it.

Day one: Future scene


Summary: Alec sports his first grey hair, but Magnus reassures him it’s fine to have them. 

Alec woke up strangely relaxed this morning. None of his sons had woken him up, demanding food or something else. Angel knows, Rafael and Max had strange ideas at the early morning hours. Alec was used to wake up with the sun, but lately, as he reached his mid thirties, he liked to sleep in. Especially, when Magnus’s body kept him warm in their big bed.

Alec looked at the electric watch standing on Magnus’s night stand. It showed a little bit past eight. It made him confuse even more. Were his boys still asleep at such late hour for them ? Or were they up doing Angel knows what.

Alerted by the mysterious silence going in their home, Alec got up and went to the living room. His boys weren’t there, only Chairman Meow, their old cat was sleeping on the red plush couch, Magnus conjured from his apartment in London. He deemed it worthy again, after five years of not using. That, or he actually listened to Alec, when he told him that the couch was good for the shadowhunter’s back, when he got back from long training. It was just amazing.

There were some sounds coming from the kitchen. Alec went there, suspicious as hell. His boys, despite being fifteen and twelve didn’t have a hand in the kitchen. They were just as hopeless as their other father and aunt. Though, you had to give it to Max, he could conjure any food he wanted, from where he wanted, as he was skilled warlock.

As he entered the kitchen, he found his both sons eating bagels and drinking fresh juice. When they spotted Alec, they smiled widely, and Max conjured the same food and drink for Alec.

“Morning, dad! ” They said in unison, flashing him wide smiles. Alec smiled back, before he kissed the top of their heads. “Papa still asleep?”

“Yes,” Alec confirmed, biting down on a bagel. It was good. Alec felt Rafael’s eyes on him. “What?”

“What’s that in your hair? Did papa make you highlights?” Alec’s confusion grown more, as he went to the hall, where the oval mirror from the sixteenth century hung on the left wall. He looked closer at his hair and then he spotted.

A few strands of grey hair were decorating his right part of hair.

Alec couldn’t believe in what he was seeing. He had the first grey hair. He was getting old. The realization hit him hard, tears built-in his blue eyes. He fought so hard to not let them escape.

“Dad? ” He heard the deep voice of Rafael behind his back. The young boy placed his hand on his arm. “Are you ok? Daddy?”

“You haven’t called me that in years, Rafe.” He replied, blinking twice to not show his son the weakness he had for a moment.

“Good morning, sweet peas! ” Magnus’s honey voice filled the hall, before he came to stand next to Alec and Rafe. “Oh, Alexander, I know you’re beautiful and all, but why do we stare at you in mirror? Shouldn’t we like eat breakfast?”

“Papa, dad has some highlights in his hair. Did you magic them up? ” Rafe asked, looking questioningly at his other father. Before Magnus could answer, Max joined them and looked at Alec’s reflection.

“It’s grey hair!” The blue skinned warlock pointed out. “Dad, you have grey hair, like grandpa Robert. You’re so old!”

Two kids laughed remarking Alec about his old age. They didn’t see, how this remark was hurting him, but Magnus saw. He scolded them both and sent to the kitchen. When they were alone, Magnus pulled Alec into his arms and kissed the top of his head, where the grey hair remained.

“My Angel…”

“I’m getting old, Magnus. They’re right.” He sighed in Magnus’s black shirt, which Alec could have sworn belonged to him. “Soon, I’m going…”

“If you finish this sentence, you’ll be sleeping on the couch at least for a month. And I’m not talking about the red couch you like so much, I’m talking about the couch in my study. The one you hate.” Magnus warned him, tickling his sides. “You’re getting older, but I can promise you, Alec, you’re getting older just like a fine wine. With age you’re even better.”

“Oh really? ” Alec bickered. “Soon, I won’t be able to keep up with you in bed.”

“That’s not possible,” Magnus ruffled Alec’s hair. “You will always be my match in bed, darling. Even without your stamina rune. You can always…” Magnus trailed his hand down Alec’s chest, until he stopped it at the line of his sweatpants. “keep up with me.”

“Perv.” Alec nudged him in his ribs. “Our sons are behind the wall, Magnus. I don’t want to scare them for life. They’re just little kids.”

Magnus just laughed.

“And so what if you’re getting old, Alexander. Your grey hair are sexy.” Magnus turned Alec in his arms so they could see their reflection in the mirror. “Just look at you, so gorgeous, handsome, sexy as hell. Mmm…I thought that you were beautiful before, but now, you are so drop dead gorgeous. You make me hot inside, Alec.”

“Is there anything else in your mind besides sex?”

“Nope. When I see such a hot man in my arms, with the trace of his fine age, I can’t stop myself.”

“Fine age?” Alec asked, raising his eyebrow.

“Mhm,” Magnus once again, trailed hands over Alec’s chest. “The finest. And I can show you, how much I love your fine age, Alexander.”

“Papa! ” Voices of their sons interrupted them their subtle fun. “We’re still here!”

“And I believe it’s time to see you off to the Institute. Your grandmother will give me grey hair, if she won’t see you in the morning.” Magnus laughed, as he ruffled hair of his sons. He snapped his fingers and he created a portal in their living room. He kissed Rafe and Max’s foreheads, telling them to be good for Maryse and Robert and waved them goodbye, as they stepped through the portal. “Now.” He said, as they were alone. “I believe I promised to show you, how I love your fine age, dearest.”

“Yes, you have. “Alec licked his lips, as Magnus walked him to their bedroom, shutting the door behind them.

Maybe Alec was getting old, having his first grey hair. But as long as Magnus still loved him and found him good for himself, he could live with it.

List of Malec things given to other characters:

I’ve been wanting to start this list for a long time and finally did it today. I know there are lots more but this is a start just off the top of my head. Now I’m going back to bed. 😏😒

Stamina rune - one of the most iconic Magnus Bane quotes EVER is wasted on Jace and random hookup.

Fumbling first time make-out: wasted on Climon, Alec getting frisky with Magnus and lifting his shirt for the first time in TBC should have been in the show! Clary taking off Simon’s shirt was a slap in the face to Malec fans!

Cat-eyes reveal - should have been a private moment with Alec but instead used as party trick to Max right in front of Maryse.

Morning after pillow talk - wasted on Simon and Maureen. Malec needed that moment to confirm what happened was positive and happy for them. Some people still don’t think they even did it!

Cooking together - wasted on Raphael and Izzy when everyone knows they aren’t even a couple.
This is majorly messed up people.

Couch make-out - also wasted on Raphael and Izzy when everyone knows Malec had the BEST couch scene ever!!!

Hugging - Climon gets multiple hugs and cuddles in the street, on rooftops, on top of a freaking van. Can Malec please have a hug????? One hug????? Is this asking too much??????

Shadowhunters Fanfic: Stamina

(Based on a prompt by @discarded-arc-reactor thank you! This will be multi chapter I’ll try and update soon I hope you like it!)

“Alec, are you listening?”

The shadowhunter blinked his tired eyes and turned back to an impatient Raj who was going over forms for all the casualties from the last attack on the institute.

“Yeah, I’ll sort them out, just leave them on my desk.”

The man didn’t move though, he just opened his mouth as if he were about to start talking without ever getting any words out. Alec growled.

“Spit it out.”

Raj swallowed and shuffled some of his papers nervously.

“Sorry, you just…someone has to call the families of the deceased.”

Alec sighed. He was the head of the institute, it would have to be him. But by the angel, he would give anything to not have to do this.

His voice was softer this time, as he massaged the back of his neck, trying to loosen his overly tense muscles.

“I’ll do it. Leave me the list of names and I’ll go see them all myself.”

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Love, Bites Pt.2

“Like you haven’t done the same thing before.” Alec said to him, taking a sip from the steaming cup.

“Yeah but I’m smart enough to get back before day break and avoid everyone.”

“I’ll remember that advice, thank you. If I did that maybe I’d avoid the interrogation again. I’m surprised you haven’t made me sit behind a desk with a bright light in my face.” He looked back at his sister and Jace, who were both giving him  a strange look. He rolled his eyes once more.

“Now what? What’s the look for?”

Izzy reached up a hand and attempted to grab the collar of his jacket. Alec flinched back from her, almost spilling his coffee in the process.


Jace have a short laugh and Izzy had her hand over her mouth trying to stifle her giggles.

“Are you sure you were at Magnus’ place last night? Your neck looks like you were attacked by a whole vampire clan.” She laughed, trying to pull his collar away again, this time succeeding thanks to Alec’s dulled reflexes.

“By the angel, Isabelle, can’t you leave me alone?” he grumbled.

“Bro, collared shirts are your friend.” Jace said, giving him a lop sided grin.

“Once again thanks for the tip. If you two have quite finished, I’m going to have a shower and then catch a few hours sleep.” Alec growled and started to walk off.

“Good cause you reek of warlock and magic. God, Alec what sort of freaky stuff do you two get up to anyway?” Izzy said.

“I think that’s entirely between Alexander and myself, Miss Lightwood.”

Alec stopped and turned around to see his boyfriend standing just inside the doors of the Ops centre. Apparently, Magnus had managed to cover their busy night better than he could because he looked his usual well- tailored self. He gave him a smile and Magnus winked back at him making him blush a little.

Izzy was looking at Magnus with a curious expression, however, and Alec wondered what she was up to now. Did she ever give up?

“So, Magnus, a little warm for a scarf, isn’t it?” she pointed out, nodding towards the silky looking material draped around his neck. He actually looked  slightly uncomfortable for a few seconds before clearing his throat and straightening up.

“It happens to go with this outfit, thank you very much.” He replied, adjusting the scarf in question.

“Uh ha, yeah sure it does.” Jace told him, smirking.

“This from someone who looks like he was dressed by a 3 year old.” Magnus shot back.

“Hey, a 3 year old with great taste, thank you.” Jace replied. Alec was about to start back towards his room again when he noticed Clary coming up behind Magnus. Normally he wouldn’t of cared too much but he could see some kind of silent communication between her and Izzy and it made him do a double take just as she was reaching up to grab the scarf around Magnus’ neck. He turned back around and opened his mouth to warn him, but Clary was too quick and had pulled the scarf free from him. Magnus gave a yell and quickly reached up to grab it but it slid through his fingers. Jace, Clary and Izzy all gave a whoop of laughter as it became obvious why Magnus was wearing the scarf.

“Man, looks like you met that same pack of vampires as Alec did. I don’t know how you both survived. It looks like it was a really vicious attack.” Jace said, trying not to choke on his laughter.

“So what does a warlock taste like, Alec?” Izzy giggled.

“I’ll tell you if you tell me what a Seelie tastes like, Izzy” Alec shot back his pale face going pink.

Magnus brought his hand up near his neck and gave his fingers a click, making the marks disappear. He turned back to Clary and grabbed his scarf back from her.

“Really, Biscuit, it seems Jace and Izzy’s sense of humour is rubbing off on you,  you’re getting as bad as they are.” He said, but Clary could tell he wasn’t that mad, there was a smile hinting at his lips.

Alec gave Magnus a look.

“You couldn’t of done that to me before I left this morning?” he asked him. Magnus gave him a small smile back.

“I’m sorry, my love, but you didn’t wake me before you left. That was why I came here this morning to try to save you from any drama but I guess I got here a little late for that.”  

Alec winced at hearing Magnus using his favourite endearment for him in front of the others. It was just adding fuel to the fire this morning. Jace, Clary and Izzy were giving him that “Awwww! How cute” look and he gave groan, totally fed up.

“Ok, that’s it. Yes obviously I stayed at Magnus’ place last night. Yes, we had mad monkey bone sex and it was damn good, if you are really that interested. And yes, he tastes really good  for your information, Izzy. There, all your questions answered, I hope you’re satisfied now. Now I’ve completely embarrassed myself and Magnus, maybe you can drop the subject and let me get that shower and some sleep.” Alec looked back to  a room full of shocked faces, including said boyfriend, although he was now looking more pleased with himself than shocked. He came up to him and gave Alec a quick kiss and a pat on his arm.

“I think you’ve revealed enough enough for one day, Alexander. Remind me to let you get more sleep in the future. Come, let’s get you into that shower.” And they started walking off.

“Oh boy, here we go again. Round two coming up. Better activate your stamina rune for this one bro.” Izzy said, as they went.

“Geez, all this over a few hickeys.” Alec grumbled.

“It’s ok Alexander, next time I’ll put them where they can’t see them.” Magnus made sure his voice was loud enough for the others to hear.

“Seriously?!” Alec said, giving him a strained look. They were almost to the other side of the room when he heard his sister’s voice once more.

“Here’s another question for you. Who gets to take the lead this time?”

Alec threw his hands in the air and gave a loud “Arghhh!” Magnus gave a small smirk and gave his back a soothing pat and as they reached the door, he turned back to see them all watching them giggling. He winked at them before pointing a finger at himself and silently mouthing “me” back at them. The giggles stopped straight away and were replaced with stunned silence.

Now it was Magnus’ turn to laugh as they disappeared through the door.

Malec Week Headcanons

So I almost missed Malec week this year but luckily I found the post just in time phew anyways here we go:

  • Who hogs the duvet?

Malec. No seriously. They both fall asleep on different sides of the bed, but in the morning, Magnus is always on top of Alec’s chest and Alec’s chin on top of Magnus’ head and all the covers are just bunched up around them. 

  • Who texts/rings to check how their day is going?

Both of them. When Alec is away at the Institute and on missions, Magnus worries about him a lot and so he either calls Alec or texts him. Alec doesn’t mind though, he looks forward to Magnus’ messages. Alec’s at that point in their relationship where he acts like a fluffy, moony-eyed, love-struck puppy. So when Alec randomly messages Magnus goofy stuff like I love you, Magnus. Hope you have a lovely day. Magnus knows Alec is missing him. He secretly loves it and both of them finally experiences what’s it’s like to have someone love you unconditionally, and ultimately that’s what they both need.

  • Who is the most creative for gift giving?

Both of them. Due to their competitive spirits, they are always striving to see who can give the other a better present. Sadly, Alec is yet to beat Magnus’ outlandish creativity.

  • Who gets up first in the morning?

Alec. He’s totally acoustomed to getting up really early, sometimes before the sun rises. This because of his Shadowhunter training. But when he makes up, he likes to prepare breakfast and coffee for his boyfriend.

  • Who suggests new things in bed?

Alec. Despite his innocent façade, our boy Alec is really, really kinky. This is partly due to Magnus, who more than encourages Alec to embrace his inner nymphomaniac and partly due to Alec’s stamina rune (he can’t seem to ever get satisfied) 

  • Who cries at movies?

Both. The first time they had a movie night, they watched Titanic and the loft almost flooded. Alec was crying so hard that his voice went hoarse and he refused to answer his phone when Jace called. Magnus lost it at the part when Jack died, because come on, who doesn’t want an epic love story like Rose and Jack.

  • Who gives unprompted massages?

Magnus because Alec comes home sore and grumpy and Magnus doesn’t like seeing his boyfriend like that. Alec enjoys them a little too much though and one thing leads to another…

  • Who gets jealous easiest?

Alec, of course. In fact, his jealousy sparks unnecessary arguments between the couple, but he’s working on it; too much jealousy isn’t attractive and can lead to bad things. He learnt this lesson the hard way from Camille.

  • Who collects something unusual?

Both of them. Once, Isabelle stumbled across Magnus’ large collection of nail paints. She couldn’t believe he had so much nail polish (over 2000 bottles, I swear) and she uses them, but Magnus is a good sport and lets her. Alec on the other hand, has a collection of steles he broke, dating back to his practice stele from when he was eleven. (Practice stele- a stele used by young Shadowhunters to learn how to properly draw runes, without the adamas)

  • Who gets most excited about the holidays?

Magnus! He likes to go overboard and completely decorate his loft! You should see it for St. Patrick’s Day.

  • Who is the little spoon/big spoon?

Alec is the big spoon because he’s taller. 

  • Who starts the most arguments?

Alec, because of his jealousy issues. But he tries to control himself because he feels physically ill when he and Magnus fight.

  • Who suggests they buy a pet?

Well, they do have a pet right now, the Chairman, but Magnus would suggest they get another pet to keep Chairman company. Sadly, Alec is allergic to dogs, so most likely get another cat (Magnus might call him Prince of Purrsia)

  • What are their couple traditions?

They have many couple traditions. They drink hot tea in the living room every night before bed, just talking. On Sundays, they have their friends over so they all can get at least an hour to catch up. On Max’s (Alec’s brother) birthday, they send up blue balloons in the air. On their anniversary, they stay at home, making out, cooking dinner, sipping wine. They kiss under mistletoe at least once every Christmas.

  • What TV shows do they watch?

Supernatural, Sherlock, Glee, Gotham and the likes. Honestly, they’re not really into television, but they like to make fun of and judge the shows together.

  • What other couples they hang out with?

Jocelyn and Luke. Reason being, Jocelyn and Luke are parents, and being new parents, Alec and Magnus need all the help they can get. But they also hang with Simon and Isabelle and Jace and Clary on Sundays, and on random occasions,Tessa and Jem.

  • Who brings flowers home?

Magnus. Alec’s not the one to do grand romantic gestures because he’s awkward enough as it is.

  • Who does Alec talk to about relationship issues?

Isabelle and Clary. They’ve always been there for Alec and he knows he can trust them with anything. Plus, he knows that Isabelle has plenty of experiences with guys and he can’t keep anything from his little sister. She’s never given him bad advice and she’s always been there for him ever since she figured out his sexuality. Clary talks to Magnus, so therefore she helps them resolves most of their issues.

  • And who does Magnus talk to?

Catarina and Tessa. They both keep him in line and tell him when he’s the wrong one. He often talks to Clary and Isabelle too.

  • How do they make up after arguments?

SEX! HOT, ANGRY SEX! Lmao According to Magnus, this is how they’re free to take out their anger on each other in a way that’s pleasurable for both of them. Besides that, they each do something sweet for the other, whether it’s Magnus doing his usual grand romantic gesture, or Alec just subtly doing something sweet for Magnus.

“Does she still love you?”
“I don’t think so,” Magnus said dryly. “She wasn’t very pleasant the last time I saw her. Of course, that could be because I’ve got an eighteen year-old boyfriend with a stamina rune and she doesn’t.”
Alec sputtered. “As the person being objectified, I… object to that description of me.”

Malec, City of Lost Souls

Thoughts about Shadowhunters 2x07




‘You continue to surprise me’ WELL YOU CONTINUE TO FUCK ME UP


‘*Put on music*’ HEY NOW YOU CAN BOTH FUCK


Fuck off, Clary x3

Clary, why are you such a fucking asshole? other people have lives you know, OUTSIDE OF YOU. YOU’RE NOT THE CENTRE OF THE FUCKING UNIVERSE.


‘Damn it‘ indeed, Alec

Okay, Jace has a stamina rune next to his flexibility rune, and that’s pretty hot


I’m actually really liking this Alec/Clary friendship that they’re developing, it’s really great to watch.

*close up of Izzy’s hand twitching* Oh no…

Izzy calling out Clary on her bullshit is my favourite thing (other than Malec and Raphael ft. Magnus)

OMG that glasses chick 0.0

Izzy, cut the crap.



Magnus winking is everything omg

I s2g if Magnus was taking the piss out of clary with the ‘heal my broken heart’ thing, I will be ecstatic


‘Izzy, you’re bullshiting me, a warlock? oooh you’re stupid’ That’s what he said, right?

Wellll, he tried



Really, you literally put Saia and Sissy a second apart, fuck you bro.



JIMON??? AS WELL???? We’ve already had everything BUT saphael and jimon so why not?

Okay, I’m actually sort of happy they’re finally addressing confident playboy!Jace and not just incest-y!Jace and warrior!Jace

‘Don’t tease me’ Holy shit, I’m becoming attracted to an asshole


OMG look at jace’s eyes, he’s gotta be bi


‘why do you think women are so attracted to me?’ Bish, did you just ask what I think you just asked? Damn

Jace is pretty much grooming Simon.


Jace is literally asking Simon to hit on him this is so gay rn I love it

‘Dazzle me’ My word, you’re thirsty.

Jace TOTALLY just gave simon the once-over and you can’t convince me otherwise.

Note: Jace also knows James Bond [Of course he fucking does, look at him]

‘So I have to stop being myself?’ ‘Exactly.’ Oh, so this is why he has 3 times the active ships you have?

Jace turns into Simon and immediately touches his hair. Ooh.




‘Is this your first time with a man?’ XD HONEY, IT’S HIS FIRST TIME PERIOD


Sidenote: Seelies like ABBA. Huh. Nice.



Magus answering the door is always wonderful, cause he TILTS HIS HEAD

*Alec takes off his jacket* OMG WE’RE JUST DIVING RIGHT IN. OKAY.



‘I’m not complaining‘ No-one is.

‘The sex-step’ OMG MAGGIE

‘I’m worried I might lose you’ ‘Why would you think that?’ OMG THESE TWO



‘Come on, Jace’ ‘Fuck that shit’ ‘Clary’s in trouble’ WHERE’S MY FUCKING COAT

The Cleo/Luke relationship is sort of like when a homophobe needs somewhere to crash and they go to their gay sibling for help. 

‘That’s an angel’ OOOOOOH SHIT



‘I wanted to prove to myself that I’m not’ ‘–In love with your best friend?’ HONESTLY, SHE COULD MEAN ANYONE AT THE POINT EXCEPT RAPHAEL- WHERE IS HE

tl;dl: MALEC FOR LIFE, I am conflicted over Clary and Izzy, Saia is a bromance, I surprisingly like Jimon, No Saphael, and COULD THAT ANGEL REALLY NOT JUST ADD ‘Oh yeah, you’re not related’?

It was an OK episode. Good for straight ships, Jimon, Malec and book!Jace, 

I’ve been meaning to speak up about the #malecdeservesbetter tag that has been going around on twitter for the past couple of days,
As a fan of both, the books, and the show, I finally decided to out my opinion regarding the many opinions being stated on most social media websites, including Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.
I’m going to be blunt about most of it, and I’m going to try my hardest not to offend anyone with my thoughts, after all, it’s only called freedom of expression  when you’re being respectful.

Throughout season 1, I have grown quite fond of the couple, from the first “who are you” to the “Alexander, I may be the high warlock of Brooklyn, but even I can’t see the future”, the evolution of their feelings was spectacular, and all in all, I fell in love with how mature the whole thing was.

Alec coming out, the way he came out, was certainly much different than the books,
In the books Alec does gather up the courage to ask Magnus out, however, they decide to keep their relationship discreet, but Alec does eventually come out to the entire institute/clave, encouraging many shadowhunters to follow his example.

Now, in the show, Alec decides to marry Lydia Branwell - an envoy sent from the clave - in order to maintain his family’s honour, and  to regain the Lightwoods’ position as leaders of the institute.

Magnus tried several times to persuade the younger man into doing what he desires instead of acting against his feelings and marrying someone he does not have feelings for.

Alec argued every time, eventually telling the warlock to “back off”.

Now, on the day of Alec and Lydia’s wedding, Magnus is seen in his loft, aimlessly wandering until the ghost of his dearest friend “Ragnor Fell” materialises  in front of him and tells him not to let Alexander go.

Midst-ceremony, Magnus walks into Alec’s wedding, and it’s soon to be known that Isabelle Lightwood, Alec’s sister , had invited him, also not wanting her older brother to sacrifice his happiness in order to restore the Lightwood name.
Alec decides to go against his parent’s will, and the laws of the clave, and to follow his heart for once.
He gets down there, and he grabs Magnus by his perfect  (probably a little too expensive) collar, and smooches him right on the spot, leaving his parents, and the members of the clave, in utter shock.
Nonetheless, it is evident how proud his siblings are, and how happy Simon (who invited him?), Lydia (who only wanted his happiness), and Clary (regardless their mutual dislike towards one another) are.

Now, as for season 2, Jace is gone, Alec is frustrated with his parabatai’s absence, and he takes it out on any person standing in his way, including Magnus, who was only trying to calm his darling.
Alec is later on shown apologising to Magnus for lashing out on him and he corrects his “after everything I’ve done for you” to a more comprehensible, realistic phrase like “I did it for me”,

Magnus is happy with Alec’s sincere apology and straightens his jacket (am I the only one who died?)

Episode one, two, three, four, five, and six were all absolutely beautiful. Malec go on their first date, which was quite awkward until Alec (once again) takes Mags by surprise and kisses him (did you see that scene though?), saying that relationships take effort.
And then they’re official.
On to episode 7. As a man who’s very new to relationships, Alec thinks that taking it to the next level after only 2 dates would be the right decision.
Isabelle knows best, right?
Out of instinct, Alec goes to his sister for help, and she proudly asks him if he was “talking about having sex”, which he only replies to by staring her dead in the face with that adorkable deadpan expression.
She tells him to go for it, and it’s obvious how much they care for one another,
Alec takes her advice.
And that’s where my disappointment began;
Someone’s at Magnus’ door,
Magnus opens the door,
Alec steps in, slipping his jacket off, obviously warming up to get to work (did he activate his stamina rune before knocking, though?)
He asks Magnus whether Jace was home (considering that annoying lil parabatai has been cockblocking them… repeatedly),
Magnus doesn’t have the chance to reply, only getting a “he lefts hours ago, are you okay-” out before Alec crashes into him and kisses him full on the mouth.
Point #1: all I saw was desperation in that scene.
Magnus pulls back with a laugh, surprised as usual, but not complaining, and he asks Alec why the suddenness.
Alec explains that he wants to take things to the next level.
Magnus is a little taken aback, and reluctant,
He pulls back, and tells Alec about his fear of losing him if they rush into the sex step.
Alec steps closer, and asks him why he would think he’d lose him
Point #2: honestly, they should’ve stopped there. Malec is a healthy unforced relationship.
Magnus tells Alec that he’s not the only one who feels vulnerable,
Alec gives him a reassuring smile and steps closer
“You’ve nothing to worry about” his hands are back on Magnus’ collar and he’s walking him towards the bedroom “I want this”
Point #3: Alec wants this. But Magnus, no matter how experienced he is in bed (400 years is quite a lot), should have a say in such a huge step, no matter how powerful and flirtatious he is.
The malec scenes ended there, and us fans had to wait another week, hoping for something to happen, a domestic scene, a kiss, a hug, or even a flashback of the night they had spent together.
And considering the many sexual scenes/sexual indications we’ve seen throughout both seasons, including Jace and a seelie in bed for nearly 3 minutes, Maureen and Simon in bed the morning after, Meliorn and Izzy in a very intimate scene, and Camille and Simon in their little vampire session back when Simon was human, we expected to have at least a glimpse of a healthy, canon relationship that has been progressing for nearly a year,

We didn’t necessarily expect a full on sex scene, but an after-sex-scene, a hug, a kiss, a smile, just any closeness between Magnus and Alec would’ve been much appreciated.

But no.

I wouldn’t have paid much mind to the fact they didn’t show us any intimacy after they had their first time if they hadn’t shown us the climon scene (in the 2x09 sneak peak), and if they haven’t shown us past sexual encounters between main characters and others who aren’t involved in any type of relationship.
But this.
Malec, an official, strong relationship between two complex characters being sidekicked?
Im extremely disappointed in Freeform, and I’m hoping they pay more attention to all ships, and fix their mistake in 2B (although I’m not gonna bring my hopes up, nothing can make up for what they have done, but okay)

Stamina: Chapter 2

“Ow, Alec lay off, will you?”

The shadowhunter squirmed under his fingers as he tried to change their bandage, making Alec sigh in frustration.

“I will if you want this wound to get infected. Stay still, it needs to be cleaned properly.”

He was trying to be gentle, but he had so much else to do that morning and he couldn’t afford to waste time just cause because Clarke couldn’t handle a little pain.

“Where’s Isabelle? She always does it differently, and it never hurts when she does it.”

Alec rolled his eyes, clenching his teeth as he went back to cleaning the stab wound on the whiner’s leg.

“Izzy has more important things to do than sit here and listen to you complain. I am sorry that it hurts but I have to clean it.”

Clarke finally lay back down on the bed and stayed quiet. He had a point about Isabelle, this was her job and she was good at it. She really enjoyed her time in the infirmary and even more so in her lab, but she had her own issues to deal with and Alec was all that was left.

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