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okay, so what do you think about non-sexual stamina runes? So maybe after Magnus talks things out with Alec, on one of those nights when Magnus can't sleep but Alec's had a long day hunting. Alec stays up sipping tea with him and utilizing the stamina rune so he can stay up through the waning hours with Magnus. Pressed shoulder to shoulder on the balcony or maybe reading side by side on the couch? Nothing but not wanting to leave the other person without company.

listen… that’s cute

magnus turned away for a moment, waving his hand to conjure them up some tea, pouring himself a cup. he heard a soft noise and glanced back, catching alec with his shirt pulled up, his stele glowing as the stamina rune ignited and shimmered red and firey. he furrowed his brows, cocking his head to the side and watching as alec dropped his hand and pulled his shirt back down into place.

“stamina?” he asked, a little bit baffled and wondering if alec had to leave. alec raised his head, looking a bit bashful, his lips twisted into a half smile.

“i just want to stay up with you, if that’s alright?” his voice was so soft and quiet, hopeful, leaving magnus staring at him for a long slow moment.

“i’d love that.” whispered in the cool air between them before magnus’s fingers found alec’s hand, squeezing it gently.

  • Alec [about Camille]: Does she still love you?
  • Magnus: I don't think so. She wasn't very pleasant the last time I saw her. Of course, that could be because I've got an eighteen-year-old boyfriend with a stamina rune and she doesn't.
  • Alec: *sputters*
  • Alec: As the person being objectified, I ... object to that description of me.

Alec dragged his feet to the living room, looking for Magnus. It was late and the warlock hadn’t joined him in bed yet. When Alec had arrived to the loft after his last patrol, his boyfriend had been very busy working on something, and although Alec understood that work was important, he also knew that even the High Warlock of Brooklyn needed some rest.

“What are you doing?” Alec asked when he found Magnus sitting on the couch with his laptop practically glued to his lap.

“Nothing.” Magnus said, quickly closing the device. “Actually, I was about to go to bed.” He added, feigning a yawn.

Alec looked at him intently. It was obvious that his boyfriend was lying, Alec could see it in his eyes, besides, it wasn’t helping his case either that there were at least four empty mugs of coffee on the table. Alec didn’t know who Magnus was trying to fool, but it was obvious that he had no intention of going to bed any time soon.

“Go to bed,” Magnus said, leaving the laptop on the couch and picking up the mugs, “I’ll just take this to the kitchen and catch you there.”

Alec stood there waiting, but he was really curious to know what Magnus had been doing, so without thinking it twice, he grabbed the warlock’s laptop and opened it. “What’s this?” He asked Magnus when his boyfriend returned to the living room.

“Nothing, a silly mundane poll.

“Those are our names,” Alec said confused. The screen clearly said Magnus and Alec.

“Hmmm, yeah…I may have tricked a bunch of mundanes into thinking we were a very famous couple and that’s how we ended up there.”

“We’re losing.” Alec pointed out, because although the gap between the two couples was very small, it was evident that the other boys had a considerable advantage.

“I know…”

“Can’t you use your…” Alec said, wiggling his fingers to mimic the movement Magnus made each time he used his magic.

“No, even my magic can’t get pass the stupid captchas.”

“How much time do they have to vote?”

“The poll ends tomorrow at 8 o'clock New York time, 5 o'clock PT…so a bit more than 24 hours.”

“Hand me my bag,” Alec said with determination.

“For what?”

“There’s a laptop there that I use to work when I’m here,” Alec said, grabbing his stele he’d left on the table and quickly activating his stamina and speed runes.

“What do you need the laptop for?”

“To vote.”


“We’re not going to lose this,” Alec explained, pointing to the screen. “I don’t care how silly this is, we’re gonna help these people win.”


Alec nodded. “You’ve been voting because you clearly want to win and I think we’ve already established how competitive I am, so we’re going to vote our asses off to win this Top TV Couple thing. I’m not going to let this other couple take this from us, not if I can help it, so go ahead, magic up more coffee—this is going to be a very long night.”


Imagine Magnus staying up late while Alec is going to bed. Somewhere in the middle of the night, Magnus sneaks into bed, behind Alec, snuggles up against him and put his arms around him, his forehead on Alecs shoulder. Then he whispers, although he thinks that Alec is asleep:
“Sorry that I’m so late.”
And Alec whispers back:
“Don’t worry, I knew it before that you have a nightlife…”
“Did I wake you?”
“No, I can’t sleep when you’re not there.”
He feels Magnus smile on his shoulder. Then he turns around so he can look at his warlock and puts his arms around him, too.
“Just come closer.” he whispers while placing a gentle kiss on Magnus’ forehead.

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Can you do a prompt where Magnus and Alec are doing the rune thing that jace and the girl were doing so I can focus on malec instead lmao

ok so i thought very long and hard about how to write this, so i hope you like it as much as i do

There was barely light in the room, but what little light there was reflected off Alec in the most wondrous of ways. Magnus took it all in, lying on his side, staring at Alec without shame. He was taking nothing for granted. Alec was lying on his back rather than his side, with his head turned so he could look back at Magnus. Every once and a while, Alec’s eyelids would flutter, shutting for a few brief moments before he would open them again. His lips would part and he would press Magnus’ hand to his chest over his heart, and breathe so gently. 

It was the most magical thing Magnus ever experienced, these moments, and that was saying a lot considering he was a warlock. 

The after-sex feeling was not one that Magnus enjoyed or hated. In his experience, it really depended on who you were with, how you felt, and how good the sex was. There were a lot of things to be taken into account in the effects of the afterglow of sex. 

It had never been like this before. Not once. 

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NSFW Alphabet: Alec Lightwood

NSFW Alphabet: Alec Lightwood 

Warnings: NSFW obviously ; nsfw visual

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A = Aftercare: He gets embarrassingly awkward and clumsy when he’s helping you shower, it’s adorable.
B = Body part: For him it had to be your hands. They were so soft and delicate and he loved the feeling against his skin. For you, it was his back. Those back muscles drove you crazy.
C = Cum: At first, he used a condom but then you both tried without it, so now he cums inside you. Only inside of you.
D = Dirty Secret: Alec loves when you dominate him, he has never said it out loud tho. He also loves pegging. One day you brought it up and asked him if he was up for it, and now he loves it so much.
E = Experience: Honestly, he didn’t have experience at all. He asked Izzy for advice on the subject. But at the end of the day you were teaching him little by little.
F = Favorite Position (credit to @dominant-edge)

G = Goofy: He’s always smiling and giggling. Sometimes he gets shy and he can’t help it. He just loves you so much.
H = Hair: He loves laying his head on your chest or your lap, and feeling your hands play with his hair. Lightly scratching his scalp. And he would moan so loud when you pulled on it.
I = Intimacy: Even if he’s super awkward, he would try to make it very romantic. It was the small details that made everything better. 
J = Jack Off: When he was showering, he would remember you on your knees, looking up at him while you sucked him off.
K = Kink: Praise kink, he would get so turned on when you praised him for being a good boy.
L = Location: Apart from your room, your favorite place was his office. On top of his desk, or when you were under it…

M = Motivation: Being the Head of the Institute was hard, he was stressed. But he knew you would help him loosen up by the end of the day.
N = NO: He was up for anything, but anal on you wasn’t one of them. Of course he wanted to, he was comfortable enough and you both trusted each other, but he was scared of doing something wrong and hurting you.
O = Oral: Surprisingly, he was very skilled with his mouth and his fingers, so he was excellent at giving. But he also loved receiving, the way you would look at him while his cock was in your mouth drove him crazy.
P = Pace: If he was mad or stressed, he would go fast and hard. He made love to you almost every night, so he went slow, enjoying the moment.
Q = Quickie: Before every mission. It was basically a good luck charm. And you both were happy and relaxed through it.
R = Risk: Getting caught. It was exhilarating, fucking you in a closet or in one of the training rooms, where anyone can walk in any second.
S = Stamina: You two were totally grateful for that stamina rune, it made you go for hours and hours.
T = Toy: There was a strap-on hidden on a box in the closet. That was his favorite and you loved using it on him.
U = Unfair: You would walk to his office if he was ignoring you that day, wearing something tight. You would sit on his lap, “reading” some reports and you took the opportunity to grind on him. He would hold your hips as a warning. You would stop when you felt his boner and would leave him like that.
V = Volume: You did moan a lot but it wasn’t so loud, but his whines were. It was so hot to hear him whine whenever you teased him.
W = Wild Card: read Location
X = X-Ray: Let’s just say that it’s big and thick and you loved it.
Y = Yearning: You two fucked like rabbits. It was insane, and your hormones were through the roof. Alec tried to control himself but he always gave in.
Z = ZZZ: Feeling content, you would lay one leg on top of his and lay your head on his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat. He was always the one to fall asleep first with a smile on his face.

Magnus is leaving.

Magnus is leaving, and Alec is here, drowning in things that are bigger than him, in catastrophes that come like waves during high tide. It’s ceaseless, and now Valentine is free again, gone from their clutches as if they’d personally unlocked his cuffs and opened the cell door for him to stroll out. Duncan is dead, Izzy feels terrible, Alec is exhausted, and Magnus is leaving for the Seelie Court in the morning.

Alec tries to shove the thought to the corners of his mind, tries to think of capturing Valentine instead. It’s easier like this – running himself ragged and pushing too hard, because there’s always too much for him to do, too many people who look at him with sideways glances and sneers on their faces, too many opportunities for him to fail.

He pushes until the pale blue of day starts emerging at the horizon, when everybody else finally trudges to their quarters with bruises under their eyes and sour breath on their tongues. Alec massages at his temples, sighing as he stumbles toward his room, thinking how nice it will be to collapse onto the plush mattress, wrap himself in red silk and bury his face in the heat of Magnus’s chest…

He stops at the door, brow furrowing when his mind breaks through the fog of weariness. This is the Institute, and Magnus won’t be here.

Reflexively, Alec pulls out his stele and hitches his shirt up, running the adamas over his stamina rune, inhaling sharply at the shock of energy that runs through his limbs. Making for the front door, he runs, eyes unseeing, feet following a path that’s been branded into his skull, taking him to the subway, past back alleys until he sees familiar red brick in front of him.

“Magnus?” he calls out, chest heaving when the door swings open for him. It’s pretty, the way morning light streams in and sets everything aglow, but he’s antsy, blinking too fast as his eyes dart around the open space.

There’s a clatter from the kitchen, and Magnus’s head pops out from behind a wall, a swooping smile appearing on his face when his eyes land on Alec.

“What are you doing here, darling?” he asks, but before he can say another word Alec is on him, arms wrapping around Magnus’s broad shoulders, his face digging into the crook of his neck.

“I wanted to say bye,” Alec mumbles into warm skin, inhaling deeply as he feels himself go slack in Magnus’s arms, his body finally remembering its fatigue as the stamina rune starts to fade. “Before you left.”

Magnus hums softly, the vibration of it resonating against Alec’s cheek, and runs his fingers through Alec’s hair, massaging at his scalp. Alec whimpers at the delicious ache it sends skittering down his spine.

“You should go to sleep, Alexander,” Magnus says quietly. “You’re exhausted.”


Magnus shuffles him backward, winding around tables and chairs, and Alec follows blindly, clutching at Magnus’s shirt and wrinkling the crisp material. His eyes are halfway closed, and Magnus feels so good right now…

He feels the edge of the bed against the backs of his knees. Magnus pushes him downward, and Alec sits obediently as he watches Magnus pulls his boots off, then his socks, before he lifts his arms so Magnus can push his cotton shirt over his head.

“Up,” Magnus says, and Alec stands, letting Magnus unbutton his jeans and pull them down and off until he’s standing in his boxers.

“Go to sleep, sweetheart,” Magnus says, voice low and smoky as he urges Alec onto the left side of the bed, leaning over him with a fond smile.

Alec loops his arms around Magnus’s neck, and Magnus laughs as he falls into Alec’s chest, his nose smushed against his collarbone and the rest of him plastered against Alec from head to toe. This is nice, Alec thinks as he runs his fingers over the edges of Magnus’s pants, dipping under until he finds bare skin. I could do this forever.

“I have to go,” Magnus whispers, lips brushing hotly against his ear. “The Seelie Queen won’t like it if I’m late.”

“No,” Alec says stupidly.

Magnus chuckles as he begins to push himself upward. “Sleep tight, and snore as loud as you want, okay?”

“I don’t snore,” Alec tries to say, the words incoherent and slurred.

Alec feels a kiss pressed onto his forehead, then his nose, and then his mouth, smooth and sweet and comfortable.

“Thank you for stopping by, Alexander. I missed you last night. But I really do have to go now.”

“Fine,” Alec breathes. “Missed you too. G’bye.”

And then Magnus is gone. Turning with a groan, Alec grabs Magnus’s pillow, burying his face into it and breathing in the familiar scent. He lets himself sink into the fatigue, his body going soft and limp and satisfied, and no one’s the wiser when little snuffles begin sounding throughout the bedroom.


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Requested on Ao3 By the amazing (Also my favourite person ever!) Ashley_Winchester_77  Maybe some headcannons of a relationship between Jace and reader, pretty please? Hoping your day is fabulous! ;D With smut, plz!

WARNINGS: nothing life threatening, just smut.

Send in A Request here or here

  • Both of you being shadowhunters.
  • Being annoyed with Clary, since Jace’s attention is on her.
  • Jace finding your jealousy cute, though you insist you aren’t jealous.
  • “You’re jealous.”-“No, why would I be jealous.”- “y/n, I know you well, very well, and I know when you are jealous.” “Fine, I’m jealous, because I love you, and she just waltzes in her and steals all your attention, and I’m meant to be okay with it, I’m your girlfriend, not her.” –“Y/n, I love you.” “Well, Clary doesn’t think so.” Inside of answering you, he kisses you passionately.
  • Training with Jace, but it turns more into a make out session.
  • A lot of kissing/ make out sessions.
  • Finding Jace’s and Alec’s parabatai relationship cute “Maybe, one day you will have a parabatai”- “Please if I had a parabatai they couldn’t handle me.”
  • A lot of flirting.
  • A lot of ”I love you’s.”
  • Bickering like an old married couple.
  • Going on missions with each other.
  • Tracing each other’s runes.
  • Sleeping in his bed Or him sleeping in your bed.
  • Wearing his shirt/jumper to bed.
  • Izzy/Alec or Clary walking on you’s two. 
  • Having inside jokes, which no one really gets at all.
  • Both being over protective of each other.
  • Cuddling/ spooning.
  • A lot of passionate hot sex.

Sex with Jace would include:

-Jace kissing your neck, then making his way down your stomach.( Jace’s kissing being heavenly)

-A lot of foreplay.


-Jace’s thrusts being deep.

- Holding tightly onto his biceps/sides tightly as he thrusts into you.

-Kissing your neck.

-Holding your hands above your head.

-Pinning you against the mattress or a wall.

-A lot of moaning, and a few curse words.

-Jace always making you cum first.

-Trying a lot of different sex positions

-Both of you’s have a lot of stamina (thanks to the  Stamina rune.) There is defiantly more than round two.

-Afterwoods, Jace likes to hold you close to his chest, while his hands run up and down your back soothingly, as his lips press against the top of your head.

NSFW Alphabet: Jace Herondale

NSFW Alphabet: Jace Herondale

Warnings: NSFW obviously, nsfw visual

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A = Aftercare: He’s very gentle with you. He helps you get comfortable on the bed and lays down next to you. He rubs small circles on your skin and kisses you softly. 

B = Body part: On you, it had to be your butt cheeks. He loves digging his nails in them and spanking them, it turned him on a lot. On you, it was his neck. Biting hit hard and leaving hickeys on it for everyone to see.
C = Cum: Inside of you. He never wanted to waste any of it. If it was early in the morning, he made you go around with his cum inside of you. And he was going to check if you didn’t clean it up.
D = Dirty Secret: He has fucked you on every bed in the Institute. No shame at all. 
E = Experience: It’s Jace we’re talking about here. Of course he knew what he was doing. He loved teaching you though.
F = Favorite Position: (credit to @insex)

G = Goofy: Nah, Jace means business. All he wanted was to make you feel good and he took that seriously. He would chuckle whenever he hit that sweet spot that made you scream.
H = Hair: His hair was longer on the top and shorter on the sides. Perfect for pulling it, he loved that so much. Expect a loud moan from him.  
I = Intimacy: During your first time, he took you to Idris, in a small warm cottage. He placed the scented candles you liked and the petals of your favorite flowers. After that, he didn’t have the time to prepare anything fancy all the time, he was too impatient.
J = Jack Off: When he’s watching you train, you always let out groans and moans. That worked on him quickly. Jace woud go to the shower and jack off, imagining the amazing sounds you made.
K = Kink: Dom kink, one hundred percent. Also a lowkey daddy dom/little girl kink, it was rare but when the mood for it was there, it was amazing.
L = Location: The rooftop, the indoor garden, Alec’s office, the training room. Even the kitchen! He didn’t care.
M = Motivation: When you wanted him to fuck you, you would slyly rub yourself against him or touch him. It would get him going, there was no self control.
N = NO: He would never go too rough on you. Jace wouldn’t do anything roughly enough to draw blood or leave a really nasty bruise.
O = Oral: Honestly both. He loved eating you out, he could go on for hours but he also loved when you took him deep in your mouth and when you moaned around him.
P = Pace: If he was teasing you, he would go slow and soft, but if not he would go so hard and fast.
Q = Quickie: Quickies were your specialty. Before missions, before meetings, before training. You were pleased for the rest of the day.
R = Risk: Total risk taker. He loved doing it in public with the invisibility rune. It gave you both such a thrill.
S = Stamina: That stamina rune comes in handy when you’re having sex. You and Jace went on for hours, both of you drained by the end of the night.

T = Toy: Jace wants to be the only one giving you pleasure, so you didn’t have any toys.
U = Unfair: If you were acting naughty, you best believe you were going to be punished. He would tease you until you were begging him to let you cum. And since he’s a cheeky bitch, he wouldn’t listen to you at first.  
V = Volume: Low groans and growls. If you bit his neck, dug your nails on his back or pull on his hair, he was letting out a loud moan or a scream.
W = Wild Card: read Risk
X = X-Ray: damn bOI, that dick is big and thick, you weren’t complaining tho
Y = Yearning: From 1 to 10, probably a 100. Jace was always in the mood.
Z = ZZZ: After he makes sure you’re okay and nothing hurts, he’d bring you close and he would fall asleep quickly.

Malec Fic Recommendations ➸ 1

The fics listed below can be old or fairly new, so this has no timeline. Neither an order of preference. Some of them has serious warnings and that’s because I love psychology of people who has been hurt and their process of getting out of that state. Maybe you can give them a try if you think those things can’t trigger you. 

P.S. : This Fic Rec is part 1 like my Kitty Fic Recs. 

Summary :  After Magnus handed the notebook to Alec as an attempt to share his past with him, Alec can’t lay the book aside.

Summary :  A series of drabbles about Alec Lightwood.  First Drabble: It’s Alec’s 26th birthday and he doesn’t want to celebrate.  New Drabble: Aline’s POV of Alec kissing Magnus before the battle.

Summary :  When Alec was 13, he stopped speaking for almost a year. Five years later, Alec is forced to deal with the trauma of his past while learning to accept and love himself. Malec, Alec/Jace friendship and Lightwood family dynamics. [ Warnings : This story deals with very sensitive subject matters, including sexual abuse of a minor (actual abuse is not explicitly described but alluded to), internalized homophobia, self destructive behavior, language and adult sexual content. If you think any of those can trigger you in a bad way, please don’t read. ]

Summary :  After confronting the trauma of his past, Alec must learn to navigate love, intimacy and adulthood in this sequel to Learning to Be. (This story has the same warnings with its prequel.)

Summary :  It’s Magnus and Alec’s anniversary and Alec has some some special plans for Magnus. What has he got planned and what does this shadowhunter have up his sleeve or more like on his chest? (WARNING: Smut! Don’t like, don’t read.)

Summary :  Magnus Bane claims that he is not the type of being jealous. With Alec as his boyfriend he doesn’t really need to have a reason, anyway, as he is the most honest and trustworthy person he has ever known. What happens, though, when Alec gets hit on in a club? (A collection of little short stories with jealous Magnus ;D)

Summary : “But Magnus, necromancy is not only illegal, but impossible! Isn’t it?“ 

"Not if you have the right connections, my dear." 

Magnus is left heartbroken following Alec’s untimely death, and looks for any possible solution. But he might not get quite what he bargained for. [ Caution: Character death, angst and lemons. Smut chapters: 6,7,12, 21 and 24 for those who are here for that ;) ]

Summary :  There are 3 rules among the Noble Families of Idris– 1:If you have a have a problem, go to Magnus Bane. 2: Do exactly as Magnus Bane says. And 3: You must pay any price Magnus Bane asks of you. Alec learned all these rules from his father. But when Alec’s Father is the one with the problem Magnus’ Price is only one thing. "Your son must say with me forever.”

Summary :  AU fic, no shadowhunters. Alec is a bullied Junior in high school, desperately wanting to end his life. Magnus is a senior, one of the most popular boys in school and oblivious to Alec’s pain. Will Magnus save Alec in time? (Warnings : rated M for language and suicidal talk, Lemons in future chapters.)

Summary :  Alec thought he was having a bad day already, but after a conversation with his parents about his sexuality, things just keep going downhill.

Summary :  Alec gets captured and tortured and Magnus has to find him. Will he be able to? What will happen afterwards? (WARNING: Intense Scenes!)

Summary :  During one of Magnus’ parties Alec is hanging back, waiting for it to be over when something unexpected happens that makes the High Warlock Jealous. 

Summary :  Set primarily during CoHF, so spoilers. What did Isabelle, Clary, and Simon say to Magnus? What thoughts drove Magnus to write that notebook? How did Alec realize what his real problem was?

Summary :  Alec finds out that Magnus is pissed at what he claimed: “I’m not going out with anyone!” Alec, feeling guilty, thinks up something that would cheer Magnus up: Why not dress up as a maid and do what he wants for the day? Maybe Magnus would forgive him. ( WARNING : Rated M for explicit scenes. )

Summary :  Alec and Jace accidently end up back in time… in Victorian London, how will Jace react to meeting his ancestor? How will Alec react to meeting a Magnus who has never known him and is in love with another? (This one is TMI & TID crossover.)

Summary :  Takes place after City of Lost Souls (time frames may not match perfectly). Alec comes by to try and make amends with Magnus but a girl with a serious face answers the door instead. The two talk about Magnus, immortality and Will. (This one is also TMI & TID crossover.)

Summary :  Tessa visits Magnus and Alec gets confused about Magnus’s relationship with her. Magnus gets upset by Alec’s lack of trust in him. Alec gets annoyed at Magnus for keeping so many secrets about his past. Can Tessa help the couple to understand eachother before it’s too late? (This one is TMI & TID crossover too.)

Summary :  Going down a wayward portal was never high on Alec Lightwood’s to-do list, but the Fates were never kind. Horrifying asphyxiation shall ensue to the ones that are not ready. With a combination of purple faces, two over egoistic Herondales, three warlocks and four Lightwoods, what could go wrong? (In case that you couldn’t understand by now, let me tell you. I’m sucker for TMI & TID crossovers. Feel free to recommend me if you know good ones.)

Summary :  What if Alec lived back in the Victorian age? And what if Alec wasn’t just a Shadowhunter, but had a ability? When a series of events make him go to London, he suddenly finds out that not everything is black and gray and good verses evil. Will he control his power, or will his power control him? And how will a certain Warlock react to this? Is love really stronger then anything? (Do I have to say it? Yes, it’s a TMI & TID crossover.)

Summary :  Why are Jem, Tessa, and Will on the steps of the New York Institute this late at night in the pouring rain? Why are they nearly 130 years away from their home? and what happens when Will and Jace are in the same room? (TMI & TID crossover.)

Summary :  Everybody knows that the current residents of the New York Institute are not the most conventional family. What happens when the lot of them attempt to have a normal family dinner? Set sometime before Isabelle’s visit to the Shadowhunter Academy in The Evil We Love.

Summary :  AU version of Magnus’s party in CoB.

Summary :  Alec isn’t taking his break-up with Magnus very well.

Summary :  Everything was different. Magnus was an eighteen year old mundie, best friends with Clary and Sam.. I mean, Simon. If the love is true, it will still find away for a freewheeling bisexual to to finally get his knight in shining armor, a closeted shadowhunter… Or will it? AU Human Magnus Bane Shadowhunter Alec Lightwood.

Summary :  I’m done being Alec Lightwood, i’m done with this sad existence, i’m just…done. (Warning: abuse, future lemons.) All human, no powers.

Summary :  When Tessa, Will and Magnus are transported from 19th century England to 21st Century New York things get a little complicated. (Yes, another TMI & TID crossover.)

Summary :  Alec wrote letters for Magnus to read when he’s dead.


Malec Appreciation Week - A first time

i love the whole concept of the alliance rune, so this is my take on the first time magnus and alec used it. i’m not very familiar with it because i haven’t read the books but i did research, and did my best with what i’ve got  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

available on ao3 [here]

“Clary, you’re sure this is safe? A newly created rune is already unstable; one that combines shadowhunter and downworlder abilities could be catastrophic. Mutations would be the least damaging side effect if the bond isn’t properly created.” Magnus had his arms crossed over his chest, thumb dragging over his lower lip.

“Magnus, Ithuriel is the one who sends me these runes,” Clary argued, stele gripped in one hand. “I’m not just making them up myself.”

“Magnus is right, Clary,” Jace interjected. “We’ve never done anything like this before with one of your runes. How do we know it’s safe?”

“You’re just going to have to trust me.”

Alec snorted, looking over at Magnus. “Downworlders can’t bear runes, Clary. Even a rune created by an angel to gift to you isn’t exempt from that. A rune is a rune.”

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We're Happy

read on ao3

Now that its canon that Malec do lame couple things like take photobooth pictures I just HAD to write a fic about how those photos Magnus was looking at in 2x19 went down. Again I am writing this to cure my pain from all the angst lol. Enjoy!

“I don’t think the food there has ever tasted that good, maybe they got a new chef”

Magnus’ eyes are twinkling in the moonlight and the warm wind is rustling through his hair as the two of them walk down a path in a park after their dinner in Tokyo.

Alec grins and blushes as Magnus’ knuckles brush his own.

“Maybe you were just hungry,”

Magnus winks at Alec, and Alec feels his heart stutter in his chest.

“That could have been it too,” he waves his hand and the bracelets hanging off his left wrist catching Alec’s eye.

They glint in the moonlight and Alec can’t stop staring. He’s always loved Magnus’ jewelry, he loves watching the way they hang off his wrists and neck and make the warlock seem shinier and more beautiful than he already is and he loves how he can feel their coolness against him when he’s close enough. They’d always fascinated him and looking at the simple bracelets around Magnus’ wrist Alec has the sudden, unexplainable urge to see what they’d look like against his own skin.

Magnus follows his stare and chuckles.

“You like it?” He asks, smirk on his face.

Alec blushes and looks up at Magnus through his eyelashes, unable to fully look at him.

“I like all your jewelry.”

Magnus preens and tilts his head,

“Why thank you my Alexander,”

Alec keeps staring at the bracelets as Magnus’ hands move and he tries to work up the courage to ask if he can try it on.

He doesn’t know why he’s so scared, this is Magnus, he wouldn’t say no, and he certainly wouldn’t make fun of him, but for some reason the words won’t come out.

“Are you alright?” Magnus places a hand on Alec’s shoulder, stopping the both of them in the middle of the path.

“I-er-I was wondering-” he gestures lamely at the bracelet and Magnus looks at him confused a moment.

Alec is worried he’ll actually have to say what he wants for a second before recognition dawns in Magnus’ eyes and he smiles up at Alec.

“Do you want to try it on?” He asks quietly, stepping closer into Alec’s space as if he’s telling him a secret.

All Alec can do is nod and watch as Magnus gracefully slides the bracelets off his wrist and places them in Alec’s hand.

His eyes have gone incredibly soft and Alec doesn’t know what to do with that, so he looks away, eyes darting to the bracelets now in his hand.

“Well,” Magnus gestures to the bracelets, “put them on, it’s not like they’re going to bite.”

He’s still looking at Alec with the same soft look as Alec slides the bracelets onto his wrist. He grins when they settle against his skin and moves his hand around to watch the moonlight glint off of them in awe.

He startles when Magnus gasps exaggeratedly and pulls Alec’s hand to his face,

“My my, it seems you look even more stunning than I do in this.”

Alec rolls his eyes but he can feel his cheeks burning.

“I might just have to dress you up more often,”

Magnus looks Alec up and down, before pulling him into a kiss that last much longer than Alec had anticipated.

When they’ve pulled apart Magnus is wearing a sinister look and Alec sees a smirk make its way across his face.

“I wonder,” he says trailing off and pulling off his ear cuff.

Alec’s eyes widen,

“No, get that away from me,” he giggles and ducks as Magnus advances towards him.

Magnus turns and gives Alec a mischievous look,

“No one can escape the High Warlock of Brooklyn,” he says, his voice playful and eyes aloof.

Alec giggles again and turns and runs down the path, Magnus close behind.

They probably look like idiots, two grown men shrieking and running down a path at eleven at night but the wind in his ears and the happiness in his veins as he runs away from something that doesn’t want to kill him is something that Alec didn’t realize he needed till now.

He tumbles to the grass when Magnus rams into him from behind and they land in a tangled giggling mess.

“Chasing a Shadowhunter with a stamina rune is hard work,” Magnus gets out after a few minutes of heavy breathing.

As they get to their feet Magnus looks over Alec’s shoulder and his eyes light up as he spots something behind him.


“Photobooth,” Magnus points and before Alec can say anything he’s being dragged across the street.

When they get to the photobooth, Magnus excitedly ushers Alec inside.

Alec has never actually been in a photobooth before, he’s never done a lot of mundane things before really until he’d met Magnus so he’s just a bit nervous as he sits down next to Magnus.

“Relax Alexander, it’s just you and me and a crappy camera.” Magnus says reassuringly over his shoulder because he’s Magnus and he somehow always knows what Alec needs to hear.

Alec releases the tension in his body and drapes his arms across Magnus’ shoulder, making sure the camera can see the bracelet on his wrist in full display before smiling at the camera and blinking out the momentary blindness from the flash.

Magnus laughs at Alec and he can’t help but look at the warlock with a smile, completely missing the fact that another picture is being taken.

Alec soon relaxes, it is just him and Magnus and a crappy camera. He turns to Magnus a couple photos later and didn’t hesitate before crashing his lips to the warlock’s.

Magnus squeaks in surprise and Alec loses his balance, sending them both toppling over on the photobooth seat.

They’re laughing when they get back up just in time for the last photo and the flash sends Alec into even more hysterical laughter.

When they stumble out of the photobooth they’re handed two strips of photos, one with the proper cute couple photos from the start, Magnus’ bracelet glinting on Alec’s wrist and then a strip featuring Alec’s failed kiss and the aftermath.

Alec looks at the second strip and is surprised by how happy he looks. He’s never seen himself look like that and he almost feels as if he’s looking at someone entirely different from himself.

Magnus chuckles when he sees the photos,

“We’re a disaster,” Alec laughs.

“We’re happy,” Magnus corrects before handing Alec the pictures of them falling over, “why don’t you keep those.”

He places the other strip into his pocket and Alec smiles.

When they portal back to the loft. Magnus slips the photo strip into a painting in his hallway. Saying he wants it to be one of the first things he sees when he comes home.

If Alec smiles his whole way back to the Institute no one has to know.

Does she still love you?“
"I don’t think so,” Magnus said dryly. “She wasn’t very pleasant the last time I saw her. Of course, that could be because I’ve got an eighteen year-old boyfriend with a stamina rune and she doesn’t.”
Alec sputtered. “As the person being objectified, I … object to that description of me.”
― Cassandra Clare, City of Lost Souls