Here is a newly commissioned word about the characters of Mirianda Clearwater Redsteel and Devoner Redsteel. The work takes time to explore each of these two characters, Mirianda presented in the first half with her own delicate theme before the piece moves into the second half which focuses on the militant and stalward Devoner. Here’s what the commissioner had to say about these two characters.

“Even through all [that they’ve been through], bearing countless weight and pains, Miri and Dev seek comfort in each other’s strength and love. They make each other that much stronger. And braver.

I guess in a way I hear the tone of their relationship being…very romantic and sweeping while having undertones of sadness, determination and strength. They aren’t a fairy tale couple, but they are a strong couple.

Theirs is not happily ever after. Theirs is living one day at a time and seeing their life for what it is, and appreciating every precious moment of happiness they can grasp.”

Had a wonderful time with this new work for @miriredsteel and her roleplay partner, Devoner. I don’t get the chance to do too many works based on Alliance characters, but when I do I certainly enjoy it. There is the slightest hint of the Stormwind Theme in Devoner’s Theme specifically placed there to hint at his place proudly defending his homeland.

I hope you all enjoy and have had an excellent weekend!