adkgdflh we talked about water type maxie being a lifeguard and a part of babewatch and so I made more doodles. He would save people from the evil water and lecture them afterwards on how not to die.  Also he is tan, really fit for endurance,  and in his early 30′s.
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Stiles pushed up his seat so I could get out but I still had to climb over Cora to do so. Hopefully that hasn’t ruined our knew budding friendship.

“So where’s Danny’s room?” Stiles asked as we walked into the hospital.

“This way.” I said as I grabbed Stiles’ hand and led him to my best friends room. “But watch out for my aunt, she’s kinda on duty.”

“Got it.” Stiles said as he let me drag him through the hospital. Luckily, it was a lot less crowded then before.

Soon we were out side Danny’s room and I quickly turned to Stiles. “Let me check for his Parents or nurses before you come in, okay?”

“Great, I get to be Robin again.” Stiles mumbled as he frowned at me.

“Are you talking about Batman and Robin?” I asked and Stiles nodded. “And why are you complaining about being Robin? Have you not seen how incredibly hot he is? Not that it matter because your not Robin anyways.”

Stiles looked confused by my little rant but then a smile spread across his pale cheeks. “Just check already.”

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Bill Skarsgård with “The Real L Word” cast member Tracy Ryerson (right) and author Philipp Meyer (left). Philipp went to UT Austin together with Brian McGreevy and Brian and Lee Shipman are turning Meyer’s novel “The Son” into a TV series (see here). You can also see Philipp and Bill here. (Source for picture IG of “The Real L Word” cast member Stamie Karakasidis. Stamie and Tracy have a podcast/talk show together.)