From now until our POP-UP SHOP on July 18th, we’ll be doing featurettes on each of the brands whose wares we’ll stock. Be sure to come check us out at The Old Bank Barbers in Baltimore from July 18th-20th to see the specially curated collection in person.

Brick & Mortar Brand Featurette: Stalward Ltd. (Illinois)

Created in a small family-owned and operated factory in Chicago, Stalward Ltd. neckwear evokes a certain midwestern character that’s close to our hearts. Each fabric in the collection is deadstock, small-run, or otherwise rare, breathing an authenticity into each tie that’s hard to come by. And because they’re cut skinny but not-too-skinny, Stalward Ltd. ties are modern and polished without being overly trend-conscious.

Our pick: Summer check Japanese cotton tie

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dalekofchaos asked:

Have you considered doing ASOIAF houses sorting but with different fandoms?

house sortings as in the family houses? like tyrell, stark, etc.?

i did one for btvs a looooong time ago lol but i wouldn’t do it again. I think trying to unify characters into one house means trying to reduce each house to a few characteristics which by no means applies to every family member enters really sketchy territory (see: ambition = lannister? ehhh jaime was never personally ambitous and tryion is out to prove himself which i think is something different than ambition…pride as lannister? ehhhhh what about more or less benign lannisters like kevan? or the little lannister cousins whom we barely know?).

That we can reduce each house to a few “grand” characteristics is a product of the metanarratives that keep feudal lords in power. Ex: all starks are stalward and “”””are”””” the North, hence this is why only the Starks can rule. It’s a convienent meta narrative. There is no such thing as “Starkness” or “Tyrellness”. 

there are some beautiful asoiaf house sorting graphics that play on the words well (I can’t criticize these too much, I made one!) and i totally have fun reblogging them. However, I am not a good authority to be making more lol